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The Cuckold's Reward - Les's Story - Part II

Lindsay gives her account of her husband's cuckolding

Lindsay’s Account Lindsay looked up as Clive turned around. There was a look on his face that she had never seen before on a man. As he sat down on the edge of the edge of the bed she felt a shiver of unexplainable excitement run down her spine. She had been in a similar situation a few times before with Les; restrained to the bed and near naked, but he was her husband. She knew him....Read On


The Neighbor - Part 2

The next morning I was awoken by Cathy wanting me to clean her well fucked pussy. I was lying in the bed in the guest bedroom where I wanked myself to sleep, and Cathy climbed up and sat on my face and said, "I hope you enjoy your cream pie breakfast wimp!" and giggled a little. After about ten minutes Thomas woke up and entered the guest bedroom and said, "I'm next!" "Ooh, Jim...Read On


Black Bullies from High School Fuck My Wife

I suck two black bullies' cocks in high school, and they fuck my wife and cuckold me later in life.

Most of us have probably had experiences in our younger years that we would just as soon forget. I had some experiences like that in my junior and senior years in high school, and they were all but forgotten until chance reared its ugly head. My name is Walter, and I’m a pretty average 62 year old married, white man at 6’ tall, 185 pounds, with grey hair and beard, and hazel eyes. But...Read On


The Neighbor - Part 1

5:00 pm Monday. I just got off work, and can't wait to get home, shower and have dinner with my wife, Cathy. Or so I thought. When I pulled into my driveway everything seemed normal. I usually walk around the side of the house, go through the back gate and enter through the back sliding glass door. When I get to the back door it's wide open. Okay, something’s not right. As I enter I...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Les's Story - Part I

Les is introduced to cuckolding

Les knocked lightly on the lounge door and waited. He could hear the faint sound of background music coming from the room, but nothing else. He raised his hand to rap the door again, but suddenly he heard Lindsay’s voice call out, “Come in,” she said. Les reached for the door handle. He was not yet a cuckold in the physical sense, but he was aware of the formalities and protocols: when...Read On


Links Lovers

Love blossoms in the golf club locker room

Although their elderly cleaning lady's name was Mrs Bloxsome, Tim and Janet always referred to her as Mrs Blossom, due to the prodigious quantities of Blossom's lavender spray-on furniture polish which she managed to get through each month. Visitors to the house would always comment on the aroma. Mrs B's weekly visits coincided with Janet's stint as a volunteer at a local charity clothes...Read On


A Differnt Kind of BBQ

I saw Trish do things that I never believed she was capable of doing.

My wife Trish is in her early forties. We've been married for near twenty years. Her hair is dark red, both on her head and below. She is approximately five feet-eight inches, relatively slim build with long legs that go on forever. She has C-sized breasts that are near perfect. They don't sag, even now and have the most succulent nipples that seem to point at you no matter where you are in...Read On


Debbie Instructs Gus In the Finer Points

Recents events have been a complete shock!

Hi, my name is Don. My wife is Debbie who is thirty-five, blonde, blue eyesd and five feet tall. We've been married for seventeen years. We met in high school and have been sweethearts ever since. Both of us were virgins when we met, so you can appreciate that neither of us has had much sexual experience with other people. When we hold each other, the top of Debbie's head rests just under...Read On


Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part One: Big Jim

My husband runs for office and I end up fucking powerful men and feeding them my breast milk.

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t grow up thinking about running for political office, and it’s usually personal circumstances that evolve to encourage them to do so. That is certainly the case with my husband Ed, and you might be interested in learning the path we took to his becoming elected to be the State Representative for our district in 2012. My name is Abigail,...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Jeff's Story - Part III

Jeff's story concludes...or does it?

Jeff never wanted Philip to visit them; there were too many dangers. He feared that Elle might fall in love with him, for one thing. He knew that she would enjoy Philip in bed more that she enjoyed him. He had no doubt that breaking the taboo of sleeping with a black man would make the sex more exciting but would she want more and more of it? He knew the saying about ‘Once a girl goes black’! ...Read On


Beth Can't Resist a Big One

Spandex pants on the right guy can be amazing

What a beautiful summer day! It was early afternoon and I was out in the back yard doing the regular weekly chores on the flower beds and lawn. Jim, our new neighbor was also out doing the same in his yard. I knew his first name from when he had introduced himself a few months back as he moved in. We hadn't really shared much else since except a casual nod of recognition when we passed each...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Jeff's Story - Part II

Elle continues her quest to get Jeff to agree to letting her have sex with another man

Elle returned an hour later. Her Mum helped her in with some of the shopping. There was a smile on her face when she left saying, “Well, I’ll leave you guys to it then.” “What is she talking about?” Jeff asked her, thinking that maybe Elle had told her about what had happened. Elle laughed. “She saw me buying some new underwear and stockings.” Jeff laughed. Elle gave him a hug...Read On


Seducing My Friend's White Wife with Porn

I convince my white friend to show his wife cuckold videos and they become my cuckold couple.

I have been playing poker with four good friends for many years. We take turns hosting the parties every week, and when it’s my turn my wife usually goes out for the evening so she doesn’t get stuck serving the drinks and snacks. Part of that is also due to us being a black couple, and she doesn’t like being around my white friends that much. There normally isn’t much excitement, and...Read On


Suprise Homecoming

A man comes home to find his wife in a comprimising situation.

I was recently away from home for a few weeks, however, I was able to complete my task ahead of schedule and come home early. I didn’t want to tell my wife as I wanted to surprise her, but it turned out that I was the one in for a surprise. As I turned onto my street after a long drive home, I noticed a strange vehicle in my driveway. At first I didn’t think anything of it, however, I...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Jeff's Story - Part I

The series continues. It's Jeff's turn to have his story told

Jeff gazed at the laptop on the dining table; his fingers twitched nervously. He wanted to open the cover and switch it on. He wanted to discover what secrets it held. He was certain there were secrets there. He had walked in on Elle three times now while she had been using it and each time she had quickly closed its cover. Each time a look of embarrassment covered her face and she had jumped...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Liam's Story

Continuation of The Cuckold's Reward series with Liam's story

Their fingers touched at the same time as their eyes met. Liz’s searching eyes gazed into Liam’s at the very moment that her fingers touched his. Her fingers were holding the clasp of the strap on her black suspender belt and his fingers were holding the laced top of her black silk stockings. He could feel the warmth of her soft white flesh and it aroused him. “You’ve changed your...Read On


An Uncomfortable Situation

This lady wants the best of both worlds

My name is Alex and I have an out of control girlfriend. Her name is Jane and she is twenty-four. I'm twenty-five, and I'm crazy about her. I literally have no idea why, but I am. We live together in an apartment, and she frequently brings over other guys to fuck. After she is done, she usually fucks the shit out of me. It's sex that I love, and she always makes me feel good then,...Read On


Becoming Her Real Man

How I took control of his hot girlfriend and turned her into my personal slut.

I'll never forget the first moment I laid my lucky eyes on you... I'm enjoying a few pints and in a great mood, and lucky for me, in you stumble-- you, the sexy young feisty sex goddess, strut into the pub showing too much cleavage and too little clothing covering your totally fuckable ass. It's an upscale touristy-like pub. You're definitely cruising for cock. I eye-fuck you and you...Read On


Lynn finds a Boyfriend, Part II

Husband's perspective of the beginnings of his wife's affair with a younger man

(In Part I, Lynn meets a handsome younger man at a party. Their flirtations lead to a date and discussions between Lynn and I about where this might go.) The rest of the week is largely routine. The pressure of jobs and day to day chores fill our time. Lynn spends a couple of evenings shopping so I have to pick up some of the slack around the house. We don't talk about the upcoming...Read On


Lynn finds a Boyfriend Part I

Husband's perspective of the biginning of his wife's affair with a younger man

The holiday season is in full swing with the usual festive gatherings. My wife, Lynn, and I are at a party hosted by one of her friends. We have been married for about 8 years and are in our late fifties. Lynn still looks very good as a result of her attention to her diet and regular workouts. We make the rounds at the party greeting old friends and meeting some new people. After awhile we...Read On


Meeting a Cuckold hot wife

blow job swallow and share

I met Anne on an online hook up site. Finding out we are both in an open relationship raised our excitement level instantly. After getting acquainted via emails we decided to meet in the flesh. I met her at a local bar in a seedy end of town. I grabbed us a booth out of the way in the corner. She showed up in a white leather jacket a pair of skin tight yoga pants and high heel boots that...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - John's Story

More from the series about husbands receiving their cuckold's reward

John opened the front door and stood back to let Ann and Marlon enter first. He was always the gentleman. Ann took off her coat and handed it to John to hang up for her. He noticed Marlon looking at her. He was checking her out, as they say. He should have been annoyed, any decent and normal husband would have been. But John was not normal. John fantasised about Ann fucking another man. John...Read On


Worshiping Black Teen Cocks - Part 2: White Wife Impregnated

The black boys my husband sucked on a hike end up fucking and impregnating me.

In Part 1 of this story we learned that hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains near our home in Roanoke, Virginia has become my husband Ed’s primary exercise and relaxation. My name is Angie and I prefer to go to the gym for my workouts. We are both 25 years old and Ed works in the healthcare industry and I have a part-time job as the coach for a girls’ volleyball team in high school. Since...Read On


The Breeding Room - Part V

Judy continues to receive unprotected sex from Al and his gang

Al was the last one to come to her bed that afternoon. He had waited patiently for over an hour for the others to take their turns with her. One by one they had slipped into bed beside her to make love. There was no raw, hard sex this time with them. They had kissed and caressed and Judy took time to suck their cocks. She wanted to taste them; wanted to arouse them. She wanted to show them...Read On


Day two of our mini vacation

Ann cuckolds me again.

Day two of our mini vacation When I awoke I hurt all over. My wife, Ann, made me sleep in a chair by the bed. It was a great spot to view all the action last night, but not the greatest place to get some much needed rest. I was the first to awake. I looked over and saw Ann in the middle of the bed being spooned by Ben as she spooned Josh. I looked around the bedroom to see where Ray...Read On


The Breeding Room - Part IV

The year is up and it is time for Al and his boys to take over

Judy opened the door to Al. It was his third visit in as many months. As usual he greeted her with a quick smile followed by a long look at her belly. It had not grown in size since his last visit; in fact it had not grown at all over the year. Al looked up and smiled again. His wide smile told her that he was pleased, very pleased. Judy trembled. The year was up! As with his last visit...Read On


Boston by Motorcycle

A woman travelling to meet her fiance gets sidetracked by a handsome stranger.

I had just finished my undergraduate degree in psychology, and was about to pursue a Master’s degree in criminology, but I hadn’t yet decided which university I wanted to attend. My final plan was to enlist with the RCMP, but as a young woman who barely hit 5 foot 6, I knew that the only way to get accepted was by having a lot to offer. My grades were excellent, and I had been offered entrance...Read On


A Dutch Comfort (Let the lady choose!)

Three is company ... with one left out!

He was visiting Ingrid, and as always his longing for her almost constricted his throat. He was not an Adonis, but not ugly either, and he had never had much trouble to find women to make love with. But Ingrid was quite a different proposition. She was a beautiful blonde woman of 34 years. She had an attractive, somewhat mischievous face, shining blue eyes, soft rosy cheeks with nice dimples...Read On


A Hard Day's Night

How my hard work is repaid

What a long ass day . That's what I thought as I walked out to my car after a long day working the afternoon shift. I had been working some long hours as the holidays approached and I was looking forward to a hot shower and crawling into bed with the wife. Maybe, if I was lucky, she'd be in the mood to put out. Slim chance, as my recent work schedule had put the brakes on out usually lively...Read On

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It’s my decision to stay. She makes it worth my while

Tammy got up from the breakfast table and went to the back door of the house. I felt my stomach sink, knowing what was coming. She opened it and stepped aside, her arm extended to the outside, palm up. She looked at me and my heart began hammering. "Get out," she said plainly. Her voice was soft and even, and I instantly measured it against the first time she had said them, the harsh...Read On