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Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Six

Laura taunts Dan about her sexing with LF and Artsy and introduces Dan to her neighbor Upper Floor.

Chapter Twenty-Six - Laura with Artsy and LF Laura and Dan didn’t return home until Saturday evening. They packed for their trip and went to bed, to sleep. They rose early Sunday, leaving for the airport after a quick breakfast. Laura set off the metal detector with her jewelry; she asked if one of the women attendants could perform a private screening. Dan was curious about her night with...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Five

Laura and Artsy host clothing designers in Mrs. Patron's home.

Laura’s four weeks at home were a whirlwind of activity, not totally sexual. At Tuesday lunch with her fellow executive assistants, she floated an idea for modeling Business Lady outfits at the regional bar meeting in the summer. The next day Laura began serious preparatory work for the quarterly Senior Partners Committee meeting. Work kept her busy; she skipped her Friday lunch date with Greg....Read On


Older Man Samples Lynn - Chapter 3

Older man gets to fuck young wife

Charles and my wife lead the way to his bedroom. The bedroom also has a good view. Charles has a king size four poster bed. Against one wall he has positioned a mirror. The covers and sheets are pulled back. There are two pillows stacked in the center. He is obviously prepared. Charles and Lynn passionately kiss standing next to the bed. I cup one of her ass cheeks while Charles cups...Read On


Persuasive Approval

an older man lets a younger man fuck his wife

“Persuasive Approval” (circa-1971) Meeting Beverley Jackson for the first time after their impulsive moment of intimacy when Charles and George left them alone in the hotel to visit the landlord of the Red Bull was always going to be a little uncomfortable. He stepped out of the car and walked into the hotel reception. Other than muffled voices coming from the television he was...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Four

Both Dan and Laura experience other love partners.

Chapter Twenty-Four - Other Partners Only a simple action required, open front door with your key and a twist on the knob; Laura’s persona changed from wife of Dan to mistress of her other home, her home with Greg. Less than two hours before, she woke up beside her husband, made coffee in the kitchen, showered in their bathroom, and pulled a simple shift over her head for dress. She kissed...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Three

Laura with Dan and Artsy discuss art and fashion for Business Lady.

Chapter Twenty-Three - Laura with Dan, Plus Artsy Dan answered the telephone in the middle of the third ring: Hi Baby, I am just calling to confirm my travel plans . . . Yes, I am still on the red eye . . . I will see you Thursday morning before you go to work . . . I love you too, Baby. Save a kiss for me and maybe a little bit more. Bye bye. ...Read On


Becoming a Cuckold on New Year's Eve

My husband and I try swinging with freinds on New Year's Eve, and he becomes my cuckold.

The sexual revolution in the Western world from the 1960s to the 1980s was a time of amazing transition. Our society was becoming increasingly accepting of sex outside of traditional heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Sex outside of marriage and homosexuality, as well as other alternative forms of sexuality, were much less taboo. The development of birth control pills also helped to...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Two

Laura meets her San Francisco neighbor and discovers BDSM and exhibitionism.

Chapter Twenty-Two - Adventures in San Francisco When her flight was at altitude, Laura accepted champagne from the stewardess. She used the four hour flight to go over the week ahead and the past few weeks of her ever more hectic life. Her first thought was Dan is really getting short changed by my new jobs. Laura hadn’t spent a full week with just her husband in a month. She knew she had...Read On


A Cuckold By Any Other Name - Part III

The truth surrounding Kate's cuckolding of her husband John is revealed as the story concludes.

John sat on the edge of the bed watching as Kate put the final touches to her lip makeup. Her favourite lipstick shade was dusky pink and he looked on as she puckered up her lips one final time. He knew that she never allowed him to kiss her just after putting her lipstick on but he still got up to hold her in his arms. She turned her cheek to allow him to kiss at least one part of her face. ...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-One

Laura drifting toward Greg, just a date night for Dan

Chapter Twenty-One - Laura Drifting Away The Senior Partner’s secretaries had their luncheon the last Friday of every month. All held the same title as Laura, Executive Assistant. Old Jacobs’ secretary extended the invitation. Laura knew the women could be catty, even vicious; Dan helped her select clothes Thursday evening. Laura suggested no BL clothes; she didn’t want to build envy...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty

Mrs Patron is teacher, Dan is student, sensuality is course material

Chapter Twenty - Dan and Mrs. Patron’ s Lessons “Daniel, would you come for me at seven-thirty Friday; we are due to meet Interior Decorator at the country club at eight?” Dan assured his friend he would be on time and returned attention immediately to his desk. The week had been a bear at work. When he reviewed his calendar Monday, his first thought was thanks that Laura was in...Read On


Our Darkest Fantasies

I would love to see how you react to another man fucking you as I stare.

"Well, then let's go on a road trip!" Chad says to me, after I complained that we hardly do anything anymore. Chad and I have been together for almost two years. I love him, with all my heart. He is the only guy that I have ever been with. We tell each other everything, from our darkest fantasies to our darkest secrets. But lately, all he ever does is work. All he gives me is false hope...Read On


A Cuckold By Any Other Name - Part II

Her husband is in self denial as Kate continues to cuckold him.

John did not play well at all that Sunday in the local golf club’s annual tournament. Two years ago he had won it but his form was very poor that day. Three double bogies on the nine out holes had ruined his chances. He had been in quite good form the previous weekend and was tipped by some to win it again but John had other things on his mind that day. On Saturday morning he had woke...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Nineteen

Laura compares her men and husband comes in second.

Chapter Nineteen - Laura at Business Lady Winter days can be beautiful, sunny and crisp with little wind. Winter days can be miserable, gloomy, rainy and cold. Dan and Laura hoped for the former when they made plans to have their Sunday brunch at one of the nice hotels in town. When they awakened, they found the weather gods frowning. “I tell you what Baby, you stay in bed and I will go...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Eighteen

New Years Eve parties and a new job for Laura

Chapter Eighteen - New Years Eve and Beyond Laura was almost ready to leave; she gave Dan her rings. “I am glad you are going out with Artsy and your friends. I would feel guilty about you being alone on New Year’s Eve.” “My wife says she would feel guilty about going with her lover as she gives back her wedding rings.” “You know what I mean Baby. I love you.” “I’m just teasing; I...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Seventeen

New partnerships as holiday dates, same results.

Chapter Seventeen - Holidays The compressed schedule in autumn always included family responsibilities. Each year Dan and Laura flew home to spend Thanksgiving dinner with one family, and the Saturday following with the other. Thanksgiving with parents and relatives allowed them to have the Christmas and New Year’s holidays for themselves. Both left out details when answering the...Read On


The Road Journey

The thrill of seeing my wife with another man

My wife is a stunning, gorgeous brunette. She is at once the most genuine and endearing sweetheart you will ever meet, and a sexual force that washes through me like a hot, chaotic wind. The epicenter of a family one never wants to leave, I have the kind a partner in life that a man would want brag to the world about, but decides to leave unsaid because it makes it all the better. So you...Read On


How I Learned To Please My Wife - Part 3

Vanessa and I meet Rick

Finally, Friday night arrived. Vanessa spent ages getting ready, and when she stepped out the bedroom, I almost shot my load as I looked at her. She wore a short, cream blouse over a pvc peek-a-boo bra that flaunted her cleavage while barely covering her nipples. My eyes were drawn down over her bare torso towards the black, leather mini-skirt which, when she turned round quickly, gave a...Read On


The Choice

Deena has a choice to make, her dignity, or her husband's legs.

Deena’s Story Tears ran down my face as I walked up the garden path towards our new house. Blinded by the sadness, I couldn’t find the keyhole as the key scraped over the brass lock. My shoulders shuddered while I let out another cry for help. “Toby!” The door opened and I fell into the arms of my love. “Fuckin hell... what’s up with you, Rainy Face?” I didn’t know how to tell him. So...Read On


A Cuckold By Any Other Name

A husband is left wondering if his wife is cuckolding him

John could smell her fragrance as soon as he opened the front door. It was Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum and it was his wife’s favourite. It was pleasant and welcoming. Kate appeared from the kitchen and came up to him to help him take his jacket off. She kissed him before taking it from his hands and hanging it up. Not only did she smell good but she also looked good. She was wearing a red...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Sixteen

Laura and Dan reveal themselves in film and words.

Chapter Sixteen – Exposure in Film and Words Greg returned Laura to her married home Sunday evening. He was sure his cock and balls could no longer function as sex tools. They hung limp between his legs. God knows how many times he shot his load in Laura’s sex holes this weekend. The last two went ass and cunt. She took everything, Greg mused, Laura took all that I have to give. Laura...Read On


Cherry's Next Door Neighbor Becomes the Man of the House

The next door neighbor takes over when the husband drops the ball.

Cherry walked into the kitchen and made a beeline for the wine rack. It had been one hell of a week and it was only Thursday. Her tight red dress twirled with each movement. She left her shiny red three inch heels on to get the wine glass down from the middle shelf on the upper cabinet. She popped the cork on her favorite Moscato. Then she stepped out of the heels and kicked them aside....Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Fifteen - Laura's Cruelty

Laura uses Greg's help to humiliate Dan at end of their date.

Over the next month, Laura sat for her portrait twice a week. Laura hinted and teased both Dan and Greg about sexual activity with Portrait, but she admitted nothing. Even so, every sitting began with sex; Laura could feel his cum inside her and taste him in her mouth when she posed. When Portrait couldn’t evoke just the facial expression he wanted for that part of the painting, Laura gave...Read On


Groomed by My Girlfriend to be a Cuckold for Blacks

My girlfriend slowly grooms me to accept being a cuckold for her and her black lovers.

The quote from the Forrest Gump movie, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,’ was certainly true in my case. I was born and raised in the San Francisco suburbs and had a pretty normal childhood. My parents have a stable marriage, and I had every reason to believe that I would find the perfect wife and live happily ever after with the girl of my dreams....Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Fourteen - Dating Combinations

Dating combinations, Laura dates Greg, Dan dates Artsy, Dan dates Laura and more

The art community provided a side outlet for Dan. He told Laura about his plans to incorporate some quality art in his office and possibly at home “I have a dinner meeting with some people Friday evening to discuss my art in the office idea. I think it would be fun if you wanted to get involved some too. Not Friday though, you could be with Greg then if you want.” “You have a date...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Thirteen

Laura greets Greg from vacation and move in again, Dan turns to his artist friends.

Laura looked from the baggage claim area to the escalator where Greg would appear. She had been waiting twenty minutes and everything about her was racing in anticipation. Unbidden, her feet shuffled, dancing. Laura’s eyes searched to capture a first vision of her lover. The most pronounced anticipation showed underneath her light sundress. Laura’s body generated moisture in anticipation of...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twelve

Apres date sex for Laura and Greg leads to anger and aggression with Dan

Chapter Twelve - Dan Fights Back Greg was comfortable at home, and Laura was in the bedroom with him. What they were doing could be called funny business. Laura was exploring methods, ways, and positions to make her bells ring for her lover. Greg sat on their bed watching as she undressed and moved her hips in a circling, bumping motion. As the bells tinkled Laura told about the...Read On


Michael's Choice Epilogue

Rebecca takes another man. Michael watches it happen.

Michael sat on the edge of the bed, as he watched Rebecca retreat from the room to the guest room down the hall. His fantasy was over. He had watched his wife have sex with his best friend. It was marvellous to watch, but also stung him deeply. His wife was a different woman, a tigress in bed with Mark. She loved being with a different man. Michael was happy but when it was over, he...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Eleven

Laura and Greg have their country club date; Dan and his artist friend meet

Chapter Eleven - Greg and Laura at the Country Club Dan learned about his wife’s date Saturday evening. As Greg suggested, he reacted negatively and with surprise. Laura didn’t expect the vehemence of her husband’s reaction. In her mind, she was just telling Dan a firm date for something long planned. “I didn’t expect you to be this way. You should have anticipated our date.” “I know...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Ten

Dan dates an artist, and Laura returns home to her husband's anger.

Chapter Ten - Dan and Laura Expanding Relationships Ending their lunch time confrontation, Dan paid their check and escorted Laura to his car. Dan dropped Laura back at her office. Lunch had been up and down. Home, Laura’s one word slip, was the downside. Dan’s parting kiss was perfunctory at best. Alone on the elevator, Laura knew she was the one who fucked up this time. Her afternoon...Read On