Alone In The Locker Room

I was very bicurious and my lesbian friend seduced me in the locker room

I walked into the change room with my friend a few minutes after the girls in the class had already entered. The wonderful bodies of all the women in my class were already covered up and on their way out the door. The sight of the girls half naked started making me curious of what it would be like to be with a girl sexually. I guess it's normal to be curious at my age. I was turning 18...Read On


Beatrice Takes Pictures Of Bianca

Beatrice takes some sexy pictures of her best friend, Bianca, to give to Bianca's boyfriend, Drake.

Beatrice was my best friend. She was short and petite with a curvy waist, hazel eyes and long, brown hair and very beautiful. I was average height, thin with a big 32DD chest and an ass, dyed red hair and blue eyes. I usually wore makeup and she barely wore any. She had natural beauty. She was over at my house and we were discussing our boyfriends. She admitted she was unhappy with hers...Read On


Cary and Crystal: College Roommates

I walked into my dorm and my roommate, Cary, was on her laptop. The outlet to charge her laptop was too far over on her bed so she was sitting on mine. "Hi, Crystal," she smiled. She was a very cute girl. Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. She had a small muscular build to her. I ended up developing a crush on her over the last couple months we've been living together. I'm bisexual,...Read On


I Want A Raise

She said she would give me a raise, if I satisfy her sexual needs..

I have been struggling to pay the bills for the past few months. I work a stupid secretary job that my friend got me. The pay is barely enough to get me by. I really need a raise in my payment if I want to keep this beautiful condo I have. My first home that I bought by myself. I arranged for a meeting with my boss, Miss Kool, at a local cafe by our work. I dressed in my semi-formal work...Read On


Jay's New Girlfriend

Jay and I just broke up. He started dating Alicia. Alica and I got along pretty well...

I had dated Jay for while but we decided to break up. I moved onto a friend of mine but he and I also just broke up because we felt awkward after being friends for so long.  Jay had moved on so quickly and it pissed me off. He and I had been broken up for only a week before he started dating this girl Alicia. It made me mad because she was actually cute! I at least waited a month before...Read On


My sexy best friend

She was beautiful and I was glad to call her my best friend

Angel's glistening green eyes stared a me. She was quite beautiful and I was glad to call her my best friend. We hadn't been hanging around very long, just a semester or so but our personalities matched up and we started handing around all the time. She told me she had made out with a girl before, but I didn't judge because so had I. I had no feelings for her and didn't worry about...Read On


She Thinks She's Gay

Aaron tells her bicurious friend, Beth, she thinks she might be a lesbian

I only met Aaron once before today. A mutual friend of ours wanted to hang out- the three of us, but she ended up bailing. So now Aaron is at my house just the two of us and I barely know her. I must admit though, she's quite sexy. Her firm,toned arms exposed in a black tank top. I could see the shape of her breast and figured she wasn't wearing a bra. The outline of her nipples...Read On


Strangers In The Sauna

Just a short little public sex story, nothing too amazing. Warning: it`s rushed

I left to go to the gym after work. I intended on toning up my abs some more and getting stronger. I was already in shape but could really use some muscle work. I wore a purple sports bra and black spandex shorts. I threw my towel down and hopped on a machine. "Hey, Bridgette," Brittany, my friend I see around here, greeted me. "Oh hey," I smiled. She was pouring sweat and it glistened...Read On