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My Friend the Cuck, Part 2

This time I was a cuck too

In part one of this story, I told you how I had discovered my friend Rob's penchant for watching his wife with other guys after a drunken day out ended with me looking through his photos and videos on his phone. For those that haven't read it, he had been quite happy to talk about the idea of it on and off for a while. That day he decided to show me some nude pics of her, which gave him (and...Read On


I Watched My Wife Fuck Four Black Guys

My wife took one hell of a fucking by four huge black cocks and I watched every second

My name is Terry and I have been happily married to my wife Susan for just over twenty years. We have three children, all in their teens. I am fifty-two and my wife is ten years younger than me. We have a very happy marriage but the one thing that has gone sour in the last few years is our sex life. I have to admit my sex drive is not what it used to be, and working very long hours and...Read On


My Life As A Wittol, Chapter Ten, D – Conclusion Of Anniversary Celebration

Our last night of celebration, CJ gets what she needs and cuckolds husband

We spent the afternoon strolling through the mall shops across from the casino. CJ asked me to wait in the mall as she wandered into a lingerie shop. Eventually, she came out carrying a small bag with her purchases. I was excited as I asked what she purchased. She tauntingly smiled as she handed me the pink and white striped bag to carry and replied that I would have to wait to see what was...Read On


My Friend the Cuck Part 1.

How I learned my friend was a cuck.

I didn't get to see my best mate from school Rob much anymore with us both being married, having young children and working non-social hours. I had moved away to the nearest city with my partner about eight years previously while he had stayed in our hometown with his wife who had also been in our class at school.   Over the years, my visits home became less and less frequent and other...Read On


Summer Cuckolding

June returns home with her date to spend the day by the pool.

June was seated outside, at a crowded café, absentmindedly dangling her matching yellow mule from her bright blue painted big toe, as she sipped her coffee with her legs crossed. She was wearing that short yellow summer dress she sometimes wore to tease me except, she wasn’t wearing it for me this time. At 35 years of age, June is what some men would call a hotwife. Indeed, she was aware of...Read On


How I Lost My Cute Little Girlfriend

Cute girlfriend gives a blowjob to another guy after playing beer-pong at a party.

My name is Tim, I am an average looking, kind of nerdy biology student in my last semester. I met my girlfriend Sarah two years ago at a scientific talk about future sustainable resources and fell in love with her at first sight. Since then, we have been happy together, even though I never really understood what she saw in me. Talking about looks, people would say she is completely out of...Read On


The Waiter

We had just sat down to Mother’s Day dinner. My wife had a conservative but sexy librarian look. The waiter took special notice of her and she made eyes right back at him. After he took our drink order he asked if we were ready to order. My wife said, “I know exactly what I want,” staring at the waiter. I said the rest of us need a few minutes. The moment the waiter left my wife...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 51

A happy ending

Friday night sex club, hockey games with Jack, occasional one night stands for Jeanne, it was an exciting winter. The weeks flew by.  In February Jeanne had a brief flirtation with a man she met in the coffee shop on the first floor of the building where she works. An attorney, his name was Nate. Nate was married, Jeanne preferred married men. He visited her at the house three times. All...Read On


Be Careful What You Wish For

Alex had always fantasized about fucking another man's wife, but reality wasn't what he expected.

Alex was a good-looking Rugby player from London. He was in his 20's and had just been given his dream job in the states and moved there. He was a little unusual in that he lusted after older women ... like women in their 40's. Their maturity and experience really turned him on. He had not had much success in his search in his hometown, London. Maybe America would be different, he hoped. And...Read On


Cuckolded by Her First Love

I lied about her first love, she wanted revenge.

“My God, I’ve found Tommy on Facebook,” Margret squealed. All I could do was groan; since she went on Facebook, eighteen months ago, all she did was find people from our past. Then, their lives would be clinically compared with our own and, a decision made about where we had done better, or worse, than them. It would be like this with Tommy; but, with the complication that Tommy had been...Read On


Thursday Gamer, Chapter 2

Izaak reclaims his wife, plus some kinky stuff.

Izaak was not fazed with the way I talked to his wife while I was fucking her. I called her my bitch. I ordered her, “Jerk me off with your cunt. Use that pass-around pussy the way it is supposed to be used, fucking anybody I tell you to fuck.” He joined us on the bed, as we recovered from an intense sexual adventure. Karen whispered that we were not through. Instead, she told her...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 50

The Friday night sex party grows

When I got to work Thursday morning, I decided I wanted to talk to Ruth about the events of the previous evening. At ten o'clock, I walked out to the reception area, poured a cup of coffee for myself and asked her if she'd join me for a cup of coffee in my office. Ruth poured a cup for herself and together we retired to my office. As soon as we were inside, Ruth started unbuttoning her...Read On


Tony's Birthday Party

Wife entertains several

Your lover, to whom you have given control of your body now, calls and wants us to attend a stag birthday party he is giving for his nephew, Tony. You readily agree. “You’re going to see me used good tonight,” you tell me. “He wants to make sure you are there.” That evening, you have me watch as you groom yourself and get ready to go; trimming your pussy, shaving your legs, trying on...Read On


The Interloper, Part 3

After Larry leaves, Greg tells about reclaiming Jessica.

I was fully clothed the first time I read Jessica’s letter. I sat on the settee and digested each word. I perused every sentence for basic meaning. Nothing extraordinary, just a letter from my wife, describing in awful detail, how she fucked a stranger. I disregarded the obvious truths, that not only had I agreed to the liaison, but while it was happening, I was in my own house, fixing my...Read On


African Invasion

A mature wife takes on an African teenager as her lover

It was shortly after our daughter moved out that my wife and I decided to rent out our daughter’s old room. I had received a letter from Revenue and Customs demanding money for unpaid taxes, so the extra income from rent was just what we needed. My wife Angie was reluctant at first. “No way,” Angie moaned angrily. “I’m not having a stranger living here, in our house. We could be inviting a...Read On


A Husband's Narrative of His Slut Wife

Bobby and his two young stud friends show up to fuck my wife.

A husband reports: After Bobby’s phone call to announce he and his friends were coming by this evening, you scurried about to select your outfit and get dressed for their visit. I pay close attention and offer suggestions on what your evening’s costume will be. You always dress extra slutty when you know he is coming. The anticipation is delicious for both of us, even more so when he...Read On


The Interloper, Part 2

Jessica met, Larry, and took up my fantasy of having a third person participate in our lovemaking.

  Larry was tasteful enough to take his time fetching after-romance refreshments. My wife and I had time to debrief each other on what just happened. I began by asking her why she chose this moment to introduce another person into our marriage. I asked a simple, “Jessica, tell me how this happened?” She had a ‘who’ answer, in “Jack. You have talked about, fantasized and drove me into...Read On


A Cuckold Wedding Ceremony - Part II

The wedding reception gives our honeymoon couple food for thought

Jayne and Steve just stood there facing each other for a few moments, in silence and focused on the garter in her hand. She could still feel its warmth. The thought crossed her mind that Sandra was probably wearing it while getting fucked by Darius and Henry and it made her feel the sexual excitement stirring up inside her. Their eyes suddenly met and they were about to speak when a...Read On


Cuckold in the Making Part 2

Second date – awakening and enlightenment.

Jason   Last night my wife slept with another man for the first time since we were married. It wasn’t really infidelity; I had, over a period of time, encouraged her to do this. On her return, Emma had told me all about it – initially shyly and with guilt in her voice, but then with growing confidence and excitement as she described her experiences to me in detail. Afterwards, a spring...Read On


Thursday Gamer

Greg meets lady and her husband

In today’s parlance, ‘gamer’ is not what I am. I am equally sad at video games, online gaming, group participation games like Password or that game where teams compete to guess the title of a book or movie. I can hold my own in poker games and am okay at spades. I play sex games with women, mostly married ones whose eyes wander my way. My best hunting grounds are convention-holding hotels....Read On


Replaced - Chapter 1

A cuck is demoted to housemaid by a better man

I winced a little as I pulled the last of my things from the topmost dresser drawer and placed it into the stuffed cardboard box. I hadn’t expected to feel sentimental about a dresser. Now it was all set for Vince when he arrived. I carried the last box to the basement bedroom that would be my new room. The old dresser in my new ‘maid's room’ had been painted a delicate light pink. It...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Ten C

Anniversary Celebration, Day Two. CJ meets Charles at the casino hotel pool bar

  The bright sun glared unwelcomely through the small opening in the curtains when CJ awoke mid-morning with a nagging headache. She sat up in bed as I handed her a cup of coffee. She pulled the sheet up to her waist but left her breasts uncovered and just the sight of my wife’s breasts brought back arousing images from the night before. I asked, “Did you have fun last night?” I laughed as...Read On


Cuckold in the Making

First date - persuasion and guilt.

Paul had his cock balls deep in my wife. I could see them tighten suddenly and he groaned loudly as he pumped his cum into her pussy, her own answering moan expressing her pleasure as she felt him cum hard inside her. My cock was locked and straining its cage and my buttocks still red and sore from the spanking Paul had given me in front of my amused, encouraging wife. I watched him...Read On


Replaced - Chapter 2

A cuck is demoted to housemaid by a better man.

I wasn’t anywhere close to having the house where I wanted it when I heard the crunch of tires on gravel in the driveway. Vince and my family had been gone for over three hours. They must have gone for a walk or maybe shopping after lunch. It was such a strange sight seeing the four of them walking from the car to the house. It felt surreal. I opened the door for them, waiting patiently...Read On


Young Experience Changed my life

Not your ordinary college sex

Although I prefer being somewhat of a cuck now, my intro into this lifestyle was as a bull. When I was in college, I had a class where the professor paired the students for a class project. An Asian guy, in my class, asked me if I would be his partner for the project. I’ll call him Chan. He was from a very wealthy family in South Korea and his dad sent him to the US to study engineering. I...Read On


The Engagement Party

pass that joint...and that wife

It was late August 2004, when my wife’s brother Albert, got engaged. Albert, who I’ve known since he was thirteen, is a great guy. Their engagement party was an afternoon affair starting at 5:00 pm and held at a local Holiday Inn. At the time, my wife Nora and I had been married for seventeen years. We had two children aged sixteen and thirteen, and we both worked. Our marriage and sex...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Ten B

Anniversary Celebration, Day One. CJ's confession... or was it just her imagination

In my sexual haze, I naively questioned, “Hank? What about Hank?” She bent forward as she shamelessly whispered so low I could scarcely hear her, “I fucked Hank.” She felt my dick gradually start to swell and she knew I had become aroused with her confession of her affair with a casual friend and neighbor that lived just a few short blocks from our home. I had become extremely close to...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part One

Our wedding day has a big surprise

I had been dating Jen for just over a year when we decided to finally tie the knot and get married. Jen was twenty-eight-years-old and had one broken marriage behind her. She married when she was just eighteen and against her parent’s advice, she married the guy who turned out to be an abusive drunk. The marriage ended two years later and her previous experience did put her off trying to...Read On


Mirreille Has Jon While I Watch

You are to please and be pleased. Perhaps with a third man?

'You are to please and be pleased.' 'The thought of a threesome situation with a third man (toy boy) for your sexual gratification and enjoyment has strong appeal,' I emailed my lover Mirreille. To make sure we were on the same wave length I set out my rules and expectations and asked her to provide her list. MY RULES / EXPECTATIONS  He should be half our age.  Physically attractive....Read On


Happy Birthday, Baby, From Keri - And Zig

“Your birthday's soon,” Keri smiled. “No sex until then. I have a surprise for you."

“Your birthday in a few days sweetheart,” Keri smiled. “No sex until then and I might have a surprise for you as well as me. One of my girlfriends runs an agency and has arranged a new man for us to pay some of her debt. Let’s make a date for two-thirty Saturday afternoon.” At the appointed time we were both naked under our short black silk dressing gowns. Part of Keri’s excitement was...Read On