danerin69's Blog Entries

23 Jan 2013 00:35

we are finallly settled into our new house

02 Dec 2012 18:18

WE are leaving for our new house today. We will be on lush every so often.

Look forward to chatting to you all soon!!!
Love Erin and Dan

29 Nov 2012 13:50

getting ready for our big trip

20 Oct 2012 04:45

I'm craving cum so much right now. Hubby hurry up and come home.

Bring some mates with you!

29 Sep 2012 01:42

For all the Aussies here, GO YOU MIGHTY SWANNIES!

If only the bulldogs win tommorow night.

01 Sep 2012 14:49

Happy Fathers day to all the horny dads out there. Girls you better give him a special cuddle

31 Jan 2012 03:56

Sorry I was away for awhile. I'm back

17 Sep 2011 17:01

Thanks everyone for commenting on my story!

16 Sep 2011 21:57

Hope my story gets approved

22 Jul 2011 03:52

I want some naughty horny chat!

11 Jun 2011 21:28

New pics added

13 May 2011 19:25

Is looking forward to Tru Blood Season 3. Sookie is so hot, so is Eric

08 May 2011 01:39

Who else thinks Katy Perry is hot. I would love to share my cherry chapstick with her!!!! She gets me so wet

03 May 2011 00:13

we want to bring in a Trannie into our bed mmmmmmmmmmm

30 Apr 2011 18:31

i love my brother

27 Apr 2011 04:58

To all the serving aussie military, hope u all had a great ANZAC day. XXX Erin

22 Apr 2011 20:47

im so wet right now. i need a cock in each hole and a pussy on my face

01 Apr 2011 03:52

I love to chat to ppl on this site. It always gets me so wet.

Love you Kyla, Bi_Mum and Glenda

24 Mar 2011 04:22

My pussy is so sore right now. Dan fucked hard tonite! I love those ropes he uses

12 Mar 2011 23:15

Dan is finally back. God I missed his cock!

17 Feb 2011 04:25

i cant wait to see dan in panties again