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Topic make love or get fucked
Posted 26 Apr 2012 09:47

depends on my mood theres moments i want to make love. or pull my panties down and fuck the hell out of me. depends on how horny i am.

Topic Would you ever stop an elevator and do it with your partner?
Posted 25 Apr 2012 15:40

Lets see a few weeks ago when me and girlfriend was in Nashville. Me and came close to stopping elevator. I couldn't keep my hands off hell yes.

Topic do girls enjoy sucking cock s much as a guy licking girls?
Posted 29 Mar 2012 07:58

I like it but Love eating pussy better.

Topic Which is better, older women or younger women?
Posted 29 Mar 2012 04:34

I had better orgasms with older women.

Topic The Worst Thing That Has Been Said To You
Posted 29 Mar 2012 04:31

My ex girlfriend told me I wasn't fun anymore and found another girl to play with.

Topic Black guys
Posted 19 Mar 2012 07:51

Love them been with a few our bouncer is black at club he's my buddy we always do stuff.

Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 05:47

Each day pretty much

Topic whats the naughtiest dare you've ever done?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 05:12

Ate two girls at club.

Topic BJ to a stranger before?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 05:08

I sucked a cop off I wasn't disappointed.