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Always Faithful - Chapter Four

Laura is unfaithful with Greg once again

Chapter Four – Unfaithful Once Again During her morning shower, Laura realized she had a problem. 'Today is Thursday,' she thought out loud, and then added silently, I promised Greg lunch. Even worse, I promised to wear those sexy things for him. I don’t really want to do lunch with Greg today, Dan seems so vulnerable. How do I get out of here today wearing those things? I can’t let Dan...Read On


The Piper Ch 8

Joel - Cuckold or just a reluctant Swinger

You always pay the Piper - To pay a price that you deem high or unfair, but failing to pay the price will result in dire consequences. ........ The beast that is Joel’s sex drive leans against the door of its cage, it takes the bars and without any screaming, lifts them off their hinges. It reaches up to its neck and wraps its fingers into the collar that Joel has used to leash it....Read On


The Piper Ch 7

Anna and Camille have a surprise for Joel

You always pay the Piper - To pay a price that you deem high or unfair, but failing to pay the price will result in dire consequences. …… Anna arrives home late; she had been filling in at School covering for half the staff that had contracted food poisoning. Though the school hours officially finished at 3:30 pm, there were after school activities that needed coverage. She walks in...Read On


The Piper Chapter 6

Will Camille have her way?

It is Sunday, Joel heads home from work. He enjoys the drive, it's a time to think, to mull over the day’s events or work through problems. Surprisingly, he is not worried about the decision he will soon have to make about the threesome with Anna and Camille. Anna, Camille and Lucas would still be in the hills and he will have a chance to relax, listen to some music, and even have a nap....Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Three

Laura returns home to husband Dan and becomes Scheherazade storyteller.

Home to Husband Laura managed to get to their bed without waking Dan. She reached behind to zipper before changing her mind. Laura jumped on the bed fully dressed, and kissed her husband as he wakened. She was consumed with love for the man who married her and completed her being, possessed her and set her soul free. Laura tried to express that love with her kiss. Dan opened his mouth...Read On


Older man samples Lynn - Chapter 2

Lynn shares more of her charms

This is a continuation of a husband sharing his wife. For context, Chapter 1 should be read first. There are references to incidents and characters from “The New Client Series.” Like the other stories I have written, it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, and voyeurism.  I appreciate your comments, suggestions and encouragement. The four of us walk down the driveway...Read On


The Piper Ch 5

To threesome or not to threesome?

You always pay the Piper - To pay a price that you deem high or unfair, but failing to pay the price will result in dire consequences... It's Saturday morning. Anna awakes alone as Joel has left early for work. She had a sleepless night thinking about today's upcoming date with Camille and Lucas. She knows Joel will like them and if he can relax he will enjoy their company. Anna...Read On


Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 4

Jill is transforming her husband as she continues her sexual affairs

Greg had been wearing his new gold chain for about a month and during that time things had again changed in his relationship with Jill. She had decided that he should become more of a sissy boy. He had evolved to the point where he enjoyed and looked forward to Jill’s sexual experiences with other men. He enjoyed licking and drinking their semen and had become good friends with Colby,...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 28

Jeanne and Michael both find new friends

I spent the night in a Motel Six in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lake Charles was only three hundred miles from San Antonio, but I got a late start, it began raining while I was passing through Houston, and I was eager to talk to Jeanne and Mel and Amy. Three hundred miles was enough for that day. I had dinner at a Chili's, a tossed salad, a small sirloin steak, a baked potato, and a twenty...Read On


The Piper Ch 4

Annas tour takes a turn

“They’re a good looking couple, but why are we looking at their holiday photos?” “Like I said, she is a friend from the forum, they live… let’s say an adventurous sex life.” Before Anna can finish, Joel interrupts, “No, Anna, we agreed a tour for two. I know you want to try other things, but I won’t share you with another man.” “I am not asking for your permission to fuck Lucas.” ...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Two

Laura and Greg live ultimate birthday passion.

Chapter Two - Birthday Passion For Dan, once again ESPN and vodka tonic was vitamin W. On the sofa with drink in hand, he concentrated on a rugby match. Dan didn’t know a thing about rugby, it made absolutely no sense to him, but it wasn’t Laura. Laura wasn’t with Greg at the bottom of that pile. The match ended and Dan went for another drink. The clock caught his eye as he made his next...Read On


The Piper Ch 3

Joel come home to a unexpected visitor

It's Sunday afternoon and Joel is driving home from work two hours early. He has a surprise dinner booking at Da-Vinci’s, the best Italian restaurant in Adelaide. As he drives, he reflects on the last few weeks and the changes to their lives. In so many unexpected ways, Anna's affair with her Spanish boy toy had saved their marriage. Anna had now forgiven Joel for his brief affair over...Read On


The Piper Chapter 2

Joel starts Anna's tour.

“Happy,” he asks? “Very happy, but not completely satisfied yet. Go slowly this time and leave my clit, alone it is very tender,” she says as she slides back onto his face. Joel takes his time, kissing and licking Anna’s sweet, wet pussy everywhere but on her clit. He can no longer taste his own cum, but the thought of it is still on his mind; he feels himself getting hard for a...Read On


The Piper Chapter 1

Anna takes a young lover.

Joel unlocks the front door to his house. He knows he should not be there this week, but he has to be. He walks quietly to the den and pulls out the top desk drawer, picks up his passport, and turns to leave. 'Don't do it Joel,' he tells himself. He turns on the computer, 'don't do it, his inner voice calls out.' He double clicks the security CCTV software icon, don't do it, again...Read On


Always Faithful

Married secretary's birthday gift to her boss.

Chapter One – A Birthday Gift “Don’t bother to wait up for me, Baby. I know I’ll be late tonight.” Laura paused very deliberately for effect. “I could be very late if everything goes well.” Once again Dan heard his wife pause; he was about to interject when he heard his wife continue once again and her final words left him speechless for the moment. “I hope it goes well.” ...Read On


Restoring The Balance - A Story of Guilt, Submission and Adultery

Cassie's husband wants to turn the tables after she cheated - but a lot further than she imagined.

The idea was wicked, so far from everything I had ever allowed myself to ponder that it left me breathless and wide-eyed. It was forbidden, crazy; if I was totally honest with myself, it was not something I should ever be contemplating. Yet there was this guilt that had wrapped itself around my heart like a wet, cold blanket and made my insides shiver, and I had been unable to shake it off. ...Read On


Teen Wife and Neighborhood Whore Impregnated by Blacks

My lactating teenage wife becomes a whore for older neighborhood black men and is impregnated.

Most people realize that their occupation and resulting pay level determines the location and type of housing they can afford. Some of those just starting out in life don’t have the resources or earning power to buy a home, and end up living in apartments. I was fortunate that even with just an associate’s degree in medical technology; and a little help from my parents, my salary was just...Read On


She said...

This is how she remembers it

This was a collaboration of the same story told twice; once from her point of view, and once from his. Chris didn't know that I knew. I'd been suspecting he'd been out doing all manner of things he shouldn't be doing. True enough, it had been a while since we'd had sex. But a lot of that I chalked up to the end of my pregnancy. I was uncomfortable, physically, and he just wasn't really into...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 27

A tempestuous conclusion to New Years Eve

I watched Jeanne dance with Marv. The Grand Ballroom of the Liberty Hotel was jammed with people, many of them also dancing, but I only saw my wife and her suitor. As Jeanne obscenely ground her hips against Marv I was certain she was enjoying the feel of his erection pressing into her stomach. Marv's hands were freely groping Jeanne, touching her in places only I should be touching her....Read On


Awakenings Ch. 26

New Years Eve in San Antonio

We spent the day after Christmas shopping. I wasn't an avid shopper, but I was with my family. That made it a great day. While Jeanne and the girl's shopped Paul and I hung out together. We were becoming good friends. The following days were spent sightseeing. Friday it was a tour of the city. We visited the Alamo, took a barge trip on the river and shopped for souvenirs at El...Read On


Interracial Matters - Jan's Story - Part VIII

Jan's interracial pregnancy reaches its climax and conclusion

Jan awoke late next morning. She found herself with her head resting on Ben’s chest; his arm was around her shoulders. She glanced up at him. He was awake and smiling at her. He shifted his body slightly and she felt his penis was pressing into her thigh. It was hard again. “Morning,” he said. She smiled. “Morning,” she replied before kissing his chest. “Sleep well?” “Once the...Read On


Impregnated by the Black Mountain Man

My husband and I resuce a black man after a flood and he ends up impregnating me.

The floods in Colorado in the fall of 2013 caused devastating losses thought to exceed two billion dollars. It rained for several days and the water accumulated in the mountain foothills and eventually came roaring out of the valleys and canyons in historically-destructive swollen creeks and streams. Roads were completely washed away in many places and the landscape was changed by the...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 25

Christmas in San Antonio

I spent the night at a Motel 6 in Fort Stockton, Texas. It had been a full day of driving. I got in late. The Motel 6 had a bed and shower. I bought a Whopper with cheese at a Burger King and a quart of Tecate beer and a bottle of orange juice at a convenience store. I drank the beer before I went to bed. The orange juice was for the next morning. Motel 6's don't serve breakfast, but they do...Read On


Older man samples Lynn Ch. 1

Husband takes the initiative and shares his wife

I am in our family room watching TV, eagerly anticipating this evening. My wife, Lynn, and I are going to a party at the Smith's. This has been the scene of a couple of our most sensual adventures. It was at a previous party where Lynn and I lived out one of our fantasies. She gave a blow job to a new decorating client while I secretly watched. That lead to several other adventures. Tonight,...Read On


CJ Stories; CJ fucks Pat… the first time

Wife, CJ, fucks neighbor while we were just living together and not yet married

By: CJ’s Hubby A special thank you to Sexy-Geek for his editorial assistance   This story contains themes of cuckold and wittol and takes place a few years before CJ’s marriage and while she was living with her current husband. CJ and I had been dating for a few months when her living situation changed. She had been living with a widow Aunt who tried to put conditions on her while...Read On


How I Learned To Please My Wife - Part 2

Vanessa becomes more demanding...

Slowly my masculinity in the bedroom was stripped away as Vanessa continued to refuse to give me any satisfaction, despite my nearly constantly erect prick. However, she did expect me to pleasure her with my mouth, fingers and toys on a regular basis. She took this further, sometimes making me perform oral sex on her in front of her lover, goading me as I prepared her pussy for the man who...Read On


A Massage for Renate

Renate Braun, a married German business woman, succumbs to Mark McGill during an erotic massage.

Working for the escort agency gave me a new lease of life. At 26 years of age I was looking for something different having become a little stale working as the manager of a retail outlet. I have always taken pride in my appearance and workout at the Gym on a regular basis. I know I am very attractive to women; I have been blessed with classic good looks, I am tall, my hair is black and my body...Read On


Business Trip

A loving couple playing IR baby roulette via email.

“Why don't you take both computers with you on this trip, John? You'll be gone all week; I'll send an email picture of me every night to help you sleep.” “Great idea, Mary, sleeping in a hotel room in Detroit by myself won't seem so bad if I have a fresh picture of you every night to dream about.” “I'll send a new photo at ten, and I will still call about eleven so we can tell each...Read On


How I Learned To Please My Wife - Part 1

Simon discovers his wife prefers bigger cocks...

At around ten to four, the phone rang. "Hello, darling," I heard my wife's voice say. "I hope I'm not disturbing you?" She had that dreamy, aroused quality to her voice, and I was more than familiar with the probable reason why. She was no doubt calling me to let me know she'd found another lover to satisfy her. Probably a guy with a big cock that could and would fuck her for ages. And...Read On


Interracial Matters - Jan's Story - Part VII

Jan prepares for her first night of unprotected sex with her black lover

Richard stood by the bed watching Jan as she stood in front of the wardrobe mirror looking at her reflection. She wore a long white silk chemise which gave her a virginal look and although not see-through it didn’t leave much to the imagination of the delights waiting underneath. “What do you think?” she asked him as she ran her hands down the sides of her body. “He... he’ll go nuts when...Read On