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Topic Hair Removal
Posted 01 Jun 2012 18:48

The No-No is a electric hair removal product advertised on the TV but rather an expensive item that is the real question i am asking. Would think that someone has had experiences with the product . is it worth the cost and how much pain and discomfort is involved.

Again thank you all very much for you input.

Topic Hair Removal
Posted 31 May 2012 14:05

I know this topic has been gone over and over again and i did the search stuff and read the stuff. The question i need to ask is anyone used a no no for hair removal in genital area and if so did it work as promised, cause any discomfort and or skin reactions. wondering if it worth the price to use around the ball sack and the shaft and the taint.

Thank you very much for any and all replies.

Topic Why swallow?
Posted 30 May 2012 22:34

It is one of the most intimate signs of affection and love between two people even more when snowballing happens (ie: taking your cum in her mouth and swishing it around for a bit then giving you a deep tongue kiss and giving you back your load rinse and repeat a few times then split the load and both swallow.

Topic delaying ejaculation
Posted 30 May 2012 20:19

I wish this information was brought to my attention when i was 17 or 18 Thank god for the internet now days.