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Topic Ladies how would you seduce me?
Posted 01 Aug 2012 21:10

*stares at Sprite's bottom then looks at the size of my hand and smiles* Perfect match! :D

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 13 Jun 2012 10:21

Topic What Is Your Favourite Dessert?
Posted 12 Jun 2012 08:47

How could've I have forgotten!!! d'oh! .........Shhh

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 12 Jun 2012 08:44

Topic What Is Your Favourite Dessert?
Posted 12 Jun 2012 08:28

Banana Flambe

Topic do you let guys see up your skirt?
Posted 09 Jun 2012 23:04

Not really.. *Tries my best to stop myself from laughing*

Topic Where do you go for casual sex?
Posted 09 Jun 2012 22:58

My best friend's house! :D I go there for casual sex, serious sex, playful sex, nasty crazy wild sex, devious crafty flirty sex, unexpected sex (<<< suuuch a lie I ALWAYS expect sex !!!! Just kidding,,, maybe!) , and everything in between ^.^

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 09 Jun 2012 22:50

Losing and yet I still feel like a winner! *blushes* Embarassed

Topic Pay The Fine
Posted 08 Jun 2012 10:14

Exactly $500! So uhmm, is that like the middle or something? Does that mean I'm avg/normal?! Yay!

Topic Cyber Sex
Posted 28 May 2012 22:14

With the right kitty, I MEAN person!!!! :D it is,,,, quite an experience. Sheaksjfhr THEY!!! Can uhm,,, spark your imagination with their amazing use of words. It's sort of like reading one of the stories here except better because you're a part of it (ya I'm not good with words =/)

Topic Den of Silliness
Posted 27 May 2012 21:26

Topic Punishments
Posted 27 May 2012 09:56

The silent treatment,,, *shivers*

Topic Things a slave/submissive shouldn't say
Posted 27 May 2012 09:54

Reveeeennnnnnnge!!!! ("Revenge",) yaaa,,,,,,, not the very best idea that I had, Embarassed

Topic "I'm Not Allowed To..."
Posted 27 May 2012 09:52

I think that the amount of freedom a submissive has is related to the degree of trust in them by their domme/dome to be loyal. *thinks for a moment then sighs* I must not be very trusting then o.o,

Topic Do all Dominants want multiple submissives?
Posted 24 May 2012 21:57

Not at all ^.^ having one perfect kitty is better (in my humble opinion) than having a lot of submissives because you don't have to divide your attention among them all which doesn't seem right to me, I don't know why. *shrugs*

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 14 May 2012 13:14

Tried my best to do it silently during class today thanks to a certain cruel someone but,,,, it did not work out so I fled the room and exploded Embarassed

Topic How you got interested in BDSM, with questions
Posted 11 Mar 2012 00:18

How did you get interested in BDSM?
What factor of it attracted you to it in the first place?
Where you always submissive?
Where you always dominate?
Where you always switch?
If so how did you come about it?
Do you think you were always into it now that you are in the lifestyle?

just curious! If anyone has anymore questions to add, feel free!!

1) Really started to get curious nearly a year ago after reading Sprite's Mrs. Vandermeer series.

2) The complete and utter trust invovled, the general kinkiness/naughtiness, the ability to give yourself to someone knowing you're in good hands, the list is long.

3) Was always submissive

4) Quickly gave up my sub side (well most,,, . A majority of it) due to necessity so I could be Sprite's Mistress, I don't regret it, not at all.

5) No matter how hard I tried to repress my sub side deep within me in my efforts to be a perfect Mistress, its how I started out and it surfaces sometimes forcing me to be a switch which thankfully my kitty understands.

6) Sprite (sorry but yes I know I mention her almost constantly but anything remotely to do with "BDSM" involves her)

7) Yes

Topic Lush stories to enhance sex with partner
Posted 08 Mar 2012 21:51

Hey everyone, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put the emote face thingy as a serious "omg-im-upset thing" and yes I know its all fun and stuff :) <3 I apologize for any misunderstandings.

Topic Lush stories to enhance sex with partner
Posted 07 Mar 2012 21:36


Topic safe word
Posted 05 Mar 2012 16:24

Topic Favorite Word?
Posted 02 Mar 2012 22:47

Mistress. :)

<3 Kitty (specifically mine,,,, more specifically Sprite) ^.^

Topic prefer fiction or retelling what actually happened?
Posted 01 Mar 2012 15:06

I love fiction because the only limit is your imagination. But then one person made me love real stories too . Only hers though <3 (Kitty Girl stories)

Topic Adding and Accepting Friends
Posted 01 Mar 2012 14:58

At first I just added everyone and didn't really care, but then I became more selctive by only adding people that have talked to me first or sent a nice message before/along with their friend request. Now because I only come on for one specific person,,, I've sort of neglected my inbox. 465 random requests =/

Topic Announcing our $100 February "Attention Whore" Competition
Posted 01 Mar 2012 14:34

Congratulaions CG! :)

Topic What do you call it... soda, pop, coke or something different
Posted 26 Feb 2012 09:26

I call it "Sprite", mmm omg sooo tasty I can't ever get enough, it's like I'm addicted! :D .... OHHHhhh you're talking about sodas oops nvm!!!

Topic Why do you come to Lush...?
Posted 26 Feb 2012 01:39


Topic If you found $100, what would you do?
Posted 22 Feb 2012 21:11

I would send it over to my kitty (Sprite) so she can get a cage that she's always wanted.

Topic who is that one person on lush, you think about, while masturbating ?
Posted 22 Feb 2012 21:06

My wonderful kitty (yes you Sprite) <3

Topic I really need...
Posted 20 Feb 2012 20:51

to remember that i am a good kitty and that being good is more important to me then flirting. mot because i am obliged to feel that way, but because i actually DO feel that way. hi, my name is Sprite and i am a flirt-a-holic.

*melts and scoops you up, fussing over you joyfully* you'll always be my "good" kitty. You've really turned my day around <3

And with that last comment,,, I need to stop being lazy and not put things off to the last second.

Topic Lushies you would love to have sex with.
Posted 20 Feb 2012 20:44

still only one, and in case she doesn't know who she is... *shakes my head and sets my tags jingling*

Only one and no one else. <3 *smiles and hugs you tightly and polishes your tags* My good kitty <3

...... *stumbles along and eats unsure92's candy so she can't tempt MY kitty*