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No actually I DON'T regret my behaviour! I only regret that someone had a camera!!

17 Aug 2011 07:25

When I'am good I'am great. When I'am bad I'am better!!

16 Aug 2011 08:05

My chat room which I greated yesturday was good lots of people. I have it open again today so drop by.

16 Aug 2011 06:00

Drop by my chat room.

15 Aug 2011 07:05

doesn't "play" hard to get...I AM hard to get - & even harder to keep!

15 Aug 2011 06:09

Instead of single in the 'relationship status' box, there should options such as: Independently Owned & Operated, On the Prowl, Riding Solo or Fun & Available!

14 Aug 2011 10:53

Have a good weekend all you naughties. Get laid, get drunk but what ever you don't get caught.

12 Aug 2011 15:18

Posted some new pics comment if you want

12 Aug 2011 08:33

RIP to the men that braved the ultimate price to rescue there own.

12 Aug 2011 07:43

I'am a bad bad man!!

11 Aug 2011 09:22

At the races with something white, goes real fast and women love.

07 Aug 2011 09:41