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anyone want to help me out by editing and critiquing my story?

16 Jun 2015 05:22

Seriously, people get banned from voting now if the writer doesnt like the review? So is the new policy just to butter everyones butt and have bad writing?

15 Mar 2015 02:00

I wanna chat... please Daddy?

11 Apr 2014 20:23

Trimming up my friends list.

08 Sep 2013 20:58

New blog posts going up in the next several days if anyone wants to know.

21 Mar 2013 18:36

19 Feb 2013 17:08 a poem for the recent shootings.

16 Dec 2012 20:02


13 Dec 2012 19:52

Chat with me while i write my story?

07 Dec 2012 19:32

Completed a story. need an editor if anyone is willing.

03 Dec 2012 18:13


18 Jul 2012 22:30

New Blog POST

06 Mar 2012 22:59

Working on a new story right now. hopeing to finish it today. Maybe this time i can get it posted.

14 Dec 2011 12:51


11 Aug 2011 02:56

Updated my blog if anyone is interested.

09 Aug 2011 00:13

Anyone wanna chat?

10 Jul 2011 05:45

Thank you to all those who took the time to read my story. If you want to read my story, the link is in my BIO.

09 Jun 2011 17:18

I posted my story on a different site, check my bio for details. My blog, which also has a link on my profile has been updated as well. Thank you to everyone who stops and reads. I appreciate it. Hugs.

06 Jun 2011 07:04

i didn't get any questions lol. New blog post is up if you following my blog.

29 May 2011 07:16

Ok, one question and one question only. Everyone in my friends list gets to ask me one question and I have to be totally honest. Post this to see what questions you get

27 May 2011 14:07

My story was denied! complains bitterly So i have to rework it so its acceptable. Sry guys you will have to wait a bit longer

25 May 2011 23:48

Licks, hugs and kisses to Goodnbad for staying up so late with me and editing my story! hopefully it gets approved.

22 May 2011 03:56

Anyone wanna edit/help with my story? i just finished it this morning.

20 May 2011 13:57

I wish we could add pics to the stories we post...sigh

19 May 2011 22:13

Working on my new story... hope to have it up by the end of the week. HUGS

09 May 2011 10:00

Sorry been off the site for ages, now getting back to it, how is everyone?

08 May 2011 11:10

ok, im ready to finish my story (finally)

12 Dec 2010 04:48

I’m living proof that women can have an insatiable sex drive

10 Dec 2010 04:46

finished the banner for my new story! almost done with the story itself hugs

07 Dec 2010 02:38

writing a new story. anyone wanna be my editor? pls?

04 Dec 2010 07:14