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Topic Moderator of the Month for September
Posted 06 Oct 2015 09:41

Many congratulations Mags! Very well deserved!

hello1 toast 3601

Topic Abstinence
Posted 01 Oct 2015 14:21

I don't mind at all.
My goal is to test my limits, to see how much control I can have over my body and my desires.

The secondary target has to do with my testosterone levels and my training, but I won't bore you with details on that.

Timewise the target I've set is two months.
Let's see how I do as after I discovered how my body woks I haven't gone further than a week.

An interesting experiment Gerard, and hope it beings good results re your feelings about your self control and your training.

I've had several long periods of abstinence, lasting some years, and to be honest I've never found it fulfilling in any way at all. I find that my sex drive and my creativity and general joie de vivre are closely related. But hey, we're all different. Good luck with your goals.

Posted 28 Sep 2015 16:38

Happy Birthday Ben! And many congratulations on winning the Historical Comp with your wonderful story.

Have a great day!

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Topic Things Everyone But You Have Done...
Posted 28 Sep 2015 10:27

I have never watched The Sound of Music. Really.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Historical Erotica" Competition
Posted 28 Sep 2015 10:24

Congratulations, Ben et al.! And echoing Nicola's sentiment, congratulations to CurvyGalore for placing with her first comp entry! Pour Wine

Thank you so much for your kind comment Jennifer, and to Nicola too for the shout out.

Many congratulations to the top three, absolutely outstanding stories, and to everyone else too. I am totally overwhelmed to be amongst such writing talent so I'm just going to go to a quiet corner and faint now!! notworthy

Topic Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help I can get
Posted 25 Sep 2015 10:57

(Gerry DON'T listen to THE CURVE... Woman's A SLUT!!!)

xx SF

That may be Stephen, but you have to admit I'm a frightfully nice slut.... evil4

Posted 24 Sep 2015 15:01

Another friend of mine has given me the link to this Stephen. Am looking forward to watching it! :)

Topic Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help I can get
Posted 24 Sep 2015 04:45

There is a guy that keeps hitting on me in the gym, most times in the showers. He is a cool dude we trained together for a while now. At first I was surprised but it was very appealing to me. You understand that I have never been with a guy before so I am a bit hesitant.

Gerard, I do sympathise how hard it is to overcome mental blocks about sexuality and follow your desires as an individual after a lifetime of following ingrained social conventions.

There are some wonderful free spirits on here, who are to be applauded. But for the rest of us that journey to sexual realisation is painfully slow, hesitant, full of uncertainty and self-questioning - and that is well before we actually act! The fact you are actually considering this is a huge step, so well done you.

Posted 22 Sep 2015 10:15

Happy Birthday dear Rachel! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Posted 20 Sep 2015 13:59

I am very, very late to the party but am sending sincere birthday wishes all the same! Hope you had a great day! xxx

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Topic how to be friends?
Posted 17 Sep 2015 14:28

Yes, when I'm well enough, I regularly go fishing with my friends (most of whom are male). And we meet up for drinks, walks and barbeques. It's just what friends do.

Those male friends who have partners are fine with us going out doing stuff. Not everything is tinted with sex tones for everyone. It's just people doing friendly people stuff together. dontknow

Perhaps all your female friends are either so attractive that it's impossible not to see them with a sexual slant, or you've not been lucky enough to meet people who share more in common with you yet, that just happen to not ring your bell?

I know this is not answering the original poster (sorry) but what Daisy wrote just said it for me. I have several close male friends, and am friendly with their wives/partners too. Its about shared interests, same sense of humour and just doing stuff as a social group I find my male friends especially steady and reliable socially, which is always a blessing.

Topic Which "attainable" skills would you like to have?
Posted 05 Sep 2015 04:34

CD will do our sewing binky

While we expert ourselves with ludicrous samurai sword skills after watching Kill Bill :-" binky

Sounds like a plan Kiera!! *hands sewing machine over to Cool Daddy and grabs sword* :-"

Topic The Point In Living
Posted 04 Sep 2015 13:17

Just to do the best I can. And always be kind.

Topic What do you think of girls who use fake profile gallery pics?
Posted 04 Sep 2015 07:48

I was interested in the responses. I was kind of interested in the replies from the male perspective specifically. I don't mind that the ladies chimed in.
I perceive guys as being more visual so was curious how they would feel about fake (feigned to be real) profile galleries.

So to answer you question. No the responses in this thread were a big surprise to me. I didn't know it was such a heated topic. I didn't bother reading the responses once the thread got off topic.

Its an oft discussed topic that tends to get a lot of strong responses. As Liz said, people are here for their own reasons; and so that determines their choice of avatar, whether it be a photo of themselves or something that reflects a facet of their personality.

Topic Which "attainable" skills would you like to have?
Posted 02 Sep 2015 15:58

Needless to say I am still embarrassingly bad when it comes to sewing of any kind.

Ninja skills. I would love to have Ninja skills.

I can sew a bit Kiera, and it is not a particularly glamorous skill to have frankly. I would also make a ludicrous ninja. So go girl!! :)

Topic I Would Like To Announce...
Posted 31 Aug 2015 14:57

Many congratulations to you both and very well deserved! hello1

Topic You are going to Writer's Hell!! Bring wine.
Posted 29 Aug 2015 15:00

I'm all for the nakedness and wine, but Twister sounds too much like purgatory!! ;)

This is a fascinating discussion, and I would agree with a lot of the posters here that even if my writing is not based on my own direct experiences or a particular person like any writer I am a magpie. I pick up those things that shine at me and tuck them away. Nothing totally imaginary, just re-invented.

Topic Gay Male category.
Posted 09 Aug 2015 16:04

Am I the only girl that gets seriously turned on by the gay male stories section? or do others share this slight fetish?Embarassed

Slight fetish?? I thought this was an entirely normal and mainstream liking!! 3601

Topic Underdressed or overdressed?
Posted 09 Aug 2015 15:22

I am going with the "overdressed", although I can't imagine ever actually being overdressed, since I wear the same simple 14k earrings with a matching pendant on a box chain necklace, and pretty much stick to a plain but flattering black shift dress and medium high heels when going anywhere, not terribly interesting but it works in 99.5% of occasions.

I live somewhere where smart/casual is preferable to actually overdressed. A few years ago I went with a bunch of girls to celebrate a birthday of one of them at a very grand hotel for afternoon tea. One girl wore a garden-party type dress (and afterwards said she felt embarrassingly over dressed, like she was left over from a wedding) and at the other extreme a few girls wore coloured jeans and leather jackets which was a bit over-casual for the venue. I was somewhere in the middle, which is how I usually try to judge it - smart enough to look dressed up, casual enough not look out of place.

Topic Pet Peeves
Posted 09 Aug 2015 15:01

Closed mindedness. And by that I don't mean ignorant; everyone's ignorant about something and everyone makes mistakes. But closing yourself off to reality and others' views and their personal reality as if it's not real or not important enough to recognize.

EDIT: lol I hope that made some kind of sense. Geez.

yep! I was going to say egomaniacs who refuse to recognise any reality outside of their own self-agrandising fantasy world...

Topic New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted 08 Aug 2015 16:00

lol - Gato is quite impressed with herself at the moment.

And so she should be!! hello1

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 08 Aug 2015 15:51


Topic Why do men...
Posted 08 Aug 2015 15:35

There is a "Push me, Pull Me" aspect to human relationships I think. I desperately want exactly that; until I have it, and then it's the tightest prison in the world. There is a 'thrill of the chase' aspect to it, as was said above, but the more operative idea - at least for many men - is believing that suddenly you're trapped, in a relationship that will inevitably become prison-like. I'm not defending that thinking, just saying it's there.

Oh my word!! You have just summed up something from a male point of view that I have experienced from a female point of view. Its not the thrill of the chase; rather more that sinking feeling that having happily committed to someone I am gradually overwhelmed with all their problems so that I become more of a free counsellor than a lover or partner. And the walls close in...

Topic what are u watching on tv?
Posted 08 Aug 2015 13:17

The Young Montalbano

Topic Gill and Adi's Lush Relationship Guide
Posted 08 Aug 2015 12:00

And a question: I thought stalking someone's tumbler was Lush-speak for letting someone know you like them. Similar to flowers, but with porn and the threat of strangers pouring over the intimate details of your life. Nothing says "you're sweet" like a slight hint of menace.

This made me cackle with laughter!!

Topic Public Service Announcement, Okay?
Posted 05 Aug 2015 17:17

fyi, anyone submitting a story using "okay" instead of "OK" is getting it edited back to "OK" and then forwarded to Clum. evil4

Okeydokey evil4

Topic $100 Prize: Moderator of the Month for July
Posted 04 Aug 2015 15:28

That is highly impressive! Many congratulations Evie! hello1

Topic Public Service Announcement, Okay?
Posted 04 Aug 2015 08:03


You're both right! Have just checked my copy of the OED and aneurysm can also be spelt aneurism. Its just an alternative.

Topic Name something that you learned about yourself since joining Lush.
Posted 02 Aug 2015 14:23

Lush has given me permission to express my creativity and sexuality in ways I would have only admitted to myself privately before, and even that would have been alarming. I am so much happier and more fulfilled as a person as a result.

Topic Burning Star, a new ebook
Posted 02 Aug 2015 14:07

Duly purchased! Thanks for the heads up Frank! :)