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I'm here to read and have fun. You're more than welcome to be a part of that if you'd like. But please be aware that I'm unavailable for anything more than friendly chat. Camp out in my friend zone at your own risk...just make sure you're good at rationing your resources. Seriously...if you wanna be my friend just be my friend. But that 'friend with ulterior motives' bullshit is for the birds. If you say what you mean and mean what you say, then you're fine in my book (with exceptions, of course).

*Disclaimer: Whatever my current avatar may be is NOT me. It's NEVER me. Most likely it's some gorgeous girl with amazing hair, or Beyoncé in a pair of chaps and a sexy white bodysuit wrangling a conspicuous looking penguin. It may even be a pair of flashy panties. Whatever the case may be, the avatar most definitely is not me.*

Danielle Algo
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Give me anything suspenseful and/or romantic and I doubt I'll put it down. Oh, and erotica of course *wink-wink*.
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Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Stephen King, and everything in between.
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Happy Feet, Finding Nemo & Disneynature: Oceans are my ALL TIME fave movies. I'm also really into time period movies (Pride & Prejudice, Amadeus, Gone With the Wind, etc.) I can attempt to type them all, but it'd be a rather fruitless endeavor.
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Everything from classical to hip-hop....except metal, I hate it.


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Topic: Abuse of Power?
Posted: 26 Mar 2017 10:35

If I get kicked off the site for my complaint and suddenly go missing, you will know why.

You won't. Get kicked off the site for complaining, that is.

To misconstrue a site administrator's dry sense of humor as an insult and make it out to be some sort of unfair power dynamic is not a punishable offense. Therefore, you're in the clear.

I understand that these things don't always translate well in written form, especially between strangers. With that being said, you've the right to take offense to anything you like. You've the right to call it out publicly should you choose to do so. The administrator in question (along with anyone else) reserves the right to provide their side of things.

If this were an issue of abuse of power, this thread wouldn't exist. Someone who happens to be a site administrator decided to poke fun at a post you made. While it is now clear that it was not fun for you, it is not a demonstration of an abuse of power. And you can rest assured that the site administrator in question will endeavor to not interact with you in this way going forward.

Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 21:25

I am angry... I don't want sympathy, I don't want revenge.. I certainly don't want blame.

What sort of grip? .. Coach has a neat new line out for spring. Well I do want blame... I will blame my overspending on you.

I promise to get a grip.. giggles

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7">

p.s. .. Message understood <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/hello.gif" alt="hello2">

This thread deserves so much more than your typical passive-aggressive bullshit shrouded in giggles and rainbow farts. It's almost as disgusting as those posts of yours I referenced earlier.

Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 20:50

It was not mock concern.. I know about child abuse. I don't know if this member was molested, but if she was she has my more than my sympathy. But the rest is wrong.. it's a lie.. wrong date, wrong State, even wrong country... do you want the paper work?. Do you really think I would accuse someone of making such a thing up just because they were bullying me?. No woman should make that sort of thing up.. or even exaggerate it so.. sorry... please read all the posts between us.. before you judge me so harshly.

Why would you make the assumption that I hadn't read the posts between the two of you before saying what I said?

Again, get a grip, and let's move forward.

Please and thank you.

Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 20:48

Why Dani?... the date is wrong.. the State is wrong.. the country is wrong...
In Washington there is a list of serial killers sentences and their crimes ... her so called assailant isn't there. Nor is any such crime outstanding as unsolved.
It's a lie... and the apology should not come from you.

All I wanted was for her to take down the post because it wasn't truthful.

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Get a grip.

Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 18:57

Hayley, I can't read your posts because I have you blocked.

I removed what I posted because one, I had the year incorrect as to when the State of Florida took care of the man who was suspected of abducting and sexually assaulting my four year old self, and two, I was at first going to modify the post to reflect the correct year but thought, no, it's not really salient to my original point, and I shouldn't have shared what I shared.

Why did I have the year incorrect? Mostly because my own memories of the actual incident are extraordinarily fractured, and because I tried very hard for a very long time to not know what, exactly, had happened to me. Hell, my parents, psychologists, teachers, literally everyone in my life at the time the incident occurred believed that I would have no memory of the incident--yes, the belief the victims of sexual abuse or assault who were very young at the time of the abuse or assault could not process and therefore could not remember what had happened to them was very much a thing until about twenty years ago. Point being, I had to go actually look it up.

Since I wasn't supposed to remember it, it wasn't supposed to affect my life. Which it hasn't, aside from a few minor things. It doesn't define who I am.

At any rate, it wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I began to research newspaper archives and to request information from law enforcement agencies. I didn't learn of his name, or his death, until well after his passing.

What I find extraordinary about you, Hayley, is that you seem to have taken delight in seizing on that one error. I don't know why, and I don't care, but to dismiss an otherwise factual post out of hand because you'd like the spotlight shining more brightly on yourself and your far more dramatic (and detailed!) unfortunate experience seems a little off.

I am done here.

I sincerely apologize that you even felt the need to give this explanation.

Topic: The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 18:54

If what you say is true.. my heart goes out to you.. if you are being truthful with the members here.

I am sorry you ran foul of Roy Stewart.. Roy Allen Stewart wasn't it? He was a real sewer rat it seems.
I perused his court documents and his several appeals for stays of execution.
Having done this, and reuniting with a friend in Washington from The Woman's March to do a bit of quick archiving on my behalf.. would you like to amend your post in any way? Because I am going to discuss it and your claims in no uncertain manner if you don't.

No matter what twaddle and hatred you peddle elsewhere.. this thread is for the special use of those seeking real comfort and release from real pain. .

No there are other friends of yours thatt outstrip you in the hate and bullying department. You should take lessons from them. I think I know what a bottom feeder is.. a fish?.

I was not threatening ... as I said my heart went out to you.. if what you said was true.
I cannot believe, given what this thread is about and how seriously those posting here take it, what it means to them, that any woman would come on here and make up things about rape. Why would she ever do that?. That would be seriously sick wouldn't it?.

So why did you do it?. You have so much talent as a writer, but so little skill as a bully. Such a waste of energy.

It's been quite a while since I've seen something as disgusting as these two posts on this site. And that's from political commentary gone damn near violent to the most ruthless/pointless forum squabbles.

The fact that you'd attempt to blend such vitriol with mock concern makes it that much worse.

I seldom enter these threads unless I'm directed to do so. This is an excellent reminder why. Ugh.

Note to all: Going forward, let's focus more on the conversation at hand and less on 'exposing' people when sharing experiences simply out of respect for the topic at hand.

Please and thanks.

Topic: Sultry Redheads
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 05:47

Gentle Reminder: Please reserve all hardcore images for the designated (Hardcore) sections of the forums. Hardcore includes (but isn't necessarily limited to): Penetration and exposed male or female genitalia. Basically, if it's not allowed in your avatar, then it's not allowed in the non-hardcore sections of the forums.

Please and thank you.

Topic: BCAA's?
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 05:42

BCAA's people. If you wanna measure dicks, start a new thread or take it to PMs...or Skype.

Carry on.

Topic: Jizz Angels
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 18:46

I had lunch with a friend today, and she told me she and her fiancé were doing some post-sex pillow talk. One thing led to another, and the fiancé mentioned how he's always had this fantasy of the two of them doing the horizontal hokey-pokey while really ripped men dressed as angels jerked off all over them.

My friend explained that her fiancé grew up with strict religious parents, so that angelic piece adds a twist of sacrilege, making it an ultimate taboo for him.

That got me wondering. So how many of your taboo fantasies have a religious taboo element versus a societal taboo element?

I know these things intersect because society and sexuality are still deeply impacted by religion. But still, how many of you can say that your most convoluted (to you) sexual fantasies stem from religious suppression?

Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted: 12 Mar 2017 12:12

Just unchecked everything, so will see if that works. Thank you Dani. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_flower.gif" alt="flower">

No problem. I hope it works. I changed my settings so long ago that I'm not exactly sure what I did.

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