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Courtesan Ch. 10

Kelly continues telling Timmy about her life at JTandR

Kelly patted my butt. "Sweetie let's finish getting dressed. We have a big night ahead of us." Both of us hurriedly put on our clothes. As soon as we were dressed I followed Kelly back into her office closet. Tonya had brought us four shopping bags. I watched while Kelly filled them with sexy lingerie, exotic dresses and several pairs of spike heeled shoes. Once she was done Kelly turned...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 22

Cuckold boot camp continues.

The following Tuesday I woke up in a state of excited anticipation. That evening Jeanne, Ruth and Abby were planning to go to the Goldenrod Supper Club to meet men who were attending the trade show at the Civic Center. As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror shaving I thought about Ruth's husband, David. I was certain he had to be every bit as excited as I was. David and I had been...Read On


Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 3

Jill is still frustrated, she continues expands her cheating, Greg unsure of new role.

After the mini-gangbang (GB) Colby started to become more of a regular fixture at their house. Jill loved getting fucked by him. Greg was used to it by now and actually enjoyed seeing her so enthralled with orgasms, something he could never do. This relationship with Colby had been going on now for about six months. Jill started fooling around over a year ago. They were mostly one night...Read On



wife gets impregnated by friend

I looked at my husband Vishal woefully. Its been ten years since were married. No children. That was the cause of our distraught. However much we tried, Vishal was not able to impregnate me. We were becoming a source of ridicule among our families. Vishal did not really seem to care, too immersed in his job. That night after another bout of discussions about artificial insemination...Read On

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Interracial Matters - Jan's Story - Part IV

Jan and her black lover grow closer as they prepare to take Richard's cuckolding to a new level

Jan lay back in her bed lost in thought. It was late morning now. The winter sun was streaming in through the bedroom curtains and she could hear the bustle of life from outside. Inside her home she was cocooned in a different world and one which she was very new to. Her husband had just brought her a cup of tea. Nothing unusual in that one may think but he had had to knock on his own...Read On


Rob and Amanda Lundsford-Chapter two of two

Cold words will nearly always come back to haunt those who say them

“You seem pensive today," said Christopher. "No, no, I just can't keep from recalling the old days, and how he and I got on. How we never had to worry about paying the bills. I hope he's all right. Probably rich by now while you and I are just getting by," said Amanda. He gave her a you-should-appreciate-me-more stare "Why do you keep worrying over him? Because he was some hot shot...Read On


Rob and Amanda Lundsford - Chapter one of two

The grass may seem greener, but it hardly ever really is.

I'm Robert Lundsford, age thirty-eight, husband, stock broker for Hilling's Investments, and as I now know; an unknowing cuckold. My wife of ten years is Amanda Lundsford; age thirty-six; works for Hammond Industries, wholesalers of kitchenware—she's a receptionist—oh, and a lover of men. Amanda is tall, at five-ten, and slender; I sometimes call her Willow. Me? Five four, also slender...Read On


Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 2

The wife can not take her sexless marriage, continues her cheating, husband is accepting new role

It had been about a month since Greg and I had fully recognized his role as a cuckold. I continued to see Colby. Mostly at his apartment, but twice I had invited him over to the house for dinner and sex. Greg knew his role. He sat quietly in the bedroom and watched as Colby fucked me into insensibility. He thoroughly cleaned me up between Colby’s orgasms. Colby had been a bit nervous the...Read On


Charter Boat Nympho Impregnated by Husband's Bosses

My wife goes on a charter boat trip with my bosses and is impregnated by them.

Working for a large company can be a grind sometimes, but the rewards help make up for it. I went to work for a large sporting goods distributor right out of college. Only six years later, at the age of twenty-eight, I was a senior product manager and was being considered for a director’s position. I’m an avid golfer, and always felt that socializing with my superiors on the golf course...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 21

A little kinky sex, Thanksgiving with Tricia and Paul and Jeanne's next date with Trent

After Mel, Amy and I finished talking to Jeanne, we went upstairs to the bedroom. On the way Amy explained, "Michael, almost everyone who regularly plays dominant submissive games or sadomasochistic games has a safe word." "I understand. I've read about them. It's a safety net for the sub." Shaking her head, Mel said, "No Michael, that's not the real purpose." "I don't understand." ...Read On

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Getting Even 2 - Grant's Birthday

It's Grant's birthday, and Bella has some surprises planned for him.

Zane walked up and down the wine aisles of his favorite liquor store. Tonight was Grant’s birthday party and he wanted to give him a nice bottle of wine. The problem was, he didn’t know much about wine as it wasn’t his drink of choice. He had only bought one bottle of wine and it wasn’t that good. That mistake was made about four months ago when he got news that changed his life forever. ...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 20

Jeanne's new friend

We'd just finished cleaning up our supper dishes when the telephone rang. Amy answered it. It was Jeanne. The three of us hurried into the living room and sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace. As soon as we were settled Jeanne asked, "Have you read Ruth's email? She sent me a copy." Amy answered, "We did. It's sounds like she and David had an exciting evening." "It does,...Read On


Courtesan Ch. 09

Kelly watches while Tonya and Timmy take turns playing with each other

Tonya looked at us. "I should go back to my office and get ready for tonight. I think it's time for the two of you to be alone." I shook my head. "No, maybe were not quite ready for a ruthless domination game, but I think I would like to ah, you know..." I was stammering. Kelly mercifully interrupted me. She was giggling. "My baby doll is trying to tell you that he feels like he still...Read On


Interracial Matters - Jan's Story - Part III

Jan cuckolds her husband and experiences her first interracial sex

Everything seemed surreal to Jan as she lay there naked in her bed. Next to her lay a naked man that she had known for just a few hours and in the bedroom across the hallway was her husband. At this time the previous night she had been making love with her husband in the marital bed. Now she was sharing the marital bed with a stranger. What a difference a day makes! If someone had told her...Read On


friday nights on vermont street

My girlfriend has a surprise up her sleeve

It had been a while since we had been out dancing and my girlfriend wanted to do something, ‘like the good old days’. More and more she had been fantasizing about other people in bed, so I was intrigued to know what she had in mind. It wasn’t that surprising, one Friday night, for me to come home to find her sitting with a glass of wine, wearing a dress that I had bought for her. Well,...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 19

Ruth and David's second trip to Brady's

After a light dinner Amy, Mel and I retired to the bedroom. As she promised while we were talking to Jeanne, Mel sat in a chair rubbing herself off while she watched Amy suck my cock. Of course Amy and I couldn't let Mel have all the fun. We both wanted an opportunity to indulge our voyeurism too. As soon as I orgasmed we switched places. I sat in the chair slowly stroking my recuperating...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 18

Jeanne tells Michael, Mel and Amy more about her date with Trent

Mel said, "Okay enough poetry, back to your date. Trent was lying on the bed. You were on your stomach between his legs playing with his cock. It was growing." "Yes it was and when I started kissing and licking it again it grew even faster." "I'll bet it did." Amy was chuckling. "Once Trent was fully erect I sucked him for a minute or two and then I slipped down and started licking...Read On


My Mother-In-Law's Huge Clit

My wife and I are living with her parents and I fuck her mother and suck her hermaphrodite cock.

The bad economy can make it very difficult for young married couples to get a good start in life, and such was with case with my wife Melanie and me. My name is David, and Melanie and I met during our junior year in college, and got married right after graduation. We thought we had both found good jobs which would utilize our educations, but they fell through. Fortunately, Melanie’s parents...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 17

Jeanne calls to tell Michael, Mel and Amy about her date with Trent

The shower Amy and I shared was almost platonic, but not quite. We were two healthy adults and we were naked. The temptation to wash each other was irresistible. Aware that the evening's real fun lay ahead of us, we forced ourselves to maintain a moderate amount of decorum. Neither of us wanted to do anything that might dampen our ardor. Amy washed my cock and balls. While she spent quite a...Read On


Courtesan Ch. 08

Timmy meets Tonya

Kelly patted my knee. "Are you ready to go up to my office?" "Yes I am." "Let's go." Kelly opened her car door and got out. I followed her. Kelly's parking spot was on the third floor of the parking ramp. We took the elevator down to the street level. When we walked out onto First Avenue I couldn't stop myself from staring at the doorway to Smithson Jewelers across the street. I...Read On


Courtesan Ch. 07

Kelly tells Timmy about her job at JTandR

We pulled onto Jackson Street. Jackson was a three lane one way street going towards downtown. Charles Street was one block west. It was a three lane one way street leaving downtown. Kelly and I both agreed that when we were driving downtown it was faster to take Jackson and Charles than to drive a mile east and get onto the freeway. It was 5:00 o'clock, rush hour. Most of the cars were...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 16

Jeanne is concerned about Tricia and Paul and the prelude to Jeanne's date with Trent

After reading Ruth's emails and playing the cuckold game, all three of us were ready to relax. We went upstairs and showered together. When we finished showering Mel and Amy put on their flannel pajamas and terry cloth robes. I put on sweat pants and a long sleeved tee shirt. They weren't chic outfits, but we were friends living together. Trying to be fashionable all the time isn't a relaxed...Read On


22 Year Old College Student Has Sex With 52 Year Old Woman

52 Year Old Woman Meets A 22 Year Old College Student On Vacation

Note: As with all my stories this one is absolutely true with only the names and a few details changed to protect the innocent. My husband had to be out of town overnight several weeks ago, so I decided to go to Galveston, Texas in order to soak in the beach and the sun. I’ve always loved the ocean with the sounds of the waves splashing against the shore, the smell of the water, and the...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 15

Two emails from Ruth

Friday was spent at Danny's Lounge with Mel and Amy. I brought my laptop computer and devoted most of the afternoon to helping Candy and Raylene organize their finances. Both of them had well over $30,000 sitting in pass book savings accounts. Dancing at Danny's Lounge was clearly a lucrative occupation. While I was helping them four more dancers approached me and asked if I'd be willing...Read On

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Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 1

The wife can no longer take her sexless marriage, begins enjoyable cheating, husband is told and...

As the door closed behind me I looked at my watch. One a.m. I should be home in less than half an hour. It smelled refreshing and invigorating outside. As I walked to my car the last few drops of his semen ran down my leg. My bra and panties were in my purse. I was dressed in my normal work attire, not having showered after. I was sure I was ripe with the fresh sent of rigorous sex. When...Read On


Am I Turning into a Cuckold

A share my wife with another man after our sex life becomes dull and boring.

My wife and I are in our forties and have been married for almost twenty years. We met back after college and had been each other’s only sex partner in life. As the years pass though, we each began to formulate our own ideas on what we wanted out of life. The older we got the less exciting things had become. Our sex life that once was bustling and exciting, now had become dull and boring. We...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 14

Jeanne calls to tell them about the trip to Brady's and Michael has a nightmare

The next morning was Wednesday. Thanksgiving was the following week. Amy, Mel and I slept late. When we finally did get up we had just enough time for a quick breakfast before we had to leave for Danny's Lounge. I'd been to Danny's lounge on Monday, but that day I was a customer. Now I was a close friend of Chantel and Simone. I was treated like a member of the family. I sat at the...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 13

Michael tells Jeanne about Amy and Mel

Sitting on the porch slowly rocking in my chair, I started thinking about Jeanne. I wondered if she'd set up a second date with Trent Peters. As I considered that I realized that I was actually hoping she had. I closed my eyes and imagined Trent on top of Jeanne. He was pushing his big cock in and out of her slippery cunt while she cried with delight. I felt my cock stirring. I couldn't...Read On


A 25 Year Old US Marine Lieutenant Takes 52 Year Old Woman To Bed

52 year old woman is taken to bed by a 25 year old US Marine lieutenant

My husband and I went to a wedding last Saturday of a friend’s daughter who was marrying a US Marine lieutenant. I always loved the fancy dress uniforms of the Marines, especially on well-built young men. During the wedding the groom had other US Marine officers (all lieutenants) as his groomsmen and a few were in the audience. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and even my husband noticed...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 12

An email from Ruth

Amy and I put the furniture back in place. After we finished I walked out to my Escape and brought my bags up to the guest bedroom. I'd be sleeping with Amy and Mel, but since there wasn't any spare storage space in their room the guest room was going to be my closet. As soon as my bags were put away we went back downstairs. Mel was just leaving. She was dressed in a pink miniskirt, a...Read On