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Sensual Scenes: Patent Pumps

Black patent pumps on 5 inch spiked heels ... irresistible.

It really is incredibly hard to walk away from a pair of patent heels when you have been captured in their orbit. I can see them shimmering on the shelf; a half inch platform on the sole, a triangulated toe all fixed and severe and the narrowest of 5" heels with a brilliantly refective metal spike. I am circling them, keeping them in the corner of my sight, pretending to myself that I...Read On

Insignificant Others

An Ode to Sluttery

Let us be insignificant others, Paired far flung stars, mere part time lovers. Neither Steve McQueen nor Ali McGraw; Flesh self-obsessed, fucking each other raw. The cream for your coffee you rarely take, That inviting slice of chocolate cake, To be taken in and devoured whole; Tongue lost in homage to my divine hole. Let us be insignificant others, Entangled limbs trapped in clinging...Read On

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Fuck You

Fuck You Fuck you with your glinting eyes That hold me e’er spellbound. Fuck you with your cool disdain On which I run aground. Fuck you for your curling lips That sneer each phrase they spit. Fuck you for the words you say And those you do omit. Fuck you and your roaming hands That stroke the air, not me. Fuck you and that world we shared Now naught but old debris. Fuck your...Read On

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Welcome To The Club: Part 1 - The Beast

It is always important to ensure you are noticed ...

Barely had I wiggled into the room Before she’d undressed me with searching eyes Rapacious pupils eager to consume Face a vision of delighted surprise. Soft finger pads slide the length of glass stem Sharp teeth, soft tongue, play games of interest Where unto now has been hidden this gem Now wonderfully come to brighten her nest? She is the queen of this suburban hive Acolytes, flatterers,...Read On

Scene the First

How to fuck a hungry mouth.

Ancient and threadbare carpet tiles have rubbed my knees reddened raw, held as I am in this position of abject submission. Scattered about my offered form lays the accumulated flotsam and jetsam of my half formed life; an existence that in the last 24 hours has had the fine strung cobwebs and delicate layers of dust ripped from its surface. I stare up at her through filmed pupils; her...Read On

Playing Footsie

I was waiting for my train ... she was distracting.

I am fixated with my foot. Apologies but that is an inaccurate generalisation. In truth I am fixated by the way my foot dangles midair. The contrast of deep red shoe against barely black fine hosiery, the sight of the small mole atop it visible through the fine denier, the twin curvature of the toe, and, most mentally seducing, is the way the tops of my toes tap against the inside of the...Read On

Neighbourhood Watch

She's sunbathing. I'm watching. And, well, one thing leads to another.

Neighbourhood Watch I get genetics; I really do. Mendel, Paley, Darwin, X and Y chromosomes, DNA, the Human Genome Project, protein molecules that combine and define who and what we are; I accept and understand it all. What I can't comprehend, however, is how I've ended up being 5ft 1", with pallid skin, Coppertone hair and breasts that would shame a male weightlifter. How can I possibly...Read On

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Status Update

What's on my mind? Let me explain.

“What’s on your mind?” The vertical line strobes repeatedly demanding my response; the vast empty whiteness of the digitalised box awaiting the dancing of my fingers across the soft receptive keyboard and the expression of the jumble of thoughts pressing at my mind. But, what to say? What to communicate? What to share with the assorted collection of friends, acquaintances and “God...Read On

En Vacances 1: Poolside

A wallflower lost in lust. A holiday romance ... of sorts.

En Vacances 1: Poolside   Mid-morning Mediterranean sunshine flashes across the cyan pool waters as I tiptoe between the half empty lines of sun loungers towards my own. Quickly, I drape my towel across its padded bed, grab an ashtray from a nearby table, unlace the 4” sandals from my feet and plop myself down for another day hiding behind my sunglasses. This is how I holiday; my...Read On

En Vacances 2: The Bar

In which our masturbatory wallflower flees further public scrutiny but finds herself pursued.

En Vacances 2: The Bar Embarrassment consumes me; my entire being flushing crimson as her hungry eyes watch my little girl body quivering with pleasure, fixed on the twin digits that have slid so effortlessly into the soaking wetness of my pussy. My whole body is burning up with shame; heat radiating through every atom of my being, capillaries engorged and swollen, visibly causing my...Read On

En Vacances 3: Grant

In which Anita leads our wallflower out of the dark and into the light once more.

En Vacances 3: Grant “I want a drink.” My words sound petulant in my ears like a small child demanding a treat; and my tongue, unused to forming words, feels thick in my mouth. It had seemed like a good idea holidaying alone, ten days in the sun, an opportunity to relax and recharge my personal batteries away from the daily grind, but a holiday can be a lonely place and I’ve...Read On

En Vacances 4: The Balcony

All I want is for someone to fill every single one of my soaked and dribbling orifices.

En Vacances 4: The Balcony “Just give her the water, Grant.” There is a different tone to Anita’s voice, a mix of steel and determination so absent from the tinkling waterfall of words and gentle laughter that had fallen from her mouth earlier. Grant must have noticed the change also, as immediately, if perhaps a little sullenly, he pulls a canvas shopper from beneath his sun...Read On

En Vacances Part 5: Fucktoy Tease

She's very responsive and eager to please. I think she is going to make a perfect little fucktoy.”

En Vacances Part 5: Fucktoy Tease All is quiet; the silence broken only by the eternal background noise of insects and the heavy panting of shivering, orgasmic me. I’m clinging to the balcony rail, my body shaking from the after tremors caused by Anita’s fingers’ twin assault on my arse and pussy. Ejaculant drips from between my legs, my vagina an open faucet with a stopcock that...Read On

En Vacances Part 6: Fucktoy Fucked 1

I want to be a perfect plaything. A favourite fucktoy. A good girl.

En Vacances Part 6: Fucktoy Fucked 1 The air, trapped in the unventilated bedroom, sticks to my skin causing tiny droplets of sweat to seep through my porous epidermis to coat my body in a fine film. My large starring pupils are following Anita’s descent as she lowers herself onto her haunches between Grant and my widespread thighs. Grant’s breath plays hotly about my neck, liquid...Read On

The Stalker

I have a stalker, and it’s rather sweet.

The Stalker    Author’s disclaimer: The characters depicted in this story are all 18 years of age or older. The language used is designed to reflect the state of mind of the central character. The sole and heel of my 4” stiletto courts meet the Underground platform in unison giving of a satisfying click. Steadily I work my way along revelling in the rhythm of my feet on the...Read On

The Stalker - Part 2

Well a girl should always get what a girl wants. Now who could possibly disagree with that?

The Stalker (Part 2) – A Masturbatory Interlude I’m trying to walk away but it’s so difficult. I’m placing one foot in front of the other; toe to heel with perfect 6” gaps, my head is raised and my eyes fixed forward but my mind is entrapped by the soft eyed temptation that pants nosily behind my stiff back. I’ve become entangled by the cleverness of my own designs and the wantonness of...Read On

The Stalker - Part 3

Or how to make your work day that bit more interesting.

The Stalker – Part 3    I don’t think I’ve spent many happier mornings at work. I slump unseen behind the ‘privacy screen’ at my workstation and although my computer screen flickers before me, all my eyes can see is his pulsing, trapped cock standing exposed in the morning light. Sliding down in my seat, I replay my morning’s adventure; the weight of his cock on my tongue, the touch of...Read On

The Stalker - Part 4

A stiff cock down an alley for breakfast, a mouth full of cum for elevenses ... it's time to get on

The Stalker (Part 4) – Tag Teamed  I have never been comfortable with the fact that my employer keeps a confidential personnel file on me; it has always felt like a gross invasion of my privacy and the security arrangements to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing it inadequate. Therefore, a little while back, I decided to liberate my file and relocate it to the safety of my...Read On

The Stalker - Part 5

Delusion ... Picnicking on the grass with Suzanne Manet.

The Stalker - Part 5 Interlude There is a picture that hangs in my living room, dominating its surroundings. It is famous and I’m sure it will be familiar to you. It is called “Le Dejuner sur l’Herbe” and was painted in 1863 by Edouard Manet. The original hangs in the Musee d’ Orsay in Paris where they have a security system adequate enough to prevent its liberation, so...Read On

The Stalker - Part 6

Desolation ... Stale beer, chips and sex ... now what could possibly be nicer?

The Stalker – Part 6 Stale beer and chips. “So you got some beers then, hun?” They are slumped on my gorgeous couch; worn, scuffed trainers soiling the carpet beneath their feet, denim clad legs thrown wide, crotches thrust forward, bollocks and cocks pressing against the unattractive, well-worn fabric. Robert has flung his arms possessively wide along the top of my cerise...Read On

The Stalker - Part 7

Despair ... Vodka fueled and barely clothed she stalked off into the night. Now where?

The Stalker – Chapter 7 If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man You win some, lose some, it's - all - the same to me Lemmy, in all his Jack Daniels fuelled wisdom, has decided that my skull is to be the venue for Motorhead’s latest gig. The pleasure is to play, it makes no difference what you say I don't share your greed, the only card I need is And as the...Read On

The Stalker - Epilogues and Author Notes

Clattering heels and mourners in a graveyard as our story reaches it's finale.

The Stalker – Epilogue 1 The twin metal shards beneath my heel clatter discordantly down the concrete steps and onto the platform, their normal staccato rhythm off-beat and out of time. Carefully I place one foot the required 6 inches before its partner in a perfectly straight line willing my hips to wiggle and my pert, toned buttocks to undulate seductively beneath my fitted skirt. ...Read On

Riders On The Storm

We haven't spoken in the 10 years since he took my virginity, but now he is back.

Riders On The Storm It is a reflex response, unthinkingly made. He extended his hand, a folded piece of paper held lightly between two fingers proffering it and without a moment's hesitation I have taken it for my own. As He walks away I clutch the paper uncertain as to what I should do. I turn it between my fingers nervously. It reminds me of those notes we used to pass back and forth...Read On

Pandora's Box - Introduction

This box can hide all of your secrets inside. What do you want it to be today?

Pandora's Box - An Introduction Here is a box, a fantasy box, for when you're wound up and ready to play. This box can hide all of your secrets inside. What do you want it to be today? Pandora, "the all giving", filled it with the seductive gifts endowed on her by the pantheon of the ancient Greek gods; so what shall we seduce ourselves with today? Let your weighted eyelids...Read On

101 Words: Nails

The moment before ...

Nails ranked like soldiers; perfectly crimson bedecked. Attentive and attending as they traverse dappled flesh. Observing every imperfection; paying homage to every flaw. Freckles. Moles. An expanded pore. Trickling betwixt them as taut flesh quivers beneath each inquiring touch. Dare I capture a sample ... between thumb and fore? To pinch. To twist. To admire the blood rush to meet...Read On

101 Words - Panties

How to return a pair of misplaced panties

Black lace, handkerchief folded, sitting atop the tabletop. Pussy soiled not shop fresh. Fabric sodden. Ambrosia coated. Your unique aroma battling with coffee grinds for my attention. And my nostrils revel in you. Perched and positioned on your throne. Attentively flushed and breathy. Feet wrapped around chair legs. Seat edge biting into tempting buttocks. Thighs wide. ...Read On

Recommended Read

101 Words: Bound

Welcome to subspace

Extended beyond enduring; muscles screaming in taut thighs, arms cruelly held unnaturally aloft, wrists captured in a biting embrace.  Intrigue begineth here. Intrigue begat this. Rosehip buds stiff atop soft flesh as it trembles before a cold breeze’s careless caress. Sightless and blind, cocooned in the darkness of secure trust, contained within the delicious hell of my perverse nature. ...Read On

101 Words: Public Water Display

So naughty as to be nice

Heels clacking across concrete slabs.  Back straight, chin raised, eyes downcast, hair falling across lip chewing face. Sunlight glistening off glass, captured in red brick as families meander and cappuccinos wet leisure parched lips. Skirt flicking across bare thighs whilst engorged nipples press determinedly against gauze-like blouse. Fluttering wings run wild throughout...Read On


Let's climb those wooden hills.

Climb the wooden hills to Bedfordshire Fingers discard my clinging attire Slipping silently between fine sheets Mind a-whirr from delectable treats. Clinging pillows my head to grace Fine hair dishevelled across my face Mouse wriggling lost in this grande bed Space unending; curling toes widespread. Pulsating visions across mine eyes Soaking pleasure stains adorn soft thighs...Read On

Vignette: Sssshhh

Vignette: Sssshhh Sssshhh. Quiet. Be still. Can you feel it? The slow, steady drag of air escaping from your parted lips, filling the expectant heavy atmosphere with the moisture of your desire. Can you feel the trembling of your skin and the fluttering of your eyelashes, as weighted by need they press down eager to caress your flesh? Can you taste the wetness pooling in your mouth...Read On

The Peach

The temptation of perfect innocence.

I hold a peach within my hand;  Light furred skin tickling at my palm.  A vision of pure innocence;  Unplucked fruit to protect from harm. To run my fingers ‘cross its form And feel its heat caressing mine  Dare I bruise such maidenly flesh?  Defile that perfect orb divine? Drag cuticles to split that skin, Reveal its plump inviting core,  Tease about that glorious wound,  Ears deaf...Read On

And should we dare to take the leap?

And should we dare to take the leap? Shall we go then you and I Beneath the dark embittered sky, Embracing dear the tempest cruel; Proud upright Lear and timid Fool; Mere stardust flung to shiver here Captured on this celestial sphere; Destiny but a weighted die, Sanded time; grains slow trickling by? Eyes twinkling at delicious sin Mischievous mouth a wetted grin. There...Read On


Empathy Soft pooling eyes adoring cast, Sweet empathy they seek. So open up your aching heart, Embrace emotion’s shriek. Confess those ever gnawing shades That flutter through your mind, Unfetter all those dark desires, Release them from their bind. So they may soar on outstretched wings Before your enrapt sight And I may nurture trembling you; Arise, ascend, take flight. ...Read On

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices Frank Lee & Cum Girl Author’s Note: “Victrola” is a poetic rendition of an exchange of Online Messages between Frank Lee and me inspired by a picture featuring a record turntable (the Victrola of the title). The exchange was instant and spontaneous, a call and response, each building on the other’s contribution ... improvised freeform...Read On


Kate Harken, ears content, to mine siren song As tender waves do lap about your soul. Embrace temptation sweet; submit, belong Submerged beneath my torrid seas; made whole. Dutifully scurry about my feet Seeking divine morsels to rend your heart, Devour every beguiling treat Abased beneath all I sternly impart. Yet Petruchio is naught less his Kate; Solar and lunar, unchanging,...Read On

Do You?

Do You? Mine eyelashes flutter, caressing thou Fair intimate strands pampered skin regale Shimmering pleasure to you I endow As your glowing cheek I tenderly assail. Cooling breath meanders through thread fine hair Sensually drifts; kindled skin ablaze Struggling for sense amongst the liquid air Mind misplaced amongst that enchanting haze. Vanilla pods, citrus and cinnamon...Read On

Blog 1

Me, Stephen and a Photocopier ... what else do you need.

Blog 1   So, Pippa and I were sat in Starbucks this afternoon for one of our regular little tete a tetes and I'd just told her all about the photocopier incident from that morning, when she pipes up with: "You know, with all the stuff that happens to you, you really should write a blog ‘cause I reckon it would be like really addictive reading." And I sort of thought, "Yeah right" ...Read On

Blog 2

It's a blog ... today it's all about Pippa.

Blog 2 I was really pleased with my first attempt at a blog so after work I dashed round to Pippa's house to show her with a printed copy neatly folded in my handbag. It had, after all, been her idea in the first place and I sort of thought she'd be as excited about it as me. So, we settled ourselves down at her dining room table with a nice cup of tea and I handed over the fruits of...Read On

Blog 3

Stephen has a cherry and it needs popping.

Blog 3: I was hoping to finish telling you the story of Pippa, me and the double ended dildo this evening, but things have moved on apace with little Stephen of the photocopier and I really need to bring you up to date with that. I got into work yesterday to find one of those chocolate hearts sitting in the middle of my desk and Stephanie beside herself with joy at the prospect of...Read On

Blog 4

Boys are like dogs; all they really need is plenty of exercise ...

Blog 4: I’m sorry but it has been a while since I’ve found time to update my blog and the main news is that Stephen has become quite a regular visitor to ma maison. In fact it has been so pleasant having a boy about the house that I find it hard to imagine how I ever got by without one. The main difference that I notice is that he is so energetic and downright perky. Now someone; probably...Read On

Blog 5

My dribbling pussy was persistently reminding me that it was the proper place for cock.

Blog 5: If there is one thing that casts a shadow across the happy playtime that is my amorous dalliance with Stephen, then it is his mother. To be fair, I can appreciate her concern; if you look at our relative ages than I am closer in years to her than I am to her son, but you would think she would give me some credit for all the time and effort I am taking in trying to turn her boy into...Read On

Blog 6

When we left Pippa, she was slouched on her sofa, legs spread wide...

Blog 6: Now, where had I got to? Pippa. I don’t know if you remember but when we left Pippa she was slouched on her sofa, legs spread wide, her face the colour of a barely ripe tomato, her breasts heaving and her body all aflutter as the orgasm she had given herself with her rather substantial double ended dildo pulsed through her. And me? I’m the scaredycat who’s been liberally...Read On

Blog 7

You’ve made me exceptionally horny and quite disgustingly soaked

Blog 7: Oops what a palaver! Or perhaps … Oh dear, everything’s gone a bit Pete Tong*! Now it’s not often that I have much of a choice in how to start my blogs but this time I’m truly spoiled because both of the above statements accurately summarise the furore that has occurred since I wrote about Pippa and my adventures with the double ended dildo … and, I really couldn’t decide which...Read On

Blog 8

Pippa needs comforting and it seems that I have been chosen ... lucky me

Blog 8 I don’t know if you remember; when I started writing Blog 7 I was going to tell you about “the palaver”, but somehow got distracted by Pippa and her Rampant rabbit and, after a little finger fluttering sojourn, I ended up recounting the remainder of that lovely evening her and I spent learning to love “Mr Shaft” together. Which means that I really do need to tell you all...Read On

Versus Verses - Vaginal Crossfire and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy. Cum Girl xxx Vaginal Crossfire When You have the fortunate opportunity to nail more than one snatch at a time but you don’t know where to start. Example: John was sat in a bar with his girlfriend...Read On

Versus Verses 2 - Tea Bagging and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy. Cum Girl xxx Tea Bagging "Dunkin Donuts" I do declare "You want to put your scrotum there?" "Oh please, dear dinkums, my sweetpea If you would only suckle me; Just as I enjoyed in far off...Read On

The Beach

The Beach So let us wander hand in hand Along the barren shore, Be buffeted by sea-swept gusts And dare to dream of more. Beneath the dark forbidding sky, Pale footsteps in the sand; Insignificant you and I For love must make a stand. Do pull me to your damaged heart, Press my face to your chest. Allow tempest to whip our clothes Let our confusion rest. And as the...Read On

Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Kisses In dark chocolate bitter pleasure dwells, Divine temptation smooth beyond compare, Mind gorging itself on addictive smells, Mewling lips lost in erotic prayer. Athletic flesh in soft cocoa wrapped, Sublime enticement in presentation, Pulsating peach desiring to be lapped, Your bee stung mouth pleading in elation. Alabaster cheek against welted thighs, ...Read On

The Kiss

The Kiss As crushed pearl does lustre Before the candle’s glow, So you appear unto me A perfectly arranged tableau. Should I reach out a finger? Do I dare touch your arm? Allow myself to be smitten By your endearing charm? Might I enjoy the trembling Of our timorous selves? My flaming skin a tangled mess Of ever-responsive nerves. Should I allow my eyes to droop My...Read On

How perfect you are when so displayed

How perfect you are when so displayed How perfect you are when so displayed Dull leather capturing that soft flesh An innocent, helpless, panting maid That aching need prettily conveyed Demanding the next awful caress. Is this not a rare heavenly sin? Watching flesh quiver in those bonds Saliva glistening on that chin Droplets of sweat coating quaking skin Admiring how that...Read On

In Memorium

In memory of a lost love

In Memorium Now what should I do with the sundered heart That pounds pointlessly in my empty chest? How do I instruct it to make a fresh start; Plead for it to be not quite so obsessed? And what should I do with these baleful eyes That seek your features in every face? How should I that adoring pair chastise? How might I your cherished image efface? Then what will remain when all...Read On

The Dark Room Chronicles: Mirror

Welcome to The Dark Room. Sit back, relax and let the entertainment commence

The Dark Room Chronicles: Mirror I stand erect before the mirror; I have no other choice. Small hidden bulbs emit a pool of light that surrounds me and reflects my image back into my expectant eyes. Beyond, darkness and silence press outwards. I know it to be a large room; I have been here many times before always waiting patiently for it to be my turn in the limelight. I have reclined...Read On

Attention Seeking Whore (I am an ...)

Visit me, write me, tell me how this Attention Seeking Whore might best delight you

Attention Seeking Whore (I am an …) Part 1 Thank you, dear reader; I am so pleased you decided to visit shy, unworthy me. I really don’t deserve your consideration because you are far too notable, eminent and important, but I will do my utmost to entertain salacious, sensual you. I will stretch my limbs and open my malleable mind; I will tease and titillate, simper and smile, flutter...Read On

Attention Seeking Whore (I Am An ...) Part 2

Darkside and Kirawildgirl use this Attention Seeking Whore ... and I love it!

Attention Seeking Whore - Part 2 You have returned. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful. I am nothing without you, just a simple desolate attention seeker bereft without her adoring audience. But I have been loved, have been attended to, have been written to by so many. I have made myself available to be taken, teased, and tantalised; to be used and abused; to be treated to...Read On

Attention Seeking Whore (I Am An ...) - Part 3

It is Playsit's turn to use this Attention Seeking Whore ... and stairwells are always handy.

Attention Seeking Whore - Part 3 Welcome back, dear reader. I am ecstatic that you have taken the time to visit; that you have resisted all other temptations to be here with me. I do appreciate it. Honestly, I do. Without your tender, loving attention I would be a sad and empty soul, mere flotsam cast upon the ocean floating meaningless and without purpose. But now I must entertain; now...Read On

Yolanda and the Sprite

She was transfixed. Kneeling on all fours before him she found herself unable to move

Cum Girl's Faerie Tales: Yolanda and the Sprite   Author's Note: There is a vanity about faeries and it is their preference to tell tales about themselves. I have narrated this story as I heard it from Yolanda. I hope you enjoy it.  Cum Girl x The pain was intense; fixed in her abdomen it sent forth slithers of agony making Yolanda's body twitch within her comfy bedding. It...Read On

Courtesan Haiku

An special gift for MY delicious courtesan

Courtesan Haiku Blushingly reading MY courtesan perfected Eyes disbelieving Especial for you Cocoa wrapped pinkness seeps Palpitations start Adorable me Gifting pretty Instructions Haiku pleasured you Eyelashes flicker Swollen dampened lip bitten Delightful panting Throbbing nipples tight Beautiful bruised breasts heaving Burning lungs airless Spasm courtesan! MY...Read On


Clitoral bell chimes; Master's tongue pleasuring me; In Haiku style verse.

Haiku   Haiku is a Japanese poetic form dating from the 16 th Century. It was adopted by some Anglo-American poets in the mid 19 th Century and gained a level of poetic popularity with the advent of modernism in the 1 st two decades of the 20 th Century. In its Anglicised form a Haiku Poem consists of three lines of five, seven and five syllables. I have written a series of Haiku...Read On