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Going down on her Clit (pussy) is
the most erotic feeling and power...
Next to the act of Intercourse (fucking her, to be blunt).

My Way
Our weapon, or tool...Our Tongue!
Save some of your energy, let her work it a bit...
Your tongue as she presses and grinds it...
When you start, she starts...Believe me.

Start slowly, with some rhythm...
Stroke her Clit, try it like you lick an Ice Cream...
Up & Down from the top work it to the bottom.
Get it in there teasingly once in a while work the her inner folds of her Clit.

*Key: No matter how crazy she gets ( good for her & to bad ) keep it slow an easy,
Tease her consistently, until she is delirious...and then,
Give her the sign of the cross!!! As I call it...Tongue her Clit Up/Down
bring it to the middle then left to right fast and furious...
Then stick it in the middle all the way...bring it out, quick...No lingering!

Then, start again very slow and easy...*let her yell, scream, beg, and curse...
(like we do sometimes..So what! Remember Your here to please Her,
Make her pay! They call it ecstasy, bring her there!)

Then repeat and mix it up with lingering jabs
of the tongue or wiggle it quickly in and out...
But return to the patterns I mentioned.

When do you stop? Till she has a very hot wet orgasm...
you and your tongue will know and feel it...
by then she will have collapsed.

When you do this to her you stimulate her senses...
to the point her blood will swell her Clit (pussy)
making it sooooooo sensitive...
She will pop a big Orgasm, Trust Me!

My Way

Hands, Never ever underestimate your hands,
when you want to stimulate her Clit...Women like a man or woman
with nice memorable hands, that work her very, very good.

Lay on your side, we got all night to work her, remember
(she asked for it, Give it, To Her!)...
Take your palm of your hand press it on her pubic mound,
let the fingers lightly touch vagina...Let her push a bit
against your palm, then take your index finger & middle finger...
Gently kind of caress and play her vagina and Clit...Get a rhythm
going (it's all about rhythm, work it!) then lightly pinch her inner folds,
of the Clit...Press two fingers up against her vagina, try to do it at the same time.

Why this way and area, simple!
Her G-Spot is near there and if done right she will explode with so much love, very hot! very wet! Remember it's about her,
do this...Concentrate on her reactions and work it till she...
Spills her love all over your hands...You will know and feel it!

My Way (3 )
Our Best friend, Our Top Gun...Our COCK (penis, for the clueless)!
Does not matter how big, long, or fat...If you master the blaster,
You are her Master! (who says we can't be coy with our joy)

Sex is kind of an intense erotic game, always remember that...
(Right ladies? With the battery operated rocket G-2's or vibrators of your "Ahem", Choice...don't act so surprised we know you got one)...We let our feelings run wild to get satisfaction and thrills...

Anyway, Guys this is important, you have to concentrate and out last her...
When you have her Doggie or on a Missionary style...
Start with light short thrusts, not all the way...Just enough to barely penetrate
her vagina. Let your COCK, rest just inside her, not deep at all!

Be slow, linger, ease out...Press your COCK against her Clit...
Press it just enough to go in between the folds, don't enter her!
Not yet at least...Remember light short thrusts at her vagina & clit area...

Then with out warning!

Go Deep! Very Deep, till your pelvic bone presses her Clit deeply.
Then hold the position...Slow, I mean teasingly slow pull out,
as she tries to push or press you to go deep...don't!

Till you are almost at the tip of your COCK and
just about to leave the Clit area...Go Deep! Build a rhythm,
alternate, you will make her crazy and she will warm your loins,
very intensely...

Remember your hitting her hot spots...Many of her sensitive nerves
are at the vagina & clit area...When you penetrate Deep and Hold!
You are closing her sensitive senses around the base of your C**K,
causing her the be overwhelmed...
That's a good thing, she will love you for it...
I know.

My Way

Her, G-Spot!
My Favorite place to find and open up...not always easy to find
about the size of a dime, usually around her vagina wall about,
a few inches in...depends on her body type, but it's there!

Guys, I Kid You Not...Find this Spot! Work this Spot! and Control this Spot!
And You Absolutely Own Her! She will be whatever you want her to be...
Behind closed doors...if you limit yourself there (My Suggestion Don't!).
*There is a lot of things said for being bold & daring in:
clubs, roofs, alleys, parks, elevators, malls, etc...etc...
Understand what I mean? Where I am going?
Remember, it's the journey & adventure with her that counts...
If You Love Her...

Ok, Back To Her, G-Spot!
If you get her going with these few methods I use,
her G-Spot will swell...You will feel it, It responds to a very firm pressure!
Sometimes, Your fingers or her toy (vibrator or Rocket G-2)
will work a lot better than your COCK.
It's about reaching it to let her lose that control,
we are looking for to please her & own her,
If Done Right!

Take her toy...and put it in about, an inch or two inside her vagina...
Try to press it near her G-Spot when you feel and find it at first,
Then bring her legs tight around her toy(vibrator)...Then go down on her
and work her Clit with your tongue at the same time.
She will spray...if you do this and love it as she collapses.

You can also try this from a doggie style position, from her rear...
Place your COCK, inside, pressing down on her, then reach underneath...
massage her pubic mound intensely, from the outside...
Which, if done right stimulate
her to Reach Her G-Spot...And She Will Explode!

My Way

This is it Guys, Hit her with all the above combinations,
to leave her senses going...Whatever you do don't stop!

Some Women, Actually quite a few (trust me on this)
can have multiple Orgasm's...After the first one is brought
out of her. You just got to over stimulate her senses,
but to do that she needs a bit of rest...To reach that.

That's why foreplay is key, to making her crazy, aroused, and stimulated...
The key to be a long lasting lover is to challenge your passions and add
to hers...That means being a better lover by exploring her body find the
spots that arouse her all the time.

But you have to use your
tongue, toys, fingers, and COCK...

In ways to confuse and unexpectedly attack
her sensitive zones, hot zones, or erotic zones...
Know her body as well as yours and shock it,
to the point she will never expect what you got lined up.

So in the end, this is my very own ways of bringing,
women to an Orgasm...
A lot of it learned and applied, over many years
of experience... ;-)
Don't be a dud, be a stud...
She will love you every time and hopefully...
Not wander.

Dan Duke
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