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Topic Do you guys like to see butt crack?
Posted 23 Mar 2013 19:28

from the top no a thong or the top of panties much better just seems so do they not notice! from the bottom of a skirt ?oh yes

Topic All Those Seeking a Master/Mistress or a Submissive Please Post Here
Posted 11 Feb 2013 19:52

am curious anout this and would love a lil slut to experiment on

Topic Ever wanked with a girl's knickers wrapped around your cock?
Posted 02 Feb 2013 08:53

yep and with them pressed to my nose and mouth

Topic Golden Showers......
Posted 20 Dec 2012 20:52

Always wanted to try it but always been to scored to ask

Topic Strap on Fantasy?
Posted 01 Oct 2012 16:01

Is this more of a female fantasy than a male one? I would LOVE to do that to a man - especially if the dildo was double ended and with every thrust, I got fucked...

The idea does really turn me on. But that especially sounds so hot!