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Awakenings Ch. 36

Ginger and Scotty take Maureen and Micheal to an exotic night club

Maureen arrived at my motel at 5:15. Five minutes later Ginger and Scotty arrived in Scotty's white Cadillac Escalade. Ginger got out of the SUV and said, “Maureen, you ride in front with Scotty. I'll ride in the back with Michael.” Nodding, Maureen climbed into the front passenger seat of the Escalade while Ginger climbed into the back. As soon as Ginger was inside she slid over and...Read On


Cuckolding Myself

My self motivated journey into the world of cuckolding

I have always considered myself a giver. At Christmas I get more out of watching the joy on others faces as they open their gifts than I do about opening my own. When it comes to sex, my feelings are the same. I get far more enjoyment eating pussy than I do ejaculating. In addition, I am definitely not your typical alpha male. So, it came as no surprise, at least to me, that I am where I...Read On


A Thousand Words - Part One

The Rake: "It's fascinating how the perception of people towards an activity, thought and sometimes even a person changes with a change in environment." At least, that is what Rhea contemplated as she walked the length of the art gallery, admiring and sometimes abhorring the paintings and photographs on display. The exhibits were based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, and...Read On


The Making Of A Cuckold

How my wife changed me forever

My name is Eric, and I’m a man in my mid-forties. I am reasonably fit without being buff, and looks-wise I’m told I’m okay. I have a full head of hair, blond to greying now, and blue eyes. I’ve been married for around ten years to Sarah, who is twelve years younger than me. Sarah is pretty to the eye, a brunette with curves in all the right places and large breasts to boot. I considered...Read On


Rimonateague Chapter 4

The threesome weekend continues.

I was jostled awake by movement on the bed; then noise from the bathroom. Morning! Robert, my husband, was peeing, with the bathroom door open. I resented this masculine ritual as just 'wrong'. “Harrumph!” I uttered nothing else but that meaningless, useless, pointless objection. I sensed another body in the bed and realized that Thomas, our guest, was also there. Strange: he was in...Read On


Hillcrest Academy for Girls - Part 3

Head Mistress comes home to her husband after being fulfilled

The Head Mistress watched Mr. Williams leave her office and she smiled. This new teacher, Brad, had potential, she thought, as his cum leaked from her stretched cunt. It felt so good to have a real thick cock inside of her again. She loved how his animal instincts took over and forgot all about innocent Cassie. She got dressed, bid her still flustered secretary goodnight and drove home....Read On


Given Away as a Breeding Slave - Part Three

I finally receive my first pregnancy.

The car ride home from Xavier's mansion is the longest I've ever experienced. My useless "boyfriend" won't stop whimpering and appologizing for everything that he's gotten me into. I wish he would just be a man and stand up for me, but I know that's never going to happen. He's so pathetic, I can't even think about letting him touch me or even look at me ever again. He may as well be castrated....Read On


She Was Curious And So Was I

I was her first lover, but not her last

I met Laurie-Ann when she was just seventeen and still in high school. I was a grad student several years her senior. Her parents were hoping to get her into an Ivy League college and I was employed as her tutor. I knew immediately that she was the one for me, but realized I had to tread carefully. She worked hard and we saw a lot of each other over the following months. The two of us became...Read On


A New Year's Resolution

Wife resolves to be more sexually adventurous in the New Year.

“Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions yet?” asked my wife Sherri, shedding her robe. Fresh from the shower, her body glowed. She smelled of lavender soap. Placing her hand on her hip, she gave it a seductive pop. I replied to her question, “Not yet.” Frowning, she turned off the lamp and crawled into bed. Sherri took her resolutions very seriously. Last year, she resolved to...Read On


Surprise Entertainment

My wife sets me up.

I was beginning to get very fed up with the late nights I had been working over the past few weeks as yet again I walked through the door at 8.30pm. I knew that Emma was getting a little fed up too and she wouldn’t attempt to hide the fact each and every time I walked through the door. As I dropped my bag and slipped off my shoes I prepared myself for her disappointed face again. I pushed...Read On


My Hotwife is a Block Party Slut

My beautiful, young wife becomes the neighborhood cock slut at a block party.

When I was younger and single, just out of college, an urban lifestyle was the most attractive to me, just as it is for many young adults. That urban social setting allowed me to meet Malin, the beautiful woman who would become my wife. After dating for a year, we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We both wanted children and felt that it would be better to raise...Read On


Cuckolded Black Husband

The answer to a question leads to new pleasures.

Michael sat at the bedside staring at the rumpled fabric of the crimson and blue bedclothes and the two people who lay snuggled together among them. After a night of constant sensual gratification, he knew they were exhausted. He knew because he had been with them throughout the night and was fatigued as well. Tamika shifted a little and nestled back more deeply into the arms of her lover...Read On


Saving the Business, a Cuckold's Story

“And I’ve got one more condition. I want to fuck Janet, right now, while you watch."

“Is everything ready?” I asked for maybe the tenth time. Janet, my wife, sighed, but she understood my nerves. This pitch I would be making to Mr. Slater from the venture capital group was my last shot. In fact, the company he worked for had passed on my proposal earlier last month, but he had shown some personal interest in my company. After what amounted to some begging on my part, he...Read On


Irene's story - Chapter 13 - Could Alfredo's child be growing inside me?

After allowing Alfredo to enter me unprotected, I miss my period

A little over three months ago I was a shy, normal, forty two year old housewife and mother of two living a comfortable life in Barcelona, Spain. I had never had intercourse with anyone other than my husband, Oscar. We had a good, albeit somewhat boring, marriage. I was not sexually satisfied, but I never thought about it much. Sex just wasn't a huge priority in my life. I felt sex was a...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part IV

More revelations from Brian's Kindle takes Sara further down the road of self discovery

Sara wasn’t due to go into work until lunchtime next day so it gave her more time with Brian’s Kindle. Last night he had been reading John Grisham’s Gray Mountain so she made a mental note of the last read page number and then went through his library. He had a quite an extensive range of erotica and she noticed that many were of the Cuckold and Wife Lovers genre. It intrigued her. Going...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part III

Sara finds herself getting deeper into the world of cuckolding from her husband's Kindle

Sara was still shaking when she put Brian’s Kindle back on the bookshelf. Her world had been turned upside down. It wasn’t just the fact that Brian had bookmarked the passages that she had just read but it was also their content. She had often read erotica; she enjoyed it. She considered that she had a healthy interest in it; even if some of it had been hardcore BDSM. Perhaps Brian’s taste...Read On


The Master Next Door, Pt 1 - Interracial Cheating Cuckold Series

Lauren is finally going to get the bbc she she needs, whether her boyfriend likes it or not!

The Master Next Door - An interracial, cuckold, erotic, romance. Lauren didn’t know what was happening to her. Her body was on fire but all she felt was overwhelming pleasure. She looked around but there was only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin. She tried moving but a heavy force pinned her from above. Something powerful. Thrusting into her and...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 35

Ginger and Michael watch Maureen fulfill her quest for the evening with Scotty

Smiling, Ginger said, "Giving a blow job to a man you've just met is both delightfully exciting and deliciously wicked.” Maureen sighed, “Yes, but Michael is right, it is getting late.” She was trying to be polite. Ginger shook her head. “Regardless of how late it is, I think it's essential that we make time for this. I'm sure Scotty would agree." Scotty laughed. "Damn right I would."...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part II

Sara learns more from her husband's Kindle

Sara tossed the Kindle onto the bed before kicking off her shoes and taking off her jeans. She thought about taking off her panties as well but they were cotton, pink cotton, and she liked the feel of them against her sex as she masturbated. It was cold at first under the duvet but she soon warmed up. She reached for the Kindle again and selected another bookmarked page. ‘They were...Read On


Irene's story - Chapter 12 - Bareback with no protection

It's not until I arrive at the resort that I learn that Oscar stole my diaphragm from my suitcase

A little over three months ago, I was a shy, normal forty two year old housewife and mother of two living a comfortable life in Barcelona, Spain. I had never had intercourse with anyone other than my husband, Oscar. We had a good, albeit somewhat boring, marriage. I was not sexually satisfied, but I never thought about it much. Sex just wasn't a huge priority in my life. I felt sex was a...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold

When Sara opens up her husband's Kindle it opens up a whole new world for her

Sara sighed as she stared at the bookcase in the study. Dust was beginning to gather on the shelves and she stood at the ready with duster in hand. They were both avid readers and had quite a collection with topics ranging from Biography’s to DIY. There were also lots of thrillers and murder mystery books. She quite liked Ruth Rendell and Brian liked Jeffrey Archer. They also had a few...Read On


My First Hotwife Experience

I learned what it's like to become a hotwife and love it!

I’ve always been a very sexual person. My husband realized that very quickly and has encouraged me to have fun. As along as I let him know what I’m doing, and even let him watch, he's my biggest cheerleader. I was very reluctant at first because I felt I was happy with my sex life and the idea of being a hotwife seemed totally crazy to me. One day, we left a friend's wedding for an...Read On


Cuckolding My In-Laws with My Big Rican Cock

I caught my father-in-law looking at gay porn and he sucked my cock, after which I cuckolded him.

Racial bias can be an ugly thing. My family is Puerto Rican, and we moved to Davenport, Iowa when I was only three years old after my father had gotten a good job in a manufacturing plant there. The population in Davenport and the entire state is predominately white, so we stood out as being different. I don’t remember any name-calling or other overt manifestations of racism; it’s just that...Read On


Second Honeymoon - Chapter 10

Rex's return bodes drastic changes

Monday night was interesting, to say the least. Christine had a "date" and was not around, so Dimitri showed up at our place unannounced and unhappy. Karl was ecstatic that Alec would arrive sometime tonight. We knew Rex would show up when he finished his local tasks. We also knew Rex would claim his property. I prayed that Alec and Ian would show up and be such a distraction for my...Read On


Second Honeymoon, Chapter 9

Rex returns

Four people, two men and two women, lolled about, no one wanting to break the mood. A bystander might not realize who was married to whom, who was fucking whom. Husband Karl had fucked Christine, the prostitute, right before my face, with me lying 69 on my carpet, her straddling me, me grabbing as much of her cunt-lips as I could reach. She sucked the same for me. The plain term...Read On


Second Honeymoon, Chapter 8

A Cancelled Party Party: Part 1

Karl and I were in that nether-world right before falling asleep. Our first night in ‘his room.' Dimitri and Christine, on the other side of the wall, were not quiet lovers. I couldn’t sleep. “Karl,” I said, “our group is gelling. You are the godfather of it. I like the connections you're making with all our new friends. Christine is someone I like you being around. One of these days,...Read On


Second Honeymoon: Chapter 7

Clair and Karl reach an understanding, of sorts.

On that Friday before the neighborhood party, Karl delivered Dimitri to the rental car outlet and came home. He found me in his new bedroom, arranging his clothes in the closets and drawers. We had our talk. Karl told me about his Saturday with Ian and Alec. I realized Alec was the secretary/tour guide at the MG museum. I vaguely remember seeing a British couple at our city hotel, but...Read On


Humiliated By Shorter Friend

Last year I was cuckolded and humiliated in a most shocking manner by my childhood buddy (Let's just call him Mike). This is a true cuckold story. But, a little background. I'm a burly six foot with a protruding beer belly. My arms are strong and muscular though after years as a carpenter. Buddy Mike, on the other hand, barely exceeds five foot and is wiry and looks seriously in need...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 34

Ginger and Scotty tell Maureen and Michael more about their cuckold hot wife marriage

Turning to Scotty, Maureen said, "You told me that you like to watch Ginger when she's entertaining a male friend. How soon did that actually start happening.?" Ginger answered. "That's complicated. I was ready to let Scotty watch right away, but most guys are a little shy about having a spectator in the bedroom. A month after my date with Matt, Scotty and I found a two bedroom apartment...Read On


Concubine, a story of a submissive husband, his dominant wife and her wealthy lover

His wife was another man's concubine. He just wanted to continue to be her servant

My entire body tingled with excitement as I nestled myself between my wife's legs. My face was inches from her smoothly shaved cunt. I took a moment to study her. This was something I always did. Jennifer didn't mind, in fact she found it both arousing and amusing that merely be allowed to look at her sex was such an intoxicating thrill for me. My wife loved me, so she always granted me...Read On