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A Good Wife. Chapter 6

And the ruining of....

Now, straddling her legs, I grabbed her arse cheeks masterfully with my hands. I then slapped them both in unison, and grabbed again, squeezing just a little to much. She bucked, trying to throw me, but I was equal to it. I walloped her cheeks again, hard, and growled 'This is for being a big cock whore!' I instantly cringed, but it had just come out, I guess from the heart. As I smacked...Read On


Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fifteen

Three beautiful women, two new sexperiences, one amazing evening for our Hero!

It was Thursday night, one week later. The Grandparents were babysitting our two kids while my sweet, unfaithful wife and I went for what we had described to them as ‘a bit of light supper with some friends that might go on a bit late’. The truth was that it was nothing of the kind. Food was definitely a secondary consideration; the entire evening had been arranged by the She-Devil Carmen...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 39

Going home

While the trip to Club Wanderlust had been exciting, it had also been tiring. The next morning I slept until 9:00. By the time I'd showered and shaved, packed my gear, loaded it into my Escape, checked out of my motel and had breakfast, it was after 11:00. As I merged into the traffic on northbound I75 I was elated. After being gone for almost five months I was finally going home. Seven...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Seven Part B, Conclusion

I go fishing overnight with coworkers, Part B Conclusion

Roger and Max had both been to the lake where my co-workers and I had gone fishing and they knew it would be late afternoon before I would be home. Neither man was in a hurry to leave and planned to take their time as they continued to use CJ. As the two naked men followed CJ to her bedroom, Roger scooped her up in his arms. CJ squealed loudly as he carried her towards our bedroom and...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part II

The cuckolding relationship between Al, Cathy and Greg developes

Cathy made love to him that morning with greater vigour than she had the night before; it was not out of the ordinary though. Some wives could be inhibited making love with another man while her husband was present in the home. It was understandable, wanting to spare their husband’s feelings by not showing their excitement in being made love to by another man. But not all wives were...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Seven Part A

I go fishing overnight with coworkers

We had been settled into our home for a few months and mid-week a few coworkers had invited me to go fishing with them over the weekend. I was surprised that CJ seemed annoyed because I had accepted without talking to her first. She remained cold as the trip grew closer. Saturday morning had finally arrived and I kissed her goodbye after my coworkers and I loaded our gear into my van for...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part I

A story of another husband's venture into cuckolding

Greg’s hand was shaking as he pushed his key into the lock of his front door. He had been working all night as a motorway patrol officer and he was tired. He was also nervous. He hung up his jacket and dropped his keys into the bowl and walked into the kitchen. A stranger greeted him with a nod. A man he'd never met before sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee in front of him. Greg...Read On


Unexpected Cuckolding (Part III)

This time the cuckolding was expected.....

It was now Friday and we sat opposite at the breakfast table. Tension of sorts was definitely in the air. We'd been making meaningless small talk all morning and I don't think either had slept particular well. "So what are your plans today?" I asked She gave a small giggle, "I'm quite busy actually, I'm having a bikini wax at eleven, a pedicure at two and then I'm going clothes shopping" ...Read On


Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fourteen

Alice and Julie are unsettled by the New Year's events. Carmen has an idea how to help them!

It was Saturday morning three weeks after the New Year ball. I had already taken our two kids to their regular sporting activities – in this case soccer training for both of them - while my lovely, unfaithful wife Alice was still sleeping the sleep of the not-very-innocent. The day was beautiful; cold and bright. I had just changed into my running kit for a half hour’s chilly trip down...Read On


Splitting her down the middle

The End of College the Beginning of our lives

I have to say that having a girlfriend in college was a good thing, at least for me. Debbie was there for me, and I like to think that I was there for her too. I suppose it was indeed a time of experimentation and allowing ourselves to be free from all the parental rules. I lived with two other roommates in college. We all shared the rent of a single bedroom apartment. It was certainly...Read On


Jeremiah Has His Way

Husband finds out his wife needs a little more TLC than he's capable of.

"Listen here, you piece of shit --" begins another day at the office. Not even eight a.m. and I've already been verbally assaulted twenty-some odd times. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a debt collector. I'm Eric Hughes, I'm 35 and this will be my third year on the job. I never really ended up finishing college, but luckily my beautiful wife Melissa pays most of the bills...Read On


My wife on the porch part fourteen

The next chapter

Robert, my wife’s lover has been out of the country now for nine days and was due home in a day or two. I arrived home from work at my usual time after calling her to let her know that I would be home in twenty minutes, this gave her time to get dressed following her naked video call with Robert. I went in our house and found her sitting on the couch, fully dressed and she had tears in...Read On


Unexpected Cuckolding Part II

So, three days had now passed since this all happened. We'd been slightly awkward with each other, her eager to please and clearly remorseful, me still a bit head in the clouds and confused. To be cuckolded was my fantasy but that was it, a fantasy. I just wasn't sure and still couldn't define whether the overall sensation when I thought I about it was pleasure or pain. One thing I did...Read On


Unexpected cuckolding

Confused over fantasy becoming reality

I am writing this story in attempt to process my thoughts. It is (perhaps unfortunately) completely true other than I have changed the names. I am a forty-three year old successful businessman, my wife Sarah is a thirty-seven year old in the medical profession. We have one child and a generally very happy life. Our sex life is pretty good, it has of course lost much of the intensity...Read On


Jouney into Cuckoldry - Lucky Thirteen

Fancy dress party welcomes the New Year with more than one kind of bang!

The hotel bar was busy as Alice and I entered that New Year’s Eve, the air filled with music and the babble of voices punctuated by the popping of champagne corks and the cheering that followed. In my plain black suit and tight clergyman’s collar I knew I was in for a hot and uncomfortable evening but for a ‘Tarts and Vicars’ party there was only one type of costume I could have chosen. By...Read On

Recommended Read

Kindling A Cuckold - Part VII

Sara finally gets the message that Brian wants her to cuckold him

Sara stared down at her coffee cup as she slowly stirred. She was deep in thought and pensive. “Is everything okay?” Brian asked her as he sat down at the kitchen table alongside her. ”Everything is fine,” she responded without looking up. The silence between them remained for a few moments until Sara broke it. “Do you want me to cuckold you, Brian?” His head jolted back. “No of...Read On


"First Handjob" Video

Slutty girlfriend services alpha male under the table while bf sit there clueless

“First Handjob” Video Hello, I’m Annetta. Oh god. Yep, that’s me. Did you hear about what I did in the bar with that guy last week? Well look, before you go judging me, listen to my side of the story. First of all, I am not going to make any excuses about being too drunk or whatever. I had a buzz, of course, but I knew what I was doing. Wait, let me start at the beginning. I’m 23 years old...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Jack's Story

A different kind of reward for different kind of cuckold.

Sophie was sitting at her dressing table brushing her dark brown hair when he arrived home. Jack halted in the doorway of their bedroom and looked at her momentarily before turning his attention to their large double bed, which looked freshly made. He was nervous. Sophie turned and smiled at him; she was dressed and looked refreshed. “Hi darling” Jack returned her smile and walked over...Read On


Share And Share Alike!

Gary lets Simon have his wife

I had a part time job at a friend's window company, three half days a week, measuring clients' windows so the company could prepare a quotation. I've had several "interesting" experiences, but none quite as exciting as this one. I turned up at the client's house, armed with my trusty tape and notebook. It sounds like a cliché but, having rung the doorbell, the door was opened by a...Read On

Recommended Read

A Cuckold Gets Married

Emily was determined to show Ryan how their marriage was going to be.

Three and a half hours before he was about to get married to Emily, Ryan received the strangest text message ever. He shouldn’t have responded. It was bad luck, he thought, to see his wife before the wedding. Yet, here he was replying to her in an attempt to find out what she wanted. Ryan shook his head at the terse responses he was getting and the somewhat angry replies of ‘ why he should...Read On


Memories - A True Story

This is a true story about my wife's one-time affair with a stranger and how I encouraged it.

Not too many years ago my wife worked as a supervisor for a government agency. During that time she went to conferences around the country as part of her job. My wife is attractive with long dark hair, full hips, and generous breasts. She could be a great beauty, but true to her rural Baptist upbringing, she is demure, almost shy, and dresses conservatively. As part of our pillow talk...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Six

My continuing story of my life as a Wittol evolved

After their home warming party CJ had a difficult time coming to terms with Roger and Rick, and even her dear friend Stephanie. She had not been back to the club in a few weeks. We started spending more time together and had become almost inseparable friends. It was several weeks after the party when I asked her to go on a weekend camping trip with me up north in the mountains around Jerome...Read On


Tasting and Exploring

Four close friends cross the point of no return

The heels of Lauren’s sandals clicked against the ceramic tiles surrounding the swimming pool. I found myself gazing at her scantily clad body. Her dancer-like physique stirred up an erection that I had to conceal. Lauren and her husband, Rob, had taken the short drive to our house. I must admit, I always found Lauren to be very attractive. It was an innocent crush. However, she oozed of...Read On


Rimonoteague Chapter 5

Sunday's action on our weekend tryst

 “Robert! The bacon!” I yelled. The smell of burning bacon interrupted that sexual afterglow before reality intervened. Robert came back to reality, cried “Fuck!” and rushed out of our bedroom. While he had been making breakfast, my new husband-sanctioned lover and I had had bone-shaking love. My husband was mesmerized by the way his wife had fucked his friend to near-breathless...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part VI

Sara and Brian continue to edge towards a cuckold relationship

For a moment they just stood there looking at each other; it was almost as if they were waiting for one another to open the conversation. It was Brian spoke first. “Been reading my Kindle then, hey?” he said with a smile. “Yes, I was cleaning the bookshelves the other day and just opened it out of interest. Why?” Brian shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing,” he responded. “Just curious,...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 38

After saying goodbye to Maureen, Michael calls Jeanne

Danny and I followed Scotty up to the Gallery Bar and through the door into the hallway that led down to the lobby. As we were descending the stairs Scotty said to Danny, “Ginger and I are part of an informal group. We get together once a month in a mansion just north of Naples. It's a sex club." Surprised, Danny said, "A sex club? Really?" Nodding, Scotty answered, "Yes, a sex club....Read On


Super Bowl Party Gang Bang

My wife and I host a Super Bowl party, where she and her boss are gang banged by our guests.

The excitement in the air was palpable in January 2016, when the Denver Broncos won the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots, in front of a home crowd in Denver. The Broncos were headed to the Super Bowl once again, to try to win their first title since the win in 1999, when I was only seven years old. My name is Jared, and I was born and raised in the upscale Highlands...Read On


Mixing Tennis with Sex: Part Four

...a wave of pleasure sweeps through my body, the delicious taste of paradise tingles my mouth.

Sandy “Why did you invite Travis to our home?” I ask wondering about his motive. David smiles and places his hand on my leg. “Do you think Travis is handsome?” “He’s good looking, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me,” I slur. “Is he as handsome as Rex?” He looks at me. “No, not really, but he’s attractive in his own way.” “What way is that?” David places his hand on...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 37

Rachel and Danny

After Maggie was gone Scotty leaned over and said, “Things are starting to heat up. Check that out.” He nodded towards a table near the dance floor. I followed his gaze and immediately started to chuckle. I'd been so focused on Maureen that I'd neglected to pay attention to what was happening on the rest of the ball room floor. At the table Scotty was pointing towards a woman in her...Read On


Kindling A Cuckold - Part V

Brian's Kindle provides Sara with more food for thought and enjoyment

Brian got home before her that evening. Sara had a bit of shopping to get to, and she was later than usual. It had been a busy afternoon at the Building Society, where she worked, and she had found it hard to concentrate. Her head was spinning from the recent events surrounding the Kindle. It was hard to take it all in. It wasn’t so much the revelations but the desires that had been awoken...Read On