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Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 14:42

Dani, I don't have time to respond to all of that, so here's a few bullet points.

-- A "social construct" isn't an actual thing. It can't be observed. It's a feeling. An emotion. Biology is science, fact, and observable evidence.

Exactly. Social constructs are man-made concepts perpetuated by beliefs. To conflate a social construct such as gender with biology is disingenuous. Glad we're on the same page about that.

John Hopkins isn't a reputable institution? Wow.

The institution? Yes. The individual you quoted? Not so much.

I hope you're not suggesting that blacks, women, and homosexuals suffer from mental disorders.

I hope you're not suggesting that they don't. I also hope that you're not suggesting that the lack of mental support for these individuals doesn't take root in how they have been treated (disregarded) historically.

It's all too common for people to lump transgender people in with blacks, women, homosexuals, etc.. To equate someone's self-perception with his ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation does no favors for the transgender "community." It's tragic that the "T's" were lumped in with "LGB's", as if perceived gender is the same as sexual preference. It's insulting and condescending to lump them all together, frankly.

Wasn't lumping it in, just making a comparison. There are some similarities in the ongoing fight for civil rights among these groups.

Also, I agree and understand that race and gender aren't the same as sexual preference/orientation. However, they are also not mutually exclusive. There's transactionality, which is why an Asian who is biologically male can identify as a lesbian female.

, people suffering from a mental disorder should get the help they need.

Indeed. Not tolerating policies that stifle their rights is a step in a positive direction.

Instead, their "advocates" are far too busy suffering from "Selma Envy" to see that they are causing more harm than good.

One could infer that this level of intolerance from you is delusional. None of your arguments are rooted in facts, just irrational fear.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 13:54

No amount of plastic surgery and hormones will turn a man into a woman or vice-versa. Gender is defined at the chromosomal level. No one born a man will ever experience a period or give birth. No one born as a woman will ever father a child. You can't change biology.

Gender is a social construct. It has no biological restrictions.

just cited one from John Hopkins who disagrees. I could probably find many more.

I said reputable.

Gender dysphoria was only very recently unclassified as a mental disorder -- and only because of political pressure.

Yeah, just like slavery was abolished, Jim Crow was outlawed, women being allowed to vote, homosexuals were allowed to marry and many other shitty policies were dismantled because of political pressure because policies that allowed such discrimination were all wrong.

To this day, there is still a DSM-5 code for it.

Indeed. Funny how this fact presented without context makes it seem as if you have a valid point. You don't. Here's some context:

In the old DSM-IV, GID focused on the “identity” issue — namely, the incongruity between someone’s birth gender and the gender with which he or she identifies. While this incongruity is still crucial to gender dysphoria, the drafters of the new DSM-5 wanted to emphasize the importance of distress about the incongruity for a diagnosis. (The DSM-5 uses the term gender rather than sex to allow for those born with both male and female genitalia to have the condition.)

This shift reflects recognition that the disagreement between birth gender and identity may not necessarily be pathological if it does not cause the individual distress, said Robin Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist and co-author of the psychology textbook “Abnormal Psychology” (Worth Publishers, 2009). For instance, many transgender people — those who identify with a gender different than the one they were assigned at birth — are not distressed by their cross-gender identification and should not be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, Rosenberg said.

Transgender people and their allies have pointed out that distress in gender dysphoria is not an inherent part of being transgender. This sets it apart from many other disorders in the DSM, because if someone is depressed, for example, he or she is, almost by definition, distressed as part of depression. In contrast, the distress that accompanies gender dysphoria arises as a result of a culture that stigmatizes people who do not conform to gender norms...

The above quote is attributed to Robin Rosenberg, a reputable clinical psychologist.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 13:36

Dani, according to a Pentagon study, the estimated annual expense would be $8.4 million.

Granted, $8.4 million is a drop in our military budget bucket. However, that doesn't include the other expenses I mentioned before. And expense is only one of many arguments I've made. The mental health issues are not insignificant.

Joe, including the $8.4 million dedicated to gender reassignment surgery accommodations, it's still an annual increase of .13%, so still insignificant.

I agree that mental health issues are not insignificant, but that's not the argument I'm making.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 13:31

Ms DLS, the problem with making arguments from authority is that for every quote you can cite to support your argument, I can do the same to support mine.


It isn't rude to acknowledge that a delusion is a delusion is a delusion, regardless of the political sensitivity and protected political class of the deluded. If you believe you are something you are not, you are delusional. Period.

As to whether or not a delusional person can be a good soldier, I'll leave that to the experts in the US military.

Sex reassignment is biologically possible, though.

No reputable mental health professional would cite identifying as transgender as being a mental illness or delusion.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 13:28

Dani, there are thousands of transgendered soldiers in the military as we type. There is no issue with any of them, as far as I'm aware. The issue is that the policy of the last administration was that taxpayers should foot the bill for anyone who wants elective surgery, and make expensive accommodations for those who perceive their genders to be different from reality. This policy that everyone is freaking out about today (because every day, we all must freak out about something) merely reverses the previous policy -- which never even went into effect in the first place.

You keep touting expense as your catch-all argument. It's a moot point.

Including the provision of the required care for gender reassignment surgery and the less than 200 (per year) of the 12,800+ transgendered soldiers who have taken advantage of this, there are no significant costs associated with accommodating individuals who identify as transgender in the military.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 13:03

You believe that transgendered people are being "discriminated against" by being excluded from military service. Is it also discriminatory of the US military to exclude people with ADHD, people suffering from depression and bipolar disorders, sleepwalkers, people with anorexia or bulimia, people with speech impediments, etc..? How, precisely, is transgenderism any different from other forms of body dysmorphia? Why is it "hateful" to point out this very obvious fact?

You've lumped being transgendered in with having a mental illness. Why?

The US does not allow individuals with impairments that would prevent them from performing their duties and/or pose a threat to themselves or others. This includes many mental and physical ailments and considers varying degrees of severity for these ailments. Identifying as transgender does not fit the bill. Are you seriously presenting this as an argument?

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 12:07

It seems your experience of the Think Tank has been extraordinarily limited. It just so happens that the first few people to respond to this thread shared similar views. You're not playing devil's advocate, you're just offering an alternative opinion.

However, no matter how "pragmatic" or "logical" you believe this decision is, it doesn't excuse the fact that transgender people are being explicitly discriminated against. Expense and red tape is not an excuse for treating anyone like second-class citizens.

You can try to justify this abhorrent policy all you like, but I (and, I'm sure, many others) will never see it as coming from place other than that of hatred and bigotry. Some of the things you have said are horrifically offensive to transgender people, and you voice an attitude which is, sadly, reflected in far too large a section of society.

Nah Callum, I think you're wrong about this one. Inclusion costs a few extra bucks. Better ban 'em all.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 11:51

It seems as though the Think Tank is nothing more than an echo chamber for like-minded individuals to receive affirmation for their deeply-entrenched opinions. At the risk of being labeled a hateful bigot, let me be the Devil's Advocate.

To noll's earlier comment, the reason the Obama-era transgender military policy hasn't been implemented is that it is: a) hugely expensive, b) impractical, and c) widely unpopular.

As far as expense, it would cost millions of dollars per year for extremely expensive "gender reassignment" surgery for those who want such a thing. Asking taxpayers to foot the bill for these elective procedures seems a little unfair. But that isn't the only expense. What about those who identify as the opposite gender, but haven't had the surgery? Usually, they demand separate facilities, which cost money to build and maintain. Or, they demand to use the facilities of the opposite sex, which opens the US military to countless lawsuits. Who pays for all of that? Again, the US taxpayers.

Then, there are the mental health issues with transgendered people that is well-documented, although uncomfortable to acknowledge. The suicide rate for transgendered people is many times higher than the rest of the population. US military vets already have a problem with suicide. Imagine compounding that problem for non-military reasons.

All of this makes the policy completely impractical. More than likely, a "transgendered advocate agency" would need to be formed to handle what is sure to be a flood of new requests for surgery, requests for reassignment to new barracks, requests for new and separate facilities, lawsuits from service men and women, etc.. Think of all the red tape and expense involved with that.

Believe it or not, not every decision made by the Trump administration is caused by hateful bigotry and intolerance. Sometimes, every now and then, a decision is made for pragmatic and logical reasons.

The associated costs of having transgendered individuals in the US Military would result in a maximum increase of 0.13% in military expenses each year, and that takes into account everything you've mentioned here.

As for your point of suicides, mental health is abysmal within the military. Different demographics come with their associated suicide risks that can be exacerbated by involvement in the military, which speaks to a need for better mental health interventions and access to said interventions. It doesn't speak to a need for exclusion.

Topic: Cum Over Me?
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 11:31

Yes to the original question.

I like to cum on her face then using my cock wipe it up and feed it to her, after that kiss her.

And also this. The act, that is.

Topic: No transgender individuals in the U.S. military
Posted: 26 Jul 2017 09:46

Ah yes... let's make America great again by limiting the individuals who can defend it.

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