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I'm 26yrs old, I have no kids as of yet. I have an extremely high sex drive, but i don't cyber, sorry guys. ill chat about anything. I haven't posted in my blog in a while now. Its been hard to write about that point in my life. I think i might be ready soon though.

* IF YOU WANT TO CHAT* you MUST pm me and ask me to open a chat window. For whatever reason I CAN NOT open them if sent to me.

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BDSM, reading, writing, anything that has to do with water, i love cooking and experimenting and trying new things. (and yes you can take that more than one way. lol)
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The sleepy beauty series, harry potter series, lord of the rings series, Inheritance series, the anne rice vampire series, and soo many others.
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I love 007 james bond. I like funny movies like Bruce Almighty, and kids movies like Pokemon forever, i also really like Xmen, harry potter, lord of the rings series and of course loved Avatar.
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I love most music. Im a big country fan, but oddly enough one of my favorite artists right now is Lady GAGA. The only thing i don't really listen to is rap and jazz.


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Topic: What is on your "wish list" for Christmas ?
Posted: 16 Dec 2012 18:52

For this world to be a safer place for our children.
I wish lush had a like button.

Topic: The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted: 16 Dec 2012 18:44

Has anyone noticed that all these shootings occur where guns ARE NOT ALLOWED? schools, shopping malls, theaters. All places where legal, sane gun owners are not allowed to take their weapons. When someone decides to do this, they know no one going to stop them. Instead of taking guns away they should allow them everywhere. Will it stop the crazy/criminal people from trying? no. Will it limit the causalities? I really think it will.

I have no problem with making gun laws stricter as far as being able to get them. I think everyone should be trained (extensively) in how to use them and have to pass a mental health check yearly. Taking them away will accomplish nothing as the "war on drugs" has proven. If someone wants something, and are willing to pay for it, then they will find a way to get them. I would really rather have something to protect myself with than have to wait on police who are understaffed, overworked and quite a distance away. This is america, pizza can get to your house faster than the police.

To me the real question is not about the guns, but how our society allows people to get to this point. I believe this is several problems rolled into one. I believe part of this is the media glorifying what they did and splashing the shooter all over the news. They are celebrities, everyone knows their name. They were nobodies in life but in death, they are famous and known across the world. The media needs to stop this. The focus should be about the victims not the killer.

We know all the shooters in things like this are friendless and alone. We know this yet, we as a society do nothing when we see the odd kid walking down the hall getting bullied. No one bothers to eat lunch with the guy who always sits alone. We do nothing to connect with them as human beings. No one cares about them, why should they care about anyone else. We as a society can not continue to ignore others and still expect them to be care about what happens to you later. It doesn't work that way.

We know they come from broken homes, either divorce or some time of abuse is going on or both. People who are close to the families say they knew they were struggling but they didn't want to interfere, didn't want to get involved, so they sat on their hands and did nothing. these people have no support network, they feel alone and are rightly, angry with how their life is going. They have no one to vent to, no one to hold them when they cry, to understand their pain.

So i ask you, when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and stood up for someone? Did the right thing and told the bully to shut up? Told HR that your boss was unfairly coming down on so and so? Decide to take the time to get to know the loner, the goth, the weird person at work? Ate lunch with a stranger because they looked lonely? Its not that hard to makes these stop, we just need to care about everyone so they in turn will care about us.

i had one friend, who years later confided that when i made friends with them, i not only saved them, i probably saved a lot of people in the school as well. Did i stop my school from being the next columbine just because i decided that while i was in school, no one would be alone like i had been in the past? I don't know. All i know for sure is that i had over 30 friends in school. All the people who no one wanted to hang out with. The geeks, nerds, weirdo's, gay's, lesbians, bisexual, anyone that the majority of the school rejected we took in. They were lonely, angry, struggling with life at home, some were suicidal or just plain weird. We gave them a network of people to come to, to vent and laugh and socialize. I didn't know how important what i did was, until years later when my friends all had families of their own, jobs and homes of their own.

When i hear about these shooting and suicides on the news. People raising hell about guns and security, it makes me angry that they want to try and slap a big band aid over it by changing laws or taking things away instead of getting to root of the problem. There is no law that will fix the problem. If they take away guns, these people will still be angry, lonely and will just use knives or bombs or poison. stopping events like this will take the american people deciding to give a damn about each other. To stop accepting divorce as a easy solution, to make marriage important again, to make family important again, to know our neighbors, to be tolerant of one another and to be kind to others.

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Its true, and it will always be true. Whether that child is 2 or 50 its still true. We need people to be happy. This issue isn't about guns, or video games or violence on TV, its a human issue about people being ignored, abused and neglected by their fellow human beings.

Topic: What is on your "wish list" for Christmas ?
Posted: 16 Dec 2012 17:25

I'd like some money for my Amazon account so I can buy "sleep no more" by iris Johanson. I'd like to find employment and a place to live in Texas so I can stay close to my dysfunctional but much loved family. That I will be blessed with a Christmas/Yule miracle of finding a good editor that I can actually afford and that my book will sell well when it finally hits the market.

Topic: when did you masturbate last?
Posted: 14 Dec 2012 21:25

this afternoon in the tub ;)

Topic: How you got interested in BDSM, with questions
Posted: 03 Dec 2012 19:11

How did you get interested in BDSM?
What factor of it attracted you to it in the first place?
Where you always submissive?
Where you always dominate?
Where you always switch?
If so how did you come about it?
Do you think you were always into it now that you are in the lifestyle?

just curious! If anyone has anymore questions to add, feel free!!

I was drawn to from some kink stories one of my friends told me, i found them arousing and when i looked into finding more stories like that i found bdsm sites and started learning.

Yes I am always a submissive. It is my nature.

No, never, except with other sub females. I will take lead if i am allowed. I prefer it. I hate having other females trying to tell me what to do.

No i have never been a switch

I can't say i was born for this lifestyle but i was certainly raised in a way that made it likely. I enjoy a dominate man's touch and the forcefulness of his will. That's the way i think it should be. Men leading with women in a supportive role. I think its easier on both sex's that way. I know there are some who would disagree and that's fine. this is just my experience and my opinion.

Topic: Would you sell yourself?
Posted: 03 Dec 2012 19:04

I would actually do this if i knew my family/friends wouldn't know and all clientele is STD free. I love sex and i think every cock is beautiful. <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

Topic: Skinny,Curvy,BBW
Posted: 25 Jan 2012 01:11

I like curvy girls. skinny girls turn me off.

Topic: To Be Sucked or not to be Sucked?
Posted: 10 Aug 2011 21:56

My ex bf doesn't like oral. Either way. I love sucking cock. :)

Topic: Last Post Wins!
Posted: 23 Jun 2011 14:03

I win!

Topic: Things you shouldn't do but do anyway....
Posted: 23 Jun 2011 13:59


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