Love Poems(1)


Cumming is the best physical feeling

Cumming is the best physical feeling. You do agree No feeling like it Pure bliss Mind erasing pleasure All you can think of is how your body feels Amazing So incredible Feeling your whole body quake from the inside Losing all control writhing in ecstasy You just want it more and more to ride that wave for as long as you can To have your body tingle with...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Tease in the shower

This is my first story. Please post comments. Written for my ex-girlfriend while we were together.

We've just gotten into the house and you are already heading towards the bathroom, discarding your clothes onto the floor as you go. Jacket, scarf, shirt. At the door to the bathroom you kick off your boots and wriggle out of your jeans bending over on purpose to give me a nice view of your ass, framed in a tight little G-string. You walk into the bathroom taking your bra off as you fade...Read On