First Time(1)


Our Wonderful Summer

Tiffany spices up our sex life

Summer time in the Rockies is the best time of the year. The days are warm, and the nights cool very comfortably. My wife and I both enjoy this time of year. The view out our back picture window is breath taking. This year it is more so, because an old neighbor's daughter, Tiffany, came to visit. Tiffany decided to visit the Rockies after her senior year of high school. Being from the...Read On



Saturday night lights

Mom made me forget football

Football season had started, and I was feeling down. Dad was an up and coming offensive co-ordinator for the local college team. I was to be the quarterback that was to lead the team towards a third straight bowl game after many down years. However, a car accident on the way home from practice  last week left me bruised, with a shoulder that needed a couple weeks rest. So here  I sat, home on...Read On


A Stormy First Time

They said that severe storms were on the way. That is why my wife called and said she was going to stay at a friend's house. They had a basement. That just left my daughter and I at the house. It had been a warm day. I decided to watch the local television stations. That way I could keep track of the storms. My daughter, Mandy, decided to grab a quick shower. Mandy was the source of some...Read On



With A Little Help From My Friends

Step Dad Takes My Virginity

I could not wait for the spring college semester to end. Any more teasing from my sorority sisters about being the only remaining twenty year old virgin would ruin my summer plans. I knew that my virginity was going to be lost soon. And the best part was, my step father was going to do it, and he did not even know yet. My name is Lauren, and I was a college sophomore. I joined a sorority...Read On