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My West Coast Games series is now available in the new members-only Lush Vault. If you missed it last year, please give it a read! Also available on Amazon.com for non-members. As always, thank you for your support with my writing! xx

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A special thanks to everyone for your comments and support on my series 'West Coast Games'. I'm now working on the prequel to the story from Roxy's POV called 'California Girls'. These two novellas will be bundled together in eBook format sometime over the summer. I realized there's more story to be told, so stay tuned for more Roxy and more West Coast Games.
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09 May 2014 09:16

PART THREE of West Coast Games has been posted. This is the final chapter of the story. Thank you so much for the amazing comments on this series and for coming along on a darker kind of erotic journey with me. It's been an intense ride. xx


25 Apr 2014 13:09

PART TWO of West Coast Games is now up. Things take a darker and hotter turn in this one where head games and jealousies abound. Not for the faint of the heart. But I hope you enjoy.
The final chapter will up sometime next week. Thank you again for the wonderful comments on this series, the encouragement and the support. xx


17 Apr 2014 19:20

NEW STORY: In the mood to soak up a little SoCal surfer heat? West Coast Games - Part One is now posted on Lush. This is a three part story in total. Part Two will be up within a couple of days. Please check this out if you have a bit of time, and thank you so much for the support! xx


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Please check out my quickie entry for the comp, Girls Like That. It's only 1500 words, so it's a fast dirty read. In the meantime, Happy Holidays! xo

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Brigitte Bardot at the Soho Grand

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It may seem like I've been unusually quiet on the writing front this year, and that's because I've been writing a new book! Toy Stories: Sensual Fantasies Inspired by LELO is now available for download on Amazon. This is a collection of eight brand new stories at a total of approx. 60,000 words, with LELO's official consent, advisement and approval throughout the stages of development.
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2UH6CM or you can check out the Lush Publishing section of the forum for more info! Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my writing! XO

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Hot new writer alert! Check out this new story by MadMartigan. It's the kind that lingers in your mind even after you've read the last word. The Lush talent pool around here is deep!

24 Aug 2013 09:48

Hey Dirty Readers ~ My book titles are now up on Smashwords! If you're on a budget and didn't pick up Playing Dirty last year, you can now buy the two new (ie. not online) individual stories (Little White Lies and The Bachelorette Bounce) for just $0.99 each. You can also download a couple of freebies to add to your Kindle Collection. Check out my new photo album on my Lush profile for details, synopsis and individual book covers or just click here to get straight to the goodies: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ashleighlake
As always, thanks so much for the love and support! Mwah!

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Check out my NEW Hardcore Category story, now available on Lush. This is a very graphic rough sex story, intimately shared, in explicit detail. This is probably the dirtiest story I've ever published, so if you're in the mood for some Hard Candy come taste my latest offering and let me know if it hits your sweet spot. This freebie is also to thank those that have always supported my writing along the way and a hot sticky way to start 2013! XO


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By popular demand, the complete 50,000+ word novel version of the cult hit, The Bitches in the Basement, is now available for instant download on Amazon.com! With over 35,000 words worth of brand new content, this book is wicked dirty with plenty of twists and turns, featuring your favourite dirty girls and all the chaos they love to bring to their game. Check out the forum announcement or click here for instant download:

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Don't forget to grab a copy of my book Playing Dirty to keep you hot on those cold winter nights ahead. This is a collection of my best short stories and a couple of brand new ones that you won't find anywhere else online. That's 269 pages of explicit hardcore erotica for instant download. And you'd better get reading... I have a new novel coming out the first week of December! Stay tuned for more details...

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