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I added videos I loved as a kid, from the group i loved. Backstreet Boys I loved them then and I still do so many great songs.

13 Apr 2012 15:37

Im just sitting on the dock of The bay, Watching the tide roll away, sitting on The dock of the bay, just wasting time

07 Apr 2012 14:09

Music has always been my getaway from the world. I never believed in medicine or therapy for ur problems. I would get in my car, pop in my CD or iPod and just drive. American honey is a song that brings back memories of how I grew up and how fast things change as an adult its hard to adjust and sometimes u wish u can get back the simple life of a kid.

29 Mar 2012 12:02

i have had a hard time the past few months mostly because of heart break. we broke up in january but seen it coming before christmas. We been together for two years. These videos reflect how i felt. some of them.

27 Mar 2012 16:41

the videos i have added are ones i love and bring back memories.

26 Mar 2012 17:54

I went and seen hunger games today pretty good movie. The book is better I loved Jennifer Lawrence.

24 Mar 2012 16:58

I been reading the hunger games great book can't wait to see the movie

21 Mar 2012 10:58

I went and seen 21 jump street last night with some friends it was the funniest movie I seen forever.

19 Mar 2012 09:10