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Topic The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted 26 Apr 2018 07:17


My eyes crossed at the second stereotype. Couldn't, wouldn't read the rest.

I know a lot of gun owners. I'm not aware of any who use firearms as a substitute for Viagra or Cialis. And to top it off, your smear doesn't have an explanation for the growing number of gun owners who are female. Are they also having a difficult time with ED? Perhaps Hillary was on to something. Perhaps these women own a gun for the same reason they voted for Trump: their husbands told them to.

You might want to give the subject a bit more thought.

Do you realize that you are the only person on this site continuously talking about Hillary? Maybe you should stop watching FOX news and you'll realize that Hillary isn't the President.

Oh...what? Trump did something stupid again? Well, let's get Sean Hannity to bring up Hillary again to distract all the sub-intelligent, redneck dumbfucks...

And don't lie and try and tell everyone that you don't equate your childish gun fetish with masculinity. You and your guntards-in-arms have continuously made comments to other members on this site indicating as such.

I get it. If I was a crusty old man that looked like a piece of beef jerky left out in the sun too long, I might feel the need own a toy to make myself feel more "like a man" as well.

Maybe you should spend less time at the range and more time at the gym. It'll do wonders for your self confidence.

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 26 Apr 2018 06:52

my point was that when people decide to kill they will find a way. ban guns,fuck it,i'll use my car. Shhh

I think this may not be the first time you used this ridiculous argument...

If you actually have thought about your argument and still spout this stupid shit then congrats.... You are officially a stupid stupid person.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though and accept the fact that your responses are probably just the mindless responses of a senseless airhead.

So have you just not thought about your argument? Or are you really that unintelligent to not see a difference between an AR-15 and a car?

Please let me know, so in the future I can either pat you on the head and treat you like the child you seem to be, or systematically rip apart every ridiculous argument you make on this subject.

In the future, maybe anyone born below the Mason-Dixon line should state that before they post, so the rest of us can just say "oh...ok. You've been brainwashed since birth and we wont take anything you say seriously."

Topic Disrupt Racism
Posted 26 Apr 2018 06:41

These were the people the Third Reich classed as "subhuman". in German "untermenschen". Nowadays, some use the term "garbage people".

I do so love how you continuously equate yourself with people that have experienced actual discrimination.

It's hilarious that you actually have the balls to chime in on these threads.

The fact that you deny racism at every turn (unless of course it involves people in ovens or guys in white sheets) shows just what kind of simplistic view you have on the issue.

It's almost as stupid as your child-like views on mental health.

I'm sorry. Being a stupid old bigot with antiquated views and an inability to learn doesn't make you a persecuted minority.

Topic The Fabulous World of Headwear
Posted 25 Apr 2018 22:50

The Fabulous World of Headwear

Of all articles of clothing, absolutely nothing has the evocative power of headwear. Nothing signals royalty as a crown does, nothing screams opulence as a top-hat does, and a cowboy without his hat obligatory has his status reduced to that of a mere rancher. Throughout history, hats and headwear have always been a predominant evidence of culture, religion, allegiance and social/military status. And although in our modern era they've mostly been relegated to the rank of purely cosmetic/optional accessories, they still retain the ability to speak volumes about one's personality.

Do you appreciate headwear yourself? What are your favorite items to wear on your head?

What can possibly make a specific headwear fall into the douchey territory? Are beanies appropriate during warm weather? Are baseball caps suitable in a restaurant? Is there any type of headwear that you would consider too ostentatious, or are you a lenient supporter of peacocking instead?

Thanks for sharing!

I that Kate Beckinsdale? I'm ok with whatever she chooses to wear.

Topic The Simpsons: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Posted 25 Apr 2018 22:38

I wonder how long it will take the professionally offended to demand that The Muppets get rid of this guy.

The fact that you equate a nation with a population of 8 million with a culture of over a billion people shows just what kind of person you are.

There is a massive difference between taking a small nation and using stereotypes to make them more noticeable to the outside world...and taking a culture that is actually a worldwide majority and reducing them to convenience store owners and taxi drivers.

Seax could make an actual argument with regard to this subject, but as per usually he plays to the lowest social denominator.

You're always telling other people that they shouldn't be offended yet you cry like a baby when anyone makes fun of guns....

Now that the Seax bashing is out of the way, let's address this issue.

The character of Apu was created back in 1989? Those jokes were funny back then. I also thought this guy was hilarious...

Side note... Speedy Gonzalez was also my nickname in baseball.

Now though, they would come across as simply unoriginal. Simpsons is now in its 29th season and Apu is just a stock character. At this point, eliminating the character wouldn't really have any affect on anything. When I think about all the cartoons I watched as a kid, they were rife with racist caricatures. Just look at how black people were portrayed in old Disney cartoons.

All the peripheral characters in the Simpsons tend to be stereotypical caricatures. I watched the documentary and I can sympathize with Hari Kondabolu. If I had to endure a childhood of kids saying "thank you, come again" every time I walked by, I might be pissed as well.

The issue of Apu is one that permeates western entertainment. if you watch "Master of None" it does a very good job of shedding light on the difficulties that South Asians face in the entertainment industry. That aspect is changing though as more Indians get involved in writing and producing.

Assholes like Seax will tell other people that they have no right to "be offended" while normal people will learn from the past and make things better in the future. (and hopefully make better jokes).

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 21:41

And saying that guns should be banned is a ridiculous statement by anyone who makes it. The choice of weapon is irrelevant, just as you say I am for the statement of banning vans when the important details are the life's lost and I get that. So leave the choice of weapon out of the equation and realize that crazy people are set out to do crazy shit and will always find a way.

If a choice of weapon wasn't relevant, then you probably wouldn't be spending a large percentage of your time online arguing for your rights to own a specific "choice of weapon."

Your childish argument is tantamount to the belief that all nations on earth should have access to nuclear weapons. After all... If all nations have nukes, then won't the world be a safer place?


Will there be at least one asshole out there that use that technology to hurt others?

We can look at the world and say "Hey, America can have nukes but Iran can't." "The United Kingdom can have nukes, but North Korea can't."

As an international society, we decide who can and can't have access to these weapons.

When we minimize this to the national level, we make the same judgement calls. Which weapons are reasonable for people to own and which aren't?

We all have a line but the line differs depending on the nation we live in. Japan bans all guns and as a result they have 1-5 murders per year. That's in a population of 126 million people. The United States sees guns as a money making industry and they have 100 murders per day.

In Canada, we ban handguns and assault rifles but we still allow hunting rifles. So we fall in the middle of these two extremes. Gun violence is proportional to the accessibility. That's a proven fact even thought the guntards will always leaf through history to find exceptions.

Then we come around to the modern argument that "if you can kill someone with a car then cars and guns are equivalent."

I think that most rational humans can see the flaws in this argument. At this point, I'm not sure if people like doctorlove are actually of lesser intelligence or if they are just trying to support their team.

In this case, a vehicle was used because it was the most accessible means to cause the most damage. If this guy lived in the US, he could have gone to walmart and bought an AR-15 and murdered 100 people. Stop trying to equate cars (that are required for every aspect of our society) with guns (that are toys for you to play with and reinforce your masculinity.)

Those arguments may be cool with the uneducated guntards that you look to for pseudo-intellectual reinforcement but for the rest of the world... you just look like a baby crying for his rattle.

But back to this actual situation...

I'm extremely critical of police. This is a prime example of how a police force should act. Police in Canada act as protectors. Even in the worst situations, the main goal is to protect the populace. They never feel as if they are "soldiers in a war."

But why didn't they just mow down that guy? Because they knew that he didn't have a gun. Compare this... a situation in which a person killed people yet was taken in peacefully... to the numerous police killings that occur in the US where the cops just assumed the perp had a gun.

And that's the difference between two nations that have diametrically opposed views on guns yet share the exact same culture.

Now we can take this pathetic idiot and study him and and use the information gleaned to prevent future incidences.

I laugh when these idiots actually use this incident as a "pro gun" argument.

Topic The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted 25 Apr 2018 20:06

Glad you were armed Brandie, they would have done their worst on you!!

I had a guy approach me in the dark with no one around as i approached my car. I suspected he was up to no good by his speech and jive talking, as he got close he did not stop like any normal person would, to signal a greeting, rather he moved aggressively. I pulled my pistol and yelled one more step and your dead! He stopped about 2 feet from the barrel pointed at his head to close and i was against a car, not able to back away for distance. I told him to back up! he was in apology mode then but we both knew i was not buying it, as i cursed his mother, as he was hesitating, he started jive talking shit again, not moving back!! I moved my left hand out to the side to distract him, as he watched it, i pistol whipped him back int the last century, surely fracturing his face/cheekbone. it was not a temple strike he still barely maintained, and started staggering off away from me moaning loudly... I asked him with a sweet tone please come back " oddly he did not? He stagger out of site in the pale light i had no idea who he was but i'm sure he went to hospital , and has a life long souvenir such a rewarding experience i was glad i didn't kill him, the fractured skull was so much more of a reward to me and he will have a bit more problem getting a date ...scott

From all of us on Lush, I would like to thank Mormon Dirty Harry for bringing the word "jive" back into the modern day lexicon.

Such a forgotten word.. soo sad.

This guy must be cleaning up in the chatrooms. Attention ladies.... there's a middle aged racist with hair on his lower back and a bi-weekly paycheck coming in from the local sand paper factory.

And... surprise surprise... he owns a gun.

And thank you again for regaling us all with your masturbatory fantasy of beating a black guy with a gun. I'm glad you could find a forum to re-post your middle school style prose. It's like Fifty Shades of Grey without the sex parts.

PS... let me know how your cyber sessions with Brandie go...

Topic What is your favorite movie so far this year? (2018)
Posted 20 Apr 2018 21:16

This film debuted at that Cannes festival where it picked up best director an best actor.

Definitely the best movies so far this year. I was released limited on April release but gets a wife release April 20.

The fact that it was released to early indicates that the studio doesn't have the confidence to put marketing dollars behind it, but I expect it to get a few nominations in cinematography and sound design.

Ad if you you are looking for a Liam Neeson "Taken" style action movies... look elsewhere. This is a very artistically done film with some of the most realistically portrayed violence I've ever seen.

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 19 Apr 2018 19:13

Fuck off!

Case closed.

I'm sure we'll all be waiting for you to regal us with more fitness gems that your mommy told you.

Or maybe you could find some 1990s baywatch screengrabs to use as your avatar.

Topic How much do you love to read and how often?
Posted 19 Apr 2018 19:03

I do not like to read


And here I thought Brandie was in between War and Peace and Moby Dick. I'm astounded think that she would be able to pick up anything more than "deep frying chicken for dummies,"

Damon bunny

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:45

New poll...

How many times did Seax blow his load after posting pictures of bullets?

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:40

Try to keep some perspective folks. He's a loonie tune. But in that he's no worse than the loonie tunes you see every day at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, UK. Are you telling me that Canada has none?

Why are you so obsessed with Canada?

Why do you see every thread as an attack on your nationality?

We don't hate you because you are American. We hate you because you are the epitome of a 1950s caricature of an old white racist. You're just a cowboy hat and double barrel shotgun away from being a slightly more racist Yosemite Sam.

Why are you even on here? Don't you have a Holocaust denial conference to attend?

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 19 Apr 2018 18:09

I n a new poll 1/3 of Millennials believe the earth isn’t flat. What do you think the cause of this is? Is it the erosion of our education system? Is it the permeation of conspiracy theories through less than reputable sources on the internet? Are Millennials using the flat earth theory as a stand in for rejecting societal norms? What is your opinion on this?


You don't have to be like Seax and post continuous links, but you should reference the poll that you base your thread on.

Topic Donal Trump... will he be able to buy his way out once again ?
Posted 18 Apr 2018 21:29

Need? Not even close. If you want to be more specific then go for it.

Good luck persuading Canada based Lushies to stop telling the USA how to run our political system. We'd lose about half the traffic on Think Tank alone.

Maybe you should start your own thread... "Americans Only".

Buzz made a thread about Catalonian separatism and you still just tried to bring the topic back around to American politics.

You choose to be on an international site... you only talk about American issues... yet you take offence when non-Americans address issues you continuously bring up?

I think you make the mistake of thinking because you have little knowledge of the rest of the world, you think the rest of of the world has equally little knowledge of you.

Sorry. No.

Your xenophobic simple mindedness doesn't translate to the other 6 billion people on the planet.

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 18 Apr 2018 20:32

blah blah blah

Talk to the hand, cos the face ain't listening

Well the face should listen... Especially when the face is borrowing comebacks from 90's sitcoms.

What's the matter? Too many "science-y" words for you?

Tell you what... contact me privately and I'll give you the "abdominal exercises for dummies" version. Maybe then you could post an actual picture of yourself as an avatar and not some idealization of a 14 year old's wet dream from 1989.

Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 18 Apr 2018 19:52

He's an actor. He's playing a character.

He preys on stupid people in order to sell his "emergency disaster kits" and Bone broth supplements.

He actually did a 3 hour interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that you can see on youtube. You can see into his actual personality. He's clearly obsessed with certain things. Inter-dimensional child molester tops that list.

But just like Trump, he doesn't cause good people to turn into bad people. He just allows the scum to rise to the surface were it's visible and can be scraped off.

The Sandy Hook conspiracy theories however, put him firmly in the garbage person category.

Could you imagine having your child murdered at school and then be constantly be bombarded by unhinged assholes who harass you day and night by phone because they went off their meds and watched some sweaty fat fuck's youtube video?

But just like with Trump, I don't blame him. I blame the legions of fucking idiots that watch this shit and actually let it influence their behavior.

If the market exists for dumbfuckery, then some enterprising individual will look to corner said market by spoon feeding garbage to the garbage people.

I do love how he considers himself the "ideal man." Seriously? This?

Dude... you are a fat guy. You're not strong. You're not powerful. You look like a sweaty bowling ball with hair.

And if any of you out there support this gleaming red, sweat drenched bowling ball... please let me know.

I'm always looking for a fight.

Topic Flat or Round Earth
Posted 18 Apr 2018 01:05

It's youtube and the democratization of information. People have lost the ability to evaluate information.

It's the death of expertise.

In a world where you can choose your facts to suit your beliefs, all actual knowledge takes a backseat to one's own beliefs and ideas.

Topic Donal Trump... will he be able to buy his way out once again ?
Posted 18 Apr 2018 00:46

You a meth head?

No.. she's a mentally challenged girl with parents that pay for her apartment and internet access.

I work with brain damaged people for a living but this is a different animal.

Let her say what she wants, and turn the other cheek as she goes to chatrooms and gets taken advantage of by bored middle aged men who make her feel like the princess she thinks she is.

Topic Chick Fil A in The New Yorker
Posted 17 Apr 2018 23:45

I've never had Chic-fil-A. As far as I know, the only franchise in Canada is in the Calgary airport.

I haven't had it but I would definitely try it if given the chance. Pickles on a chicken sandwich seems like an abomination against the culinary gods though.

As for their antiquated religious beliefs... Welcome to the USA. When a company wants to get a bit of notoriety they pull out this religious bullshit.

Oh what's that? you make a good chicken sandwich but you hate gay people? Have fun trying to sell stocks in the next ten to twenty years.

Bigotry is not a foundation for long term investment.

I'd love to revisit this in 10-15 years. I'm sure all these antiquated garbage people will throw their supposed principles out the window and wrap their chickn sandwiches in rainbow wrappers as soon as it affects their bottom dollar.

Topic Post a picture
Posted 17 Apr 2018 17:40

Easily my favorite fit chick for quite some time now.

Alex Silver-Fagan.

Yes yes and yes.

can anyone say "perfection"?

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 17 Apr 2018 17:27

Not that weird a combo. Well. If he’s doing them in the same day all the damn time then it’s weird. Putting it together into one exercise isn’t weird though. Dumbbell hip thrusters are a great way to combine a squat pattern with a shoulder press. That sounds too advanced for this dude though.

I'm assuming that he's doing a workout of legs with shoulder presses tossed in.

As for combining squats and shoulder presses in the same exercise... I'm not a fan. Any amount of weight that your shoulders can handle will be insufficient to provide the adequate resistance to work the muscles of the upper thighs. Full body exercises are kind of en vogue these days but I prefer to isolate muscle groups

Topic How much do you love to read and how often?
Posted 17 Apr 2018 17:01

I pretty much read all the time.

I'm doing a lot of research these days so I kind of spend my life reading.

I do use audiobooks a lot more these days. They're great, especially if you have have to drive a lot.

Aside from the stuff I read for professional reasons, I usually read one to three books a week. At any given time I usually have between 2 and 5 books going. Novels I usually read front to back, but a lot of non-fiction (which is what I normally read) I pick up and put down constantly.

Topic The Fabulous World of Headwear
Posted 16 Apr 2018 21:44

I'm wearing a simple black toque.

I just shaved my head so I wear t to avoid looking like a total MMa fighter.

Topic Movie Reviews
Posted 16 Apr 2018 21:35

Hah, I'm feeling quite a bit of pressure now. Please don't crucify me if my recommendation only end up wasting 2 hours of your life. sad1

I watch a lot of movies and I rarely feel like I've wasted my time. I can usually glean some value out of what I watch. I can appreciate everything from the music to the set design.

Maybe you'll enjoy the New Mulan that they are making. The actually cut out all the musical numbers which is kind of a bummer for me. There's s song in the original that I do a punk cover of when I play live. Great song and great 80s style training montage.

My neighbors love when I play this song drunk on a Friday night with my off-tune accoustic Martin. dontknow

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 16 Apr 2018 21:21

I recently joined a gym near my place. I have extensively worked out on legs and shoulder presses. I need some tips to streghten my torso and stomach muscles . so any tips on the workout regime?

You should probably just get a trainer and get the basics down. Most trainers are fucking idiots, but judging from your OP, they will probably know more than you. (legs and shoulder presses are a weird combo)

It all depends on what your goals are and what type of body you are starting out with. Are you endomorphic or ectomorphic? Are you wanting to drastically change the way your body looks? Or are you just wanting to be a bit more healthy? Are you looking to gain weight or lose weight?

These are all questions that matter when it comes to designing an appropriate exercise regime.

At the very least though, you should be working all the major muscle groups in the body. Initially you should probably add 1-2 back exercises and at least one chest exercise in addition to the stuff you do currently. Make sure that you do chest and back before you do shoulders though.

When it comes to the stomach... do you want it stronger? Or do you want it to look better? A lot of people equate the two, but that's not the case.

You can get a "strong" stomach easily, but having it look good is another issue all together.

If you are just starting out though, then you are kind of in a golden age when it comes to working out. You can make minor fuck ups but if you remain consistent you will make more gains in the the first few months than you will for the next few years after that.

Just avoid taking advice from females on the internet that have no knowledge of male physiology.

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 16 Apr 2018 20:24

Use these drugs and supplements.

1. Desoxyn
2. HGH
3. Preworkout Matrixes.
4. Cellucor Weight Loss Stack.
5. VPX Redline Energy Drink (A real energy drink, not like Redbull, which is sugared water compared to this liquid meth, lol)
6. Twintech Muscle Pills
7. VPX Stack.
8. Creatine Tri-Mesylate, Creatine Magnesium, Kreaklyn.
9. Phenylpiracetam, Nefiracetam, Fasoracetam, Coluracetam.
10. Concerta ER.
11. Mirapex ER.
12. Various Testosterone Like Steroids (The ones that don't have estrogen after-effects.
13. Drink BOTH Gatorade and Water. Preferably non-colored Gatorade.
14. V8 Juice. The 100% Juice kind, both the Juice and Vegetable Cocktails.
15. Every supplement at

Is this a joke? Or did this person just buy the latest copy of muscle and fitness and list all the stupid shit that he saw in the ads?

And what the fuck is non-colored Gatorade?

Topic any workout tips guys and girls
Posted 16 Apr 2018 20:04

There's a sure fire way to strengthen your abs. I do them every day. Lie flat on your back and put your calves on a chair, so that they are parallel to your back. Make sure the back of your knees are almost but not quite touching the front edge of the chair. You are now effectively making a letter Z. Cross your arms over your chest and lift your torso up as high as you can. Repeat until it hurts. My Mum showed me this, who is a doc. It gives the most benefit to your abs with zero involvement to the vertebra.

D x

What you are describing is actually 100% vertebral movement. Do you know what vertebrae are?

Oh wait... Your mom told you this? And she's a "doc"? Well then, let's all listen because we all know general practitioners have extensive knowledge when it comes to exercise techniques....

What you're describing is just a sit up. By putting your legs up on a chair, all you are doing is decreasing the range of motion while immobilizing the pelvis so all the movement is accomplished by the lumbar vertebrae. So you are actually minimizing the work done by the rectus abdominus, while maximizing the risk to the spine.

Doing crunches with your legs up on a chair is fine, but doing full sit ups in that position keeps the risk the same but decreases the reward.

Dammit... I swore I wasn't going to weigh in on these types of threads....

Topic What is your favorite movie so far this year? (2018)
Posted 16 Apr 2018 19:46

I did this around the same time last year, so I thought I'd do it again for this year.

Last year Logan, Get Out and Wonder Woman were in the front.

Thus far, 2018 has been pretty light.

What do you think is the best movie of 2018 so far?

Topic What are you top five favorite documentaries?
Posted 16 Apr 2018 19:36

1. Religulous
2. Anything and everything by Ken Burns
3. ESPN 30 for 30 (pretty much all of them)
4. Wild Wild Country (Just came out...available on Netflix check it out.)
5. Planet Earth ( I kind of wish I was a pot smoker when I watch these because it seems like they would be so much better)

Topic Movie Reviews
Posted 16 Apr 2018 19:27

Beauty and the Beast stuff

I Haven't seen the 2014 version but I'm downloading it as I type this. (I just hope that I can get it with English subtitles.)

I agree with SR's assessment of the new B and B. It's just Disney using brand recognition to peddle the same story to a new audience using updated technology.

And that's fine. That's what Disney does. They aren't exactly known for original ideas... They borrow intellectual properties and make them more accessible to the masses. Can anyone name any original thing that Disney has done since Mickey Mouse?

And I agree. Emma Watson? I enjoy her. But as Belle? I don't see it. She's attractive but she's not "Helen of Troy" attractive, which is kind of what this role asks for.

I love fairy tales. Not the Disney-fied fairy tales but the original Germanic and French tales that incorporated mythology and history to construct a very dark narrative that delves into the darkness of the human condition. I continue to believe that these are an untapped resource when it comes to modern entertainment.

People once thought that "comics" were for kids, yet "comic movies" (side note: I hate that term since comics are a medium and not a genre) have proven to be a financial boon for the modern entertainment industry.

If you take something that people have an emotional and nostalgic connection with... and update it... you can make gold.

With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every other major studio is trying to replicate that success instead of developing their own ideas. Adult themed fairy tales won't sell Happy Meals, but if they could take one and use the same themes that have made it stand the test of 300 hundred years....

I'd love to see a modern take on "The Juniper Tree," or a Hansel and Gretel tale that takes place during the siege of Leningrad when cannibals were snatching children off the streets.

They wont make a billion dollars, but I still believe this is an untapped resource when it comes to the entertainment industry.