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Topic Incest authors?
Posted 18 Oct 2013 08:16

Not my genre at all, but I remember when I was verifying stories, that Frenchtoastman wrote very well on that subject.

Not my genre at all either, but gotta agree about FTM! thumbup

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 18 Oct 2013 08:09

An 8oz Filet Mignon with grilled sweet potatoes and a mixed green salad.

Paired with an Artemis, Stags Leap Cabernet Savignon (2008)

What time should I arrive?? 3601

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 18 Oct 2013 08:00

It's been awhile since Falling Panties Friday!

I was gonna post a video, but have no friggin clue what to post. evil4

Topic Sex with my hubby
Posted 18 Oct 2013 07:08

This was not my idea it was his and I have tried telling him what I like but sometimes does listen I don't have much experience with sex so I really can't teach him anymore then I have already

WOW His idea? Really? I never woulda thunk it! bs

What pleases me is not necessarily going to please you. Every woman is different. I suggest that you read some Lush stories together or watch some porn. If you find something you like, then try it out. Sorry, but it just sounds like he's trying to please himself with other women. confused5 You deserve more than being his pimp.

Topic why do men have tits,,nipples that is
Posted 17 Oct 2013 12:52

why do men have tits,well nipples I mean really whats the point in having em..there totally useless,and we get no pleasure from having em sucked on by women

As stated above, that's just not the case. I've been with men whose nipples are way more sensitive than mine. Loved having them sucked and played with. 675-lick

Topic Did I really say that
Posted 16 Oct 2013 18:38

Yes. Drinking and Lushing don't mix. Embarassed

But, I'm usually able to edit after a lot of water and a few aspirin.

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 16 Oct 2013 15:18

I think that people outside the south/country(rural) areas don't truly understand what the stars and bars mean to those who live here . you see slavery, and oppression, ignorance and chosen racism.

I know plenty of black friends who think nothing of the stars and bars, I've seen it flown on their trucks too. "The south will rise again", doesn't mean "oh slavery will be back" to anyone that I know. What it means is that we are strong and proud. And in general that the SEC kicks serious butt in football :D. No one wants to see slavery back. Not even the most ignorant white trash. It's a pride in home thing, and while those on the outside looking in don't see or recognize that, it's also the reason why its such a flash point. Take pride on one side, and then pit it against righteous indignation on the other.

I really do wonder if it's more of a rural thing? After I read your comments, NN, I decided to ask one of my real life friends about it. Her family has lived in Charleston forever, and she was born and raised there. Hell, her mother's first name is Dixie. Her opinion:

It flies over our State Capital right there with the State Flag and I think it's ridiculous. A few years ago they had a big movement to take it would've thought it was WWIII!! So it stayed. Personally, I think it should be down and only in the museums.

I guess some southerners have mixed feelings on the subject.

Of course you can't ban it, but being as Yankee as they come it's only a symbol of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance to me.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 16 Oct 2013 07:52

Interesting costume idea you and BP have come up with there, Te11!

Working on some cocktails.

Decorating is coming along just fine.

Topic let's exchange contacts here
Posted 16 Oct 2013 05:32

Hey, are we exchanging cats in this thread or contacts??? dontknow

lets exchange the emails of the hot girls..who gets horny fast and do water we ask them to do... girls who are horny can also leave their emails here..u may get few really great partners here !!!

javascript:insertsmiley('Water Sports%20','/forum/images/emoticons/watersports.gif')Water Sports

Hey, why didn't the Wonder Twins post their information first?? It's amazing that they managed to make the same forum posting error with the icons; they really must be twins. evil4 Welcome to Lush!

I'll come back and post my info when I'm horny.

Topic What are some tips for taking a good naked photo of yourself?
Posted 16 Oct 2013 05:11

Using a tripod, and the timer on the camera always works for me. Plus you have to take about 100 shots before you get one that pleases you. I find myself to be my worst critic. :)

This! thumbup

Also, it's a good idea to crop out "background" from your pics. No one needs to see your messy bedroom, toilet seat up, or dirty kitty litter box. It's amazing how often I see those things on Lush.

Topic femine body parts
Posted 15 Oct 2013 19:41

no I was asking why you ladies hate straight men who love wearing panties ,and don,t think there masculine..panties are just a piece of cloth for god sakes...I have to respect and tolerate a bi or gay person but yet you can not tolerate a straight man wearing panties ,what a shame for equatity.

I don't hate you because you wear panties, and I certainly can tolerate you wearing them. Honestly, I don't care what type of lingerie you enjoy wearing. However, I don't find it a turn on, and it's not something I would want my man to do. I'm more traditional that way.

I'm also not into fisting, orgies, or bukakke, but I certainly don't hate the people who enjoy it. It's just not my kink. Don't get your panties in such a bunch. confused5

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 15 Oct 2013 15:10

Topic Do you want/have children?
Posted 15 Oct 2013 10:28

2 boys, 2 girls. Of course it made changes to my body, but not as much as it made changes to my life. Well worth the trade off. They aggravate me more than anyone in the world can, and they make me happier than anyone. They're pretty cool people if I don't say so myself. Shhh

It absolutely put a damper on my sex life when they were young, but there are different seasons in your life to go through.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 15 Oct 2013 08:15

Just checking in to see how things are going. Party as usual I see!

Topic Your ideal address
Posted 14 Oct 2013 19:10

I've actually been here many, many times. Camping anyone???

Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:46


Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:45


Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:43


Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:30


Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 12 Oct 2013 08:20

Dayum! Their platform heels are higher than mine! evil4


Topic Squirting? How real is it.
Posted 11 Oct 2013 18:47

The mysterious, hypothetical Skene's glands... Which apparently not every female owns.

Show me more articles from university studies please... not more from GoAskAlice or Wikipedia. The male prostate gland is responsible for the 'shooting' or dribbling of ejaculate... do the multiple tiny Skene's Glands also perform the same function - literally propelling out jets of female ejaculate as seen in the thousands of videos we've all seen... or is that more likely piss being propelled by bladder contractions.

I've been with women who have peed all over my furniture, bedding, car seats, carpeting and me. And I've been with women who produced a good bit more lubrication than average. Those in the latter didn't shoot any of their lubrication all over me or my upholstery.


This exactly!

I can absolutely understand a little gush or something of lubricant, but soaking the bed? Squirting across the room? Where exactly is all this fluid being stored in the body? I'm serious!?! That's just piss! pee

P.S. Sorry to hear about your upholstery and car seats and carpeting and...well, you get the idea, WMM. happy8

Topic 1
Posted 11 Oct 2013 18:16

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 11 Oct 2013 11:14

Well filled out bio, great story, and very eclectic taste in music. Love it!

Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 11 Oct 2013 05:50

Boondock Saints - There was a fire fight!!


Topic world of masturbation
Posted 11 Oct 2013 04:56

Hi Girls,

In our world of masturbation and now I think we are a more open society. Do we masturbate ourselves better than another person doing it for us. Do us men hit the spots needed to bring our ladies off. Or is it a case of wait until being alone to satisfy ones needs.
I do think this question can apply to both sexes.

Of course, I do it better, because I have A LOT of practice; however, it's always more exciting to have someone do it for me. jerk

Topic Funniest GIF marathon
Posted 10 Oct 2013 17:10

Topic Taxi driver offer
Posted 09 Oct 2013 13:37

Hi Girls,

Your in a taxi and the driver is very chatty, but he makes plenty of sexual advances towards you . He also flatters you, and makes you laugh. Then he makes you an offer x amount for a blow job or x amount for full on sex, and a free ride included . Would it be a no, or a think about it, or would the money be his pass to get between your legs .

Fuck NO!

Yeah, we're all whores. Bring on the money and free cab rides! cussing

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 09 Oct 2013 06:54

Topic So who IS the biggest Rock Star on the Planet?
Posted 09 Oct 2013 06:23

Doll suggested it, and so...

if it's not Kanye, who IS the biggest Rock Star on the Planet? feel free to include anyone that YOU consider a Rock Star - use your own definition, but dammit, defend it,

Dave Grohl gets my vote! My defense is that he IS Dave Grohl.

Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, his work with QOTSA...and the list goes on.

Also, I would really like to do him! evil4 (Yes, I will share with Mazz and Nikki)

Topic marijuana and masturbating
Posted 08 Oct 2013 06:58

I know it's supposed to be an antiemetic, but it actually makes me very queasy, so smoking pot is the last thing I wanna do before I masturbate. sad1