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Topic: North Korea and The United States
Posted: 15 Aug 2017 21:55

Oh really? You have selective vision Dani. Take another read through this thread.

Is it better to call people dickheads, stupid, assholes, ignorant, suicidal, self harmers, piece of shit? That was NOT a racist comment. It was a joke. I don't have anything against Korean people in general. Only that crazy fucker. Seems you can say just about anything else on these forums.

Perhaps if I'd made a meme it would've been acceptable? There's memes worse than that all over this site.


Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 15 Aug 2017 21:24

Jack is such a fucking asshole! (Lisa dared me to post that! lol) ...oh, Lisa's Jack, not any Jack here on Lush!

I think all Jacks are assholes. My python is named Jack and he bites me on the regular.


What's it like to get bit by a python? Imagine sharp velcro.

I wont even get into the details of when he crawled into my toilet and I found him there are 3 am.

Posted: 15 Aug 2017 21:13

Is it just me or is this season seeming very rushed. The first 6 seasons were so meticulous and methodical. This one seems like they are just trying to go through the paces just to get a a pay off.

Still the best show on TV, but I'm getting the feeling that they are trying to tie this up before the actors' contracts come up for renegotiation.

Topic: Tolerating Intolerance
Posted: 15 Aug 2017 20:51

Just a note... can we please differentiate between racist post and post making fun of racists?

I like to call this the "Borat Effect."


Now most intelligent people will watch Borat and obviously come to the conclusion that is a form of comedy poking fun at anti-semites.

Unintelligent people will watch Borat and come to the conclusion that this is a racist, anti-semitic character and everyone involved is racist and anti-semitic as well.

Sascha Baron Cohen is Jewish. To suggest that he is anti-semitic is a ridiculous notion. But some people simply don't understand comedy.

I will always make fun of racists, bigots and simpletons. I will mock them with every dying breath. If you have the right to speak freely then I have the right to make fun of you. If you can't handle jokes, religious talk or anything else, then maybe you should lobby Lush to create a Think Tank lite for pussies.

Because it seems like there are a select few that are more concerned with "outrage shopping" than creating and entertaining and insightful forum. If you want to find a bogeyman, then there is a lot more material you can use other then trumped up pseudo-racism.

There really is nothing more annoying than people who try to suggest that they are somehow "above it all" by censoring others who actually have an opinion.

If the ignorant right wingers and extreme left wingers have one thing in common...it's that fact that they don't know how to take a fucking joke.

Topic: Euthanasia
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 18:59

From the things that cannot be unseen dept:

Here in South Florida, we've seen more than our share of 200+ pound Canadians, with that sunbroiled bright red "tan" all over their formerly pasty white bodies, wearing nothing but a speedo and some white stuff on their noses. And by saying 200+ pounds I'm being nice, some of them are well north of 300.

DamonX, you're more than welcome to have all of Cascadia if you'll just promise to keep your human walrus imitations on your side of the US/Canada border.

If any of you reading think that DamonX's countrymen and countrywomen are all supermodels who put everyone in the USA into fat shame mode, just venture down here and ask any year round resident of Hollywood, FL. Or just take a walk down the beach in the wintertime and check out the Canadian snowbirds as they tempt the skin cancer gods. Or don't. Some things really can't be unseen.

Wow.. You jumped all over the "fat" thing. Despite the fact that I actually didn't even mention it. I'm glad to see you actually watch all my youtube links.

Good job at channeling your inner 13 year old girl. I'll tell you what... you can PM me and I can give some pointers to lose that beer belly of yours.

I know that knowledge of the outside world is not your forte, but you might be surprised to find that Canada is actually a pretty big place. My Family had two time shares in FLA. I spent summers in Orlando and in Jensen Beach. ( I also went to Tampa, but that was just way too white trash for me).

I've noticed haven't posted too many pics of yourself. I m waiting with baited breath to see your gorgeous form

Topic: Where do you get your news?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 18:34

The American media are too involved on both sides of the divide to even see that they're pushing an agenda so I pretty much skip them entirely except when I need some comic relief.

I use the internet to access offshore outlets to try and get some unadulterated news in my "news". One I find useful that I haven't seen mentioned here yet is Sky News that is based in the UK.

One thing I find refreshing in off shore broadcast news media is that their on air personalities are not in any sense seen as "entertainers" so their egos don't seem to intrude on their news delivery.


In Soviet days there were two main print news outlets, Izvestia ("Truth") and Pravda ("News"). A common joke on the street was "There is no news in "Truth" and no truth in "News".

Sadly, the American news media has pretty much caught up with their old Soviet counterparts.

Is that why you constantly use right wing media sources to justify your comments?

Oh...I get it...confirmation bias.

So you admit that FOX news is bullshit?

By the way... who uses the term "offshore"?

Topic: Does the 2nd Amendment only apply to white people?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 18:27

The Second Amendment recognizes the fundamental human right to self defense not just against criminals but against a potentially tyrannical government.

Umm sorry... A bit too late. This is simply an excuse used by uneducated trailer trash to justify their love of shooting watermelons with assault rifles. Stop sucking the dick of the gun industry and maybe consider that every other western developed nation doesn't have legalized hand guns or assault rifles.

OH my god!! Sweden, Ireland and The Netherlands better legalize M-16s and AK-47s to prevent tyrannical governments from infringing on the rights of its citizens!

New Rule: If you are American, then you have to actually pass a basic quiz on world history before embarrassing yourself in the Think Tank.

Topic: North Korea and The United States
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 18:11

I was citing history to show that Trump is not the first President to threaten a military response, but perhaps the first to get the kind of reaction we have just seen.

Come on, TrollBoi, was it really that hard to pick out the point of my post? Or are you just being willfully obtuse, again?

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

I really think you need to work off some of that hostility. It's having a negative effect on your reading comprehension and/or your cognitive ability. Maybe you should just go out and get laid. Hopefully with a female of your own species. No, your mother and sister don't count. But I guess we'll look the other way if you have to pay someone to hold still long enough.

Have a really marvelous day!

I actually thought you were just getting a stipend from Wikipedia for every irrelevant reference you make...

What are the search terms that you use when you are trying to engage in your "fancy internet learnin"?

"American history/what do Trump's balls taste like?"

By the way...Are you actually using incest based sexual insults now? Aren't you a Republican from Florida? What are you going to toss at me next? Are you going to critique my mullet and my choices of upper lip-hair and the pros and cons of having chewing tobacco outlines in the right v left back pocket of my wranglers?

You've had sex with one woman on your life! I know that in your fantasy psuedo-1950s mentality you think that's actually a good thing but you might want to actually do your research before using silly outdated insults that will come back to bite you in the ass.

**Content removed by moderator.**

Topic: North Korea and The United States
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 17:35

Thank you for using my name. :) I'm not sure how you you managed to shoehorn the Barbary War into this topic but good job!

Also congrats on dispelling the Trump hate but then using Trump to once again try to make this a Democrat vs Republican thing.

Now I'm on the American side of this topic. But I don't recall JFK's administration coming out and telling the American public to "relax" because "ol' Jack doesn't know how politics works."

Do you ever post anything on here that isn't just sucking Trump's dick? Is there anything that this overgrown child can do that would shake your faith?

You rationalize your silly link posting as some way to annoy me when in reality it's just a lazy tactic that bogs down threads and makes you seem like an idiot who can't manage to form a paragraph. Among intelligent adults, one would summarize the findings and then provide links as reference. You just keep embarrassing yourself by posting links.

You might was well just say "I'm not smart! But I can refer you to someone who is!"

Or maybe just use your mouth for something than Trump's cock-holster.

Sorry Trinkle...Was that too much to much controversy for your thread? I'll be waiting for you to correspond with some witty repartee and some new comments injecting your vast nutritional acumen to go along with your obviously vast international political insight. :)

Sorry.. everyone. I posted the wrong picture.


Sorry...babies all kind of look the same to me..

Topic: Trump's New Immigration Policy
Posted: 12 Aug 2017 23:07

The events last night and today in Charlottesville, Virginia are a direct result of Trump and his hysterical immigration stance.

Thanks Trump voters. This couldn't have been accomplished without your votes and full-throated consent. Thanks for taking us all back to glorious 1968.

https://upload.lushstories.com/1001857905-Trump's Base.JPG

Isn't it ironic that the home of the guy that actually wrote the the words "all men are created equal" has now become the site of the "Right Wing" Lillith Fair.

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