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Topic How did you get started writing erotica?
Posted 08 Nov 2011 16:01

I used to read erotic fiction in Cosmopolitan and Cleo, to the point where I was smuggling sealed sections home from the library :P
I was always into the written word being a turn-on, way before I started watching porn. I used to jot down little fantasy scenarios, usually of women in situations where their sexual partner was more powerful than them, such as their boss, a ruler, or a policeman. I also loved thinking of little textual details that added to the sensations, such as a woolen jumper scraping against erect nipples, or the way it feels having fingers swept lightly just above your hips (any other girls know that feeling? I fucking love it).
When I was older, I had several explicit text, phone and web encounters, all with language as the main turn-on, and I discovered Lush, so I thought I'd have a crack at writing in earnest.
I'm never satisfied with stories until they turn me on, even when I'm totally familiar with them.

Topic why do girls have to shave their pussys for guys!!! ?
Posted 31 Oct 2011 21:32

I love the feeling of having my lips shaved, I feel like I can feel everything much better, and not have that crush of hair blocking sensation. And I much prefer going down on guys with shaved testicles, that way I can play around down there more, without feeling like I'm just chewing on hair... Guys that I've asked to shave, always have.

Topic Ladies, would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 31 Oct 2011 20:17

I've done it for a boyfriend, and for a stranger (on Chatroulette - god, how typical!) but it was an act - I haven't orgasmed while doing it. I just feel like masturbating is something for me, myself and I - not to show off to the world. So I guess, while I'd "play with myself" for anyone I felt like, I probably wouldn't actually masturbate.

Topic Exes and/or Fuck Buddies AND Friends?? **HELP ME and/or SHARE YOUR STORIES**
Posted 26 Jul 2010 03:53

So, my ex of a few years is also my really good friend. This isn't one sided - we honestly talk to each other about everything; other partners, troubles at uni, friend stuff, and just laughing and chatting too.

In the past, we've slept together, in and out of our relationship. At first, seeing we were both virgins, the sex was average, maybe even bad. But recently we had a period of about 4 weeks where we had sex on and off, a fuck buddy sort of thing, and it was truly fantastic. It was basically a rebound after coming out of a really difficult relationship on my part... and he was being supportive (and horny, but it was actually mutually initiated). We've also had about 3 other times where we slept together outside of a relationship. They all ended badly at the time, but every single time our friendship has come out intact, just the same or even stronger.

Now when he comes over we tend to hug heaps, and for aaaages, and snuggle up on the couch. I get the feeling that this may be indicating he wants something more again (as in sex, not a relationship). I wouldn't mind this - I'm not looking for a relationship at ALL right now!, but I'm honestly scared of having a big blow up again, or building my hopes up unconsciously for something more and then letting myself down, or initiating something but being blown off...

I need some advice. Should I start sleeping with him again?
Guys: how do you let a girl know you'd like to start a fuck buddy thing - without actually saying anything? (I need to know what the signs are, and when they're legit.)
Girls: how can you detach yourself from this sort of relationship? (Even though I don't want a boyfriend, I still have feelings for this guy, and I'm fairly sure they're not reciprocated in the same way.)
How should I initiate things? (I want to keep things carefree, fun and casual.)

Any help or anecdotes would be appreciated hello2

P.S yes, this is Robbie! (from my story Clumsy.)