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Wife is now about 23 weeks in. She is still very sexually active, but is not always able to keep up for extended periods of time. She is sleeping more, and on quite a few occasions now I have been used without much involvement from her. For the first time ever I came inside my cage. I did not know that could happen, and I was not completely hard because of the cage, but did have an orgasm while being used this last weekend.

03 Mar 2015 07:15

Wife is now 17 weeks, and starting to show pretty good. We also know she is having a boy. I have known for over a month now that she is pregnant, but now that she is showing so much I know that others can now see she carrying a child. I have been caged almost constantly since the New Year began, and been used a lot more than before she was pregnant. She is still having sex of course, but she does tire more easily now, and I have to help pick up the slack. I have known I am a cuck for just a little over 3 years now, but seeing your wife carrying another mans child has amplified every single complicated emotions a cuckold has. I know when our son is born it will be a non stop reminder that I have submitted completely to my wife. I have learned that being a cuck is far more than just watching your wife get fucked by another man, It is a journey that will reveal not just just how powerful your wife is, but how much more powerful than her a Bull can be. I am still learning everyday!

23 Jan 2015 06:03

After a quiet Christmas (wife did not go out or bring home a Bull for 6 days), she is going out with a group tonight. I have already been put in a cage, and have been told I will be in one for almost a week. I will be serving guest for the next 3 days when she gets home after midnight with the her Bull and however many friends he brings to use her and I.

31 Dec 2014 12:54

Wife told me today she is pregnant. said she is 12 weeks in. Told me she stopped taking the pill in May. She went to a breeding party in both August and September. She told me the party in September was the 20th and 21st and that was when she got knocked up.

14 Dec 2014 21:55

Last 6 weekends have been different then they used to be. Wife has a new Bull who is very dominant. He takes her every Friday, and brings her back Sunday. I now stay locked in chastity cage while she is gone each weekend.

21 Sep 2014 07:09

It has been almost 2 years since I was cuckolded for the first time. During that time I have lived through every moment of the painful and beautiful life that was evolving to the point I have now reached. I am a sissy, and have come to embrace that part of my life. I am no longer just "dressing up" and pleasing my wife and bulls because I am supposed to. I have received new pleasures in my life that can only be reached while I am lying on my back, looking into the face of the man that is receiving pleasure from using my body, enjoying what I have to offer him, just as he received pleasure from using my wife, which also excites me. Knowing I have given that pleasure is the ultimate moment in this "sissys'" life. Feeling a real man releasing into me with a power and force I could have never achieved in my former life!

29 Aug 2013 05:36

One year ago today was the first time I went thru the horror and delight of watching my beautiful wife get fet fucked by another man. In the year that has transpired my life has changed in ways I could not have imagined. Every moment at home I spend as a "sissy", always dressed and shaved ready to please. My wife for the most part only fucks BBC, and I have learned that I was born to serve my wife, and those with a superior cock.

13 Nov 2012 05:22

Sure was nervous went wife had me dress for an evening out and she said she wasn't going to attend. One of our Bulls picked me up and took me to an Adult Bookstore. I was dressed in a short skirt with fishnet stockings and heels. I could feel all the stares as I was escorted to a booth. Sucked 15 cocks thru a gloryhole, then was told it was time to go. Got home and all my things had been moved to the guest room. Was told I was now just another BBC bitch in this house and I was expected to act accordingly. Was escorted to my old room and found one of the older bulls my wife had been fucking had moved into what used to be our room. I did not see this one coming, do any of you other cuckolds have similiar experiences?

07 May 2012 05:32

As I learn more on about my new lifestyle, I have found how lucky I am. We attended a party with 3 other cuckold couples, the other "sissy" husbands had on cock cages. They were denied the pleasure of an erection and orgasm. My wife finds it cute when my little cock is hard and the fact that I cum while being used seems to delight both her and the "real men" who have used me. It seems to emphasize what a "girl" I have become when I cum while being fucked, or even watching my wife being used sometimes. Of course I am required to eat my own cum, but I am so glad I have not experienced a chastity device!

30 Apr 2012 05:13

OMG what a thrill, I felt like such a complete sissy and loved it last night. Wife had me dressed in new outfit with garters and fishnet stockings. As I was fucked for the first time while facing our bull. My little "clitty cock" was so hard as I could see the lust on his face as he pinned my knees back by my ears and used my like his little bitch. Now I know what wife meant by being fucked like a rag doll.

12 Apr 2012 06:05

I have now been lead farther down a path I never imagined just a few months ago. As I was taken from behind for the first time, I found my body betraying me once again and found myself cumming while submitting to my wife with a strap on. Her bull soon after replaced her and I could only submit to his thrusting as I lay face down and felt I assume what a woman feels like when a powerfull lover takes them. I was humiliated and yet strangely satisfied all at once.

09 Apr 2012 06:03

I have always thought of myself as a "straight" man, yet find sucking on a large cock strangely satisfying. I don't feel gay, or want a relationship with any man, but get so turned on submitting to to the men who are using me and dominating my wife as well.

27 Feb 2012 05:54

Now my legs are shaved smooth, and clad in stockings even under my regular clothes. Must admit it makes feel like such a sissy. Never really had chest hair, my toe nails are painted red. Found myself moaning in pleasure while I sucked 2 more BBC repeatedly. I think I have gone down a road I will never return from!

20 Feb 2012 05:09

OMG, do most black men cum that much?

15 Feb 2012 05:46

for Valentines Day, wife says "Chocolate Cum" is on the menu. Not sure what that is, guess I will find out tonight.

14 Feb 2012 05:05

Wife took me out as her sissy slut this weekend. She laughed as I came in my panties as a complete stranger fucked her. Then she watched and teased me as I sucked his huge cock for her to use again.

13 Feb 2012 06:04

Guess I am more of a cuckold now. Sucked another cock that had just fucked my wife. Not sure why I have an orgasm while watching someone else fuck my wife, or why I feel the need to satisfy some jerk with a big cock.

09 Feb 2012 05:48

Sucked my first cock last night.

08 Feb 2012 06:04

Wife now has 3 lovers, she calls them "Bulls". One is son of her first lover. I hate that I become aroused while she fucks other men.

06 Feb 2012 07:07