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Topic Quick question, Dick or Cock?
Posted 04 Oct 2011 05:50

The only romance novel I've ever read also had me laughing through it. Twilight had me shaking my head in wonder at how anyone could read such crap. I never tried that again and I think Fabio is so ugly. I guess I prefer things, including the characters in books I read, to be more realistic.

Realistic? Didn't you just say in another thread that you were mainly a fan of Harry Potter and Disney romances?

Also... dirty talk isn't meant as a Q&A.

Anyway... back to the original question, I like using cock, shaft, sometimes dick depending on the character and the story style. Unless one is writing in the 'love stories' category, a sex scene needs real and raw verbiage in order to give the right energy and intensity to a memorable sex scene. Erotica and sexuality is about releasing inhibitions so I can't imagine why a writer would want to be inhibited with the words they use.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 03 Oct 2011 15:47

Topic DPed or 3PDed?
Posted 03 Oct 2011 14:20

I've been DP'd but not 3P'd.

On that same note, never been DA'd or DV'd either. No desire to try either of those though.

Topic Do you watch porn? How often?
Posted 02 Oct 2011 19:20

Funny thing about porn is that the people that are against it or find it really boring or overly faked probably haven't seen the right kind of porn yet. There are so many different genres and director styles. It would almost be like reading a couple of bad erotica stories and then thinking that all erotica sucks.

High quality porn can be very stylistic and psychologically interesting... far from the stereotypical scenes with bored, disinterested actors faking orgasms while cheesy music plays in the background. If all I had experienced was along those lines I probably wouldn't watch porn at all either.

I guess everyone has their preferences in terms of what kind of porn they're into, but for me I think anything by the director Mason is pretty brilliant. It's a female director (but be warned, it's extremely hardcore.. more so than a lot of male-produced porn) but the interviews she does with the porn stars and the psychological angles she adds to them and her take on women in porn in general are totally identifiable for me. High production values, the industrial/stylized feel to her recent vids, and super dirty and unique concepts, and quality stars help too.

Topic Gay/Lesbian public shows of affection
Posted 30 Sep 2011 18:50

How would you feel if you witnessed public shows of physical affection between members of the gay/lesbian community ? I don't mean 'getting it on' of course, (although I would probably happily stop and watch that too!) Embarassed

I feel fine... in fact I see it all the time. I don't live too far away from the central 'gay community' in my city. To be honest, I don't really notice it as being any different than a hetero couple. It's kind of old news.

If public PDA bothers you, it's really not that hard to look away. Unless the couple is literally on top of you or infringing on your space, I think its fair to say that we do have reasonable control over what we choose to stare at.

Topic What's the funniest or strangest comment you have received on one of your stories?
Posted 29 Sep 2011 12:18

The story that brought me the most entertaining, wild and shocked comments was "The Sex Rehab Diaries: Stacey's Confession".
It was probably the dirtiest story I've written so far and the comments were hilarious.

Here are some of my favourites:

"OMFG, that was so perverted, so sick and twisted, so sexually deviant and filthy! You sick fuck! Pandering to our basest, most vile wicked lusts like that! BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Excuse me while I... stroke... my... aahhhh!! That was wonderful. 5."

"Holy suffering fuck. You really do believe in getting it all out there, don't you Doll? Almost demented in its dirtiness. Beautifully controlled in the telling and outlandish in its content."

"I came in my pants, that's all I have to say:)"

Topic Asking money to a man is proof of no love?
Posted 29 Sep 2011 10:25

Unless it's a close family member, significant other or your long-term BFF, money loans are a very bad idea... and even in those cases it can be 'iffy'.

People that feel comfortable asking for loans from casual friends and acquaintances usually aren't the type to place high importance on paying the money back. I would rather get a loan from the bank than hit up some 'casual guy friend' or even a boyfriend for any substantial sum of money. $20 here and there, no problem... if we're looking at something that involves writing a cheque and an I.O.U note, uhm no thanks. Drama is always around the corner.

For freeloaders, social parasites, con artists and gold-diggers... they all know how to spot an easy target and groom them with friendship, flirtation and/or sex for a fast cash payout.

You just end up being a free credit card to them with no interest and no credit risks/damage. If your relationship is disposable (which most relationships are, let's be honest), then you are pretty much fucked when they walk away.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 27 Sep 2011 08:39

A quick message to Dancing Doll and sprite:

I'm not sure why you've decided to rag on the folks at the Literate Union. The administrators of that forum are NOT the administrators of the website, and other than report stories, there is next to nothing they can do about these plagiarized stories. When a plagiarizing author deletes their stories, and they are unable to report said stories, they are, in effect, powerless.

You complained that you'd been waiting three days for a response to your email; I would consider it reasonable to allow the very busy site administrators some time off on the weekend. Yes, it is a fairly big deal that someone stole your stories and biography, but with millions of stories and countless users, you can bet that they get a hundred emails like yours every week. The internet's a big place, after all.

My final point is thus; you were not respectful in the least, so please don't try to claim you were. You came to the forum with complete disregard for the rules, and when you were given advice on how to best solve the problem and pointed to the correct place to introduce yourself, you turned your noses up at the forum's moderators. Your profile picture may be an attractive blonde women, but your entitlement issues are nothing but ugly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Maybe next time you visit the Literate Union, we'll be able to do something constructive together

Just for reference: this was my post in that forum. I consider this matter as a dead issue. Please refrain from cross-site trolling.

Hi, I am the author whose bio and story was stolen from another site.

I will be happy to introduce myself in the proper thread right after I post this, but just wanted to say in response to Bitter_Sea_Light's post about proving plagiarism. I have the screen shots to prove it before this member deleted the stories themselves. If this will provide the necessary grounds for banning a member, please let me know what email address I should direct the screen shot proofs too. I always take screen shots for legal purposes. I take copyright violation quite seriously as I am also professionally published.

Apologies if SpriteKitty and I are coming across as demanding because that's not our intention. But plagiarism in any form (whether in actual stolen stories or biography) is a serious offence.

Re the bio: it may not seem like a big deal for someone to be impersonating you or stealing a bio, but for someone who has worked hard across all social media sites to brand themselves and build a name it is quite upsetting.

Thanks for your kind responses.


Ashleigh Lake

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 27 Sep 2011 08:15

My only story here was nicked, acknowledgments and all, by "lily" on the 521friends site. (Thanks for the heads-up, Em!)

A Google search on the title turned up a handful of other results, but they all appear to be dead links. I haven't gotten around to looking for those clever enough to change the title before posting my copyrighted work.


My stories too have been stolen and posted on that site. I am actually quite shocked since I did not think they were all that good to begin with. I have looked the site over, but do not see a "contact us" option like we have. How are you guys getting in contact with that site?

Just a question... has anyone here had any luck at all with this site. I finally did a search on all the stories in my writing portfolio and "Lily" and "Tracy" have literally stolen my entire portfolio of writing. Every single one shows up. I joined the site but still waiting for them to 'authorize' my account in order to find a link to contact admin. I looked up whois and found a weird email addy for the owner but haven't heard anything back from them. Has anyone had any success with figuring this site out or getting any response from anyone?

Topic Need advice on how to approach a woman for something
Posted 27 Sep 2011 06:21

You can check on a website like model mayhem for models of your choosing and pay them appropriately for their time. They will list what kind of photography they are willing do (eg. nude, lingerie, glamour etc) and will have had experience in this so it will help facilitate the style of your photo shoot. I guess you could also try hiring a professional escort if she's willing to model.

If you're looking for a freebie volunteer... uhm, good luck. It's probably best to to hit up female friends or people that know you and trust you already and are willing to do you a favour.

Potentially creepy 'hobby' photographers looking for free models for lingerie or nudes would send me running in a real fast way. Without any verifiable credentials to your name, most women will find something like this a pretty risky venture.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 27 Sep 2011 04:44

I just wanted to let people know that if you find your stories stolen (without credit to you as the author) on someone's 'blog' and you want it removed, it's extremely easy to do this. I was successful in less than 24 hours with minimal effort.

I didn't bother to contact the blog owner in this case (I couldn't even find a contact method for them). I just went through Google.

Go to the top left corner of the blog and you will find a "Report Abuse" button.

Here is an example from a site that had several of my stories.

You will be led into a series of easy to fill out forms on "Report a term of service violation". Just click copyright/piracy issue and fill things out from there. I just used my Lush page as proof of copyright.

You will get a confirmation email from Google and also a resolution notice from Google that they deleted it from the site pretty quickly. I was impressed with their speed and efficiency on this after the trainwreck on that "other site" that Sprite and I were dealing with.

Topic need help girls
Posted 26 Sep 2011 17:23

If you were watching it online, just say it was a link that someone sent you and you clicked on it without knowing what it was.

If she caught you jerking off to it, then I'd just address the situation. Ask her if she has any questions or concerns about it and just say that we often get desensitized to mainstream porn and you're just checking out different genres.

Like guys may watch gangbangs, gokkun, cuckold and shock porn like '2 Girls, 1 Cup' out of curiosity. It doesn't necessarily mean that they want to take part in those sex acts themselves. Same with gay porn. Watching it doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'm sure almost every straight guy out there has seen gay porn at some point in his porn-watching lifetime.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 26 Sep 2011 13:36

I just wanted to give some advice when going after these people:

1. Take screenshots of where your stories appear before you do anything. If someone deletes them, then you no longer have proof of anything.

2. You need to use legal jargon about copyright infringement laws. It tends to scare people into speeding things up. Also stating that you have taken screen shots and will use them for legal purposes if you need to also seems to help.

3. Follow-up. If you don't get a reply back in 24 hours, then send another email. It lets them know that you're serious and aren't going to go away or back down.

Happy hunting...

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 26 Sep 2011 09:52

That was easy...just sent them the links to my stories here...happy8

That's what I've been doing, too. Hopefully it works and they take them down. If not, I'll do my best to embarrass the shit out of the plagiariser in the comments, and also in my blog. It might not have any effect on them, but the mere possibility that I cause them humiliation is good enough for me. Or AIDS, either one will do.

Sprite and I effectively bullied the original plagiarist on this site into removing the stolen bio as of... right now.

She even changed her pen name in an attempt to get away, but ya know... I can be a relentless bitch when I want to be. glasses8

I have to say... no response at all from admin on that site despite multiple emails to their 'reportabuse' link and basically a very unfriendly response from forum admin when we posted in their forum thread verrrry respectfully asking questions about the site. Apparently we were "souring" their fun. Not impressed.. but I'm glad that fire has been officially put out, regardless of the fact that we had to do it ourselves.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 26 Sep 2011 08:47

This is not really a story site, so I think I can post the's a forum thread where someone posted almost 100 pages of people's stories...and I can tell you quite a few belong to Lush members...

What's the deal with Booksie? Anyone know anything about that site? I found someone who claimed authorship to two of my stories and a couple of poems, and while it doesn't appear anything is for sale...the fact that Booksie converts stuff to PDF I'm not too thrilled means this person might have further intentions...maybe...

They changed the titles too, btw...

Yep, we're all on that one. They've got my ENTIRE writing portfolio by two fake authors (Lily and Tracy)

There are other blogs that feature a lot of Lush stories with no credit to the authors either.

It would almost be a full time job trying to put out all these fires.

Topic mmf or mfm
Posted 25 Sep 2011 21:45

Somehow this thread reminded me of this one!

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 25 Sep 2011 19:07

An update - i just sent Blondie a PM advising her to remove the bio as well and citing issues of ID theft. Let's see how this works. :)

I sent a rather legal-laden nasty note myself to Blondie.

I exchanged a few messages with another girl on the site that contacted me because Blondie actually stole one of her stories and posted it (on the same site!!!). She said tons of people have complained directly to 'her' and to admin but everything gets ignored. Apparently there has been a heated war being waged on this person for a while now.

She did say that the blondie member deleted her own stories last night (it wasn't removed by admin) due to all the backlash 'she' was getting from our Lush camp, so thanks to everyone for putting the pressure on!

Oh, and the member I was talking to actually got this back as one of her replies from the plagiarist: "your stry lookd crp so i gv it a gd home"

You can just feel the literary talent oozing from every word, right?

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 25 Sep 2011 14:22

It looks like the stories have now been pulled, but my stolen bio is still up. crybaby

Ash, I've summoned the legions of darkness. Someone has lifted my gf's published work. We're on it...AGAIN!! director

Uh oh... Is this another Amazon fiasco? Plagiarists are like cockroaches... you get rid of one but there's always others lurking and waiting to move in.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 25 Sep 2011 14:18

D_D - you should ask for your profile to be removed totally (again), if they don't comply, please let me know. Drop words like "identity theft" and "Illegal" in there, that usually gets web site owners moving.

A note on searching for your stories. Some smaller sites and blogs in particular, take our RSS feeds, and use them as posts. They are not stealing your work, merely putting a snippet of the story on their site, and it should give a link back to your full story page, unless they are up to no good. That actually benefits authors as you will get greater exposure. It's not story theft as such.

Please note, you guys should contact site owners directly as a first course of action. Only if you get no luck with having your work removed, then contact me. I am extremely pressed for time running this site as it is, so please only contact me when you have exhausted all other avenues. I know how rife it is on the web for content to be plagiarised, I could seriously spend every minute of the day sending out messages to site owners.

Thanks Nicola, I sent them another email. In a few hours the site will allow me to PM members too. Then I get to contact Blondie directly myself too.

And I agree... I don't mind smaller story sites or blogs posting my stories at all, as long as I'm given credit for writing them. So far I have not been given credit on any of them that I've searched and found. I can understand trying to get traffic for a site or sex blog by using stories, but I don't get the "oh well, I'll just use my own name instead of the author". Shady stuff.

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 25 Sep 2011 06:34

It looks like the stories have now been pulled, but my stolen bio is still up. crybaby

I'm surprised they haven't just outright banned this person rather than just pulling the stories. I don't even know if I have any real copyright claim over someone taking my bio/identity. Every time I see it coupled with that skanky blonde avatar pic they used it just makes me want to hurl.

Like some of the other Lushies, I did some searches on my other stories and found them on various sites. One allowed me to put in a formal legal copyright violation claim with Google. We'll see how that goes.

And Budwilliams, you are right. I clicked on a link on Fanfic and it crashed my computer.

Topic Novel idea for an interracial story
Posted 24 Sep 2011 18:33

In terms of using stereotypes, I'd like to emphasize how the protagonist used his prowess in the sack to amaze his sexual conquests, especially the married ones, who had hitherto never seen Asian men in a sexual light.

Yeah, this would be a solid stereotype (and correct assumption among most girls I know actually... LOL).

Maybe his physicality, discipline and strength through MMA will give him that edge in bed to wow his conquests? You could play on that idea.
And maybe his lovers want the porn tapes because they are MMA groupies and he's a big star.

Anyway... just thinking out loud. Am a bit drunk, so don't take this as the perfect plot recipe for a winning story. Regaeman Man

Ultimately it's your story, so just work with what turns you on. Don't worry too much about stereotypes but more on developing the characters so that they don't become totally cliche. Get over the 2-dimensional character types and make them complex.

Have fun with it! :)

Topic Novel idea for an interracial story
Posted 24 Sep 2011 17:50

I actually don't mind stereotypes... movies, porn and pop culture is filled with them. You've got the blonde socialite (Paris Hilton), the bumbling englishman (Hugh Grant), the cerebral wise asian guy (Mr Miyagi).

I just think it depends on the way you write the story. Sometimes you can use stereotypes to add a satirical or humorous bent to the plot. I think it's also important to give these over the top perfect characters (the rich, gorgeous and charming ones) a few flaws to make them more realistic and relatable and prevent the dreaded sinkhole of writing by creating a 'Mary Sue' character.

I would rather see a story about a mysterious, brooding asian MMA fighter sent overseas on the training/fight circuit than a cheesey faux-007 playboy. When it comes to sex and erotica, I think a dark and angsty past and a bit of bad boy edge is definitely going to make him a hotter ticket than just superficial wealth, tuxedos and good looks.

Just ideas... Don't be discouraged Yellowdragon! In the end, it's all about the quality of the writing and the story... and you have to be invested in both. Just start writing and see where it takes you! icon_smile
Hey, I actually like your idea a lot. Would it be okay with you if I were to ''poach'' it? Thanks!

For sure, go for it! I look forward to reading it! :)

Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 24 Sep 2011 17:39

I think I almost feel more violated about the stolen bio for some reason. Feels like someone was impersonating me... and the worst part... linking me to stolen Twilight-esque stories. Gaak!

I sort of laughed that they changed the 'green-eyed blonde' to 'blue-eyed blonde'... I guess that was their attempt to be original?

This person's entire portfolio was stolen. Someone else on the site contacted me that she had stolen their story as well but so far it doesn't seem that much is being done about it.

Thanks to anyone who can help put the pressure on to nuke this plagiarizing parasite.

It's kind of a surreal adrenaline jump when this kind of thing happens. Okay, I will now return to my violent cyber-murder fantasies.

Ashleigh XO

Topic Novel idea for an interracial story
Posted 24 Sep 2011 12:38

I actually don't mind stereotypes... movies, porn and pop culture is filled with them. You've got the blonde socialite (Paris Hilton), the bumbling englishman (Hugh Grant), the cerebral wise asian guy (Mr Miyagi).

I just think it depends on the way you write the story. Sometimes you can use stereotypes to add a satirical or humorous bent to the plot. I think it's also important to give these over the top perfect characters (the rich, gorgeous and charming ones) a few flaws to make them more realistic and relatable and prevent the dreaded sinkhole of writing by creating a 'Mary Sue' character.

I would rather see a story about a mysterious, brooding asian MMA fighter sent overseas on the training/fight circuit than a cheesey faux-007 playboy. When it comes to sex and erotica, I think a dark and angsty past and a bit of bad boy edge is definitely going to make him a hotter ticket than just superficial wealth, tuxedos and good looks.

Just ideas... Don't be discouraged Yellowdragon! In the end, it's all about the quality of the writing and the story... and you have to be invested in both. Just start writing and see where it takes you! icon_smile

Topic Happy Birthday Her Royal Spriteness!
Posted 23 Sep 2011 10:51

Happy Birthday to a true original of talent, beauty, intelligence, sweetness and kink combined! A girl that inspires dirty Disney fantasies and is like a little shower of glitter upon all our hearts and minds...

Let's rejoice and celebrate the birthday of Sprite, Kittygirl, Blondie, Supergirl, Mrs. Kate and of course, our darling Rachel. Who knew so many personalities and so much fun could come in one tiny package?

Love you girl! XO

Topic mma fighters: hot or not?
Posted 23 Sep 2011 07:27

yea ive found that GSP is a common theme among female admirers;)

I've noticed this too, but don't really understand it. GSP does nothing for me (and especially weird since I'm Canadian!). But I've never been into the bald & muscular look.

Personally I think KJ Noons is the hottest fighter in MMA.

And I'll admit, I'm totally entertained by Chael Sonnen's attitude.

Topic Are girls liars?
Posted 23 Sep 2011 06:43

I think it depends on the girl. If she is a hooker, a virgin, seriously inexperienced or if she is really desperate to keep you, she might feed you ego-lies. Personally if I did it, I would burst out laughing.

There is almost always something flattering you can say to a guy rather than resort to cheap ego-fuel that the guy will ultimately know is BS.

Topic Awkward Girlfriend Stuff Please Help
Posted 22 Sep 2011 20:26

she brought two of them to dinner as a "surprise" doll you are on top of it so should i end it or give her time to work her shit out i really like her if that helps

If I was doing this to a guy (and I have in the past) the best thing he could do would be a hard pull-back. That is, not clingy/hovering or trying to accommodate me, but more to shake me up and make me realize what I might be losing. When someone dicks another person around because they are trying to figure things out, they assume they have that person squarely in their corner and that they are willing to wait and put up with any array of hot-and-cold bullshit. If a guy employed a strong take it or leave it stance or if he himself just said "hey looks like you need a bit of space so why don't we both take some time apart" it would probably freak me out enough to fear losing him. That might speed the decision along.

Of course, if she legitimately wants out, this probably won't work but will operate more as her ticket out of the relationship. But then again that's probably preferable than wasting time, wondering what she's thinking or if she's trying to do the "slow death" style of ending a relationship because she doesn't have the guts to just pull the plug straight out. A lot of people aren't good with break-ups so they often take the passive way out by trying to wind things down. Plus there is less finality to it so it gives them a window of time where they can reconsider or change their minds.

Also... beware that there might be another guy in the picture. The only reason I say this is that if a new guy is lurking and she's starting to have feelings for him or tentatively playing things out with him to see where it might go, this is a strong reason as to why she will want to avoid having sex with you in the interim. Girls, especially when they are all starry eyed about a new guy, might see having sex with their existing boyfriend as cheating on the new prospect. Weird, I know. But because they aren't sure what they really want (yet), they are trying to keep the status quo and not rock the boat until they feel that they are ready to jump ship.

Topic Why swallow?
Posted 22 Sep 2011 17:12 least act like you've never swallowed before. Like it's the 1st time in your life that you ever even contemplated letting a man shoot his load in the mouth of the lovely woman you want 'us' to fall in love with.

Otherwise, some of us men are apt to think.........

"Wow, she really loves to eat cum." At which point the next logical thing to think is: "Hmmm, I bet she's swallowed more cum than the shower drain @ the local university's - football locker room, on gay-jack-off-contest-day."

You're not likely to be marriage material at that point in his thinking process lol

Me, I wouldn't give a second's thought to being your fuckbuddy going forward...or even kissing you. I know that you brush your teeth and gargle and it's probably been at least 24 hours since you last blew some dude, besides me.

But I'm not your average, ordinary guy. Nutbag

Well… this is kind of being ignorant d'oh!

I soooo agree.

The whole "women who are dirty and love sex must be promiscuous whores" thing should be an extinct theory by now. Unfortunately this is what keeps many women inhibited and in fear of judgment and stereotypes. Then later guys will complain about how the sex isn't hot enough and why they have to cheat for quality fucking.

This is also the reason why women feel compelled to state "I never do this kind of thing" over and over again when hooking up with a guy on the first night.

Why can't we just assume that some women enjoy sex more and/or are better skilled at it. It doesn't necessarily mean that her 'number' is into triple digits or that she sucked off the football team about an hour before your date. Maybe she's just naturally talented or has done her 'research'.

Speaking of 'research' and to answer the original question, the reason I swallow (and I swallowed on my first BJ) is because before I had sex, I'd watched porn and that's just what the porn girls did so I figured this was standard fare and I wanted to be the best I could be! I had no idea what to expect but I certainly wasn't going to wimp out by spitting or gagging. Swallow and smile. I've never considered anything less. icon_smile

Topic Awkward Girlfriend Stuff Please Help
Posted 22 Sep 2011 15:51

Not gonna lie... it doesn't look good.

She might be in that "wind-down" phase where she has been using her girlfriends as therapists and they've been supporting her in her confusion on whether to continue your relationship or not. It appears that she's still undecided so she wants to keep you hanging until she figures it out. In times like these, girls either do the "I'm going out of town for a few days" excuse or they bring their girlfriends everywhere as an intimacy buffer.