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Hi everyone! Thanks to a friend, I'm a "paying" member now. So good news! New pics and I can respond to pokes and chats! It's Summer so it's time for more fun!

09 Jul 2017 19:57

Hi Lushies! I'm not ignoring pokes or messages, I love them! But I'm not a paying member so I can't have the fun I used to. If you'd like to gift me a membership, I'd LOVE that! Also, say hi to my hubby, Realfire2. He created a new profile since his last got hacked. Kisses!

27 Jun 2016 12:49

Hi Lush friends! Hubby has created a new profile as Realfire2. If you were friends with him before, please send him a friend request so we can rebuild our relationships! Happy that summer is on it's way!!

13 Jun 2016 17:14

So frustrated with Lush! We have been members for years and now hubby (Realfire) can't log on to his profile!! We can't poke. We can't message. We can't add new sexy pics. This is so dumb.

08 Apr 2016 17:52

Lately some of you have seemed frustrated that I'm not a paying member. Sorry! Feel free to buy me a membership. I can't post any new pics apparently and can't even invite friends, poke or Pvt chat! Blah!

08 Feb 2016 12:19

New pictures posted from a little play time recently. Enjoy!

02 Oct 2014 16:08

This is SO hot! And so me. haha

01 Feb 2013 12:51

01 Feb 2013 09:07

01 Feb 2013 09:05

This looks like something I would like!

17 Jan 2013 12:22

Wanting someone to share with us like this:

05 Dec 2012 13:41

Making new friends is exciting and full of possibilities!

30 May 2012 16:41

Love getting back in touch with Lush Lovers.

05 Mar 2012 11:35

Superbowl Party! Good food and good drink. Later, I hope to get to catch some balls from my quaterback. I love his tight end! HAHA

03 Feb 2012 09:10

Well Happy 2012 to all! May this year bring you joy, lust, and fun.

09 Jan 2012 15:14

It's almost Christmas and time to ask that same old question; When I'm naughty, it is nice and when I am nice, things get naughty. So which of Santa's lists am I on?

08 Dec 2011 11:28

Winter is coming. Fall is here. The sun on the colorful trees, snow in the mountains, chill on the wind. I love this time of year!

14 Nov 2011 08:42

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all had fun!

01 Nov 2011 09:40

So horny so often. Thanks to all my Lusty Lush friends. I LOVE chatting with you all!

26 Oct 2011 23:12

No takers for our "strangers" encounter. I am a little disappointed. So we went to a strip club instead and had lots of fun and then went back to the hotel for even more fun! Sorry, your loss. Maybe next time?

25 Aug 2011 13:11

Looking for help! We want to set up a role-play encounter for tonight in Seattle. Any women or couples want to help us by being our "strangers?" Message me. 8/24.

24 Aug 2011 14:22

Oh what a horny, hot, sexy time we had. Thank you Sin City!

13 Aug 2011 22:39

New pics added friends! Please leave comments. Kisses!

18 May 2011 10:16

Somehow Lush seems to have changed. Any thoughts?

06 May 2011 14:11

I took all that time to post pics. I hope you are looking and enjoying them. Please leave comments or send me a message and tell me what you think. Do they inspire you?

04 Apr 2011 18:32

Some changes to my profile. Enjoy!

02 Feb 2011 13:20

Please people, show some respect. Be real. Don't make demands. Really!

28 Jan 2011 10:28

Two new pics up

07 Jan 2011 10:57

Thanks for all the sexy fun in 2010, now let's do even more in 2011!

03 Jan 2011 00:23

2 new posts

10 Nov 2010 12:30