She had been waiting so long for her orgasm and her moment had finally come. Or had it...

“Yes. I think tonight I will allow you to push yourself over the edge and into that orgasm,” he says with a smirk. I smile the smile of a girl that will finally get to feel that rush of pleasure surging throughout her body after such a long time of being left a frustrated mess.  “Thank you, Sir,” I manage, my grin spreading to impossible distances across my face.  “Hmm…I think that the...Read On


The Eternal Tease

A window into the intensity of the relationship between a dominant and his submissive.

The room was dark. Vaguely, she remembered that the last time her eyes were open they saw light. How long had she been here? The floor was uncomfortable yet she had managed to find a position that minimised her discomfort. Suddenly aware of her body, she felt a twinge of pain in her shoulder joints. Her automatic reaction to move her arms failed. Amidst her waking confusion, panic took hold...Read On


The pleasure of pain

Blindfolded, bound and collared, she waited...

She was standing in a darkened room, stripped bare but for a strict black leather posture collar and a silk blindfold covering her eyes. Her arms were held high in the air, each one tied to the ceiling on opposite sides of the room. Her legs received similar treatment, spread wide with rope attaching each ankle to the walls surrounding her. No room for manoeuvre. As she heard the door close...Read On