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Ok we shall see if anyone sees this.. Should i post some dirty pictures of myself?? Inbox me if you think so??

13 Feb 2012 20:49

I dont even know what to do anymore..

10 Feb 2012 01:53

Happy xxxmas to all..

24 Dec 2011 11:40

I wish i had a toy/dick in my ass and a pussy on my face or dick... God damn im honry.. I wish my fantasys would cum true

23 Dec 2011 01:55

I finaly have pictures thanks to a great friend

30 Nov 2011 00:06

I wish this site would let me mobile upload pictures...

13 Oct 2011 00:22

I think i may have found the lady of my dreams, hope this goes well and she starts to see me the same back..

22 Aug 2011 05:34

So if anyone reads this, could ask some advice?? How can i get this lady that i REALLY like to notice me.. Plus im on facebook.. If youd like to be friends on there email me and ill give you some info.. Then youd know what i look like

12 Jun 2011 23:32

So i wish things could go my way for once.. Still tryin to find computer parts.. Im also on face book.. Let me no if ud like to be friends on there.. I can keep a sercret can u??

21 Mar 2011 15:15

I so wish i can find this part for my computer so i cant put my stories and pictures on this great site, its to bad they cant make an upload from a phone.. Oh well

07 Jan 2011 22:58

Well im still new to this site.. Feel free to add me.. Im very respectful and caring..

07 Dec 2010 20:16