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Topic Dear women... Facials.
Posted 16 Jul 2016 23:33

Not on my face, nor on my hair. I have lots of other places that are available. No one needs cum in their eyes or up their nose.

Topic Titty-fucking
Posted 16 Jul 2016 23:31

Mine aren't big enough, so no one has ever asked me! dontknow

Topic Things you don't understand even when they're explained to you.
Posted 03 Jul 2016 12:04

American politics. Very different than here in Canada. And, from what I see and read, there are many reports of some sort of criminal activities of Clinton, plus the extremely outrageous views of Trump. It seems to me to be more out of a reality TV show or something. Maybe I am just not understanding how this whole thing works! I don't understand how either of these people might be president.

Topic How much or little do you need?
Posted 26 Jun 2016 23:39

I usually wear thongs, but I have quite a few Brazilians, and a few G strings (for special date nights). I have been trying some Hipsters recently, but still prefer a pretty basic thong.

Topic The story you wish more people had read?
Posted 26 Jun 2016 23:33

I find it interesting that there is often no correlation between how many readers I have versus how many voters I have for a particular story. So, for instance, my highest read story: A Woman in Need has over twice as many reads as my highest scoring story: Husband Shows Me Off on Our Honeymoon .

I never write to see how many people will read or how many will score, I write because it is my pleasure and a way to express my self, my feelings and my life experiences. With that in mind, I think I would have liked more people to have read my story that has the highest votes (Husband Shows Me Off...). That is because the story is about the event that launched me into the new and exciting sexual journey that I have been enjoying over recent years. It is more to do with my journey than the "story". I like people to get to know the "me" behind my stories.

Topic How many of you ladies actually get off when you're cybering?
Posted 20 Jun 2016 13:26

If I cyber, and it's not that often, yes I do because that is why I am doing it!

Topic Bathrooms
Posted 19 Jun 2016 23:30

Separate I think is still best, unless of course it is a one person any gender room. I don't quite understand what all the fuss is about, anyway. Why not have, instead of men and women signs/bathrooms, have a sign that says those with penises use this one, and those without use this other one.

Even with sharing, then maybe men shouldn't stand up and pee into the toilet. That usually means I have to wipe off their pee before I sit down. Plus try not to step in the puddle that is in front of the toilet. Are there so many guys who dribble everywhere or miss or won't clean up after themselves? dontknow

Topic Girls - does your man talk, groan or stay quiet during sex?
Posted 10 Jun 2016 12:59

Mine is really quiet. But, depending on our mood and how horny either of us is, he will talk dirty, and I love it. Other times, we are too busy to be talking. Overall, no major grunts, groans or yells, unless something wrong happens (like a leg cramp, for example.... a most unpleasant interruption and a very loud reaction!)

Topic Rejection vs Approval
Posted 20 May 2016 15:11

To me it is like editing your own work. Sometimes we just don't see it from some one else's view point. With that in mind, I never complain about any story rejections We should be all learning from everything we do, and improving daily. That's part of life! I welcome feedback and edits.

Topic Ladies, do you like tasting your own pussy juice?
Posted 20 May 2016 15:07

I don't go out of my way to, especially if I have been using some sort of lubricant. But, it's fine. Usually I get a taste after having oral sex and then kissing. It's all good and all part of making love.

Topic Are your wants, desires, and fantasies currently being fulfilled?
Posted 18 May 2016 16:07

I would say that I am happy and content. But I would also say that while I have wants, desires and fantasies, some of them should probably never happen, some of them are great to dream about but most likely would not be so fulfilling in real life, and some of them just need to stay as fantasies! Shhh

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 17 May 2016 16:35

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 08 May 2016 12:53

Going out for Mother's Day brunch with my family! eat

Topic Are women into the forbidden stuff just as much as men are ?
Posted 02 May 2016 22:41

like.... chocolate? :)

Topic have u ever felt so horny that u lost control of urself?
Posted 13 Apr 2016 20:43

Definitely, but it is a controlled losing of control, if that makes sense. I choose to let go!

Topic Sex after 60?
Posted 13 Apr 2016 20:41

Well, for me it is lots of love and attention! Everyone has different things that work for them. For me it is treating me like I am the most valuable thing in the world. So when I am treated like that, and loved like crazy... I will do anything for my lover! And, I love to please as well. When life gets busy, sometimes you just have to book a regular date night, regardless of work. In any relationship, both parties have to want to please the other one and meet each other's needs. Find out what her needs are and explain what your needs are and hopefully you can come to some mutual agreement.

Topic Is staring (within certain limits) okay?
Posted 13 Apr 2016 20:35

I don't mind being checked out... but it depends on who it is who is doing the checking. Sometimes it is very creepy and feels wrong. Other times it is wonderful. But, continuous staring is rude, I think. Because, first off, are they staring at me because I am attractive to them? Or am I ugly to them? Do I have a wardrobe or makeup malfunction? Is there bird poop on my shoulder and I can't see it? So, thinking as I am typing, then yes, staring too long isn't appropriate. Occasional looks - glances and even a smile is fine, as long as you aren't drooling or looking evil. Sometimes I just stare back to see what is really going on in their eyes.

Topic Heel height
Posted 07 Apr 2016 00:02

The older you get, the higher heels just don't work so well any more! (Well, I suppose it isn't the shoes that aren't working... probably just me) I have one pair of 5" heels, but the only time I wear them is usually when I am on the bed and rarely do I have anything else on me, except for my husband! 4" heels I can get around in, but again, it is usually just before making love. 3" no problem. I wear them out (or in!)

Topic do u feel sexual need while u chat in lush with a stranger?
Posted 06 Apr 2016 23:46

Usually I either am or am not horny when I come on to Lush. More often than not it is to hang out, respond to people commenting on my stories or what ever, plus chat or catch up with my friends. So, it isn't usually being on Lush that makes me horny. But, often times I am already that way when I do come online. So, when chatting with a stranger, I rarely get excited. I either am already or I am not. But occasionally it can be playtime and I can have some fun!

Topic How often do you cum on Lush?
Posted 06 Apr 2016 23:38

Ok how about lately :)

Well, maybe soon! Anxious

Topic anal anyone?
Posted 20 Mar 2016 19:27

Don't mind it, but no particular fetish! bootyshake

Topic Happy endings or sad endings - which do you prefer?
Posted 20 Mar 2016 19:23

For my writing, I have never thought of happy or sad endings. For the most part the stories reflect an event in life, so I don't really think of them as happy or sad. As my stories here on Lush are all, obviously, of an erotic nature, I do make sure that the main character (usually me) is fulfilled sexually. But, it isn't always happy or sad. Sometimes it's just the end of the activity, or the day, or the holiday, or the event. Sometimes things don't work out in my stories as they were planned. Unexpected turns happen all the time. Happy? Sad? Not sure... but hopefully... very erotic! If my story turns someone on or inspires someone, then that is good enough for me.

Topic What's the best sextoy for a total beginner ( female ) ?
Posted 16 Mar 2016 14:16

Me! Lwinking (nothing like a good tutor)

Topic Barefoot in public
Posted 16 Mar 2016 14:12

Never been with anyone (that I knew of) that had a foot fetish. Flip flops are fine for me. I live close to water so always barefoot there at the beach, of course.

Topic Relationship status and flirting
Posted 15 Mar 2016 23:41

I have my status as being in a relationship with myself. So, I am very secure in my identity! Sure I am a very happily married woman, but by all means flirt with me! I will flirt with you too. Lush is a place where I can have some fun with like minded women and men. I will always be in charge of my postings and everything I do and share on Lush. There are enough bad people out there in daily life that if I run into any here I just unfriend them or block them or ignore them. I'm not here to find a soul mate, just have some fun and make some new friends. 2407_group_hug

Topic What's Your Favorite Position for Anal Sex?
Posted 14 Mar 2016 23:57

Still a work in progress. Haven't settled on any particular position. Sometimes no position works well. Tried standing leaning over the counter for the first time and it didn't work that well. Will try it again and see! Always open for ideas and new methods. bootyshake

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 12 Mar 2016 07:24

Coffee, the fire place is on, and looking out at the storm and knowing I don't have to go out in it! A cozy Saturday with my lover.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 10 Mar 2016 17:26

Some blue sky and a touch of the sun peeking through the nasty black clouds. Lovely! cheerleader

Topic For the Older Lady - What Keeps You into Sex?
Posted 29 Feb 2016 22:29

I couldn't agree more! You are only as young as you feel. I am in my 40s and have more interest in exploring now than I ever have before. It seems my interest grows through the years rather than diminish...and I am not complaining one bit! :)

Why do you think that is? I am not sure if it is just "a sign of the times", or we are losing our inhibitions, or we are breaking free of things that kept us back when we were younger, or we just want to do more... or maybe a combination of all of those and possibly more?