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Cuckold (commonly misspelled cuckhold) stories involve plot elements where the male has a wife or girlfriend that is not sexually exclusive with him, and where she retains the sexual power in the relationship. She will proactively take on other men (sometimes called a 'bull') to sexually service her or enthusiastically enjoy with the husband's knowledge and underlying consent. In some cases the male may appear to be initially reluctant about these activities or his natural submissiveness to his female partner may allow him to willingly observe or hear about these activities in a passive or voyeuristic way while feeling aroused at the same time.

In more extreme or fetish elements of the cuckold stories genre, the submissive husband or boyfriend may assist his wife in preparation for a date and/or undergo feminization or humiliation and cock-shaming. It may involve traditional BDSM or femdom elements such as restraints or cock cages. The experience may extend to making him service the bull, being forced to accept anal sex or be involved in cum-play or cleaning of his wife and the bull. At the far end of the spectrum, it may also involve the husband allowing his wife to be impregnated by the bull's seed while he watches.

In the reverse where the male retains the power in the arrangement of infidelity with his wife's consent, it is called 'cuckqueaning'.


Curious Gary (Part 2 of We Need to Talk)

Is Gary going to accept what he is?

Gary was restless the night Emma broke her news to him. It was late and he was still up worrying. But, as much as he worried, there was also a seed of curiosity in him. What was this lifestyle really like? Did John really except Charlotte’s promiscuity? Could he accept such a lifestyle? These were all questions Gary asked himself as he sat on the couch in pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt. ...Read On


Hotwife Latina Nurse Loves Big Young Cocks

A hot Latina nurse in her late-thirties relives her hunger for big, younger cocks and cum.

I recently had a lengthy and arousing conversation with a hot, thirty-nine-year-old, Latina, married nurse, and she asked me to write her story. This story is in her first-person voice and chronicles her transition from a religious teen, to a sexy and voluptuous married woman, who yields to her strong urges to fuck younger men with big cocks and cum loads. Maria’s Story My name is Maria,...Read On


Our cuckold wedding part five

Jen has Damien at our house and I get a little treat

  I was hot all day after Jen had told me of her naked weekend with Martin and Damien and I was thrilled that she had her first threesome. I was especially thrilled when she pulled from her overnight bag, six full bottles of her lovers' cum. “Damien sent you a bottle as well Trevor,” Jen smiled. “Oh, wow,” I replied. “We thought that you should taste him before you start sucking him off.”...Read On


Our Cuckold Wedding Part Four

Things get even hotter for my new bride.

We arrived home the following Monday and Jen asked me if I had a good time to which I told her that I had a wonderful time. We spent the rest of the day doing household chores and Jen cooked a delicious pork roast dinner and at six thirty, it was ready to eat. We sat at the table and I opened a bottle of wine to have with our meal when Jen suddenly shouted that she had forgotten something. ...Read On


Life with Summer: My Second Cuckold Relationship Pt. 02

I ran to catch up with Summer before she got inside of her parents' house. Realizing that I was behind her, she spun around to face me. "Get the fuck away from me. I’m not going to throw myself at you again. I appreciate your help last night, but I’m not going to beg you to let me thank you.” “It’s not like that Summer. It’s...” “You’re not gay. You’ve already told me you had a girlfriend....Read On


Life with Summer: My Second Cuckold Relationship Pt. 01

A chance encounter leads to old ways. The journey begins...

I first met Summer when I was in my junior year of high school. We ended up meeting again later in life, but when I mentioned the time that we met and the day that we’d spent together all those years ago, she had no memory of it at all. I, on the other hand, had a good reason to remember meeting her back in the day. It was the first time I ever saw a girl’s pussy. We went to different...Read On


Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt.10

It finally happens....

I wasn’t happy to see Tayshaun. I didn’t like the way he treated or spoke to me, and I was also worried that Melissa was spending too much time with him. I accepted her sleeping with other men, but I felt like Melissa and Tayshaun were getting too close, doing things like going shopping, grabbing dinner or catching a movie. At the very least, those were the kinds of things that I wanted...Read On


Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 09

A painful discovery of what teasing really is...

I spent the next few days trying to get anything at all out of Melissa. I had so many questions about what she and Diana had discussed in private, but it didn’t take long before I realized that I was pushing my luck. Melissa was was losing patience with me so I backed off. Instead I moved on to trying to find out more about this party that we’d be going to on the weekend. I didn’t want to...Read On


Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 08

Things begin to add up...

The two days following my first sexual experience with Melissa were amazing. I felt closer to her than I ever had before and just as importantly it felt like she was just as close to me. For those two days, it felt like a normal relationship, one in which we were both in love. We were at each other’s sides the whole time, held hands when we went out, snuggled up together when we were at home...Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 9

Husband Learns About Cuckold Shoots

The next morning, Chris reminded Stephanie he was going out of town for a few days the following week. Stephanie teased him, “I wonder what a naughty wife will do with her husband out of town? Maybe she could get together with one of her lovers? Maybe even find a new one?” Chris felt a twinge in his crotch thinking about the last time he was away on a business trip, and Stephanie had the...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 9

Wade’s cuckold training begins in a manner that he did not anticipate or suspect…

  1 “Wade,” Carly calmly said in a restrained tone, “I don’t appreciate the spirit of your accusation. Take a breath and consider what you’re thinking before you say another word.” The couple stared at one another, like any long-time married couple does when they’re on the verge of a heated argument, but also know that the wrong thing said could have lasting effects. Carly’s words were...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part VIII

With Alan ensconced at Bradley's hotel Dawn enjoys an evening at home with her lover

Dawn   Dawn took Bradley by the hand and led him into the lounge. They had a three-seater leather settee on one side of the room, a single matching armchair on the opposite side and another matching two-seater close to it. She stood by the armchair and kissed him before standing back and reaching around her back for the zipper to her dress. “Let me have a photo for Robyn first,”...Read On

Recommended Read

How Far Do We Go? - Ch 8

Carly and Wade discuss Danielle's meetings; Nicolas Green enters more than just the conversation...

“So… David was Danielle’s, I mean, Derrick’s dentist?” a quick-learning, but still confused Wade tried to follow. “Orthodontist.” “Right. Braces. Got it,” Wade remembered. “But how did an orthodontist get involved with a transitioning domme so many years later?” “I’m not certain,” Carly replied, “But she alluded to David helping her when she was a struggling teen, and then after the...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part VII

Dawn and her lover Bradley prepare to spend their first night together in the marital bed

Alan   Alan stood outside the door to Room 49, just after six-fifteen, nervously clutching his overnight bag. Bradley answered his delayed knock almost immediately. He was smiling. He welcomed Alan into the room and invited him to put his bag down on the luggage rack. His own overnight bag rested on the bed. “How is Dawn?” he asked. Alan forced a smile. “She’s fine,” he answered. “She...Read On


My First threesome

An unexpected night!

We were going to a friend’s 30th birthday party at a local hotel, now we are both in our forties but keep ourselves fit and enjoy a night out from time to time. My husband enjoys me flirting and showing off my figure when we go out, I’m no longer twenty-one, but I have a firm pair of pert 36B breasts and good size twelve figure with firm toned legs. I’m not a slut by any means, but I do get...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 7

Carly meets again with Danielle and takes the next step to becoming Wade's cuckoldress...

1 “Remember when Lauren was young and we had to be quiet?” Carly asked. Wade sighed as he adjusted and aligned his body in the middle of the bed to meet his eagerly awaiting wife’s. Now both leaning on their sides facing one another, Carly pressed her soft breasts into her husband’s chest and their hands began exploring each other’s body. “Damn apartment walls were as thin as paper,”...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part VI

Alan comes to terms with events as Dawn and Bradley prepare to spend their first night together

Alan Alan wasn’t sure if he would make it through to the end that day such was his emotional turmoil. It began first thing that morning when Dawn asked him to help change the sheets and the duvet cover. He gave her a puzzled look when she started to strip the bed. “You can’t expect Bradley to sleep in dirty bedclothes!” “They’re clean. We only changed them on Monday and we haven’t had...Read On


We Need to Talk

Emma picks the moment to break her news to her husband Gary

When the moment came, it was as if it was out of the blue. “We need to talk,” Emma said to Gary with a look of deadly seriousness on her face, it was said in an equally serious tone that cut through the air. Emma had decided to pick Saturday morning to break the news to Gary so he would have time to think about things before he had to go back to work on Monday. They were standing in...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part V

Dawn and Bradley continue to slowly and carefully lure Alan into the cuckold lifestyle.

Bradley telephoned her that evening. She was relaxing with Alan watching television after dinner. “How’s things with you and Alan?” he asked her. Dawn excused herself and took her mobile into the kitchen to talk. “Everything is fine,” she responded before telling him about their conversation earlier. “So he’s okay with getting cuckolded to keep his job?” “It’s hard to say exactly,”...Read On


My Instagram Girlfriend, pt. 01

Girlfriend is trying to become an "influencer"

My girlfriend, Danielle, is 24. She's 5'7, and her body's shape makes her stand out in a crowd like an exotic hooker.  I'm just being honest when I say that. You normally expect taller girls to have smaller assets - but Danielle is unlike most normal girls. Her tits aren't enormous, but they are quite large, and they sit high on her frame. They are so perfect that they almost look fake. She...Read On


The Pleasure Is Ours

Mathew and Natalie's marriage takes an unexpected turn

Matthew Turnback was a man who, all things considered, should love the life he lived. He was still young, in his mid-twenties, making bank off his chosen career path and he was happily married to a woman he had fallen for since he first met her. His job, as personal assistant to Mayor Bannivan, involved an adequate mix of both stress and excitement. Most men wouldn't care for setting...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part IV

Alan comes to terms with his cuckolding as his wife and his boss use him to their advantage

Dawn awoke at 16:17. She found herself staring at the television screen affixed to the wall and the red time light began to mesmerise her. Bradley stirred beside her, his erection prodding her buttocks, and she suddenly remembered where she was. He kissed her shoulder. “You snore, you know.” She laughed as she turned over. “I know. Alan has already told me. He says I also talk in my sleep.”...Read On


Love Hurts

Emma is about to be disappointed

It was late and the last guest at the wedding party had just left. Many of the guests had retired to their hotel rooms for a night of hot sex, having been stimulated by plenty of wine, conversation, and dancing. Wives had excited watching husbands and indeed, other men, with their long luscious legs, most finished with towering high heels, as they danced while their stockinged legs peeked...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part III

Alan experiences what it's like to be cuckolded as his wife and his boss negotiate his job contract

Alan had never expected it would be like this; the angst and the pain. He had only focused on the sexual excitement. The excitement he received from imaging her with another man; being fucked hard and long by one much bigger than him and more virile. But there was another side to being cuckolded, like the flip-side of a coin. There was pain as well as excitement. He glanced at his mobile...Read On


Our cuckold wedding part three

Trevor gets to eat a lot of cum

I was very excited about having to be naked all of the time; the thrill that I get from Jen seeing me naked was out of this world and even though I am not allowed to see or touch her naked body, I get a lot of pleasure seeing her in her sexy lingerie. And I was secretly hoping that I will get to clean her out again after her black lover has fucked her. I woke at eight fifteen and went to...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part II

Dawn has lunch with her husband's boss to discuss his future with the company.

It had been one mad rush for Dawn that lunchtime. She was supposed to have finished work at eleven-thirty but the head teacher had called a staff meeting which didn’t finish until twelve noon. So it was a mad dash home to get showered and changed and get a taxi to the hotel. She would have liked to have soaked in the bath, dressed and prepared at a more leisurely pace but that couldn’t be....Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part I

A busines takeover and redundancies on the horizon make an ideal catalyst for cuckolding

Dawn returned to the lounge and sat back down next to her husband Alan after placing her mobile phone down on the coffee table in front of them. He could sense her tension. “That was Bradley,” she said quietly. “He wants to take me out lunch tomorrow.” He didn’t respond as he turned back to the television screen. Bradley was his boss. Dawn stayed silent as well as she reflected on events a...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part IX

Before Sunita leaves she shows Bill another side to her and he learns more about himself too

With one hand gripping my forearm and the other hand the cane she led me from the bedroom to the dining room and came to a halt at the edge of the long table. I was nervous. I had never been in this position with any women before, it had always been the other way around and yet I felt a sexual excitement that I had never experienced before. Letting go of my arm she gripped my left buttock...Read On


Grandma BBW

Being watched having sex with BBW grandma.

This is my second story which is also true. This took place about six years ago. The lady involved was sixty-five years old and I was fifty years old. I found an ad on Craigslist who wanted to have sex while her husband watched and that he wouldn’t be joining in. She showed a picture of her tits and of her pubic area. She had bigs boobs and was quite hairy. The fact that I was going to...Read On


Penny's Promiscuity - 28 to 29 - Going Pro (part 3)

Husband watches as Hot Wife's paid lover gives her a big surprise

Chapter 28 Adam wasted no time obeying his wife’s command. He swivelled on the bed until he was lying full length behind me, his down, male body pressed against my skinny, middle-aged frame as if we were two spoons in a drawer. I could feel his muscular chest hot against my back and his erection pressing against the back of my legs. It was beginning again. My heart thumped in excitement....Read On