Master, i'm sorry!

jessy the slave learns her lesson.

"Master, i'm sorry!" By:jessy It was a cold night, mentally and physically. I had disobeyed Master. And he was very upset. So upset that he tied me to our bed, and put my blindfold and gag on me... and left. I was so sad, crying my eyes out. I craved the touch of my Master, and he was denying me. I knew I deserved it, but I didn't accept it. Let's back up a little bit. To what I did. ...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Your Guidance

Your Guidance By: Jessy Your guidance is firm, Your guidance is pleasure, From the hits of the leather, To the tickle of the feather, Your guidance is my light, My reason for forever, Master, I love you. Forever and ever. Appreciation poem to my Master. :) even though I have not known you long, I love you Master....Read On