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I'm 23, fun, adventourous, a nymphomaniac. i'm very openminded, and very sexual. i enjoy pleasing and being pleased. I enjoy writing as well....combine the two and you see y i'm here!!

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writing, sex, fun, swimming, life!!!
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The measure of a man, The best new erotica, anything by nora roberts
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300, P.S. I love you, the notebook, any of jenna jameson's porns-she is soooo fuckin hott!!!!
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anything with a good beat that makes ya feel something


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Topic: Striptease Facts
Posted: 15 Apr 2010 13:24

love the facts. I wasa stripper for a year, it was fun, adventorous, a great confidence builder!! got to be careful, it is easy to get wrapped up in the fast life. kudos to women everywhere trying to make a living, the smartest business women in the world!!!!

Topic: Has anyone else got divorced or thought about it shortly after having kids?
Posted: 14 Apr 2010 07:46

The almighty fight over discipline!!!! I have 5yr od boy, 4 yr old boy and a 9 month old daughter. plus step kids that are 12, 7, adn 5. our house is nuts!!!!! lol. I will tell you that between the ages of 2-5 and it is crucial for the parents to keep the kids busy. Seldom can a child of this age entertain themselves for long and as soon as they're bored, yep, here comes the crayon all over the wall adn the jumping on the bed stuff. You have to entertain them. And i know all to well that after a day of work the last thing you want to do is have a lengthy discussion about spongebob with a three yr old, but you have too. i learned a trick, i was bad about coming in, throwing down my work stuff and launching straight into the nightly chores, while the kids start squabbling and fighting and runing adn jumping and wrestling. The trick i learned was, that i needed to come in and spend my first half hour home sitting down adn listening too or playing with the kids. usually, that half hour of attentio is enough to satisfy them until i get supper done, and theyll go off to play happily. It's not easy, but necessary if u want peace. sometimes, i'll cook supper and he'll take the boys out to play catch or ride the four wheeler. you and your wife are a team, team up!!! i alos love the tip about getting her into hobbies. my 5 yr old is extemely hyper, he never stops. caused us a lot of issues, he even suggested once that we get him put on medicine, that was a huge fight, and i almost left him. i told him we need to step up and find ways for him to use all his extra energy. anyways, we got a trampoline and he jumps for an hour at a time on that thing. we put him into tball adn he is thriving and he loves it!!!! and after practicing in the sun for an hour, he is tired and ready to rest. there are ways and you and your wife need to communicate more. don't let the greatest symbol of your love, your children, wreck your marriage. and, at the end of the day, remember to take a few quiet minutes with your wife, just the two of you, even if its just sitting on the porch or curled on the couch. come together, you'll both feel better knowing your in this together. good luck!!!!!!

Topic: Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted: 14 Apr 2010 07:08

quide along

Topic: Never upset a woman
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 20:20

haha!! looks like they pissed off hte wrong woman!!! hahahhahaha!!! women should never be underestimated!

Posted: 10 Apr 2010 10:16

you have been sheltered. Please pardon my frankness here, but its sounds as if you dont know any better. someitmes sheltering children is good, but when taken to the extreme, it gets them into more trouble, like not knowing how to say no. Or not knowing and being able to express what you want. You are kinda immature still, and that is not bad, but its not good for where your at. If you feel a stronger need and want to be cellibate, do so!!! You arent even enjoying the sex, adn i can tell you as a girl whos been around, if you dont enjoy it your wasting it!! all your doing is being a cum dumpster for some jerk. I suggest you remove yourself fromt he temptation since you find you cant say no, and surround yourself with other cellibate people. And love yourself enough to get to know yourself better and better understand what you want for yourself, then go for it!!!! good luck sweets, take care!!

Topic: Wife with another man question
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 10:07

Wasn't this recently asked? My only advice: careful what you ask for .

Fantasy is one thing, but when you start bringing emotions into it you could end up with a result you never expected/wanted .

The idea of it might be enough of a turn on for her. She may not want anything more than that.

they've already said what was in my mind, useless to repeat it. hmm... all i can type is... For me i'ts weird. she's your wife, I mean she should be like a special gem that you would not let others to touch only you. hmm.. something like that . I hope I made my point <img src="/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="icon_smile">

i agree. my lover and i are both openminded and very willing to accomadate each others desires, one desire is being with other people. we talked about it and agreed, another person is fine to play with, i will not fuck another man and he will not fuck another woman. I am allowed to play with another woman while he watches and i have, we have watched another couple. the point being, we love each other and hold our sexual bond as a sacred thing. i do not want another woman experiencing the same thing as me and he doesnt want another man coming near me, im his. we TALKED about it, came to these conclusions, and are happy. Read my story...you'll see what i mean, the story is true. i will occasionally play with another woman and she with me, but the actual joining, thats saved for us....noone else. COMMUNICATION!!!!

Topic: Wife with another man question
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 09:59

Another point you should think about is how is the other man is going to react long term. Having sex is a emotionally powerful act and it is very possible that this guy down the street that you mentioned
may not be willing to except a one time encounter and probably won't be excited to have you watch the next time h wants your wife. Are you prepared to have him pursuing her? Is she? These are just some of the possible ways this could become a problem. Another is will he be discreet, or is he going to tell other guys that you wife may be in play?

i agree. i would have the other man be an outsider. you dont want someone with any emotions involved. keep it simple adn to the point!!!! id probably go out of town for this escapade! after all, the point of the whole thing is to live both of your fantasies and strengthen your bond right? you dont want to switch to her finding a better partner down the street......keep it impersonal, keep it pure hormonal bliss.

Topic: Wife with another man question
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 09:54

I believe that is a very normal fantasy sweets. and since you both get turned on by the idea, and you know she loves the idea, set it up. its probably that you're wife is nervous and shy, she probably doesnt want to come out and say to you, yes i want another man! kudos to her for thinking of your feelings. Id find a guy thats willing, secure a hotel room, take her to it and have him be there. she will probably be so surprised, she wont know what to do. i know someone that had another man walk into the room after they had already started fucking, she was so into the sex that all she could do was look surprised, things took their natural course from there, so you could try that too, that way your wife doesnt feel so much like she is being disloyal or a whore. just jump on it and i doubt either of you will regret it!!!! Kisses!

Topic: Sexual Frustration
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 09:47

I feel your pain, been there. lonely is the worst feeling in the world. You need to find a good friend to spend your lonely nights with. Stay busy. Eventually you'll find someone to snuggle and love and cherish and argue with. Til then, find a friend, keep yourself busy, and continue giving us your awesome advice!!!!! i hope you find happiness love!!!

Topic: cheating
Posted: 10 Apr 2010 09:43

forget them. if you want a relationship with them, forget it, you'll never be able to trust them again, no matter how hard you try, and thatll make yall fight a lot!!!! with no trust theres no relationship. of course if you want to keep him around and use him as a sex pet, well, thats a good idea, but dont try to make a go of a relationship. youll be wating your time and heart and energy!!! follow your gut........and go get his best friend....lo ;)

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Swimming for love

It's not unusual by any means, we're the typical american couple. The stresses of a new baby and work have left us with little time for each other. We welcomed a child into this world, a wonderful Symbol of our love that we couldn't possibly adore anymore. Unfortunately, new babies require a lot of time and energy, leaving parents exhausted. This had happened to us. We had gone from fucking...

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We arrive at the campsite and it's crowded! People are everywhere, tents are everywhere, and a band is already playing. It's metal- fest and we're here for some sun, music, booze, and fun. My lover and I set up our tent and head out into the crowd. I am amazed at all the people, some are topless, some are naked, some have painted on bikini's. A deeply tanned brunette walks by and her tits...

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