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Sometimes ...

A period of quiet contemplation is required

31 Mar 2016 11:56

Toes together ...

10 Feb 2016 10:40

Ssssshhhh little one. Quiet. Stillness.

How lovely ...

29 Nov 2015 07:40

Sometimes even perfection needs decoration ...

19 Nov 2015 08:48

Everything in Black & White makes sense ...

23 Oct 2015 12:15

Just one step at a time ...

04 Oct 2015 05:17

"Concrete flooring" they said. "Dress appropriately" they said.

24 Jun 2015 10:42

Candlelight and Romance ... what could be nicer x

21 Jun 2015 08:18

Chastity is a much underrated virtue ... allegedly x

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Now she sits guarding the open-doored entrance to my office; an appetising morsel of radiant sensuality that conceals the wizened and malicious creature that stares out from the barricade of my desk. If she is lightness, I am the dark. If she is joy then I am sorrow. If she is wanton uninhibited sexuality then I am prudish and repressed. If she is life, I am death.

There are names for me; dull, uninspired, unimaginative names: 'the wicked witch of the west', 'the poisoned dwarf', 'her royal bitchness', and my personal favourite, 'gollum'. Names that are whispered in my presence, shouted across the office when some disappointed minion has incurred my wrath, murmured into telephones, and allowed to fall casually from smiling, insincere mouths at regional conferences.

Indeed, I am much loved.

12 Feb 2015 16:27

She was provocative.

Her skirt was provocative; the buttoning of her blouse; the curve of her calf and the gentle tapering of her bare-fleshed thighs; the movement of her hair as it caressed her neck and threatened to obscure the open invitation within her eyes; her parted mouth; the flash of teeth; the occasional glimpses of tongue; the weight of her breasts hidden beneath fabric layers and the honeyed glow of her skin that must have covered her entire being; all of it screamed provocation.

It was a shameful way to present yourself in an interview, so I offered her the position.

10 Feb 2015 12:18

It is part of my adopted interview technique; a little harmless flirtation interspersed with hard edged questioning; keeping the candidate unevenly keeled as they attempt to negotiate their way through come hither looks and whiplashing tongue.

I love to see them squirm; to capture the tell tale tics of economical truth and downright lies that play across their faces and to gorge on the aroma of their discomfort as they try to decipher whether we should fuck or fight.

Not 'Call me Celeste'; she just wanted to fuck and I was nearly ensnared by the allure of her offer.

05 Feb 2015 03:45

"Call me Celeste," she said.

An invitation? An Instruction? Sometimes it is difficult to chose between them but I did comply with her, shall we call it 'request', even though the name on her CV was quite different.

Which is how it all began. Which is where it all should have ended. Certainly I am too old, too wise, too tired and far too cynical to be entrapped by fake mystery and enigmatic flirtation.

Did we flirt? Of course we flirted.

04 Feb 2015 04:51

A candlelight romance ...

18 Jun 2014 08:33

Time for some Cava I do believe ...

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