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Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 21 Jul 2014 11:31

Goodness! Looks like someone's found all those panties that've been falling around here lately. evil4

Topic What's Your Current Mood.
Posted 17 Jul 2014 19:37

cautiously optimistic

Topic Should couples have threesomes?
Posted 27 Jun 2014 14:03

Not a couple that I'm a part of, but that's just me.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 27 Jun 2014 14:01

*sheesh* We gotta get some panties dropping in here.

Topic Dating: What do you women expect?
Posted 23 Jun 2014 19:24

I expect for you to be yourself. Nothing more than that. Good luck.

Topic Make Me Famous [Mission Accomplished]
Posted 23 Jun 2014 19:13


I know I was there not too long ago with "Where's the Remote?" My friends were a huge support in helping me reach Famous Story status and on my birthday, nonetheless. drunken

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 20 Jun 2014 18:15


Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 20 Jun 2014 17:58

love7 love7 love7

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 20 Jun 2014 17:56

You're all so awesome. Love that everyone's in here dropping their panties! WooHoo!!!! drunken

Topic need advise i'm 61 she 44
Posted 15 Jun 2014 11:14

Why don't you ask her out for coffee? No pressure. Meet in person and see where things go from there.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 06 Jun 2014 20:45

Hi All!!! Great to see everyone. Although Friday is pretty much over, thought I would slide these in!!!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 30 May 2014 14:32

Stole this one from Coco. evil4

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 23 May 2014 19:46

Topic Happy 106th Birthday, Java ~
Posted 21 May 2014 19:55

Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a wonderful day. You deserve nothing but the best!

Hope you get all of these and more for your Birthday!! evil4

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 16 May 2014 14:23

Thank God It's Falling Panties Friday

I concur!

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 15 May 2014 17:31

Topic panties
Posted 15 May 2014 17:06

santa Does a man sniffing your panties turn you on??? Would love to be sent panties to sniff by strangers ;)

What's your address?

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 15 May 2014 17:02

Avocado mushed with Sriracha and scooped up with pretzel chips and a Hopalicious beer.

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 09 May 2014 05:22

Let the panties fall... bootyshake

Topic Do you like 69 ?
Posted 07 May 2014 17:52

Hey gals do you like 69 position

It's fine for a bit of foreplay, but I find it way too distracting. confused1

I can't concentrate on your cock of you're licking and sucking on my hoo-haa. Just can't. Sexual ADD?

Topic Sometimes you just know
Posted 07 May 2014 17:27're trying to tell us you have large testicles.

Since there isn't a question, I'm gonna go with this...


Ball size is not a make or break thing with me. You got 'em? Great! You got one? Ok, that works, too.

I've heard/read on Lush more than a few times reference to ball size. "I have heavy low-hanging balls." And so? What the hell am I supposed to do with that info? dontknow

I'm trying to think if there is something that excites me less than ball size?? NOPE! confused1

Topic Husband-Wife-Another Guy
Posted 07 May 2014 15:20


If your husband ask if would would have a threesome with him and other guy what would you think? Also being clear that no homosexual stuff to occur except the DP.

Wait! He wants me to have sex with another guy, but he's not willing to!?! Fuck that! evil4

If he pushed the idea of "sharing" me with other men, the relationship would be over. Not my thing.

Topic Would you or Could you be offended by anything sexual, that your partner asked you to do?
Posted 05 May 2014 15:57

As Lush members, I'm assuming we're all sexually liberal but is there anything (obviously legal) sexual that you're partner could ask you do to that you would be offended by? If so, would you still do it, to please them?

Yes, if he said he wanted to watch me being fucked by another man/men. I would be offended, because he would know up front that this is not something I'm into. I prefer my man to be a bit on the possessive side and not someone who wants to "share" me. Just the thought pisses me off. Not for me. angry7

I'm into trying most things one-on-one with my partner. evil4

Topic To have or not to have.
Posted 05 May 2014 15:50

Personally, I prefer a bit of hair. I don't want a gorilla, but I don't want the man to look pre-pubescant either.


I think men should have some hair.

Topic Not scoring and commenting on stories.
Posted 03 May 2014 09:34

I usually send thank yous when people comment (although not when they just score. If it's a friend, I may mention it to them and thank them, but if not, I see scoring only as a more discreet thing, if that makes sense?)

I'm usually pretty good at thanking them in the first month or two, but after that I'm less so)

If I leave a comment, I don't expect the author to thank me, although it's nice if they do. I figure they've already spent hours writing, editing, proof reading and what not.

I also read for my own pleasure. I don't expect a "reward" for doing it, other than the enjoyment of reading...


I do like to send a quick "thank you" PM. I appreciate when someone reads my stories, because I know they have a lot to choose from. However, I don't expect a "thank you" as a reader.

You know what really chaps my ass? When I send someone a thank you and they don't thank me for thanking them. I mean, c'mon. How rude!! laughing9 laughing9 Actually, I find it very sweet when people send me thank yous for my thank you to them. Most Lushies are pretty damn awesome.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 03 May 2014 07:53

Derby Day

Topic Derby Party
Posted 02 May 2014 19:05

Its around two weeks away to the first Saturday in May. The Kentucky Derby has been called the fastest two minutes in sports. While I don't follow racing much, I do love mint juleps, big hats, and a good excuse to mix the two. So does anyone have picks? A hat they will wear?

Oh and I know that several people really enjoyed Tara Lipinski's coverage of the Olympics, so they might enjoy watching her in action again.

I'm picking Dance with Fate , strictly because I like the name. I don't follow racing at all. I'm going to my first Derby party tomorrow, and you better believe I have my fabulous hat. Lwinking

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 02 May 2014 06:32

ok now that that hotness is out of the way, should probably segue into some FPF:

WooHoo! My favorite day! bootyshake

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 30 Apr 2014 15:49

Topic why send a friend request if you don't know me
Posted 30 Apr 2014 12:47

I was actually 22 when i wrote this
. I guess there are no topless waitresses in your town or somehow you think the angels serve you. You made it apparent us girls don't exist. have fun and bye

Ummm, does that mean you're Jeni? dontknow

No more Lush lunch breaks for me. Now, I'm confused.