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The Shy Asian Student Exposed

The true story of what happened when my Asian girlfriend wore a mini skirt for the first time..

I had never realized when I set my heart on making the shy, eighteen-year-old Asian cutie at the wedding mine, that I would have to wait so long to fuck her. Months of fantasizing about her naked had followed, punctuated by periods when I never thought I would. Yet like a tropical storm at the end of the dry season, our frustratingly platonic relationship had suddenly burst into a flurry...Read On


Redneck Boss Fucks Young Employee's Wife

I go to work for a construction company, and the older redneck owner fucks my young, lactating wife.

I knew when I went to college to obtain my civil engineering degree, that the construction industry had its ups and downs with the economy. But, even as a young boy I had a strong desire to work in an occupation involving earth moving of almost any type, including road building and construction site preparation. When I graduated from college in Mobile, Alabama, I was fortunate to find a job...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Eight

CJ says good bye to Roger

When I finally got home from the weekend fishing trip with my co-workers, CJ was just stepping out of the shower. I wondered if she was still upset about my overnight trip. I paused as I felt a growing arousal. I stood just outside the open bathroom in the dimly lighted hall gazing at CJ, admiring her nude body as she stepped out of the shower. She held a large towel against her and started...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 40

A perfect homecoming

The next morning I was up at six. My eyes still heavy with sleep and dressed in nothing but my boxers and a tee shirt, I opened my motel room door and peeked outside. It was dark, gloomy, chilly and drizzling. Quickly closing the door, I retreated to the warmth of the bathroom where I shaved, brushed my teeth and took a hot shower. As soon as I was dressed I packed my gear and checked out of...Read On


My wife on the porch part seventeen

The story continues

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the nights that she goes to Marcus’s house next door and sucks and fucks with him. The rest of the nights I get to sleep in her bed with her, albeit clothed but at least I share her bed. We had arranged to go out to eat on Tuesday and I arrived home at my usual time from work. She went into the shower first leaving me in her bedroom getting my clothes ready...Read On


My Wife On The Porch - Part sixteen

The story continues

Two weeks have passed since she split with Robert and she has been spending three nights a week next door sleeping with Marcus, our neighbor. The other four nights I get to sleep with her, albeit clothed but at least I share her bed with her. I came home from work on Friday and was looking forward to the weekend, it had been a hard week and I was in need of a little rest and relaxation....Read On


Pleasing Chloe, part 2

wife gives cuckold training to husband's friend

At the end of part one Chloe had finished sharing herself with Dan and company, and she headed home to Dave. After I, Peter, had finished relaying the story to Dave, he asked me if I wanted to know what happened when she got home. “Of course,” I replied, thinking he might have some excuse for why Chloe behaved like that, that maybe she was getting revenge for something he had done. I...Read On


The Shy Asian Student and the Lonely Beach

Our true story of our first experience with another man...

When I woke up it felt late. The room was bathed in sunshine, and the bed was empty. I sat up, looking for my young Asian girlfriend May, it was our first holiday together, just twenty-four hours earlier we had enjoyed our first fuck after a long, patience-sapping wait of five months. As I looked around, the reason for both became apparent. She stood in the window, dressed only in her sexy,...Read On


Nurse Cuckold

How I became a willing cuckold.

My name is Ed. I’m a fairly easy going guy with a great job that sometimes has me working evenings. Tonight is just one of those evenings. Its 11 o’clock and I’m walking in the door, a little tired from an evening of negotiations, but a little excited as well. I’m about to be cuckolded for the second time by an extremely well hung, young bull. I know he’s here. I know what he’s doing and I...Read On


Pleasing Chloe - part 1

freind tells a husband what he heard about his wife.

PLEASING CHLOE - Part 1 My friend Dave, a buddy from high school, was having a party. He is very social and being a plumber, had met and made friends with many people throughout the community. I was more private. Aside from his Christmas bashes I usually declined his party invitations. When I finally did show up for his Christmas party, I only knew a few people and left early to escape...Read On


A Good Wife. Chapter 7

And the ruining of....

We had been doing it everywhere in those weeks following the cue ball incident. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the garage! We were like teenagers on a voyage of discovery and our love was well fed by it. I didn't feel it was due to any change in me though. It was all her. Her voyage I guess. The more we had sex, the more she wanted and it wasn’t long before I began to feel I...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part IV

Greg gets deeper in cuckolding as he takes Cathy to her lover's home for a night of sex and passion

Greg arrived with Cathy just after six o’clock that Friday evening, complete with an overnight suitcase. He had taken her shopping the day before and had bought her some new clothing. Al and Greg had chatted in the morning and Al had told him the kind of clothing he liked to see on a woman. His taste was something classy and yet sexy. Many cuckolds had this assumption that men preferred...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part III

Cathy's relationship with Al gets deeper

Al left their home early evening on that Sunday. He was physically drained. He and Cathy had fucked again before joining Greg for breakfast. After relaxing with the Sunday papers they went out for lunch together; Greg was not working that night so he had time to relax as well. Cathy was also relaxed, in fact, over lunch she leaned over and told them how wonderful she felt. “What woman wouldn’t...Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 7

Husband Arranges Wife’s Photo Session

The next morning they slept in. That was one of the advantages of a townhouse, they didn’t have to get up and do yardwork. The young couple were basking in the glow of last night’s sex. For some reason Stephanie was getting turned on thinking about Chris showing Sean her nude pictures. She thought it was hot that Chris showed her nudes to someone else even if it was her friend’s husband....Read On

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A Big Black Cock For Tara

He wanted to meet a couple, but once she heard from Darius, she had plans of her own

"Well, here we are," I announced as our car grew silent. Tara seemed lost in thought as she gazed out at the blazing nighttime display of the Kensington's marque. She had suffered through a myriad of conflicting emotions ever since we were first contacted by Darius, and I could almost feel the turmoil and anticipation coming to a boil in her now. "Are you sure about this, babe?” I asked...Read On


My wife on the porch part fifteen

happy times ahead

Part fifteen. Our marriage was scheduled to be dissolved in four weeks and she had agreed to allow me to share her bed for one last night. The conditions were that I had to wear my boxer shorts and shorts, she was to wear her underwear, teeshirt and shorts and it was purely to sleep! The Friday had arrived and I was excited about sharing her bed for one last time. The wine...Read On


Transforming Irene - Chapter One - The Slow Transition

Oscar and I meet my new master

The Slow Transition: Two years ago, I was a typical wife and mother, living a comfortable life in Barcelona, Spain with my husband and two daughters. All that changed when, at my husband's urging, I began to explore other aspects of my sexuality. None of my friends, co-workers or family members could ever imagine the things I have done. If you told them about some of my...Read On


Sarah Humiliates her Cuckold Husband

Sarah introduces me to her lover Neil

'Well, that’s a turn of events,' I thought to myself after taking the call from my wife Sarah. Sarah had called to say that she wanted me to meet her new lover and to watch him fuck her. To be invited to participate in one of my wife’s affairs in person was a new turn of events for me as to date I had only been on clean up duties whenever Sarah arrived home. As I sat there thinking about...Read On


A Good Wife. Chapter 6

And the ruining of....

Now, straddling her legs, I grabbed her arse cheeks masterfully with my hands. I then slapped them both in unison, and grabbed again, squeezing just a little to much. She bucked, trying to throw me, but I was equal to it. I walloped her cheeks again, hard, and growled 'This is for being a big cock whore!' I instantly cringed, but it had just come out, I guess from the heart. As I smacked...Read On


Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fifteen

Three beautiful women, two new sexperiences, one amazing evening for our Hero!

It was Thursday night, one week later. The Grandparents were babysitting our two kids while my sweet, unfaithful wife and I went for what we had described to them as ‘a bit of light supper with some friends that might go on a bit late’. The truth was that it was nothing of the kind. Food was definitely a secondary consideration; the entire evening had been arranged by the She-Devil Carmen...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 39

Going home

While the trip to Club Wanderlust had been exciting, it had also been tiring. The next morning I slept until 9:00. By the time I'd showered and shaved, packed my gear, loaded it into my Escape, checked out of my motel and had breakfast, it was after 11:00. As I merged into the traffic on northbound I75 I was elated. After being gone for almost five months I was finally going home. Seven...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Seven Part B, Conclusion

I go fishing overnight with coworkers, Part B Conclusion

Roger and Max had both been to the lake where my co-workers and I had gone fishing and they knew it would be late afternoon before I would be home. Neither man was in a hurry to leave and planned to take their time as they continued to use CJ. As the two naked men followed CJ to her bedroom, Roger scooped her up in his arms. CJ squealed loudly as he carried her towards our bedroom and...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part II

The cuckolding relationship between Al, Cathy and Greg developes

Cathy made love to him that morning with greater vigour than she had the night before; it was not out of the ordinary though. Some wives could be inhibited making love with another man while her husband was present in the home. It was understandable, wanting to spare their husband’s feelings by not showing their excitement in being made love to by another man. But not all wives were...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Seven Part A

I go fishing overnight with coworkers

We had been settled into our home for a few months and mid-week a few coworkers had invited me to go fishing with them over the weekend. I was surprised that CJ seemed annoyed because I had accepted without talking to her first. She remained cold as the trip grew closer. Saturday morning had finally arrived and I kissed her goodbye after my coworkers and I loaded our gear into my van for...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Greg's Story - Part I

A story of another husband's venture into cuckolding

Greg’s hand was shaking as he pushed his key into the lock of his front door. He had been working all night as a motorway patrol officer and he was tired. He was also nervous. He hung up his jacket and dropped his keys into the bowl and walked into the kitchen. A stranger greeted him with a nod. A man he'd never met before sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee in front of him. Greg...Read On


Unexpected Cuckolding (Part III)

This time the cuckolding was expected.....

It was now Friday and we sat opposite at the breakfast table. Tension of sorts was definitely in the air. We'd been making meaningless small talk all morning and I don't think either had slept particular well. "So what are your plans today?" I asked She gave a small giggle, "I'm quite busy actually, I'm having a bikini wax at eleven, a pedicure at two and then I'm going clothes shopping" ...Read On


Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fourteen

Alice and Julie are unsettled by the New Year's events. Carmen has an idea how to help them!

It was Saturday morning three weeks after the New Year ball. I had already taken our two kids to their regular sporting activities – in this case soccer training for both of them - while my lovely, unfaithful wife Alice was still sleeping the sleep of the not-very-innocent. The day was beautiful; cold and bright. I had just changed into my running kit for a half hour’s chilly trip down...Read On


Splitting her down the middle

The End of College the Beginning of our lives

I have to say that having a girlfriend in college was a good thing, at least for me. Debbie was there for me, and I like to think that I was there for her too. I suppose it was indeed a time of experimentation and allowing ourselves to be free from all the parental rules. I lived with two other roommates in college. We all shared the rent of a single bedroom apartment. It was certainly...Read On


Jeremiah Has His Way

Husband finds out his wife needs a little more TLC than he's capable of.

"Listen here, you piece of shit --" begins another day at the office. Not even eight a.m. and I've already been verbally assaulted twenty-some odd times. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a debt collector. I'm Eric Hughes, I'm 35 and this will be my third year on the job. I never really ended up finishing college, but luckily my beautiful wife Melissa pays most of the bills...Read On


My wife on the porch part fourteen

The next chapter

Robert, my wife’s lover has been out of the country now for nine days and was due home in a day or two. I arrived home from work at my usual time after calling her to let her know that I would be home in twenty minutes, this gave her time to get dressed following her naked video call with Robert. I went in our house and found her sitting on the couch, fully dressed and she had tears in...Read On