A Night Out

A younger man entices her at the bar.

Elle hadn’t been to a bar in a very long time. Her work had been so busy lately; it must have been nearly a year since she tasted bad martinis under low lighting, watching men in ill-fitting suits sidling up to young girls in short dresses. She had already been approached twice in the first half-hour. One was at least a decade older, forty maybe. His breath made her skin crawl and his body...Read On



Taking Her

A rough intruder has his way with a secret slut.

I grab you from behind, swiftly covering your mouth, and whisper in your ear that's it's time for your punishment. Your hot breath against my hand makes my cock pulse just a little, and as you struggle against me you can feel it growing against the top of your arse. With my stiff cock prodding into you, you reach behind your back and rub your fingers across the front of my jeans, groaning...Read On