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Topic Brits: Please explain the 'Brexit' situation
Posted 04 Jul 2016 10:15

This is humour too and yes, Danielle, I would love to kiss it but not before I punish you!


Topic Brits: Please explain the 'Brexit' situation
Posted 04 Jul 2016 03:23

When an arrogant airhead insults my homeland and deeply offends me with an attack on something she knows nothing about, obviously, and then pretends that it is humour then no, Danielle, I will not play nicely.


Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 03 Jul 2016 13:40

You first... Then I will think about it long and hard and give a very detailed thought out response with sources and everything. I will spend my whole day on it. I will take it really seriously so I can engage some moron on the Internet in a very serious debate about why American politics is so much stupider than everyone else on the planet yet they still look to us to hold their hands when the shit hits the fan. That's what I'll do.

Ok go.

I wanna like button!


Topic Brits: Please explain the 'Brexit' situation
Posted 03 Jul 2016 02:16

Amy... Fuck off!

Can we all play nice, please!

Thank you

D x

Topic Gas Prices Need to Go Up!
Posted 02 Jul 2016 04:03

British Gas can kiss my ass! They screw me for gas and electricity enough as it is!

Oh hang on... you meant petrol?!

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 02 Jul 2016 03:55

But that would make little sense in the context of this tournament. You might as well say that France is the biggest country in France ;)

Again true, but I didn't actually do any research into this stuff. It's meant to be funny!

D x

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 02 Jul 2016 03:19

Either one measures only the parts that are within the European continent for all the countries or one doesn't, again for all the countries. If parts outside of Europe are counted then France is fourth after Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. If one measures only the parts within Europe than France is third behind Russia and Ukraine.

A good point. However, I would like to draw your attention to the following:

By Europe I meant the European Union - sorry I should have said.

Section 2, paragraph 3 of the Danny Handbook: ' Danny is always right .'


Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 02 Jul 2016 01:37

So everyone's excited because Wales are through to the semi-finals of the Euros.

A few facts about Wales:

Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe

Statistically, Wales is more likely to be compared with a random area than any other country, e.g. a forest fire in Australia is the size of Wales

The national vegetable of Wales is the leek

St. David's in Pembrokeshire is the smallest city in Britain

Famous Welsh people include Catherine Zeta Jones, Shirley Bassey and Gareth Bale

A typical Welsh woman:

Topic Look who's 100 years old, today!
Posted 01 Jul 2016 14:15

Miss Mellie got good genes!

Ha ha icon_biggrin

Topic Look who's 100 years old, today!
Posted 01 Jul 2016 09:42

The Hollywood film star, Olivia de Havilland. One hundred years old! The bottom photo was taken in June! Blinking flip! I hope I can look that good at 100!!!

The top photo is from about 1938. That's before any of my grandparents were born!


Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 30 Jun 2016 13:10

Christiano Ronaldo is a very beautiful man, but he looks at himself on the big screen every five minutes! So vain it's not true! I'd probably give him a full body massage though! Embarassed

D x

Topic Brits: Please explain the 'Brexit' situation
Posted 26 Jun 2016 00:21

Not sure what good it will do but I have signed this, here is the link if anyone else wants to.

One can only hope Parliament will use this loop hole and that the people who voted out will realise their mistake and not vote so again if we are granted a second chance...which as I said is unlikely according to what I have read but we can hope.

I been talking to my Dad about this. He says there's no chance of another referendum. Reasons:

1. There's no constitutional arrangement that allows for a second referendum. Although theoretically parliament could pass one.

2. Despite the huge number of signatures, it would be massively unpopular with the electorate, as it would seem to be undemocratic.

3. Although it was a close run thing, 52% isn't a wafer thin majority.

4. The turnout of 72% is quite high for UK votes and legitimises the result.

5. The second referendum would probably return a LEAVE vote with an even bigger majority!

Yes, we made the wrong decision, but we have to live with it!

Danny x

Topic Brits: Please explain the 'Brexit' situation
Posted 24 Jun 2016 12:49

Okay, so here's what I understand (which is probably woefully inaccurate. Thanks, American media). The EU is pretty much a house of cards built in an RV that is on fire and being driven by a team of meth-addicts at 100 MPH down a road filled with pot-holes, economically speaking. Basically the decision for Britain is whether to jump and hope for the best (though they're almost certain to sustain life-threatening injuries in the tumble, while abandoning the rest of Europe to a certain firey crash, or to stay in the RV and maybe with the few other sober passengers in the vehicle, to try to wrestle the wheel away from the meth-heads, and at least slow it down so the damage won't be as bad, though the chances of completely avoiding a firey crash are pretty much nil. Whether or not Britain jumps or stays, everyone's bound to be fairly banged-up.

Is this about right?

I predict that the UK will vote to stay in the EU. While the EU is rather clumsy and very wasteful economically, it's better than the chaos that would exist without it. The UK would suffer economically by withdrawing, as they would still be doing the same business with the continent, just paying more to do so. How long before Russia joins?

There's a 4% lead for the "Remain" camp, at noon today. I suspected it would be around 60/40 in favour of staying, so it's closer than I thought.

I love this tweet: "I voted in pencil, in case MI5 need to change it later." laughing9

I think it was a mistake to leave the EU now. Everything is in flux

The very reason we had a referendum is all wrong. Cameron called the referendum for party political reasons, in order to assuage the Eurosceptics in the Tory Party and to shoot UKIP's fox.

In the end, this was a massive political miscalculation by Cameron. He should have stared out UKIP. He might not have got a majority in the 2015 election, but he would have got back in with another Tory-LibDem coalition, which was the best for everyone, really.

This vote was all about immigration. The UK has a very delicate infrastructure for a modern European country, but rather than tackling that, everything is blamed on immigration.

There's going to be a lot of uncertainty now.

Liverpool voted In by 58%, so at least most people in this city did the right thing!

D x

Topic Using certain words that end in ly.
Posted 19 Jun 2016 12:49

I think you're thinking of horrifyingly, but that doesn't have the same sense as what you are trying to convey.

If I were you, I would write, 'Karly gasped with horror.'

Hope that's helpful

Danny x

Topic Orlando Shootings
Posted 12 Jun 2016 13:05

This is terrible. I just saw it on the BBC news website.

D x

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 12 Jun 2016 12:19

Some questions about the concessions at European Soccer matches...

1. Can an American get a cold beer at a European soccer match? Definitely, the French authorities have ordered several tankers of beer from Denmark specially. At the England Russia game, they had 500,000 pints of Carlsberg lager allocated . *

2. What beverages and foods are available at the concessions at European soccer matches? (I am presuming this varies by country.) I'm not sure about the food, but I imagine it will be typical French fayre, including croissants, tasty baguettes, Camembert and wine from local vineyards.

3. Is there halftime entertainment at these matches? (I presume it's not a marching band.) Yes, there will be a massive punch up with fire crackers and topless sun-baked yobs at the England matches.

* This one is true drunken

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 12 Jun 2016 08:31

Today, it's the turn of Northern Ireland, who ' open their campaign ' against Poland.

Some facts about Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland is a country of the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland's main exports are tourism and James Nesbitt

Fact: Southern Ireland goes further north than Northern Ireland (Eire)

Northern Irish joke:

Two ducks flying over Belfast.

1st Duck: "Quack"

2nd Duck: "I'm going as quack as I can!"

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 11 Jun 2016 13:39

Soccer is not my cup of tea. I don't follow it at all.


Probably not your thread then, really. Nice shoe btw

D x

Topic Post one of your Poems
Posted 11 Jun 2016 12:35

Old-School Days

I was in my car not far...
not far from New Brunswick,
between hither and thither,
down a dairy-dell road
and a Granny Smith orchard.

As I came across an old-line poet,
sitting in a straight back chair,
sucking on a lime and sipping tequila,
as he whittled me a song, sharing his hooch,
quoting an opinion from The View.

Saying to me, as he passed the lime,
"God spoke to me, whispering in my ear,
young women like ermine and rings
and rockers who sing on Friday nights,
while playing a five-string guitar."

Yes, he came from the old-school,
where women knit and baked,
played patty cake and Bridge after four,
while kissing their hubby
before he mowed the front lawn.

When he fell asleep and his eyes shut,
I saw the plectrum-picker laying on his chest
and a picture of a grayed-haired granny,
along with an apple core...
Miss Homeroom Queen, 1954.

I like this... a lot. I think your forte isn't love poems or erotic poems. Your writing style lends itself to a Gothic, somewhat grotesque poetry.

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 11 Jun 2016 12:15

And Gareth Bale has helped Wales beat Slovakia 2-1. Bale's English grandmother meant he was qualified to play for the Three Lions, but he did not pursue that option.

Luckily he chose to play for Wales, his country of birth

Good for him! I am half Czech, so I have two teams to cheer! cheerleader

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 11 Jun 2016 09:37

The soccer!

Me: "It's Wales!"

Laura my GF: "So?"

Me: "You're English!"

Laura: "I wanna watch every match..."

Me: "FFS!"

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 11 Jun 2016 09:21

Cymru am byth!

Wales play today against Slovakia bootyshake

Some facts about Wales:

Wales is a country of the United Kingdom

Wales' main export is Leeks

The biggest Welsh speaking population outside of Wales is in Argentina (no really it is)

Famous Welsh people include Sir Tom Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey and Gareth Bale

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 11 Jun 2016 08:53


Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 11 Jun 2016 02:47

Update: England play their first game today, against Russia!

If you're a soccer fan, England is actually pronounced ENG-GER-LAND. This is a traditional pronunciation that can be traced back to the Neanderthals.

D x

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 10 Jun 2016 12:56

I think I prop up the French economy all on my own then! drunken

Topic Danny's Guide to the European Soccer Championships
Posted 10 Jun 2016 12:22

Me and soccer have a bit of a love hate relationship. So, as the Euros start today in France, here's a survival guide to the tournament.

1. France.

France is Europe's largest country. Her biggest export is wine and cheese. The images below mark the position of France and a typical French person.

2. Soccer.

Contrary to popular belief, soccer is an English word and was coined in the late 19th century to distinguish between Association football and Rugby football

3. Being pulled off at half time.

Not as pleasurable as it sounds. This means when a player is substituted during the 'interval.'

4. Goal line technology

A fancy name for an action replay.

5. Stockings

Okay, calm down. These aren't the sexy hold ups that we all love. In fact, soccer players don't wear socks, they wear stockings!

6. Off side rule.

This is when more than one player is between the goal keeper and the deepest defender, when the ball was last played.. on a Thursday, when there's an R in the month. Or something like that.

7. Iceland

The first Supermarket to appear in a major soccer tournament!

8. The centre circle

No one knows what this is for

9. vuvuzela

A very annoying musical instrument, favoured by soccer fans. Also sounds vaguely like a country in South America

10. The group of Death

A rule, which goes back to 1855. If after extra time and penalties, the two teams in group G are level on goal difference, pistols at dawn are used to decide who goes through to the next round.

Danny cheerleader

Topic BAGS !!!! Come on Ladies ... Guys welcome too ... post yr favourite or zaniest!
Posted 23 May 2016 10:54

Yours for £24,000

Serious Shopping!!! Croc bag.jpg

Topic Muirfield Golf Club - Blatant Sexism
Posted 22 May 2016 08:48

I get the private club - 'they can do what they want' thing. I suppose if it's some tiny club that no one's heard of, then it doesn't matter. But a major golf course...?

Maybe I'm making it a bigger deal than it is, but I don't think any major organization, even a private club that's in the public eye should exclude one gender.

D x

Posted 21 May 2016 02:25

An RR Should be awarded on merit. It's not a 'gold star' dished out by your Mod friends.

A story receiving an RR should be of very high quality, displaying a high standard of grammar and spelling and be outstanding in other ways. It's not as good as an EP but it should stand out from the crowd.

I don't think we should start discussing and dissecting this issue. RRs are a nice way to award authors and giving recognition for writing a very good story that deserves to be read. On the other hand, they shouldn't be sprinkled out willy nilly.

D x

Topic Muirfield Golf Club - Blatant Sexism
Posted 21 May 2016 00:36

Life in general is "guy's night". Women get the shit end of the stick most of the time. "Girls night" discounts aren't some kind of male discrimination

Well said. I'm not a desk thumping feminist but we've always been playing catchup and banning women from joining a golf club, apart from being sexist, is just silly as much as anything.