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MWM here. Been in a pretty much sexless marriage now for several years so my primary sexual outlet these days is masturbation. I enjoy reading stories found here and on ASSTR. Also spend time occasionally on sites such as Xtube and Xhamster and Jackinchat. As I am married I don't do cam or voice but I enjoy chatting and especially email.

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24 Jun 2018 07:19
Hummm...my areas of sexual interest include mother-son as well as brother-sister incest stories, first time stories both male/female and male/male. The list goes on and on! Non-sexual interests include hiking, reading, and a new found interest in photography (I'm definitely a novice here!)
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Popular fiction, some non-fiction and some autobiographies
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Golden Oldies from the 60's and early 70's, New Age music such as Enya, and even some semi-classical.


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Topic: Which is your favorite boobs size
Posted: 18 Jan 2014 12:55

A nice handful is usually about right for me. More important is that they be natural and sensitive to stimulation. Also, I have a preference for nipples that are not too large. Puffy nipples can sometimes be a turn-on as well for me.

Topic: Guys, be honest: can breasts get too big?
Posted: 18 Jan 2014 06:40

Love a small to medium handful. The same with nipples. And puffy nipples that are still relatively small are the best of all, in my opinion.

Topic: Big boobs vs Small boobs
Posted: 16 Jun 2013 19:34

I like to view anything from a small B cup to an average size C cup. But at the same time, a woman's breast size needs to compliment her body size. Also have a preference for smallish size nipples if that matters...especially when they are swollen or erect.

Topic: To shave or not to shave, that is the question!
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 13:43

Short answer for me is "yes". That is to say that I prefer at least one or the other. Generally a shaved or trimmed bush is more attractive to the eye and also facilitates oral activities. Strangely though, sometimes in viewing porn, I sort of like seeing a hairy mons (though not a lot of hair round her labia).

Topic: Quick question, Dick or Cock?
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 11:37

I wonder if the popularity of either term, cock or dick, is related to one's age. For instance, I am in my early 60's and "dick" was the term most often used when I was growing up and even today, I have a slight preference for that term rather than "cock". But since the latter term seems to be much more in vogue these days, I have reached a point where I find the use of either term to be quite erotic. And as others have already pointed out, varied terms for penis are preferred to one term being used consistently throughout a story.

Topic: detailed masturbation survey
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 10:46

Are you male or female?

How old are you?
How many times a week do you masturbate?
3-4 times a week (until I was about 50 it was almost daily unless I had sex that day)

How many times do you orgasm each time you play?
One is my limit usually.

Where do you masturbate:
In bed?
Sitting at my computer?

What do you fantasize about when you play:
A friend?

A stranger?

A member of the same sex?

A past lover?
Definitely yes!

What position do you play in:
On your back?

Sitting at my computer?

How do you play:
With left hand?

With a toy?

With water from bath?

Written erotica?
Definitely yes!



What is your favorite porn:
Straight sex between man and woman?
Yes- my favorite porn!

Gay or lesbian sex?
Gay sex, yes if it is not too over the top.

Lesbian Sex, to a much more limited extent

Blow jobs/oral sex?



Age play?

Yes if I am in that sort of a mood

Role playing?
Yes, but have not had much experience in this area (would like to though)

Yes, depending on the "kink".

Have you ever masturbated to:
Email messages?
Yes, I love exchanging email with the idea of it being used as masturbation fodder

A chat room dialogue?
Occasionally when I have the opportunity to enjoy such uninterrupted.

Exchanged stories or pictures?
Another favorite of mine!

Have you ever:
Been caught masturbating?
Yes, still fantasize about the experience on occasion.

Masturbated for a man/woman?

Masturbated for the same sex?

For men and women:
Do you taste your cum?
Only in my fantasies. I do LOTS of things in my fantasies that I do not do in real life.

When was the last time you masturbated?

Are you wet or hard now?

Are you going to masturbate now?
Unfortunately, no- a private moment is not available at the moment.

Are you a masturbation addict?
I don't believe myself to be addicted any more than any other man even though I masturbate on a regular basis.

What is the most you have played in one day?
Twice but usually just a once-a-day sort of person.

Topic: Cameltoe yes or no ?
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 09:24

Like Buz, I am definitely a supporter of cameltoes. But just as erotic to me are women who show a pronounced mons. Show me an attractive cameltoe or mons and I'll show you a bulge every time!

Topic: what is your sexual fantasy yet to be experienced ? would you dare to get an experience, if you get
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 08:19

Anal sex with the woman of my dreams. Well...okay, actually anal sex with any sexually attractive woman!

Topic: Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted: 15 Jun 2013 08:15

David Lanz playing Cristofori's Dream
If you've never heard this piece, you might want to give it a listen. Below is a link to it on youtube. Talk about music made for lovemaking, this is! The first part is reminiscent of slow, languid foreplay. Then the tempo increases until you (and your partner) reach your orgasm(s) the middle at about 3:00 minutes or so and then towards the end tapers back to a much more sedate tempo perhaps indicative of the afterglow of sex.


Topic: When you're making love to a girl what really goes through your mind?
Posted: 11 Jun 2013 12:41

I saved a story that I read long ago that has a couple of short paragraphs in it that seems to address this question very well. Notice especially the second paragraph... "She cried out. Her body shivered. Her pussy clutched at my cock deep within her. She cried out again and again. I fucked her as she came.

For a man, orgasm is not simply pleasure, but is also the projection of one's self. In ways, cumming is an act of domination. It's a man planting himself inside of a woman. It's him becoming a part of her. In the act, we do not have a chance to think of this. Thinking is impossible. In the act, we are only animals. But we feel this.

I felt that. I wanted to cum inside Leta because I wanted her as mine.

Face twisted in the agony that is also ecstasy, I groaned as I came.

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