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How is everyone?? Leave me a message, let me know you're still live n horny!!

22 Feb 2013 09:57

Finally wrote another story, something different (ish) let me know what you think. Enjoy!

24 Jul 2012 10:30

Wondering what happening and hoping you are ok Sam x

20 May 2012 12:29

Smile and the world wonders just what you are smiling about!

18 May 2012 15:26

Amazing how a song can make you think of someone you haven't met!

09 May 2012 11:34

Oh my word, never had such a busy birthday. And it ain't over yet!

05 May 2012 08:30

Posted chapter 5, let me know what you do/don't like. Think i'm going to leave this series alone

01 Mar 2012 01:33

Chapter 5 is going on soon, let me know what you like/don't like about it

29 Feb 2012 15:29

Finally! Got chapter 4 finished, let me know what you think!

20 Feb 2012 15:04

Back on track with the next part of my story. I was trying to manipulate a scenario that didn't want to exist! Hopefully have it finished and posted soon!

17 Feb 2012 12:32

All's fair in love and war: let your guard down in either and you take one on the chin!

14 Feb 2012 15:11

Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you find out who your friends are...

08 Feb 2012 05:51

Unfortunately, it would appear that magic is fickle! ;p

02 Feb 2012 07:48

Strange to think of someone I barely know, will probably never meet, yet feel I can be completely honest with. Such is the magic of Lush...

22 Jan 2012 14:24

Cruel is the mind that allows me to dream of someone who doesn't exist, only to miss her when I awake...

13 Jan 2012 00:34

Can' remember that last time I got a blow-job!

06 Jan 2012 14:16

I seriously hope leggings never go out of fashion!

05 Dec 2011 14:48

Next part of my story submitted, as always, I appreciate any feedback

14 Nov 2011 14:55

Looking forward to tonight ;p

27 Oct 2011 05:20

Finally finished my next story and already have the next two parts in mind! Let me know what you think

18 Oct 2011 15:05

Working on another story, a work of fiction...watch this space!

29 Sep 2011 02:01

Finally finished the second part of my story. Not sure I'm happy with it though, let me know what you think when its published...

29 Aug 2011 14:38

I'd like to thanks the cute girl with the umbrella walking home in her pyjamas. Your smile made cycling in the rain so very worth it

15 Aug 2011 15:13

Out of sight out of mind, or does absence make the heart grow fonder?

02 Aug 2011 03:23

Monkeys could do a better job

01 Aug 2011 16:10

I'm waiting for the day we can be together x

06 Jun 2011 16:09

Hates technology!

06 Jun 2011 16:05