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I strongly stand by the Human Rights of all people, and the equal rights of women.

Remember that the kind of human being you are matters more to me than your cup size.

My interests are in good reading, and talking to friends I keep.

My interests are far beyond my ability to manage them. I just love life. I have always been enchanted with it, and I won't change that. As a post war baby-boomer, I will never give up my faith that what you put into life, you get back. No you do not always win, but if you lose, make sure you can say you left it all out on the field and make victory your awareness that you played the hand you were dealt in life the best possible way. We call that "keeping the faith baby."
To me, loving someone is having faith in someone else, and believing that they do not change their stripes, but keep that core faith that life is a good thing if we want it to be nearly all the time. That's how we come to love it and others so much.
When you first get to know me you can say that I am an kind, loving, giving man. But I am also told by women that I have some real empathy for them, and their point of view, and that that
does not make me very masculine, or what many women want. It has taken me most of a lifetime to learn how to do that because I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in America,
and had to learn to box and wrestle until no other young man my age dared challenge me.
A few did and NO ONE from then on ever challenged me again. Moreover I NEVER cower in the face of life's challenges in standing by my children, women and what I respect (see above).
I have met some of the most incredible people here and have cut my friends list down drastically because I do not want to mislead others. I can only get close to a small number of people at a time...I mean really small.
So yes, I can be disenchanted at times but I always bounce back. I am too gutsy to ever take NO for an answer in life.

Relationship Status:
Reading, writing, music: singing and listening, SUDOKU, Logic puzzles, Sabrmetrics, art, science, sports, going to the beach, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, QiGong, world cultures and history, and many, many more.
My friends interests.
Favorite Books:
Most of the great classics of world literature in English or often in their original languages.
Shakespeare's Sonnets and Plays, especially Hamlet, MacBeth, Othello, Lear, etc.; The collected works of William Butler Yeats; Friedrich Hoelderlin's Hyperion; and so on.
In English: Shakespeare, Yeats, Emerson, Dickinson, Twain; in Russian: Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, Pushkin; Chinese: Laozi, Chuangzi, Confucious; Spanish: Cervantes, Neruda; Portuguese: Coehlo, Camoes; Greek: Plato, Homer, Aristotle; Latin: Cicero, Virgil; etc.Levinas, "Otherwise than Being." Locke, "Second Treatise of Government." Shakespeare, anything.
Favorite Authors:
So many I could list them by language. See above.
Favorite Movies:
Far too many to list.
Favourite TV Shows:
X-Files (Gilian), Elementary (Lucy Liu) and Ellen DeGeneres Show. Charlie Rose Interviews. I watch very little TV. Very little.
I am much more into the performing arts than TV. Sports I prefer to see in person, especially with a friend.
Favorite Music:
Classical, jazz, Latin, gypsy, folk, ballet, international (any culture or language), no borders in musical taste.
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22 Oct 2013
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Topic: Post a random fact
Posted: 30 Jul 2016 08:32

Well it does depend on source and what you are actually calculating

The contrast is big for some very obvious reason, mainly:

1. The total amount of time spent fighting
2.. The number of troops committed
3. The fact that Russia was invaded, so most of the battle was spent on their own soil (and then civilians etc became involved)

In this case too, the situation was that Russian was under the Provisional Government of 1905, with Nicholas II hanging on by a thread. Because his son was a hemophiliac, his wife especially believed Rasputin was the "holy man" who kept him alive, and the Tsar turned to him for a military advice which was DISASTEROUS. With all those casualties, Russia had to pull out of the War and depose the Tsar.
That is when Vladimir Illyitch Ulianov (=Lenin) took a train into Moscow and started the Great Bolshevik Revolution.
Here President Wilson, with the GREATEST reluctance to enter the War.
So our troops entered late in the War, though their entry was crucial.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 21:17

https://upload.lushstories.com/1503528935-trump election wall.png

You rock Hayley!!

Topic: I'm absolutely rubbish at...
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 20:57

accepting injustice.....

Topic: do you prefer big or small boobs??
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 17:05

Your response is perfect, my sweet friend.

I think it is too Chrissy.

Topic: Post a random fact
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 10:21


The 'Russian Death Toll' is estimated to be above 3 million lives, whilst the US has a death toll of around 120,000 (due to WW1)

Either way, I'm not sure why you are linking those two statistics?!
Genuinely not sure, so I'm actually asking the question....why are you pointing out the death toll of Russia and USA in WW1?

I just rechecked and the total of deaths to military killed in battle and wounded in battle who later died of those wounds is 1.7 million.
The new source gives our casualties at 53,000.
The is great debate as to how to calculate casualties during that war.

The column just says, random facts. So I pointed out the random facts for those two countries. The contrast is very big and makes one wonder why.
A little research about why opens up some major facts about our country and why Russia reacted so violently to the number of deaths.

Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 17:31


Topic: What are you reading?
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 13:14

The Biography of President James Polk

Topic: Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 13:12

eBay for some merchandise.

Topic: You Wake Up On A Deserted Island with the one above and say...
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 00:39

"You are as beautiful as I have been told."

Topic: Would you go private with the person above you
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 00:36

Oh yes

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The Hayloft

In the dance hall, the lights are dim amber as you are walking back to your seat after a few fast dances. This scene is so familiar to me now, yet it never gets old. I've got it bad for you, yet you don't have a clue. As I sit at the rail, I order up a Courvoisier cognac to give me strength, and watch your every move intensely. Your eyes are so deep and sparkling with the joy of the...

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May I Love You? May I stop here before you, And linger a while? May I ask you to dance, And get a big smile? May I reach for you gently, Your palm now in mine? May I place my hand here, Right at your side? May we step so very slowly, then quickly like this? May we speak in hot tango, Our moving, sweet bliss? May I dare to catch you, And hold you like this? May...

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I Kissed A Butterfly

I kissed a butterfly, My lips made her weep. I whispered to a butterfly, "Go not to sleep! Just stay awake, Why, I can make you weep!" Butterfly kissed me back! So I then quickly licked her, Most tenderly and sweet. She gushed with her excitement.  I can not be discreet, My heart was pouding loudly While kneeling at her feet, Like a suckling new born calf Right at its...

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My Love Calls Me Teddy

My love calls me "Teddy" Her heart calling mine I can never resist it Her voice is divine My love calls me "Teddy" A smile to my face As if she affirms me With her sweet, loving grace My love calls me "Teddy" My soul becomes tender It sends me to Heaven My life I would send her My spirit sends roses Bright red in bouquet For sending her blessing to "Have a...

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I Am Rom

I am Rom, My life it doth fly, Through hither and yonder, We ride you and I. Through the earth’s golden valleys, To the mountains above, We hang, heads in sorrow, No-“where” to call home. Twas ever a “one day,” A moment of bliss, Saw first my “Dark Eyes,” In the heavens domed skies. Stars all a glitter, The augury told, Fate it embraced me, My heart...

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Damned Ole Black Hole

Now before you go yelling And pummeling me Just hear these words Sooth sings unto thee! Damned ole black hole It's following me Wherever I go: By the tree swing Down at the lee But hardest of all It lays beside me… Every night, when‘s time for sleep The hole gets a bit deeper Swallowing me All night it stays there Calling to me With the voice of my angel Who once dreamed with me. ‘twas...

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Take My Sweet Lips, Babe

Take my sweet lips, babe Every gentle pore Let them make open Your tightly locked door Know that you'll want them The spirit they show No, not beneath them Are passions like snow? Just sweet, soft and tender Lips warm to your heart Then over your body They’ll warm every part Your face, oh so precious Your breasts so divine Legs soft as smooth satin Core sacred,...

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If thou would be here with me

If thou would be here with me Wearing silk eggshell flows I would have played Pachelbel’s Cannon Taken your hand as if a sweet rose Roaming ‘cross the dance floor In sweet flowing elegance The candle lights flickering Illuminating your face Every delicate feature Alive in its grace… Your heart beat I’d know it As it races like mine Look to each other And see the divine Your...

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I Love You Suzy

Eyes so light blue Like the heavens above Stole my heart away Sweet gestures of love Lips made for kissing Wear an endearing sweetness A kindness there shining I see my completeness Your skin is like satin Your face oh so soft Slight brush of my hand Just sends me aloft Gold hair is so lovely Curves gently round your face Caressing and holding Thy head, as...

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Just One Little Finger

Just one little finger That's all that it takes To make my love wiggle To give her the shakes... Just one little finger Poking here, jabbing there Makes her so sticky All over down there! Just one little finger It's sucked in, then two She kisses all my fingers With succulent goo! So if you have fingers And your love is about You'd better offer So she doesn't pout! You don't...

Added 05 Jun 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,680 | 15 Comments

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