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I finally got my account baaaack!!! Thank you Sprite and Liz!
Its been a year since I've been on this account and longer still since I've updated this so I'm doing it piece by piece.
First and foremost, I am and always will be a Kitty girl. What does this mean? Well... You'll find out!
"I live my life like my blood type: B Positive!"
If I thought I didn't have time to come on when I was in nursing school I have even less time now that I'm out of it!!
Hmm I like to come on and read stories with my best friend/girlfriend/owner/Mistress Ally usually at night like a bedtime story
I'm shy! Yeah it's true! I'm silly too , I like to tease and I try my best to please. I'm also bouncy energetic, childish, can't be taken serious, always smiling or trying to get others too which might annoy some people but I cant help it!!! YES, I'm weird! and I don't care because it's fun!
Sometimes I feel like Ooohh!
I just wanna dance and feeeeel good!

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Local Time:
19 Feb 2018 22:26
Lush (chatting/Spritely stories) girls, guys, boobs, sports, foods (the actual cooking is as fun as the eating part), long drives (as the passenger), Vegas (my second home), the beach (San Diego is like my 3rd home) kitties (any cute little furball-like animal that makes your heart melt and makes you go "awwww, so cute!!!".
Favorite Books:
For this section I'll put what I'm currently reading.
As of right now: textbooks... Soo very lame and boring I knowww.. Meh
Favorite Authors:
Mwhahahah I don't even have to put who it is here, should be obvious
As for non-lush authors.. Uhh hmm I'm terrible with names but off the top of my head:
Orson Scott Card
Daniel Keyes
J.K. Rowling
Christopher Paolini
Suzanne Collins
George Martin
And of course the "old-school" classic authors.
Favorite Music:
Lately ive been sticking ear buds in listening to silly music and just doing whatever tickles my fancy whilst I'm out and about. I get all sorts of reaction from wtf looks, to smiles, giggles, people joining in. Just gotta ignore the haters and keep on bouncing!


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01 Mar 2011
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17 Feb 2018
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Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 08 Jun 2014 18:07

Sprite- she writes in a winsome style that leaves me interested and involved, lots of character development in her stories. here is one to check out

Dancing Doll- again, another auther who pulls me into her writing, makes me care about the characters and more importantly, I want to know what happens next! Here is one to check out

Magical felix- his pacing is suburb, it pulls me further and further into the story. One to try

Delphi- she throws you into the action and then like a riptide pulls you farther into it. try this one

I also have to add Frank Lee, Lisa, and Lady X as favorites.

This list!!!! And yes Sprite is up there for me but then again I'm constantly reminded how biased I am :D

Topic: Voting on Your Own Story
Posted: 05 Jun 2014 15:16

i will occasionally give myself a 2 if i think it's not my best and people are giving it too many 5s. :)

I can't help it!!!!!! I see your name and I automatically vote 5!!! But it's okay I read it afterwards and want to give it a 5 but then I remember I already did :D

Topic: Describe yourself in three words
Posted: 04 Jun 2014 20:10

Studying like crazy.

Topic: Favorite Frozen Treats
Posted: 02 Jun 2014 21:37

Pinkberry (I like choices :D), milkshakes or smoothies, and frozen blueberries to munch on.

Topic: Masturbating/Sex before a workout
Posted: 02 Jun 2014 15:55

I thought masturbation was a workout!!
Joking aside, I did find I had less energy if I tried to play a sport afterward.

Topic: Is pubic hair making a comeback?
Posted: 02 Jun 2014 15:51

As a personal preference, I hope not.

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 15:45

Favorite scene: Tyrion Lannister standing up to his father and everyone else when he is on trial.
To say it was an amazing performance would be an understatement.

Topic: Religion, Bad or Good?
Posted: 01 Jun 2014 00:45

Religion WOULD be good if it only affected the person practicing it. Of course this isn't true and the bad comes in when it negatively affects other people. I personally feel that the problems it causes outweigh the good it does. Just my opinion.

Topic: I really need...
Posted: 01 Jun 2014 00:40

For next week to be over... lol yeah I know it hasn't eve started yet :/

Topic: Questions about becoming a Master/Mistress....
Posted: 31 May 2014 23:49

I discovered my submissive side four years ago and was curious to learn more just like yourself. It didn't take long to find a Mistress who I believe cared and still cares for me. I learned everything I could about being as good of a girl I could be for the next half year to a year. I didn't realize that I was also learning what made a person a proper Domme and what.. didn't. I learned how to care, to pleasure, to punish, to reward and how to treat and be treated. Being submissive isn't being weak but it's takes enormous bravery, strength and most of all trust to submit yourself to another. A BDSM relationship isn't just about the "rough" aspects there's.. A lot more to discover. As you have already found out, you'll run into "doucebags". So continue to be cautious and don't rush into a relationship.

After awhile I parted ways and just enjoyed the site and making new friends. A particular friend who also happened to be submissive taught me unknowingly that I still had a lot to learn.

I soon discovered that she was interested in taking a Domme. I immediately felt I had to be her Mistress and brought up the suggestion. She agreed and it worked well. However, as MasterJohnathan being a switch is difficult (not impossible). I realized too late that I didn't avoid doing the same mistakes I thought I learned not to do when I was still a submissive.

People discuss the two sides of being Dominant or submissive but I think of being neither as a side in and of itself. Especially after being a in one of the relationships for so long.

Anyways, after Four years since joining lush and having had experienced the best of both sides I can only say that I'm grateful for the relationships I've made. A submissive with a wonderful Dom/Domme will be cared for greatly. A Domme/Dom with an amazing sub will be shown loving affection.

I wish you the best of luck and that once it finally works out for you, it'll be worth the effort.

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