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Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 24 Feb 2015 15:38

Woof! dog

Despite the first rain we've seen for five years in post-apocalyptic Georgia, that was another snoozer. Literally! I missed most of Rick's big monologue in the barn. Woke up for him saying the name of the show though. Roll credits.

This new stalker guy looks promising. A long time coming, but I'm gagging for next week. Hopefully they wring the most out of him.

Yeah, I'm guessing they've just set things up for the new 'long-term' living space. Looks promising! It's been a while since they've all been together in one place for longer than a night or two.

Hopefully it's as action-packed as the 'prison era' rather than the total slowdown during the 'farm era'.

Topic Google ramping up self-censorship
Posted 24 Feb 2015 12:57

I got the same message, probably in reference to an old Blog that I used to post on when I first started writing. I actually don't have any nudity on it, nor do I use it anymore since I moved everything to my own website, so I'm not particularly worried.

I assume they'll be cracking down on the blogs featuring obvious porn pics rather than 'sensual' non-hardcore pics (like your header photo). The message probably just went out to everyone that features adult content.

Topic Health, Fitness and Eco-Friendly Trends
Posted 23 Feb 2015 15:23

I went a little overboard and bought a selection of these Lunchbots items.

Made from stainless steel/glass/recycled materials. I think they're sleek, durable and great quality.

Just thinking this is more of a fitness thread and, of course, I've brought it back to food. Sorry folks!


Oooh... I like the look of these! Putting it on my list of things to check out. :)

Topic Erotic thrillers recommendations?
Posted 23 Feb 2015 15:19

'Chloe' is definitely one of my faves.

Topic Have You Ever Insulted A Stranger Because of Their Looks?
Posted 23 Feb 2015 05:02

I've never done this and never would. And - even in all my club crawling, city living, university days, hanging out in all kinds of different social situations, surrounded by different types of people, I can honestly say - I've never seen someone do this to another person, outside of grade school. If I heard someone I knew openly insulting a stranger about their looks or name-calling, I'd probably smack them, then and there.

Daisy, I know you've said in the forums before that it's happened to you - seriously - maybe it's the town you live in and maybe people are more crass or off-the-cuff, but it should never happen. It's kind of the lowest of the low and speaks far more badly about them and how sad their own lives are that they'd go out of their way to hurt someone they've never met.

Topic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features its first-ever plus-size model
Posted 15 Feb 2015 09:23

Hmm I wonder if they are trying to expand their demographic or just wanted to create a little controversy?

Not sure. I think controversy helps for sure - it gets people talking and paying attention to the issue.

Right after talk about Ashley Graham started, Sports Illustrated announced that they were going to feature Robyn Lawley as a '2015 Swimsuit Rookie' and she's being classed as the first plus-size model to "officially pose for SI" (ie. not paid advertising like A.G.).

Robyn is listed as being anywhere from a size 12-16 when I looked her up online. She looks pretty healthy/fit to me. Especially in that first pic, I wouldn't even register that she was 'plus-sized' if I opened up the magazine.

And - not sure about the girls with tattoos being featured. Maybe some regular S.I. readers can weigh in on that one? I have a thing for sexy girls with full tatt-sleeves, but yeah, I'd be surprised if S.I. had ventured into that market. They seem to keep things pretty 'red-blooded American male' traditional calendar-girl style.

Topic Will you watch fifty shades of grey?
Posted 15 Feb 2015 09:10

I might - eventually. Like I would watch it on Netflix out of random curiosity on a lazy evening, just to see what some of the fuss was about. I haven't read the books, nor do I plan to. The storyline really isn't my thing.

Topic diet and weight loss tips
Posted 15 Feb 2015 08:46

Good advice has already been posted in here.

Some easy tips:

* Get rid of juices, Snapples or any kind of sugar-heavy liquids. It's shocking how many empty calories one can drink when they could be enjoying them in food-form and feel much more satisfied. Drink lots of water. Buy a cute glass water bottle if it helps get you motived to drink more (eg. a BKR). Also - before meals, drink a glass of water to help you feel more full when you start eating. It takes a while for the body to kick in that it's actually full, so we often tend to overdo food portions unnecessarily.

* When you go out at night or are kicking back, substitute clean low-cal liquor for the margaritas or fruity martinis. Sipping on something like vodka on ice with water (or clear soda) and a big twist of lime is always preferable to cola-mixers. Water/soda is calorie free. Tonic looks clear and benign but actually contains quite a bit of sugar and is something like 80 cals.

* Drink black coffee or green tea (Matcha) to boost metabolism. Avoid Starbucks-fare or sugary lattes and 'dessert coffee'.

* Keep raw veggies cut up and ready to eat in your fridge when you want to snack or need something to crunch on. If they're ready and available, you're more likely to reach for them more often without having to do the cutting/cleaning bit.

* While on the veggie kick, it's worthwhile to have cooked veggies stocked in your fridge at all times. Years ago, I went through a health issue where I had to take a horrible medication (at a very high dose) for about 6 months that causes extreme weight gain. My hunger was off the charts and the way I got through it was keeping tons of cooked veggies, brussel sprouts, broccoli and spinach salad in the fridge. I also ruthlessly cut out sugar and salt and forced myself to stay active, even when I was feeling low and depressed. I found that this helped a lot.

* Eat before you grocery shop, even if it's a handful of unsalted almonds (which I actually tend to have on me at all times in my purse or gym bag). You're less likely to be tempted by unhealthy stuff if you're not hungry. I find that if you prevent yourself from ever getting to the point where you're *really* hungry, it's easier to portion-control at mealtime.

* Look up some interesting recipes from weight-loss books to get ideas about what to cook and how to cook it. There's lots of short-cuts you can learn from what kind of oils you cook with to how to cheat certain sauces and flavours. Think veggies and lean meats/fish and try to keep carbs to a minimum. I don't believe in cutting them out completely though - or any exclusionary diet because they can have a negative effect on the body in the long-term. Those diets are fine for quick short-term weight loss, but for the long run you just want to get used to eating differently but still having fun with it.

* If it's time for girl's night out dinners or going to a restaurant with your BF/hubby, try to hit a Sushi restaurant instead of Italian. You can have your splurge-nights so it's not the end of the world, but there are ways to learn how to order more 'cleanly' and avoid the hidden calories in many dishes.

* Work out/Cardio. It may be difficult to get motivated with this one, so maybe make a new playlist for your iPod or buy some cute new workout gear. Try something you've always wanted to - like yoga to start. If you don't want to go to a gym just yet, you can download tons of home workouts on Youtube or various sites. Anything to just get moving on a regular basis - even if that means extended cardio walks. If you're really motivated and ready to do this for the long-term with no excuses, think about getting a dog. It'll force you to make going out on walks several times a day part of your routine. If you're not sure yet, volunteer at your local animal shelter. They're always looking for help with dog walking.

* Set realistic goals. Take it all one step at a time. Slow but steady weight loss is typically easier to sustain over time than a sudden weight drop or yo-yo dieting. You want to slowly re-adjust your metabolism and eat enough that you're feeling satisfied so that you can do it over the long-term as a lifestyle change rather than just hitting that short-term goal.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 15 Feb 2015 08:06

I don't know what that torso pile was all about. If it is foreshadowing the next lot of bad guys, I really want them to spend some more time fleshing them out. The last few whipped through too quickly for mine. We've had the enemy within and the Governor, and now we need another meaty antagonist. Let's hope the torso pile gang delivers.

I know. I think the Governor was the best villain so far. He was very well developed and complex.

I was somewhat disappointed at how quickly the Terminus peeps were killed off.

Gareth, in particular, had the potential to be a really interesting character. As well ... despite being a ruthless cannibal, he was actually kind of sexy. Embarassed

The hospital villains were just a total 'meh' for me. I didn't really care about any of them or find them particularly interesting.

Topic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features its first-ever plus-size model
Posted 15 Feb 2015 07:53

I've been waiting a while to post my own thoughts on this one because I didn't want to unfairly steer the convo or discussion in one way or another. The post was really meant to provoke thought on the whole concept of female beauty in the industry with that ever-underlying vein of debate over 'personality vs looks', and judgment - for one viewpoint or another.

Straight up, if I was running the marketing or PR at SI, Dove, Maxim, Vogue or Playboy, I'd only be after maximum profits. If I knew that bald guys with handlebar moustaches in speedos would sell the maximum number of mag copies or products, that's what I'd feature. It would have little to do with what I personally find attractive in my own life. Clearly ads are geared toward the majority of whatever that demographic finds aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to SI... the models are chosen to appeal to a very specific demographic of guys, which is a readership of 78% male, with a median age of 37 yrs old, and an average income of 60K. The majority want to see the best of the best, the fit hotties, the 'dream girls' that they maybe don't get a chance to date or have sex with in regular life. They are practically biologically programmed to respond to healthy bodies in their prime. I think Ashley Graham is a beautiful girl, but I'm not offended that bigger girls are often excluded from these types of magazines. They feature what sells.

I've seen this questioned in the past and how mainstream beauty images are blamed on the industry and that only featuring fit, beautiful people in mags, hollywood movies, and advertisements somehow fosters or warps our own impressions of what we find attractive. That if there was more representation of body types and looks, that we, as a society, would become more all-inclusive and accepting and more likely to focus on the inside rather than the outside.

For the most part I disagree with this argument, with one caveat. Extreme versions of beauty do have the capability of distorting younger minds (particularly of teenage girls). They have yet to understand that fashion and beauty is sold as a fantasy and in efforts to differentiate, images can be taken to bizarre levels. I think the industry has made an effort to curb the 'glamour' of eating disorders in recent years, but they have yet to cut down on the photoshopping - which I personally think makes images less attractive. The more glossy they make the photos, the more the models start to appear computer-generated and they all start looking the same.

I think it also speaks to the irony that many mainstream women's magazines have chosen to feature a 'plus-sized' model on their covers in recent years only to find that those issues aren't selling as successfully compared to issues featuring typical models. So, women aren't buying into it either, despite lots of PC lip-service about wanting diversity. Money talks, so you can't blame the magazines or industry for not featuring more body diversity if consumers aren't responding to it. Ultimately we drive these industries, not the other way around.

As an off-topic observation - I do find it interesting that many people ardently subscribe to the idea that looks don't (and shouldn't) matter and that it's only about the personality and heart of a person etc. yet they would feel totally comfortable putting down the looks of a certain segment of the population and being totally exclusionary (eg. this guy or girl is too muscular, that girl is too skinny, she has implants - blech!, she wears too much makeup, there's nothing to hold onto etc). If looks don't matter, why would it be ok to bash any of these people either? Maybe they're wonderful, smart people with a heart of gold. How is it any different than saying someone wouldn't date an overweight person or a guy with a small dick etc?

A couple of years ago, I made a thread about breast implants in the 'Ask the Guys' and I remember reading the answers and opinions over the years which were about 95% negative with many mean-spirited comments about how disgusting it was and one guy even went so far as to say that he wouldn't even be *friends* with a woman who had breast implants. Nobody said a word to the contrary or got their back up at all. But if anyone were to say they refused to be friends with overweight people, I'm pretty sure they'd get a healthy dose of forum-smackdown.

I think it's just something worth thinking about when people put out there that skinny girls are just a bag of bones or how unattractive their bodies are, or how fake breasts = fake girl and it's a total turn off, while feeling virtuous or morally superior about stating a preference for an all-natural thick and curvy girl that at the heart of it , they're really no different than the people saying that want a fit guy or girl with a beautiful face. Skinny-bashing can hurt the feelings of a naturally thin girl that doesn't put on weight easily just as much as fat-bashing hurts bigger girls that are having trouble losing the pounds. And saying how revolting someone finds breast implants probably doesn't go over well with women who are post-mastectomy or were just looking for that extra boost of self-confidence and went up one cup-size.

Looks do factor into attraction. There's nothing wrong with being into one look and not another. And whatever criteria you go by doesn't make you more or less superficial than another person's criteria. Saying "personality is the only thing that matters" is a fair opinion, but you have to live by that one with zero judgment and zero preference. When it comes down to it - let's be real - very few do.

Anyway - good discussion in this thread from everyone. I've enjoyed reading the different viewpoints so far! :)

Topic Pancake Day
Posted 14 Feb 2015 15:35

Fluffy and stacked with pure maple syrup. I only stuff my crepes.

Topic Meatus Tear
Posted 12 Feb 2015 17:06

Which female porn star was this fleshlight modelled after? I think the clear conclusion here is to never fuck her in real life, if the opportunity comes up. She's got a dangerous pussy.

Topic Do you insist that a vote on your story be commented upon.
Posted 12 Feb 2015 04:33

I've never used this feature and I dislike it. If I do leave a comment it will probably be much shorter and to the point than I probably otherwise would have left. The one-line box is very small and I don't like not being able to see my full comment before hitting 'post' (scrolling can be a pain).

As for my stories - whatever a reader feels like doing is fine by me. A vote, a comment, both, a PM, nothing. It's really reader's choice.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 10 Feb 2015 12:43

I had the total opposite reaction. I thought it was a really 'great character death' - not that I wanted to see him die, but I really liked all the nuanced ways they tied in various themes of who that character was (basically the moral compass of the group or the 'too good for this world' archetype).

I thought the trippy hallucinations were cool, the way it was shot with the abstract images we saw in the opener being clipped from what actually happens later when he gets bit. That whole theme of 'letting go' and 'shutting it off' finally. It was the first slow character death we've seen (which was interesting in itself) and I thought they did Tyreese justice.

I thought Beth's death was a waste because it felt so quick and random - and - we really didn't have a chance to see the characters really processing the aftermath. That character got shafted as far as a 'good death' or a proper send-off, in my opinion.

It sucks though, because I really liked Tyreese as a character. Noah feels like a total jinx on the group.

One ominous thing that stood out - the pile of half-bodied walkers. I assume it's a sign of more bad guys on the horizon that will pop up at some point going forward.

Topic Can you really ever stop loving someone after a relationship is over?
Posted 09 Feb 2015 15:09

Love can change and turn to hate, friendship/fondness or just ambivalence.

I have exes or people that I've deeply connected with that now fit into one of those three spheres.

Sometimes exes creep into my dreams as well (even the one I hate) - I don't think it's residual love or longing for that person. It's just that they are part of who you are and where you were at one point in your life. Everyone you feel something for changes you in some way. They're forever part of your "Life-Blood" and history. That doesn't necessarily mean I want them in my present or future.

Topic Toy Review: LELO's new MONA Wave and INA Wave
Posted 09 Feb 2015 14:54

Now if they would only develop a Soraya with Wave action!! LOL And I am still waiting for Lelo to develop a Three Pronged Soraya like Vibe that hits the Clit and can penetrate vaginally and anally simultaneously! Maybe you can suggest that to your Lelo contact and they might call it the Ashleigh!! HAHA. Now that would be Heaven!!

Definitely! I like when the company does the second generation upgrades. I'd be excited to see what a Soraya 2.0 would be like. A three-pronged version would be a winner. There's definitely a gap when it comes to anal toy products for women - the ones they have are more geared to the guys.

Topic Toy Review: The SIRI 2 ~ LELO's new Music Vibrator
Posted 08 Feb 2015 20:19

That sounds kinda fun actually. It would be great to tie a girl up, and then play with orgasm denial as you're applying this vibe on her clit: "You want to come, nasty little slut? Say dirty things to me, come on, let it out!" . Then you keep it quiet and she'd be self-stimulating herself with her own dirty talk... fuck, that would be so hot to observe. It would particularly be fun with a rather shy girl, haha.

I just checked though, and the price difference between the Siri 2 and the normal Siri (non-sound-receptive) is around $50. I'm not sure if I'd invest that amount just to indulge in this scenario once or twice.

And the Vocal Training Capabilities got me curious. I wonder if any vibe could do the trick, or if there's really a benefit in having the vibe respond to the sounds you're making with your voice.

Oh, and nice review, as always. thumbup

A small strong vibrator is supposed to help muscles 'release' to make sounds. The work done by David Ley was done with the original SIRI, so I think a similar vibrator would work just as well. The SIRI does have a nice shape and size though for this kind of work. And it doesn't look overly sex toy'ish either. It just looks like a device, so it's maybe not as awkward to whip out in front of students for vocal training.

Here's another video (with more of a demo) that's kind of interesting to watch.

Topic Toy Review: LELO's new MONA Wave and INA Wave
Posted 08 Feb 2015 20:13

Okay, I was checking out Lelo's website while reading your reviews, and the Ina Wave is actually their most expensive vibrator to date. It's even more expensive than the Soraya by $30, and it looks rather similar. So the big question: does it actually surpass the Soraya? And what are the main differences?

Dammit, I wish I had a pussy just to test these different toys. sad1

In my opinion, Soraya is better. Internally I prefer the shape and length of the Soraya and I like the clit-arm (it's more flexible). You can even use the clit-arm on it's own as an external clit vibe and it feels more 'precise' - it's a little smaller and the vibrations are stronger. That's a big selling point for me. Plus I feel like I can get a little more rough with the Soraya model (especially for g-spot stimulation). It's also quieter.

Technically, the Ina Wave does more (it's got the motion) and it feels a little thicker. I do know that some people prefer the original Ina to the Soraya, but I don't. It might just be up to personal preference though. If I could only have one, I'd stick with Soraya.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 08 Feb 2015 19:40


That was a really beautifully written episode to begin the second half of the season.

But uhmm... soooo not expecting that. crybaby

Yeah, I've missed my Sunday Night emotional S&M show. Talk about a roller coaster of stress and those silent screams at the TV... "Nooooooo..."

Every old character they brought out tugged the heartstrings a little more - especially Mika, Lizzie and Beth (where was Karen?).

Still shocked though.


Topic Is bukkake a total turn-off for most/all women, even as a fantasy?
Posted 08 Feb 2015 14:10

It's not a turn off for me. In fact, I think we need more Bukkake on Lush. It certainly has the potential to make for a more interesting story than just straight sex styled "our eyes met across a crowded room" and cut to boring hotel room sex. Just write it well and you'll have an audience.

I write some hardcore fare as well, and with the right words you can add that bit of 'classy' to really dirty fantasies and make them appeal to readers that may not even be into the sex act itself. Just be sure to tag the story properly so readers are aware of what you're serving up. Don't be afraid to really go for it. Tell the story you want to tell.

Topic I am a new arrival. LOVE this site!
Posted 06 Feb 2015 15:17

Hi Coleen,

Welcome to Lush. Great profile!

This is a wonderful community and it has fantastic networking opportunities. And of course, sometimes it's just fun to play. :)

Hope you enjoy getting to know everyone!

Ashleigh x

Topic Cigarette smoking
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:59

I don't smoke cigarettes and it's a turn-off for me if a guy smokes. It would be a dealbreaker if he was a regular smoker.

Weed is good though and a turn-on when doing it together. Or separately really. :p

I do like the smell of the very occasional cigar and I've smoked maybe a handful in my life (the skinny Cohibas)

Topic Kissing and Casual Sex
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:51

Kissing is very intimate but I wouldn't completely turn away from it - even with a casual fuckbuddy. There's a way to make the kissing a little rougher and more raw and in the moment so it kind of goes with the sex, without really bringing deeper emotions or intimacy into it.

There's also an important 'kissing threshold' if it's just casual sex - you don't want to overdo it or have it go on for too long. The minute it starts to slow-down or feel more emotion-based rather than just fast 'raw passion', then yeah - it can be awkward and I'm usually trying to find a way to move on to something else.

So when it comes to casual sex - hard kissing is good, and slow kissing might be awkward. It really depends on the person and the vibe we have.

Topic What gets your attention first?
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:43

My attention goes to the obvious first - pretty much the overview of what you're seeing.

1. Circumcised or not (I always assume cut but I'm aware there can be surprises)
2. Size (thickness, length)
3. Pubes (shaved? trimmed? dreadlocks?)
4. Balls (size + smoothness)

Then once you've taken in the basics, you can appreciate the finer points, like:

1. Dick Veining
2. Skin tone/colour variations of dick 'n balls
3. Shape of head
4. Straight or curved
5. Ball details

Topic Toy Review: The SIRI 2 ~ LELO's new Music Vibrator
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:22

For those that are curious about the Vocal Training Capabilities:

University of Alberta’s David Ley demonstrates how to place a small, hand-held vibrator on various parts of the head and neck to improve vocal power, tone and range.

Topic Toy Review: The SIRI 2 ~ LELO's new Music Vibrator
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:21

The SIRI™ 2: LELO’s Second Generation Music Vibrator

Bringing the DJ into the Bedroom!

LELO has just released a new and improved version of one of their most popular hand-held vibrators. The original SIRI™ gained fame in unexpected places, finding its way not only into bedrooms, but also gaining cult status as a device for vocal training and speech pathologist therapy.

Yes, you read that right, and it’s a fun fact to be aware of.

This device is so multi-functional that you can actually leave it out in the open, on your kitchen table or office desk and tell curious visitors that it’s actually for your vocal training classes, and not to make you hit those upper octaves when it plays your clit like a world-class DJ at 3am… because… trust me, it will do that too!

What is SIRI™ 2?

SIRI™ 2 is a small palm-held external clitoral stimulator that boasts an ultra powerful yet extremely quiet motor. It’s also rechargeable and fully waterproof.

Fun Fact #2:

You may be more familiar with the name ‘SIRI’ as APPLE’s famed ‘Personal Assistant’, however a year before it was released, LELO actually introduced the ‘Original Personal Assistant’ by the same name. *wink wink*

The second generation, SIRI™ 2 has several notable upgrades, including a 100% more powerful motor and fully waterproof design, with 8 stimulation modes and a unique music setting where vibrations respond to ambient noise.

This model also builds on the popularity this palm-held massager has with the music community at large. Not only are the 8 vibration patterns inspired by musical genres like classical, reggae, rumba and techno, the all-new ‘sound-activated’ setting allows SIRI™ 2 to pulse in rhythm with any sound, whether it’s your favourite playlist or your lover’s voice.

It has huge “fun” potential, if you enjoy teasing a partner in bed, bursting into impromptu serenades, getting loud and creative with the dirty talk, or being a bed-side DJ with the tunes when you want to set the mood.

It’s also an Expert Vocal Training Tool

Providing targeted massages with a silky silicone tip, the original SIRI™ became famous as a voice training device, and has since gained viral appeal for training the vocal chords of stage actors, singers and performers alike through vocal massage.

Now, granted most people reading this particular review probably aren’t planning to use this device for such purposes, however it does open up the mind to interesting possibilities if you do know someone in the performing arts or someone who has struggled with losing their voice through illness, injury or ageing.

The Review

I do not have the original SIRI™, so I can’t do a direct comparison between the two, but I’ve long been a fan of this kind of hand-held clit-vibrator. My first toy purchase ever was an ‘el cheapo’ special – a utilitarian battery-operated Pocket Rocket favoured by toy-newbies and college girls that don’t want to spend more than $10 on a sex toy. Make no mistake, there’s no comparison between the two. While there are certainly a wide variety of interesting vibrator models that now fall within my preferred price range, I still have a great fondness for vibrators like this.

Clit-vibes tend to be the ones you reach for the most when you’re after a quickie, and they’re perfect for using with a partner because they fit snugly into the palm of the hand and can be used discreetly on the clit during sex. As we all know, around 75% of women can’t orgasm with penetration alone, so integrating a small clit-vibe into the mix can often be just the thing to help a woman reach climax with a partner.

f you’re a girl that’s ambivalent about anal, a clit-vibe can be invaluable for both relaxing the body during initial penetration, as well as an aid to achieving orgasm during anal sex. This style of vibrator is probably going to be in high rotation in your toy box, so it’s more than worth investing in something that’s going to last, be visually appealing, and will also be as quiet as possible.

The SIRI™ 2 has a classic design that’s perfectly contoured to the hand. The four-button interface is easy to understand and operate, with two buttons that increase and decrease intensity and two arrow buttons that will cycle through the stimulation-modes. The tip is made of smooth body-safe silicone and this toy is fully waterproof and rechargeable.

A water-based lube is recommended, and a sample packet of LELO’s lube comes with the box. I tend not to need lube for clit-vibes, but it’s really up to personal preference.

SIRI™ 2 has 8 non-sound stimulation modes you can cycle through that are based on various musical styles: classical, reggae, rumba, folk, hip hop, soul, techno, and jazz. They’re all fun if you like variety, but the real fun comes with mode number 9. You hold the two arrow symbols down for three seconds to activate it ‘on’ and ‘off’. The setting is sound-responsive and it will vibrate to the tone or beat of any kind of noise that’s nearby.

It’s actually far more responsive than I expected and it surges to life with talking, laughter, music, TV and even dog barking. In fact, when I first took it out of the box and was experimenting with the number-9 setting, my rambunctious retriever took notice and challenged it to a bark-off duel. I held SIRI™ out and it perfectly mimicked every bark-pattern in response, making my pup go a little nutty with excitement and she became rather eager to teach SIRI™ a lesson in who was boss. Note to self: don’t leave SIRI™ 2 lying around or it’s apt to permanently become someone else’s toy!

Anyway, once the dog was ushered out of the room and I had some alone-time with my new vibrator, I was able to properly experiment with Mode-9. No doubt this vibrator shines when it comes to responding to music. As a long-time EDM fan (house, dubstep, trance), this was my immediate musical go-to. In my opinion, SIRI™ 2 is a perfect match for these kinds of beats and a little Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, Oakenfold or classic Armin van Buuren will have your toes curling and pelvis moving. This little vibe packs some serious power! Your experience with SIRI™ 2 will probably result in a few giggles too, because vibrating is rarely this much fun!

I used it with my boyfriend as well and if you’re the dirty-talking, verbally creative type or someone who just likes to moan, get loud and have fun together, this is a hugely entertaining toy to play around with together. It’s made for the tease, and don’t forget – you’re both in control. Unless you’re artfully gagged, of course, which makes for even more fun.

Sexual Communication

I think this is a great toy for inspiring more interaction between couples in general. If things are getting a little boring and predictable in the bedroom, this could be a fantastic way to inject some energy into sex again. This would especially be useful for couples that maybe aren’t all that creative together or where sex is typically a quieter affair.

The SIRI™2 takes the lead and focus, thereby taking some of the pressure off, and helping to loosen up the tongue because you’ll want to see it surge to various sounds. You might even find yourselves moaning, dirty talking, growling, shouting, singing and creating a real power duet together.

PS. You get two full hours of use on a single-charge, so make the most of it!

My Final Thoughts

I really love the SIRI™ 2. I think LELO has come up with another excellent second generation model. Let’s face it, there’s no need for sex to be serious all the time, even for you BDSM types. This is a great device to bring back some fun into the bedroom.

Even without the addition of Mode Number 9, you really have a universally well-loved and classic vibrator design in this model. It’s something that you can use for solo play if you’re after a quick clitoral orgasm, and it’s also something that you can use with a partner, in a variety of positions, during both vaginal and anal sex. If you’re one of the infamous 75% that can’t orgasm through penetration alone, a clit-vibe is a must.

And, of course, if you’re into music, have a ‘sex playlist’ or two, or are a couple that thrives on having some beats on in the background, this is probably one to put on your wish-list.

I can’t directly compare the strength of the original SIRI™ to the SIRI™ 2, but i can say that this is an extremely powerful and intense little vibe. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to use and it’s also exceptionally quiet. It’s the standard you’ve come to expect with the LELO brand and their original set of best-sellers. There are no scary surprises here. SIRI™ 2 is another winner, and an easy one to recommend.

SIRI™ 2 comes in Cerise, Purple, and Black and is currently retailing for $129 USD.

* Includes a recharger, sample package of lube, authenticity card, instruction booklet and 1-Year Warranty.

Topic Toy Review: LELO's new MONA Wave and INA Wave
Posted 05 Feb 2015 13:13

LELO’s new MONA Wave™ and INA Wave™

Two Iconic Bestsellers in Motion

Does anyone remember that scene from Sex and the City, where Samantha is confessing all the new things she learned from her new lesbian relationship to the girls over breakfast? Specifically when she says, “this…,” while simulating two rigid thrusting fingers with a sour look, “is not the same as this,” as she switches her unsexy finger-thrust into a more fluid ‘come-hither’ motion with a knowing smile.

I remember watching that scene at the time and nodding along with her. Haven’t we all had guys take a page from a bad porn flick, and do the rigid two (or three) finger thrust, speedily pistoning them in and out like a rod, and stabbing into soft tissue that shouldn’t be stabbed into. The more you tried to squirm and writhe away from the College Casanova, the more he assumed that he must have been hitting the right spot and the faster he would go.


Sometimes it takes time for guys to figure out where a woman’s G-spot is located. And let’s face it – some guys never figure it out.

It never hurts to take things into your own hands when it comes to exploring pleasure zones, and there are some great new toys on the market right now.

LELO has introduced some new tricks into their iconic bestsellers of years past, the INA and the MONA. WaveMotion™ technology is supposed to be a game-changer when it comes to G-spot orgasms. I haven’t seen this kind of technology before in a sex toy, so needless to say I was intrigued about Wave Motion and was eager to find out whether it stands up to the hype.

What is WaveMotion™ Technology?

LELO has always been known for paying attention to anatomy and designing toys that are female-friendly and work with the body to create orgasms to remember.

WaveMotion™ Technology is engineered to replicate the stroking caress of a lover’s fingers inside you, fingers that know what they’re doing by providing optimal G-spot stimulation. Instead of just vibrating or swirling like you’re stirring a pot, this motion moves back and forth against the g-spot and puts the pressure where it counts.

It rises and falls and the vibrations surge exactly where you would want them to.


I knew right away that this was going to be my favourite. In fact, my very first LELO toy was the INA, purchased when I finally started making real money and was ready to graduate from my thrifty college girl $15 pocket rockets and cheap plastic dildo to a real bonafide sex toy. It was purple and it was glorious – a proper ‘Rabbit Vibe’ that didn’t involve batteries, a plasticky smell or a weird rigid and impeccably straight design with a creepy little bunny attachment for a clit-vibe. The INA was luxe, rechargeable and pretty enough to use in front of a partner, or to utilize as a visual tease while sexting. I was hooked on the brand from that moment on.

The new INA Wave™ has the same familiar contoured design that I liked in the original but now LELO says that it features a stimulator arm that is both strong enough to ‘squeeze’ the front wall of your vagina when undulating, but also flexible enough to be adjusted and reach you in every spot you need.

Let’s see about that!

My Review:

The INA Wave™ is similar to all LELO toys in that it features the same body-safe smooth silicone, it’s waterproof and rechargeable (2 hours of use on a single charge), and it provides ten vibration patterns with adjustable speed. It’s curved and very contoured to hit the g-spot, and internally, it provides maximal ‘fullness’.

While it’s comfortable, I would not want to go bigger with a toy like this. If you’re concerned it’s going to feel too slim or small to make a difference, you can put that worry to rest. This will hit your g-spot and fill you up quite nicely. The clitoral arm is flexible and you can adjust it to your body so that it feels best.

It’s a little different than other LELO toys when it comes to turning it on because it’s working with a dual mechanism when it comes to 1. The WaveMotion™ and 2. The vibrations. If you’re used to just holding down the ‘+’ to turn it on and get it up to speed, you may have a moment like me and think, ‘omg, it’s broken!’. Not the case. You have to press the middle (unmarked) button to turn it on. This will start the waves going. Then you can use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ button to increase and decrease the vibrations, and the up and down arrows to circle through the stimulation patterns. One of the stimulation patterns will also allow you to use this as a regular vibrating INA without the WaveMotion™.

Instead of thrusting or ‘revolving’ inside, it has a rise-and-fall style motion. Once it’s turned on at full speed – wow. It’s actually pretty fantastic! There’s a lot going on and it really does move, so it takes a few moments to fully appreciate the sensations. It actually compelled me to begin moving my hips and rolling my pelvis in tandem, very much a feeling of wanting to ‘ride the waves,’ and fully commit to them. It almost feels ‘alive’ inside you, and the pressure it puts on the G-spot is very different than the typical G-spot vibe where you’re just manually pressing a vibrating head against your sweet spot. The INA Wave™ massages and teases and rolls you to a pretty spectacular climax. When combined with the stimulation from the vibrating clitoral arm, it’s powerful and results in something that has it’s own term – a ‘Blended Orgasm’.

A Blended Orgasm is one that results from simultaneous stimulation of the clit and G-spot. It’s considered the gateway to multiple orgasms and is four times more likely to result in female ejaculation, compared to a clitoral orgasm alone.


You can count me as one of the 76%, for sure.

A lot of women rely on basic clit orgasms because they are easy to achieve and many women can’t climax through penetration alone. Most women have experimented (to some degree) with G-spot stimulation and have chased after the novelty of ‘squirting’ and becoming multi-orgasmic, but unless you (and/or your partner) are well-coordinated and know how to include multiple sources of stimulation, either manually or during sex, you may not quite get there without a toy or device.

The INA Wave™ is a great option for exploring clitoral, blended and G-spot pleasure. Even after climax, you’ll find that it continues to keep the pleasure rolling and the body humming in a kind of post-orgasmic euphoria. I found my orgasm to be far more intense and I was able to maintain the sensations at a higher and sustained plateau for a surprisingly longer amount of time.


The original MONA was (and still is) one of LELO’s most popular products of all time. It’s similar to the INA, except it doesn’t have the secondary ‘Rabbit style’ clitoral arm vibe. Now why would someone forgo dual-stimulation and get this more classic model instead? I have a friend who bought the MONA as her first vibrator and says, “that’s all I really need,” and she is perfectly happy with it. Another benefit to this model is that it’s more interactive with a partner. He can use this inside you and give you oral at the same time, so for those that are looking for a more diverse toy or something to use as a couple, this might be a good option.

The WAVE technology of the MONA gives you an internal massaging motion that will rise and fall against your G-spot, which should make this far superior to the original.

My Review:

The MONA is a nice little powerhouse when it comes to WaveMotion™ technology. It’s the same size and shape as the INA, minus the clitoral attachment. You’ll feel more freedom to manipulate the angles that it’s hitting without worrying about chasing that clit-buzz. You can twist and turn it and allow all the intensity to work toward your G-spot climax.

If you’re a pure ‘thruster’ when it comes to G-spot toys, this might not be the ideal toy for you. It works with grinding and ‘rocking’ but if you love that rough in-and-out plunge and prefer a very firm and flat surface area for your G-spot or a more petite toy, there are other models (eg. the GIGI) that would be better suited for those purposes. If that’s your natural style of G-spot stimulation, you probably wouldn’t be seriously looking at this toy anyway.

There’s a refinement to the MONA Wave™, not to be confused with ‘subtlety’ – you will definitely be feeling those waves to the max – but there’s no guesswork with this. If you just want to hold on and let it work its magic, it really does the work for you. At the same time, if you prefer to get more involved, this will allow you that as well. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re playing with a partner, this gives you more room than the INA to get interactive with a tongue. You can also just leave it turned off and use it as a manual G-spot stimulator. There’s a great curve to this toy, and the tip is tapered and will really hit that G-spot nicely if you want to have total control over your climax, or if prefer to switch to a steady grind.

If you’ve never tried the MONA and are wondering if you should get the MONA 2 or the MONA Wave™, then I’d highly recommend this one. One of the ten stimulation modes will allow this to work as a pure vibrating G-spot toy, without the WaveMotion™. You can enjoy the best of both worlds!

The Final Verdict: Is WaveMotion™ Technology Worth the Hype?

I really love the WaveMotion™ technology on both of these toys, and I think it’s a brilliant addition to the world of pleasure toys because I haven’t come across anything like this before. I love that it’s not just a ‘subtle’ difference to the original models and therefore you really are getting something that feels completely different and unique and might justify getting the WaveMotion™ version as well, if you’re already a fan of the standard INA or MONA.

If you’re a ‘Rabbit Vibe’ kind of girl, like I am, then the INA would be the best choice, and it’s easily my pick between the two. You get more ‘bang for the buck’, so to speak because the INA is essentially the same as the MONA but with the addition of the clitoral stimulation arm. In my opinion, it makes a huge difference and it’s hard for me to imagine bypassing this option, unless you prefer a more classic design or want to combine this with oral sex.

The only con with WaveMotion™ technology is that it’s a bit noisier than traditional LELO toys. The vibrating is very quiet but the mechanical arm movement doesn’t make this the most discreet toy if you’re worried about that sort of the thing. The volume level is about the same as the original ORA model, so it’s not as off-putting as many other toys on the market that feature movement rather than just basic vibrating. As I said, it’s certainly not unbearable or overly bothersome, but it’s something worth pointing out, in case you’re in a living situation where you need to masturbate with total stealth.

As I mentioned in my reviews, one of the positives is that both models have a ‘stimulation mode’ where you can just use this as a traditional vibrating INA or MONA (ie. with no WaveMotion™), and in this mode it’s practically silent and similar to LELO’s other vibrating toys. If you don’t own the originals, you’re basically getting a two-in-one, so it only makes sense to buy the WaveMotion™ versions to enjoy the versatility.

What I love about these toys (aside from the powerful orgasms) is that they really hit all the important erogenous sweet spots and they really do create the sensation of internal waves of pleasure and gorgeous G-spot pressure as you build up to climax. It also keeps you there for an extended period of time, so it becomes a fantastic full-body experience that’ll leave you humming long after the last wave comes ashore.

To learn more about different kinds of orgasms, fun facts, and how WaveMotion™ Technology can help you achieve this, take a look at LELO’s Orgasm Guide:

Disclaimer: products were provided to me for my honest feedback and review.

* Source:

Topic tablets vs. laptops
Posted 05 Feb 2015 09:25

If I could only have one, I'd pick a laptop. I have a big (older) heavier laptop at home and an iPad for the on the go, but I tend to spend most of my time on my MacBook Air these days. I love how light and portable it is.

Topic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features its first-ever plus-size model
Posted 05 Feb 2015 08:26

Sports Illustrated is featuring its first plus-sized model in its new issue (as paid advertising though).

Most agree that it represents a step forward in celebrating curvy, confident women who can be sexy on the beach in a little bikini rather than the swimwear industry taking its usual approach in trying to find 'artful' ways to cover up and hide body flaws or thicker curves.

Critics are pointing out that model Ashley Graham looks more "normal/average" than plus-sized and she doesn't represent the plus-sized demographic, so this doesn't really have much impact at all.

As well, the SI cover predictably features a typical fit/slim model - Derek Jeter's girlfriend, Hannah Davis.

Would you rather see magazines like Sports Illustrated, or even Maxim or Playboy featuring more of a range of body types or do you think it's still better to cater to the 'aspirational' or fitness 'inspirational/motivational' images the industry has always favoured, while keeping 'plus-sized' or 'normal sized' images to a niche ad here or there or in non-mainstream skin magazines.

It still surprises me how - despite a decade of consumers wanting 'real women' images - the industries are either:
a) slow to implement this or ignoring changing social trends altogether
b) have implemented it as a trial, only to find real-women images aren't selling the magazine covers or products, even when they are mags/ads geared toward women.

Is society not quite as evolved as it thinks it is when it comes to beauty/body acceptance?

Topic New Boxers
Posted 03 Feb 2015 10:28

Generally, I like boxer-briefs - or some variation of this (either a bit longer in the leg but not shorter than the pic below). It's sexy to show off the bulge.