Straight Sex(1)


My Trip To Canada

As I walked out of the shower into the bed room, I still couldn’t quite believe that it was really happening. Just a hand full of hours ago I had been in England, now here I was in Canada getting ready to see Heather. We had met on Lush a few years ago and had spent many free hours chatting about whatever was going on in our lives at the time, and a more than a few hours fooling around. Over...Read On



Angel's Surprise

The market was crowded today, perfect, that always made her job easier. Angel was, unlike her name suggested, not a good girl- she was a thief by trade. As Angel wondered through the crowd she spotted a target, he was wearing a cloak but Angel could see that on his right hand was a jeweled ring, a noble or someone wealthy who doesn’t want to be spotted. Angel gradually worked her way ahead...Read On