Group Sex(4)


Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 2

The two couples meet and there is an attraction

Part two. Sheila and Jay Meet Jackie and Derek for the first time. Sorry it took so long to get done, hope it's worth the wait. Jay and Sheila started off Saturday like any ordinary weekend. They slept in a bit and had breakfast with the kids. A little later Sheila ran some errands and stopped to get her nails done. She had picked up outfits for both her and Jay. Simple yet trendy for...Read On


Settling in Part 2

The ball and the afterparty

Part 2 of the story: “Settling In” The valet opened the door and helped Marlene out the came around to take the car away. I tipped him and took Marlene by the arm. We strolled in to the hotel lobby and followed the other guests to the grand ballroom. The ballroom was decorated extravagantly and a band was playing, it reminded me of an episode of the Lawrence Welk show. An usher at the door...Read On


Settling in

Man discovers the sexy side of his older neighbors

"You can't settle down and provide me the security I need." Those were the last words in the letter from my latest ex-girlfriend. I had a good job with a large corporation, and made a good living. The only drawback was that they relocated me. A lot. I am 31 and had been with the company for 6 years. I quickly moved up the ladder because of my willingness to relocate. In fact I was so...Read On


Checking on the Cabin

Catching my sister-in-law in a compromising situation

Every year my father-in-law, two brother-in-laws and I take a week long hunting vacation to my in laws cabin. The cabin is a couple hours outside of town on a lake, a very secluded lake. There are only a half a dozen other cabins on the lake besides my in laws. The Wednesday before our trip I was sitting at my desk at work when the power went out. Apparently the construction company...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


He ran into her in the elevator

Jay's bad day gets better in the best possible way.

Just a little something to tide everyone over until the third installment of the Meeting Derek and Jackie series is complete. As always this is a true story. Jay was having a rough day. Working in IT for a large midwestern bank often had headaches. Today was more like a migraine waiting to happen. The day started with the company issued mobile phone ringing as he stepped out of the...Read On


Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 1

Swinging couple meets another through a website.

He watched as the large cock stretched his wife's pussy. It looked as it would split her in half. He never thought his wife would do this no matter how much he dared her. He smiled watching her act like a total slut as the huge cock pistoned in and out of her. Now he just had to get her to admit what she had done. Jay and Sheila were both in their mid thirties and both were above...Read On


Lust at First Site

Remembering the first time with my wife

I first met Rene when I was working for my uncle’s company throughout school. The company was a maintenance company that took care of those “honey do’s” that women have, but can’t get taken care of. This soon grew into full-blown property maintenance while continuing our residential customers. Being the boss’s nephew had some benefits. During summers I got experienced at most areas of...Read On


Road Trip With The Babysitters

Two young guys realize their babysitters are not what they thought

It's funny how little things you see, hear or smell, trigger memories. I was driving home from work today and was reminded of one of the best sexual experiences of my teens. It was the end of a very bad week for me and finally Friday came. Only marginally better than the previous four days, I was still in a cranky mood during the drive home. I live outside of a large Midwestern city so once...Read On