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Topic Do women like wearing stockings, tights, pantyhose ?
Posted 06 Dec 2013 06:06

I don't like nylons/pantyhose*, and I don't think I own any. I wear black tights with long skirts and boots a lot in the winter, but they're usually footless tights.

I do prefer just thigh highs over wearing stockings and garter belts, but wear both. Love to wear thigh highs/stockings in bed during sex. I find that sexier than being totally naked for some reason.

*Definition in my head has nylons and pantyhose as almost the same thing, just that pantyhose have a cotton crotch.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 06 Dec 2013 05:41

Happy Friday! *cheers*

Topic Fling while married?
Posted 05 Dec 2013 10:25

If it is ok, have her fling it at me .

Here you go...

run away...

(sorry, I can't help myself) evil4

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 05 Dec 2013 09:54

Answering the phone with "my little pony pussy hotline" and having him laugh so hard he started coughing. Eyes are watering. laughing8

Topic Fling while married?
Posted 05 Dec 2013 09:47

Is it OK to have a fling even though married if sexually frustrated at home?

I think you should text this exact question to your spouse.

"Baby, as you know, I'm sexually frustrated, is it OK if I have a fling?"

Get back to us and let us know her response.

Would you be OK if she were to have a fling? confused5

Topic Funniest GIF marathon
Posted 05 Dec 2013 09:02

Tis the season...

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 05 Dec 2013 08:44


Topic What is something about YOU, that has remained the same since you were little.
Posted 05 Dec 2013 08:31

Love of reading.

Curly hair.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 05 Dec 2013 07:29

The only way to enjoy the party is to sit back relax and enjoy.
A 'Flute' of chilled 'Moet', some fine wafer biscuits spread with pate and topped with slices of fresh strawberries.
Pour Wine

Welcome to the party, silveranode! Hugs Sorry, we don't have any of the above, but we have plenty of the below! Pour Wine

Topic International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Posted 04 Dec 2013 10:13

Bless your little heart. I think it's sweet that your caretakers let you pretend to have college degrees and do research. I bet you even wear a little lab coat and have pretend credentials on the wall.

Why do I think you're probably in a padded cell with an hour or two of internet time allotted per day? Because nobody with the education that you purport to have could possibly have the sort of ridiculously misogynistic worldview that you're displaying. And even if you did, you wouldn't last two weeks in a professional job without getting fired for sexual harassment. Based on the creepy shit you say constantly, you'd be lucky to not be charged with a crime at some point.

I would suggest that you read the stuff you're writing in order to gain a bit of perspective, but you clearly lack the sophistication and intelligence to see the truckload of wrong that you're dumping here for what it is.

Does your internet wife agree that being a creepy pervert toward women because they turn you on belongs in the same conversation as physical domestic assault? I'd like to see her weigh in on this. Maybe you two should discuss this topic in your next chat session; let us know how that goes.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe you've been teleported here from the 1920s. In which case, I hope the flux capacitor has enough fuel to get you back there, ASAP.

Maybe it's the case of being intelligent and having absolutely no common fucking sense? I've run into a few of those! violent1

As far as the internet wife, we're assuming this is a real person, because well...nevermind...dontknow

Topic James Deen?
Posted 04 Dec 2013 10:00

You've obviously missed the point of it all. Quit acting like a smug and superior prick. Your constant need to brag about yourself is fucking irritating me.

If you really knew how to fuck, why do you ask so many gawddamn questions?? Shouldn't you just automatically know?

You seem like a nice guy, but damn dude. Quit trying so fucking hard!

Thank you and Merry Christmas. I'll cover this one!

Jealous? I'm not jealous at all : he's the one that would be if we met. Okay I'll compare myself to him :

His superiority :

- 1 inch or so more than me cock wise (like I care!)

My superiority :

- Fitter than he his, which is advantageous both looks wise and performance wise

- Better cunnilingus abilities than him, until proven otherwise in a scene

- Cumshots twice as big as his

- I'm a romantic ; you have no idea what a romantic can do in the name of love

All of which being actually very true and serious.

I think your quote right here is a perfect example why women like him. I could never imagine him saying something like this. He's comfortable and confident with who he is. He doesn't need to ram it down people's throats about how sexy he is, how fit he is, how big his dick is, or or how great he is at giving oral. His actions do all the talking.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 03 Dec 2013 08:41

What makes you think a guy will win Curious? evil4

You tell him, KG! Sword Fight

I think Curious is getting a bit cocky thinking he'll take the win! laughing8

Topic What conversation.....
Posted 03 Dec 2013 08:31

You could try a little role play? Maybe talk about some fantasies...

You could download some audios from lush and listen to them on the drive and then discuss what you liked about them, talk about what you would do...

(You're welcome to use any of my audios lol)


I had someone do this with one of my audio stories. He told me before the vacation, and I received great feedback when they returned. evil4

Also, I love trolling through the forums looking for great conversation starters. Besides the pubes and boobs, there are some interesting questions.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 03 Dec 2013 07:17

Jerkoff contest, huh? I brought some help for the guys, not that they'll need it! evil4

And supplies!

And to the winner goes...

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 02 Dec 2013 17:58

Why oh why do I go into the Think Tank??? evil4

Topic What do you think of this woman lying about an anti-gay note for attention?
Posted 02 Dec 2013 17:45

I've re read the posts and I can olny find a figure of $7.15 per hour which is $5 more than you state

Maybe this will help you comprehend the situation? United States Department of Labor - Minimum wage for employees who receive tips I know it's been mentioned ad nauseum in this thread that waitstaff makes between $2-$3 in hourly wages. As you can see, federal law mandates that employers are only required to pay $2.13 an hour. Hardly a livable wage!

Just because it is the done thing in a country it doesn't make it correct.

Actually, I don't think one poster, US or otherwise, said they thought it was correct, they were just stating the facts. You can disagree all you want; however, don't screw the waitstaff out of their income in the process if you're tipping here.

In the UK...

Here's the thing, we're not talking about the UK. This is the US. Right or wrong, this is how our system works. The waitstaff shouldn't be penalized because you disagree with the system.

Topic What do you think of this woman lying about an anti-gay note for attention?
Posted 02 Dec 2013 13:26

Surely they are already being paid for the job that they do?

Yes, as mentioned before, their wages are usually $2-3 per hour, which is considerably less than minimum wage. Sure, it would be great if they made better wages, but they don't. That's the simple truth. Wishing it were so and it actually being the case are two different things. The other jobs you mentioned make at least minimum wage in their jobs, which is still crap.

That's just how it works in the U.S. It's not the UK. dontknow

Edit: Hahaha! I took a phone call and have been working on this post for about 10 min. Obviously, I agree with LadyX and Slippery.

Topic What do you think of this woman lying about an anti-gay note for attention?
Posted 02 Dec 2013 11:24

I must a humble retraction. I was under the impression that the USA had no minimum wage. I was incorrect and foolish to make an assumption purely because I had never heard of such a thing.I am not in the habit of making rash assumptions and I apologise for doing so here.

However, my issue is not with tiping or even how much one should tip, it is the principle of waiting staff expecting a tip. Now that I know they have a minimum wage to support them I find this even more rude, presuptuous and insulting. A waiter/waitress will get a tip from me if their work has deserved it. I always try to be polite, as my grandfather would've kicked mybutt if i hadn't been, some waiting staff are not great at customer service. I have worked as a waiter and it can be a thankless job, but it is not overly difficult.

Are you purposely missing the point? Yes, there is a national minimum wage, but as it's been pointed out a few times above, it is much lower for wait staff. Their wage is usually about $2-2.50 an hour. It is certainly not a wage you can live on, so they depend on tips to make a living. Why is that so difficult to understand??? confused5

It's absolutely disgusting if she made this up, and I'm so happy that the family stepped up and said something if it actually is false.

Topic Anyone else find this site addictive?
Posted 02 Dec 2013 11:01

Aww shucks. W, you're gonna make me blush. Flatterer.

Welcome back.

And here I thought he meant me! crybaby Who knew??

I definitely love the people here!

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 02 Dec 2013 10:50

Having about 100 friends all with birthdays on 01/01. Now, what in the hell are the odds of that?? laughing9

Topic Funniest GIF marathon
Posted 02 Dec 2013 10:00


Topic International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Posted 02 Dec 2013 09:45

I believe the term violence is conceived in much narrower perspective.
Violence against Male gender is not merely physically bur mental and sexual too.
Is it not a mental torture to take a man to sexual height and leave him unsatisfied?
Most girls do tease like that and I conceive it a worst form of violence.

whatintheactualfuck cussing

Thanks for posting, Liz. It's unfortunate that we need a day like this.

Topic Holiday music, is it your cup of tea?
Posted 01 Dec 2013 12:40

I love listening to Christmas music during December when I'm cleaning, decorating, and baking, all of which I've been doing today, so it's been non-stop Christmas music. santa

However, I don't listen to it in the car or exercise to it or anything like that.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 01 Dec 2013 07:45

hey kinks, kinda look like wolvie and cg are reenacting the dance scene from pulp fiction

Fucking Laughed! Out! Loud!!!!


Plus this...

Equals this...

Only on Lush!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 01 Dec 2013 07:37

And I see CG is doing her happy dance to. evil4

DAYUM! I need to shave my pussy! evil4

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 01 Dec 2013 07:31

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 30 Nov 2013 16:45


Topic Reaction to a fake
Posted 30 Nov 2013 08:46

Actually, the fakes who chap my ass the most are ex -Lush friends. They create new accounts, send new requests, and act like they're someone I've never been friends with before. Eventually, they slip up, and I usually figure out who they are or at least that we were friends previously. It's happened more than once and one guy has done this to me about 5 times so far. Grrrrr Makes me suspicious of new friends. angry7

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 30 Nov 2013 07:51


Topic First Date
Posted 30 Nov 2013 07:17

Excellent advice. As for the actual date of my choice it would be relaxing at the lake with some IPA's , and talking about everything under the sun. No pressure, quality time learning about each other in a relaxed environment.

Beer...the way to a woman's heart! occasion5 Sounds like a great date to me, and I know the perfect lake.