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Topic Personal attacks in heated discussions. Acceptable, or not?
Posted 23 Apr 2016 07:53

Then why do we keep seeing the same members breaking the forum rules by launching personal attacks and insults, that ahave nothing to do with the topic at hand? And why is it, that resonding in kind sometimes gets you banned, without consequene for the starter of the row?

I'm not going to discuss specific members on public forums. Everyone gets dealt with in the same way - warnings, suspensions, forum bans or perma-bans etc. What one person deems a "personal attack" does not always = suspension or a lifetime ban. It would be a very different Lush landscape if that was the case.

I am unaware of anyone being 'banned' for replying to an insult here, in all my years on the site. Feel free to PM me to discuss, if you wish to get into specifics. As I said - we don't have a public court here where we hang people or sentence them to prison time in front of a large crowd and explain why. Things are done behind the scenes in order to respect the privacy of all parties involved.

Topic Personal attacks in heated discussions. Acceptable, or not?
Posted 23 Apr 2016 07:32

I think one of the criteria to choose a moderator is their ability to jydge the validity of a complaint. And counteraction should be appropriate and above all effective. That doesn't mean a hatsh approach is the solution, but it should mean, that there should be a point, where it becomes clear, that harsh measures are the only option to stop a perpetrator. Recidivism should lead to increasingly tough measures. It does in the real world, it should here too.

We actually do take strong measures when they're warranted. They aren't publicly posted about in the forums, however.

Topic Personal attacks in heated discussions. Acceptable, or not?
Posted 23 Apr 2016 07:29

That may be so but I'm not one of the trolls who initiates it. I never suggested a no tolerance policy. Everyone deserves at least one other chance. The point to my post was acceptance of habitual bullying by the same members over and over again. Not a one off sarcastic snipe.

That's what I'm talking about too, Trinket. Not 'one-ofs', but multiple complaints by multiple different members, sometimes over years. And without any obvious provocation. I stand by my original post. A lot of people here would go if we turned into that kind of site.

I refuse to discuss anyone's personal case histories on public forums, but reality is sobering and I'm sure many would be surprised.

Topic Personal attacks in heated discussions. Acceptable, or not?
Posted 23 Apr 2016 07:14

If the site took a no-tolerance policy or even a 'three strikes, you're out' stance regarding complaints from other users about feeling insulted, harassed or trolled by 'XYZ Lush Member' (*without having been provoked*), quite a lot of people would have been banned from this site. And ironically, many of them are the ones posting in this thread, now wishing this to be the policy.

Topic Best female characters?
Posted 21 Apr 2016 13:46

My favourite is Roxy from West Coast Games. She's a free spirit, an unapologetic man-magnet and her motivations are unscrupulous in the best way possible. Many readers hated her, but I love the darker evolution of her character. There's some inner conflict there that gives her some dimension, complexity and heart.

The runner-up for fave female character would be Cady Lane from my eBook, The Bitches in the Basement. She's a sexpot and a bad girl and a little more blatant and extreme than Roxy. She makes blackmail look like fun.

Topic Rest in Peace Prince
Posted 21 Apr 2016 13:29

Total tragedy. He was way too young. I still can't believe it's true.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "New Experiences" Sex Story Competition
Posted 17 Apr 2016 11:31

I still have to catch up on my reading for this comp, but huge congrats to the winners and honourable mentions! 3601

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 11 Apr 2016 16:05

It'll be a lesbian. it's always a lesbian... hi Doll! hello2

There are no lesbians in this particular batter's lineup. There's a gay guy, but I'm pretty sure he'll be safe.

While I know lesbians don't seem to last long on this show, I'm more concerned about the demise of all the blondes.

The Blonde RIP list so far: Amy, Sophia, Andrea, Beth, Mika, Lizzie, Deanna, Jessie, Denise. Are there even any blondes left on the show anymore? Nope. crybaby

Topic Fear the Walking Dead
Posted 11 Apr 2016 15:27

I don't know if it's the actors or the script, or a combination of the two, but it just doesn't grab you in the same way as TWD managed to, even in season one and two. I feel like the plot is speeding along but the characters aren't reacting realistically. Travis and Madison, in particular, kind of view the zombie landscape as though they're smelling something vaguely foul in the air and have become confused as to where its coming from. Take Andrew Lincoln's acting, even in the first episode of season one where he comes home to find an empty house, for example - epic and gutting. I don't even know if we've seen these FTWD people even cry yet? They look prematurely hardened to their new world.

I am still watching it though, because... no zombies until next October would just be wrong.

When it comes to last night's episode:

* I like the idea of the boat. I hope this isn't a one-episode gimmick and that they return to dry land next week.
* The plot line of who Jack might be, what the implications are, and how Strand will handle the situation has lots of potential.
* Strand looks so much like Tyrese, especially with the beanie on. I miss Tyrese.
* They need more characters so that they can kill a few people off and/or add better actors that might get us more invested in what's going on.
* The best characters are Nick and Strand so far (they have the best actors playing them as well).
* Do sharks eat Zombies or would Zombies eat the sharks?

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 06 Apr 2016 12:48

I got the whole session recored ready to watchband have booked a day off work to watch, it all planned, finish work at 9pm and off tue next day and just work my way though.
I even have the local pizza place on speed dial lol.

Oooh, nice! Let us know what you think when you've worked your way through. I feel like this season was easily the most intense/stressful one so far. Really great script-writing on quite a few episodes too.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 06 Apr 2016 12:44

Just watched the finale. Who!!!???

Glenn. If you watch the episode again, pay attention to the POVs coming from the back of the van and who comes out last when the doors open. I've come to the conclusion that it really can't be anyone else if they maintain the integrity of what they've already shown.

Also based on the position of where Glenn is kneeling (not directly in line with everyone else but on the end, kind of turned inward), he sees Negan with no RV background. In the final scene before the bat comes down, there's no RV background either.

I'll admit they may have done this to intentionally fuck with us (yet again!), but based on what we saw in that episode and logic, it *should* be him. Then again, based on logic, he should have died next to the dumpster earlier this season. Glenn seems to have nine lives on this show.

I guess we'll know in October! geek

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 06 Apr 2016 12:36

OK, so is it wrong to want Negan? He is so much more cool than Rick, and he's played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which is a bit of an unfair advantage.

To be fair, there wouldn't be much left of Jeffrey Dean Morgan by the time I'd finished with him, no matter what role he was in, but Negan is inherently cool too. He's even almost tall enough to look me in the eye.

He does have a certain bad boy appeal. I haven't read the comics, but the character does have a cool, charismatic vibe so far. Too bad he's on the wrong side of the sandbox when it comes to Team Rick.

Topic Moderator of the Month for March, with $100 to spend @ Amazon
Posted 05 Apr 2016 17:37

Congrats, CG! You're a fantastic addition to the team! Enjoy your prize! 3601

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 04 Apr 2016 04:37

I really, really don't want it to be true but I feel like Michonne is the likely candidate. She isn't one of the original five but she's big enough that it would be a huge impact. Plus, the old trope sex=death. I'm probably wrong and I hope I am. dontknow

This trope is so alive and well on this show!

Other than Maggie and Glen, it seems like falling in love or having sex on TWD means one of you is doomed.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 04 Apr 2016 04:29

Aaaand... the best tweet of the night goes to this guy:

Ok, but seriously... that was the most terrifying episode of TWD so far for me. I was literally shaking internally like a Chihuahua. Super dark, high tension, the feeling of the walls closing in, and the taunting of what the Saviors were doing to other victims along the way felt like little post-it notes everywhere the group turned, saying, "Yep, you're all fucked!".

Then there was Rick's face. Defeat and devastation. Amazing acting by Andrew Lincoln.

And now - we're still left to ask the same questions for... oh, another six months. Nasty stuff, right there!

I can't begrudge them a good cliffhanger. In my opinion, they did it really, really well - however, clearly the impact of this death loses a lot of momentum for viewers without the continuity factor. Inevitably stuff will leak over the summer months of filming and it will get out who is not part of the cast anymore. By the time October comes, the audience has likely already dealt with the shock-value and is readyto move forward into this 'new normal', whatever that might be.

I feel like it has to be Glenn, Abraham or Daryl at this point. He made that gruesome comment re Carl's eye and Rick if anyone ran interference so I think they're both safe.

I don't see Negan's comment, "you're taking it like a champ" pointing toward a female victim. I could be wrong, but I feel like it was a male death - an alpha taking out a big dog - not a girl.

For this death to radically change the group etc, it almost has to be Glenn, no? Like Maggie will probably end up at Hilltop dealing the aftermath of her pregnancy and has to stay for a while for medical treatment and maybe that's how she inevitably becomes a leader there? Would she do that if Glenn was around? Then again - doing another "omg, is Glenn dead?" thing is frustrating.

I can't see the group genuinely 'changed forever' or deeply impacted if Eugene or Abraham dies. There were far more beloved character deaths that the group got over pretty quick (eg. Tyrese, Hershel etc.).

It's also crazy to me that not even the cast knows yet, as per Chandler Rigg's (Carl) tweet last night:

Sucks to wait til October but damn - those last couple of minutes were gut-wrenching.

Edit: One clue I've been hearing people talk about is the earlier POV shots throughout the episode of someone in the van looking out and seeing slits of light through the blackness. Those random POV-shots must mean something. If the POV stays consistent to the final scene, then the person getting Lucille'd should be someone from the van (the previously captured Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Rosita). So yeah, I still think it's Glenn

Topic Foot Candy
Posted 31 Mar 2016 11:06

New Louboutin Nudes. Shades to match different skin tones, available in several classic styles (from ballerina flats to stilettos). Cool idea that gets away from the 'nude=beige' thing.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 31 Mar 2016 04:27

I feel like I'd genuinely be surprised if they stick to the designated victim from the comic book. It seems like most of the time they switch around character-deaths so that it's not so obvious. Unless for this particular iconic scene, they want to be pure with it and stick to the source material.

I fear it will end on a POV cliffhanger though, which is actually the worst possible thing. How pissed will everyone be to have to wait another six months? It would also ruin the dramatic effect of losing whatever character is chosen. I seriously hope they don't do this.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 30 Mar 2016 09:57

Anyone wish to hazard a guess as to which of the main character(s) will die during Sundays finale?

I feel like they've set up the foreshadowing of several characters potential demise during this half-season so it's totally messing with us! I was convinced it was going to be Carol for a few weeks (she was really getting the imminent-death edit)... then I changed my mind to Daryl. But now I wonder... maybe they shot Daryl to tease/stress the audience and it's really going to be someone else.

I know my stomach is going to be in knots for the season finale. I think in order to have the necessary impact of that iconic scene, they will need to kill off a major character. I can't imagine it having the same kind of effect if it ends up being someone like Abraham or Morgan, but after faking us out with Glen and Dumpstergate, anything is possible.

I feel like it should be one of the original Atlanta-Five, but I really don't want it to be. crybaby

My final guess at this point is Daryl, but I'm expecting (and hoping) that I'm wrong.

Topic Hottest new makeup trend: 'Trumping' (funny)
Posted 10 Mar 2016 12:12

Forget strobing, contouring and baking... this is Republican on fleek. geek

Topic Moderator of the Month for February, with $100 to spend in the Amazon store
Posted 10 Mar 2016 09:15

Great numbers! Congratulations on a job well done! 3601

Topic Frilly things: lingerie love
Posted 05 Mar 2016 12:38

These are all by the brand, 'For Love & Lemons'.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 24 Feb 2016 09:22

And then this happened...

I totally get it, and it's nice to see a power-couple that's this evenly matched.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 24 Feb 2016 09:16

I always knew the zombies were attracted to sound and the smell of the living. What I didn't realize is that they were drawn to light, like moths to a flame. :-) Or was it the sound of the fire. I guess I will have to brush up on my zombie survival lore. Still the show is great fun. Not having read the graphic novels every episode is a new adventure for me.

Yeah, I think zombies are supposed to be drawn to the light, the movement of flames and sound. I guess anything out of the ordinary that stimulates their very limited brain stems.

I remember the charred zombies that had wandered into that house that Darryl and Beth set on fire a few seasons ago. And they seemed to be into the burning barn on Hershel's farm during the last stand.

Setting the lake on fire was such a cool scene.

Topic What movie have you seen the most??
Posted 18 Feb 2016 07:00

- Jaws (still watch it at least once a year, usually during Shark Week)
- Legally Blonde (this was the big thing in highschool/uni, along with Mean Girls)
- Cruel Intentions (because when I was 15, I thought Ryan Phillippe was the hottest guy ever and I loved his character in that movie)
- The Little Mermaid (like many others, it was a kid thing - on endless repeat)

Topic What is your favourite scent?
Posted 16 Feb 2016 08:52

Guerlain's Terracotta Le Parfum. This is the LE special anniversary version they came out with last year. It's now one of my all-time faves. If you like summery, beachy scents, this is really gorgeous. It's got a very solar, almost sunscreen vibe (this reminds me more of Bain de Soleil rather than the Coppertone hints of Bobbi Brown's Beach). There's some coconut, vanilla, white floral and lots of Tiare as well, so it smells like you're lying on a hot beach in Hawaii. Love.

Topic Deep frown line, anyone naturally fix it?
Posted 16 Feb 2016 07:04

You can try Dr Brandt's Needles No More topical. You can get it at Sephora. Over time it may help soften those lines by providing a temporary (non-Botox) freeze. It is not a miracle in a bottle though - no topical is (get a free sample first at any Sephora before you buy). You can also try some variation of chemical peels (or daily chemical exfoliation pads for at-home use) and be sure to keep that area of your face as hydrated as possible.

Other than Botox, nothing is really going to fix it though because every time you frown or furrow your brows, you are going to deepen and strengthen those wrinkles. Sometimes people even do this in their sleep. Your goal would be to try to keep this area of your face as relaxed as possible while awake, always wear sunglasses to prevent squinting and if you notice your 11's look stronger when you wake up, you could consider using a product called 'Frownies' (or you can use plain medical tape that's a bit stiffer) that will physically prevent you from furrowing your brow during sleep. It's not an attractive look, but if it really bothers you, it might be worth checking into.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 16 Feb 2016 06:48

I just looked at the trailer for this series. It look like it would appeal to people who work in meat production processing the live animals or perhaps coroners.

You definitely have to appreciate the horror genre to enjoy it, although it's actually more about relationships, humanity and ethics, and the struggle for hope in the face of fear.

However... "The Walking Dead has the highest total viewership of any series in cable television history, including its two most recent (fourth and fifth) full seasons, during which it averaged the most 18- to 49-year-old viewers of all cable or broadcast television shows. Total viewership for its season five premiere was 17.3 million, the most-watched series episode in cable history." (Wiki)

The series does pretty well when it comes to pulling in viewers. And hey, I like it and I don't even eat meat! :)

Topic Have you cheated on your man?
Posted 16 Feb 2016 03:52

I did, once (well, it was over the course of a week, while by BF was out of town). I did break up with my BF when he returned though. During our post-break-up chat, I found out was actually planning to propose. Sadly, I was totally into the other guy (turned into a major relationship, major asshole, many years wasted with him).

I also had a BF get pretty angry when he found out that I'd made out with a couple of girls while drunk at various clubs. I don't really feel like that's cheating, but I get that some people do.

Topic Nostalgic Food!
Posted 16 Feb 2016 03:38

Crepes stuffed with this sweetened ricotta filling. Also, home-made lemon meringue pie and Baked Alaska.

As for junk food, it was cotton candy (when I could get it at amusement parks and events). I was rarely allowed to have serious junk food or candy, so this was like a major treat for me. I still get excited when I'm able to snag a bag now.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 16 Feb 2016 03:20

I did make the mistake of reading some stuff about Negan from the comics, bit of a spoiler which I hope is not going to happen in the tv show... 😳

I know exactly the spoiler you're talking about - I watched that scene from the comics on youtube a while ago (set to tragic music). I hope it doesn't happen in the show. Having said that, I think fans will be pissed if it doesn't since it's supposed to be such an iconic scene for Negan. I'm hoping it plays out with a minor (or different) character and tweaked somehow so it's not as brutal. It's such a brutal show, but somehow I can't imagine being able to sit through that as a viewer. sad1

Speaking of Negan though, how awesome was the demise of his gang. That was another scene that left me slack-jawed during the opener! I totally thought that would have been CGI but they used actual dummy replicas. Very cool special effects efforts.