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Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 24 Oct 2012 05:26

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. Damn you, Lush! evil4

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 23 Oct 2012 17:14

Ha! Just realized I'm nostalgic for one-hit wonders! evil4

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 23 Oct 2012 17:12

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 23 Oct 2012 17:11

Feeling a bit nostalgic.

Topic Are all american girls shaven??
Posted 23 Oct 2012 15:25

Yes, we are. There was a pubic hair amendment added to the constitution in the late 1990's. Required for citizenship now.

Topic Axl Rose + Garage Band + "Welcome To The Jungle"= God Awfulness
Posted 23 Oct 2012 09:13

Dayum! That was a car crash. Awful but hard to look away. I would be embarrassed for him if I didn't think he was such a douchebag. YeeHaw?? Really?

And what was with that face and noise he made at about 1:00. Looked like he was having a heart attack and reminded me of this.

Now, I'm going to be saying to everyone today " You Big Dummy ."

Anyway, what were we talking about...yep, Axl sucks!

Topic What sets the alarm bells ringing?
Posted 22 Oct 2012 10:34

I agree with all the above. hello1 Only have time for one since I'm running late. (Thanks Lush and no self control)

Identical twins sharing an account. Especially if one likes to party/fuck other men and leaves her twin home to have sex with her husband and he doesn't know the difference between them. I read it here, Folks. Yep, I'm buying that. Nutbag Also brothers and sisters sharing an account.

Topic They say size doesn't matter
Posted 22 Oct 2012 08:47

Women put cans,bottles,12 inch dildos that are 8 inches thick, they do this at some point in their life . I don't think there is a women out there that can find a man she can't find room for. For most men we are probly smaller than what women perfer to have penetrating them, but for most women its about clitoral stimulation. Ask yourself this, "would your women like you to lick her clit with a tongue that is smaller than your penis or have your cock in her" most would say tongue.

We do??? News to me. Is there a date that I need to get this accomplished by? angry7

Topic Cock picture in profile
Posted 22 Oct 2012 04:57

OH WOW! Aren't you the rude and ignorant one. Threaten me with violence again. I dare you.

Now let me break this down so you're better able to understand. Shut up.
Next time you feel that urge to declare your undying love to your husband in a public forum in all the disgusting ways that you do. Deny the urge. It's making the rest of us sick to our stomachs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with joking or teasing one another but you take it to a WHOLE 'nother level of grossness.
This is a public forum and what you're doing is the equivalent of disgusting PDA. You're acting like a child and if you cannot take a bit of criticism with the tongue in cheek attitude that was presented, then YOU shut the hell up. Please.
Take a joke... Don't be one.

DW, I'll gladly loan you the ten spot for this post to add to the pool!! evil4

One last thing on the great cock pic debate. COCK is not the name of the newest Laura Ashley Wallpaper print, although you might think so visiting some Lush profiles. Hey, maybe that's a marketing idea for Nicola??

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 21 Oct 2012 14:04

Topic The man is a lot overweight and not the best looking but you hear....
Posted 21 Oct 2012 13:43

you know, lets get real. it's one thing if your in a relationship with a guy, he's the love of your life, and he eats too many twinkies and balloons up - you know him, know who he is, love him, and though you might want him to slim down again, you're probably not going to dump him over it...

now... dating. you don't know shit about this guy, other then he might be funny or smart, but if he's some dumpy guy and there is no attraction there, no, as much as we'd like to think we see through all that stuff, the reality is, a really nice cock is not going to save me. well, if your the mirror image, maybe, but even then, most of us are attracted to good looking men, or at least men who are reasonably attractive. same goes for the guys, btw - you know, you're attracted to whom you're attracted for, and a large part of that is usually physical - i might sound shallow, but don't try to deny it, there's nothing wrong with it.

In total agreement here. There HAS to be an attraction. That said, it's not like he has to be a model or something. *yech* I just have to find him attractive. For years, I had a huge crush on Tommy Lee Jones (not the friggin Motley Crue guy), and he is certainly not your typical sex symbol. I also don't find George Clooney or Brad Pitt attractive at all, but I think Jack White is super sexy. Typical pretty boy doesn't seem to attract me. I try to stay in shape, so "a lot overweight" doesn't work for me. Sorry, it doesn't.

"Hearing" that a guy has a big, thick cock would be a bit of a deterrent for me. How the hell do people know that? Sounds like a red flag for a man whore, which is an immediate turnoff. And my first thought when I saw you say "Big" cock was. YOUCH!!

Topic why are girls so difficult?
Posted 21 Oct 2012 12:04

I honestly wish I could understand the female brain.
Today my wife went for a sleep, woke up 2 hours later and the world fell down on me for every reason under the sun... From nothing wrong to nothing right ... Why?

Broad, sweeping generalizations like that do no good. How the hell are we supposed to know why she's pissed at you? There are 2 sides to every story, right? Maybe her nap was just too long??? evil4

Topic Watching a man suck a cock
Posted 21 Oct 2012 09:17

Total turn off.

Topic Cock picture in profile
Posted 21 Oct 2012 06:37

No thanks. Random cock pics are not my thing. Don't need to see your cock oozing cum, from a hundred different angles, or cock shadow puppets to show us how big it is

Don't get me wrong, I love looking at the cock of that special someone I have a connection with and knowing I'm the only one who sees it. If he showed it to everyone, not so special at all. angry7

I totally agree with NN, save it for someone who asks.

Topic They say size doesn't matter
Posted 21 Oct 2012 06:20

Right about this size. Regaeman Man

Topic bed time routine
Posted 20 Oct 2012 21:17

How do you sleep? Depends on the season. Summer: Shorts and tank top. Winter: PJ bottoms and long-sleeved T-shirt.

How do you like to have your hair? Down.

favorite position to sleep? Back or side.

How many blankets? Right now, flannel sheets and down comforter now. I keep room super cold and sleep with fan on year-round. No stuffed animal for me, but do have a 130 lb dog who hogs most of the bed.

Which side of the bed? Left.

What do you want your man to wear ? Boxers

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 20 Oct 2012 17:08

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 20 Oct 2012 15:23

Lotsa phone time with my man meat. love3

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 20 Oct 2012 10:14

Since I went out last night, I was thinking we would stay in and just have a game night?

Topic Looking for cyber partner this morning
Posted 20 Oct 2012 09:55

Home alone for weekend and would love to get off this morning message me to play

I love to play. Your turn!

Topic When I was a younger lad I arrived at a girlfriends house who was have a sleep over with five other girls..
Posted 20 Oct 2012 06:35

But CG, don't you remember that one Lush sleepover? We all sat in a circle and ate the .... of the girl to our right. It was so messy with the .... getting everywhere. I have thought many a time that those were the best cookies we ever shared!

How can I ever forget. That was the best cookies AND cream ever!

and as I was walking up to the front door to the house, I noticed through a window the girls sitting together in the basement of the house fingering themselves. Have you ever had a sleepover and had this happen or more and is this common?

P.S. You "noticed" through a basement window? That's not noticing, that's being a peeping Tom. I think the difference is a court-mandated psychological evaluation with the latter. evil4 evil4

Topic Black and Whites
Posted 20 Oct 2012 06:06

Topic When I was a younger lad I arrived at a girlfriends house who was have a sleep over with five other girls..
Posted 20 Oct 2012 05:01

Do we have to have the "stuff that's real/stuff that's porn" conversation again?


I've gone to many sleepovers and nothing like this has ever happened. We always just ended the evening with a naked pillow fight. evil4

Of course, you will get some 19-year-old, bisexual/lesbian slutty virgins to post on here saying they have, but remember they're actually dudes so their responses don't count. evil4

Topic What is your favorite beer,wine or whiskey and how do you like it?
Posted 19 Oct 2012 15:35

Miller Lite for quantity. For taste, I love a good IPA.

Huge fan of vodka, maybe a bit too much. evil4

Very much into Spanish reds at the moment.

Topic discribe the last cock you had?
Posted 19 Oct 2012 10:02

What about cock-shaped item? Batteries included and hot pink. I suspect that will be my answer for the foreseeable future as well.

Topic What are some of the craziest things you have put in your pussy or ways you have masturbated?
Posted 19 Oct 2012 10:00

I once used a Tootsie Pop with someone, that was fun.

Hey, me too. Embarassed But that was loooooong ago.

I'm normally not much for sticking weird things up my cootchie unless it's manufactured for that purpose.

Topic Shaving...Two Way Street?
Posted 19 Oct 2012 06:04

If we ladies should have to shave down there, shouldn't the men have to also?

Sex should not be a barter system. I do this, so you HAVE to do that . That's not the way it should work at all.

I have experienced men who shave/trim. If you haven't, then maybe you can suggest it to the man in your life and help shave him. Shave each other. That would certainly be a win/win for both of you.

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 19 Oct 2012 05:56

I deleted a blog entry, because the pic I hotlinked Shhh broke bad on me and turned into a little square. However, if you view my page as a guest or as another Lushie it still shows up, as someone was kind enough to point out.

Also, I received a comment on a pic, which I can see in his activity feed, but when I click on it I get a 404 error. This seems to happen randomly. I was logged in there when I tried to see the pic/comment.

Ok, I'm gonna quit my bitchin now. Thanks, Gav! icon_biggrin

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 18 Oct 2012 20:40