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28 Sep 2011 12:48


27 Sep 2011 14:41

I wish I could have just called 911 on the plagiarist but I had to play fireman myself today since apparently that number doesn't work in certain corners of cyberspace. The ashes are still steaming. Time to click my ruby-slippers together three times. "There's no place like home." Today, I appreciate Lush all the more. Tomorrow, we battle the next blaze. In the meantime... I need a fuckin' drink.

26 Sep 2011 13:28

I am pissed! I just found my bio and one of my stories plagiarized on another site.

24 Sep 2011 16:01

Crazy busy this week! Sorry if I'm slow getting back to people or seem MIA. If you need to get in touch, send me a PM or you can add me on Facebook or Twitter @AshleighLake.

25 Aug 2011 14:20

Wishing everyone a drama-free weekend! XO

19 Aug 2011 19:45

I'm here... I'm just in stealth mode. And writing up a storm. Follow me on Twitter @AshleighLake if you need a fix or send me a PM. Two stories on the horizon... one finale and one experimental. Oh, and tonight I squirted for the first time. Break out the champagne, bitches! I have to clean the sheets.

18 Aug 2011 23:40

08 Aug 2011 20:40

Wow... is there anything more entertaining than watching a dude with an arrow shaved into his chest-hair cage fighting with a bleached blonde guy wearing a royal blue speedo? (Ebersole v. Hallman, UFC 133)

06 Aug 2011 19:21

Click here for the New follow-up story to The Bitches in the Basement. This one involves raunchy group sex, a sexy blonde, a white wedding dress and lots of dirty talk. http://www.lushstories.com/stories/group-sex/the-babes-on-brentwood.aspx

22 Jul 2011 18:04

I just submitted my new story... Yay me for actually sticking to a deadline!

22 Jul 2011 15:41

Writing Update: I'm 7500 words into my new story which will be a follow-up to the Bitches in the Basement (but from Kendra's perspective) due to popular demand and interest in that storyline. I will be doing a final third chapter that will take you on many more twists and turns but still debating on how dirty I want to make it. I'm actually thinking of making two versions of the last chapter.. a normal version and the 'Black Label' version. Which will get the most views and votes? Hmm.. kind of an interesting experiment actually!

19 Jul 2011 15:19

13 Jul 2011 08:16

11 Jul 2011 14:52

I love every bite...

04 Jul 2011 11:03

I'll play dirty to win...

04 Jun 2011 12:07

Ok, it had to happen eventually. I lost the dirty bet by one point... congrats Damon...

28 May 2011 21:58

25 May 2011 18:14

22 May 2011 16:23

11 May 2011 15:24

02 May 2011 21:58

Another dirty bet won! Oh ye-ah, baby!

30 Apr 2011 21:36

Ever placed a bet on the outcome of a dirty bet? Cheer for your girl tonight!

30 Apr 2011 08:29

Yes, we’re at it again! Dirty Bet #2 is in progress. The terms and conditions are private so you can't ask us about the details, but… I’m very hungry for another win…

25 Apr 2011 20:10

Tight, hot, sweat, skin to skin, this playful sin, pushing in so deep, not letting me sleep, feeling the pulse and beat that my body wants to keep, to indulge in filthy fun with my dirty little tongue...

22 Apr 2011 21:08

I've just started writing again... and this one is a TRUE story. Stay tuned...

20 Apr 2011 08:20

I want to recommend one of the hottest girl-on-girl stories I've ever read by one of the most talented writers on this site, Sprite (and my muse for Rachel's character in the Sex Rehab Diaries). Please check out this sexy piece of dirty submission and don't forget to vote/comment! http://www.lushstories.com/stories/bdsm/mrs-vandermeers-rules.aspx

19 Apr 2011 12:07

Never underestimate a blonde... I WON the dirty bet! And I shall most certainly enjoy my prize... Mmmhmm...

17 Apr 2011 23:56

Dirty Bet update: I'll find out if I get to do the naked victory dance tonight...

17 Apr 2011 07:40

I just made a very dirty bet that I cannot lose. The deadline is noon on Sunday. I can't tell you the details, but wish me luck! Otherwise, I'll be on my knees and uhm... yeah... just wish me luck...

14 Apr 2011 23:29